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70 Meter Dash  Middle School - Finals

1.8Hito Gallimore8.85aOlivet
2.7David Becker10.10aOlivet
3.7Aiden Brooks10.35aPerry
4.8Alec Whitaker10.68aOlivet
5.8Russell Pickell10.90aPerry
6.8David Zheng11.01aPerry
7.7Raymond Smith11.45aPerry
8.8Brennon Etson11.54aPROlivet
9.8Jude Rawson11.73aOlivet
10.6Landon Lozada11.75aPRPerry
11.8Laken Piepkow11.76aPROlivet
12.7Benji Buckmaster11.79aOlivet
13.7Lucas Matthews11.95aPerry
14.8Michael Wood12.77aPerry
15.8Wyatt Grimmwood13.08aPerry
16.6Eric Fisher Jr13.13aPerry

100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Hito Gallimore12.07aOlivet
2.7David Becker13.80aOlivet
3.8Rease Teel13.81aPerry
4.8Nicholas Barber13.90aPRPerry
5.7Aiden Brooks14.30aPRPerry
6.8Alec Whitaker14.83aOlivet
7.7Raymond Smith15.87aPerry
8.8Jude Rawson16.05aOlivet
9.8Gavin Grieve16.12aPerry
10.7Benji Buckmaster16.15aOlivet
11.7Austin Poirier16.15aPerry
12.7Blake Boyer16.54aOlivet
13.8Ricky Reza16.60aOlivet
14.8Josh Elliott17.23aPerry
15.6Eric Fisher Jr17.65aPerry
16.8Wyatt Grimmwood18.10aPerry
17.8Michael Wood18.13aPerry

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Hito Gallimore24.80aOlivet
2.7David Becker29.04aOlivet
3.8Keaton Lantis30.06aPerry
4.8Gavin Grieve33.09aPerry
5.6Eric Fisher Jr38.85aPerry

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Matt Wills1:04.63aOlivet
2.8Easton Speer1:18.49aPROlivet
7Jake MillerSCROlivet
8Nathaniel CochraneSCRPerry

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Lucas Hopkins2:41.73aOlivet
2.7Ezra Dexter2:52.28aOlivet
3.7Daniel Dryer2:58.75aOlivet
4.8Kurtis Skinner3:06.31aPRPerry
5.8Elliot Hubbard3:31.19aOlivet
6.8Caleb Owen3:32.64aOlivet

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Nathaniel Cochrane5:28.23aPerry
2.7Lucas Hopkins5:38.72aOlivet
3.7Connor Griffith5:47.38aOlivet
4.8Noah Barnes6:11.72aOlivet
5.8Pierce Lord6:12.54aPROlivet
6.7Daniel Dryer6:35.57aOlivet
7.8Elliot Hubbard6:52.50aOlivet
8.6Austin Lampron7:39.26aPerry
9.8Sawyer Beardslee7:41.12aPerry
10.8Caleb Owen7:45.47aOlivet
7Conner FountainSCROlivet

3200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Connor Griffith13:19.30aOlivet
2.7Lucas Hopkins13:32.58aPROlivet
3.7Grant D'Lamater16:00.31aOlivet
4.8Elliot Hubbard16:10.91aOlivet
8Kurtis SkinnerDNSPerry

55m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Caleb Molek9.83aPROlivet
2.8Jonah Smith10.21aPRPerry
3.8Joe Graves10.31aPROlivet
4.7Bo Lincoln10.63aPROlivet
5.7Grant D'Lamater13.28aPROlivet
6.7Chase Williams13.83aPROlivet

200m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Caleb Molek31.10aOlivet
2.8Jonah Smith31.51aPerry
3.8Joe Graves33.77aOlivet
4.7Chase Williams43.71aPROlivet
6Landon LozadaSCRPerry

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Rease Teel
Nicholas Barber
Parker White
Jylon Peek
2.Jake Miller
Jacob Dowding
Drew Priddy
Caleb Molek

4x200 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Rease Teel
Parker White
Nicholas Barber
Aiden Brooks
2.Bo Lincoln
Jacob Dowding
Hudson O'Dell
Drew Priddy

4x400 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Jonah Smith
Nathaniel Cochrane
Jylon Peek
Keaton Lantis
2.Matt Wills
Conner Fountain
Pierce Lord
Ezra Dexter

4x800 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Conner Fountain
Pierce Lord
Noah Barnes
Connor Griffith
2.Austin Poirier
Lucas Matthews
Kurtis Skinner
David Zheng

Shot Put - 8lb  Middle School - Finals

1.8Drew Priddy44-01.00PROlivet
2.8Alec Whitaker28-00.00PROlivet
3.8Laken Piepkow27-04.00PROlivet
4.8Jude Rawson26-05.50PROlivet
5.8Ricky Reza25-10.00PROlivet
6.7Hudson O'Dell24-04.00PROlivet
7.8Wyatt Grimmwood23-01.50PRPerry
8.8Brennon Etson21-10.00PROlivet

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jylon Peek4-10.00Perry
2.7Conner Fountain4-08.00PROlivet
3.8Joe Graves4-08.00Olivet
4.8Parker White4-08.00Perry
5.8Caleb Owen4-02.00Olivet
6.7Blake Boyer4-00.00Olivet
6.7Jake Miller4-00.00Olivet
6.7Matt Wills4-00.00Olivet
7Jacob DowdingNHOlivet
7Hudson O'DellNHOlivet

Pole Vault  Middle School - Finals

1.8Noah Barnes7-00.00Olivet
2.7Lucas Matthews7-00.00Perry
3.8Easton Speer6-00.00Olivet
4.7Austin Poirier6-00.00Perry
8Brennon EtsonNHOlivet
7Chase WilliamsNHOlivet
7Daniel DryerNHOlivet

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.7Ezra Dexter15-05.00PROlivet
2.7Bo Lincoln14-08.50Olivet
3.8Keaton Lantis13-09.00Perry
4.8Russell Pickell13-04.00Perry
5.8Pierce Lord13-01.50Olivet
6.8Easton Speer12-00.00SROlivet
7.7Raymond Smith11-10.50Perry
8.8Michael Wood11-01.50Perry
9.8Josh Elliott10-09.00Perry
10.7Blake Boyer10-05.50Olivet
11.8David Zheng10-04.00Perry
12.8Sawyer Beardslee10-02.00Perry
13.7Grant D'Lamater8-10.00Olivet


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