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50 Meter Dash  Middle School - Finals

1.7Andrew Abbott7.3hRavenscroft
2.7Anthony Walters7.4h PRRavenscroft
3.6Michael Mumford7.9h PRTrinity (Durham and ...
4.7Noah Keen8.1h PRRavenscroft
5.7Kai Waswa8.2h PREndeavor Charter
6.6Preston Angus8.4h PRTrinity (Durham and ...
7.7Daniel Myers9.1h PREndeavor Charter

100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Lang Law12.8h PRRavenscroft
2.8Chaz Davidian13.0h PRRavenscroft
3.8Freddie Sawyer13.3h PREndeavor Charter
4.8Tyler Henderson13.6h PRRavenscroft
5.7Anthony Walters14.1hRavenscroft
6.8Payden Lewis14.2h PREndeavor Charter
7.8Ryan Wee14.8h PREndeavor Charter
8.8Austin Kroll14.9h PREndeavor Charter
9.7Kai Waswa15.5h PREndeavor Charter
10.7Casson Brown16.4h PRTrinity (Durham and ...
11.8Kent Crowder16.5h PREndeavor Charter
12.7Daniel Myers17.9h PREndeavor Charter

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Lang Law27.3h PRRavenscroft
2.8Freddie Sawyer27.97h PREndeavor Charter
3.8Tyler Henderson29.1h PRRavenscroft
4.7Kai Waswa33.2h PREndeavor Charter
5.8Bennett Gillespie33.6hRavenscroft
6.8Jacob Margraf35.1hRavenscroft
7.6Preston Angus35.4h PRTrinity (Durham and ...

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jacob Margraf1:05.6h PRRavenscroft
2.8Davis Ellis1:06.5h PRRavenscroft
3.8William Richardson1:07.0h PRRavenscroft
4.8Payden Lewis1:07.2h PREndeavor Charter
5.7Grey Davidian1:10.0h PRRavenscroft
6.8Chaz Davidian1:12.1h PRRavenscroft
7.6Michael Mumford1:20.1h PRTrinity (Durham and ...
8.8Kent Crowder1:24.0h PREndeavor Charter

600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Asher Sonntag2:01.4h PRRavenscroft
2.7Grey Davidian2:10.7hRavenscroft
3.7Noah Keen2:15.3h PRRavenscroft
4.7Jackson Wickline2:22.8hRavenscroft

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.6Owen Burson2:47.4h PRTrinity (Durham and ...
2.8Cole Clodgo2:53.2h PREndeavor Charter
3.8James Milburn-Pyle2:54.0h PRRavenscroft
4.7Jackson Wickline3:15.6hRavenscroft
5.8Andrew Nickolas3:20.8h PRRavenscroft
6.8William Richardson3:20.8h PRRavenscroft

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Davis Ellis5:45.2h PRRavenscroft
2.8Cole Clodgo5:49.4h PREndeavor Charter
3.7Asher Sonntag5:54.3h PRRavenscroft
4.6Owen Burson5:59.5h PRTrinity (Durham and ...
5.8James Milburn-Pyle6:17.6h PRRavenscroft
6.8Andrew Nickolas6:37.9hRavenscroft

100m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Payden Lewis19.3h PREndeavor Charter
2.8Keith Waswa19.4h PREndeavor Charter
3.8Austin Kroll21.1h PREndeavor Charter
4.8Dexter Beatty21.5h PRRavenscroft

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Keith Waswa
Harry Welsh
Jack Welsh
Austin Kroll
57.2hEndeavor Charter
2.Andrew Abbott
Dexter Beatty
Tyler Henderson
Anthony Walters
3.Davis Turner
Miles Walker
Ryan Wee
Payden Lewis
1:01.6hEndeavor Charter

4x200 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Chaz Davidian
Jacob Margraf
Dexter Beatty
Lang Law

Shot Put - 8lb  Middle School - Finals

1.8William Richardson35-07.00 PRRavenscroft
2.8Bennett Gillespie33-11.50 PRRavenscroft
3.8Keith Waswa28-05.50 PREndeavor Charter
3.8Jacob Margraf28-05.50 PRRavenscroft
5.7Grey Davidian23-11.50Ravenscroft
6.8Harry Welsh23-05.50 PREndeavor Charter
7.8Jack Welsh21-03.50 PREndeavor Charter
8.8Davis Turner17-07.00 PREndeavor Charter

Discus - 1kg  Middle School - Finals

1.8Andrew Nickolas78-10 PRRavenscroft
2.8William Richardson77-03Ravenscroft
3.8Lang Law71-04 PRRavenscroft
4.8Miles Walker65-01 PREndeavor Charter
5.8Bennett Gillespie60-05Ravenscroft
6.8Freddie Sawyer59-06 PREndeavor Charter
7.7Grey Davidian58-09Ravenscroft
8.7Andrew Abbott56-00Ravenscroft
9.8Jack Welsh52-04 PREndeavor Charter
10.8Keith Waswa50-05 PREndeavor Charter
11.8Davis Turner46-01 PREndeavor Charter
12.8Harry Welsh43-06 PREndeavor Charter
13.8Kent Crowder42-00 PREndeavor Charter
14.7Jackson Wickline37-09Ravenscroft

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8James Milburn-Pyle4-02.00 PRRavenscroft
2.8Davis Ellis3-08.00Ravenscroft

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Dexter Beatty11-11.00 PRRavenscroft
2.8Andrew Nickolas11-07.00 PRRavenscroft
3.7Asher Sonntag11-05.50 PRRavenscroft
4.7Noah Keen11-04.50 PRRavenscroft
5.7Casson Brown10-01.00 PRTrinity (Durham and ...


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Team Scores

Middle School - Mens
2.Endeavor Charter30.5
3.Trinity (Durham and ...9
Middle School - Womens
2.Endeavor Charter19
3.Trinity (Durham and ...18