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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Marcus Woods10.99aCharlotte Country Day
2.12Rylan McLaurin11.18aCharlotte Country Day
3.12Kelechi Eziri11.48aProvidence Day
4.12Benjamin Joyner11.53aProvidence Day
5.12Hasaan Howard11.89aProvidence Day
6.9Reid Simmons12.06aCharlotte Country Day
7.8Will McCulloch12.14aPRPerformance 360
8.11Inyene Etuk12.28aSRCharlotte Country Day
9.12William Ricks12.37aSRCharlotte Country Day
10.11Brandon Fleming12.49aPerformance 360
11.11Spencer Wood12.66aProvidence Day
12.12Will Eudy12.69aCharlotte Country Day
13.10Allen Hansen12.71aCharlotte Country Day
14.10Embrey Morton12.72aProvidence Day
15.10Jack Bambauer12.81aProvidence Day
16.10Hiram Johnson II12.86aPRPerformance 360
17.10Jackson Mayhew12.91aPRProvidence Day
18.11Nicholas Brannan12.92aProvidence Day
19.9Ayden Reddick12.93aProvidence Day
20.9Kirubel Ebsa12.98aProvidence Day
21.10Tayvon Walker13.06aPerformance 360
22.9Jax Sword13.08aProvidence Day
23.11Ben Domeier13.09aCharlotte Country Day
24.9Dillon Cater13.21aProvidence Day
25.11Ugo Oriaku13.30aProvidence Day
26.8Colin Bucey13.31aPerformance 360
27.11Robert Dingle13.34aPerformance 360
28.9Abel Asrat13.38aPRProvidence Day
29.9Rithik Kulkami13.56aProvidence Day
30.11Manning McGrath13.68aProvidence Day
31.9Reid Laughton13.89aProvidence Day

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Marcus Woods21.81aCharlotte Country Day
2.12Hasaan Howard24.01aProvidence Day
3.8Will McCulloch24.91aPerformance 360
4.9Downie Allen25.27aCharlotte Country Day
5.10Embrey Morton25.52aProvidence Day
6.11Brandon Fleming25.88aPerformance 360
7.10Jack Bambauer25.95aProvidence Day
8.15-16Joseph Carman26.25aPerformance 360
9.10Hiram Johnson II26.57aPRPerformance 360
10.11Nicholas Brannan26.75aProvidence Day
11.10Jackson Mayhew26.80aSRProvidence Day
12.9Ayden Reddick26.82aProvidence Day
13.9Kirubel Ebsa26.94aProvidence Day
14.10Tayvon Walker27.02aPerformance 360
15.9Jax Sword27.05aProvidence Day
16.8Colin Bucey27.27aPerformance 360
17.9Dillon Cater27.37aProvidence Day
18.10Danny McKay27.38aCharlotte Country Day
19.9Abel Asrat27.85aPRProvidence Day
20.11Caleb Hancock28.02aProvidence Day
21.11Ugo Oriaku28.10aProvidence Day
22.11Robert Dingle28.31aPerformance 360
23.10Manu Koya28.36aPRCharlotte Country Day
24.9Rithik Kulkami28.56aProvidence Day
25.9John Robertson28.58aCharlotte Country Day
26.9Reid Laughton28.64aProvidence Day
27.11Manning McGrath28.87aProvidence Day
28.11Nahom Redda28.93aProvidence Day

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Benjamin Joyner52.18aProvidence Day
2.8Will McCulloch54.56aSRPerformance 360
3.15-16Joseph Carman57.50aPerformance 360
4.10Ryan Kochan57.60aCharlotte Country Day
5.11Brandon Fleming57.78aPRPerformance 360
6.10Tayvon Walker58.78aPerformance 360
7.10Danny McKay1:00.09aCharlotte Country Day
8.9Jax Sword1:01.82aProvidence Day
9.11Nahom Redda1:03.44aProvidence Day
10.10Manu Koya1:07.32aCharlotte Country Day
11.11Caleb Hancock1:07.50aProvidence Day

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jason Krell2:00.65aProvidence Day
2.11Adam Habas2:02.91aProvidence Day
3.17-18Jonathan Timberlake2:02.99aPerformance 360
4.10Colter Nichols2:03.18aProvidence Day
5.11Charlie Rosbrook2:03.46aProvidence Day
6.11Charlie Veronee2:03.60aPRCharlotte Country Day
7.11Andrew Riolo2:04.71aPRProvidence Day
8.12Daniel Tierney2:04.82aPRCharlotte Country Day
9.10Christian Landis2:05.34aProvidence Day
10.11Bryce Menichella2:07.38aCharlotte Country Day
11.10John Alfred Smith2:14.09aSRProvidence Day
12.15-16Benjamin Timberlake2:15.74aPerformance 360
13.8Marshall Love2:21.37aPerformance 360
14.12Matthew Story2:25.59aPRCharlotte Country Day
15.10Brooks Ball2:29.47aPerformance 360
16.11Cody Constantine2:33.87aProvidence Day
17.9Abe Orlandi2:37.92aSRCharlotte Country Day
18.9Kenneth Jackson2:39.98aCharlotte Country Day
19.9Owen Yuhas2:49.09aCharlotte Country Day
20.9James Krawchuk2:51.21aPerformance 360
21.11Christian Palardy2:58.80aPerformance 360

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Christian Landis4:23.83aPRProvidence Day
2.17-18Jonathan Timberlake4:35.27aPRPerformance 360
3.11Andrew Riolo4:36.53aProvidence Day
4.15-16Benjamin Timberlake4:48.72aPerformance 360
5.10John Alfred Smith4:50.70aProvidence Day
6.10AJ Chardiet4:57.52aCharlotte Country Day
7.11Thomsen Hoops5:04.07aCharlotte Country Day
8.11William Allen5:04.89aCharlotte Country Day
9.9Connor Kleiderer5:05.21aCharlotte Country Day
10.8Marshall Love5:07.39aPerformance 360
11.11William Harris5:20.98aCharlotte Country Day
12.11Alex Jackson5:27.23aCharlotte Country Day
13.10Brooks Ball5:29.67aPerformance 360
14.11Cody Constantine5:34.84aProvidence Day
15.10Kolby Oglesby5:38.01aPRProvidence Day
16.9Owen Yuhas5:38.89aCharlotte Country Day
17.9Abe Orlandi5:41.64aCharlotte Country Day
18.9Kenneth Jackson5:56.77aCharlotte Country Day
19.9James Krawchuk6:13.96aPerformance 360
20.11Christian Palardy6:32.31aPerformance 360

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Robert Veres11:00.48aProvidence Day
2.9Connor Kleiderer11:17.82aCharlotte Country Day
3.8Marshall Love11:18.55aPerformance 360
4.9Garrett Cronk11:48.65aProvidence Day
5.11Louis Jorge11:52.14aProvidence Day
6.12Alec Mozayeni11:57.98aPRProvidence Day

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brent Daniel16.53aProvidence Day
2.12Adam Roupas16.69aProvidence Day
3.9Zack Villegas19.94aProvidence Day

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Luke Manna43.74aProvidence Day
2.12Kenneth Cochell44.73aProvidence Day
3.12William Ricks45.68aCharlotte Country Day
4.10Eddie Horwitz45.74aProvidence Day
5.9Zack Villegas47.21aProvidence Day

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Rylan McLaurin
Marcus Woods
Inyene Etuk
Reid Simmons
44.48aCharlotte Country Day
---Jack Bambauer
Caleb Hancock
Embrey Morton
Ayden Reddick
48.97aProvidence Day
--Relay Team 51.04aProvidence Day
--Dillon Cater
Nicholas Brannan
Rithik Kulkami
Reid Laughton
51.21aProvidence Day

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Hasaan Howard
Christopher Embs
Sven Persson
Eddie Horwitz
1:37.96aProvidence Day
2.Cameron Ray
Will Eudy
Ben Domeier
Allen Hansen
1:41.98aCharlotte Country Day
--Kirubel Ebsa
Caleb Hancock
Ugo Oriaku
Nahom Redda
1:46.62aProvidence Day

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Adam Habas
Colter Nichols
Jason Krell
Charlie Rosbrook
3:39.21aProvidence Day
2.Daniel Tierney
Bryce Menichiella
Ryan Kochan
William Ricks
3:40.73aCharlotte Country Day
--Hasaan Howard
Christopher Embs
Sven Persson
Eddie Horwitz
3:45.35aProvidence Day
3.-Will McCulloch
Jonathan Timberlake
Benjamin Timberlake
Joseph Carman
3:46.05aPerformance 360
--Andrew Riolo
Christian Landis
Luke Manna
John Smith
3:50.64aProvidence Day
---Jack Bambauer
Kirubel Ebsa
Jax Sword
Ayden Reddick
4:12.74aProvidence Day
--Abel Asrat
Rithik Kulkami
Reid Laughton
Jackson Mayhew
4:16.97aProvidence Day

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Matthew Story
William Harris
Aarav Rekhi
Sam Luck-Leonard
10:28.31aCharlotte Country Day

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jack Stajos47-04.50Charlotte Country Day
2.11Julian Swann46-05.00Charlotte Country Day
3.12Ikem Ekwonu43-11.00Providence Day
4.11John Archer42-08.50Charlotte Country Day
5.12Andrew Covington37-04.00PRCharlotte Country Day
6.10Johnathan Hicks37-01.50Charlotte Country Day
7.11Davis Dixon35-04.00Providence Day
8.10Jack Flowers34-09.50Charlotte Country Day
9.10Vinny Calamia-Reyes33-10.00Charlotte Country Day
10.9Addison Copen33-01.00PRCharlotte Country Day
11.9Owen Stajos31-00.00Charlotte Country Day
12.10Kolby Oglesby30-06.00Providence Day
13.10Marc Magno30-03.00Providence Day
14.11Dayton Brown29-02.00Providence Day
15.10Nate Herndon28-10.00Providence Day
16.11Dillon Sawyer28-04.50Providence Day
17.11Jake Parker27-04.00Providence Day
18.10Sam Levy26-02.00Providence Day
19.9Aiden Silver24-11.00Providence Day
20.9Nick Bellmas19-00.00Providence Day

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jack Stajos145-09Charlotte Country Day
2.11Charles Oliver125-10Charlotte Country Day
3.12Ikem Ekwonu112-08Providence Day
4.11Davis Dixon107-10Providence Day
5.11John Archer95-06Charlotte Country Day
6.10Kolby Oglesby85-00PRProvidence Day
7.10Marc Magno83-06PRProvidence Day
8.10Nate Herndon80-07Providence Day
9.12Andrew Covington79-09PRCharlotte Country Day
10.9Addison Copen79-06Charlotte Country Day
11.10Johnathan Hicks79-01Charlotte Country Day
12.11Dayton Brown76-02Providence Day
13.9Aiden Silver73-04Providence Day
14.11Jake Parker64-05Providence Day
15.9Owen Stajos63-09Charlotte Country Day
16.11Dillon Sawyer63-06Providence Day
17.10Sam Levy62-10Providence Day
18.9Nick Bellmas54-05PRProvidence Day

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Sven Persson5-09.00PRProvidence Day
2.11Mac Smith5-04.00PRCharlotte Country Day
3.11Sam Gilbert5-04.00Charlotte Country Day

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kenneth Cochell13-01.00PRProvidence Day
2.11Jacob Kapustin9-00.00Providence Day
3.11Sam Gilbert9-00.00Charlotte Country Day

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kelechi Eziri21-10.00PRProvidence Day
2.11Spencer Wood20-00.50PRProvidence Day
3.9Reid Simmons18-10.50Charlotte Country Day

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kelechi Eziri44-06.00Providence Day
2.11Spencer Wood38-09.00Providence Day
3.9John Robertson34-10.00PRCharlotte Country Day


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