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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Shelton Rodriguez11.49aSRThe Potter's House
2.12Chase Salgat11.69aLake Odessa Lakewood
3.12Payne Hanna11.91aLake Odessa Lakewood
4.11Hunter Allerding11.99aHastings
5.11William Roosien12.23aHastings
6.10Joshua Fernando12.36aGrand River Preparat...
7.10Jason Haight12.46aHastings
8.11David Stegehuis12.68aGrand River Preparat...
9.9Dillon Neal12.80aHastings
10.12Ezra Rynd12.81aLake Odessa Lakewood
11.9Victor Ramirez13.09aHastings
12.11Lucas Lumbert13.14aHastings
13.9Jonah Andreas13.18aThe Potter's House
14.12Joseph Le13.20aGrand River Preparat...
15.11James Kaalakea13.37aLake Odessa Lakewood
16.11Patrick Batdorff13.47aLake Odessa Lakewood
17.9Justin Warner13.56aLake Odessa Lakewood
18.12JT Morgan13.89aHastings
19.10Sam Kortman13.92aThe Potter's House
20.12Kameron Merryfield13.97aLake Odessa Lakewood
21.12Connor Peterson14.26aHastings
22.11Trevor Mathews14.64aLake Odessa Lakewood
23.11Tim Zheng14.67aThe Potter's House
24.10Justin Nguyen16.45aPRThe Potter's House

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Shelton Rodriguez22.93aPRThe Potter's House
2.12Haydn Redmond23.68aHastings
3.12Chase Salgat24.15aLake Odessa Lakewood
4.12Isaac Hibbard25.03aThe Potter's House
5.11Hunter Allerding25.35aHastings
6.10Jason Haight25.68aHastings
7.10Joshua Fernando25.70aGrand River Preparat...
8.11David Stegehuis26.21aGrand River Preparat...
9.9Victor Ramirez26.96aHastings
10.11Patrick Batdorff27.92aLake Odessa Lakewood
11.10Sam Kortman28.09aPRThe Potter's House
12.12Kameron Merryfield28.33aLake Odessa Lakewood
13.9Kyler Hess28.82aPRHastings
14.12Connor Peterson29.50aHastings
15.11James Kaalakea29.81aLake Odessa Lakewood
16.11Tim Zheng30.86aThe Potter's House
17.12JT Morgan30.92aHastings
18.9Ethan Maiville32.83aHastings
19.10Justin Nguyen34.14aThe Potter's House

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Garrett Zuver56.07aLake Odessa Lakewood
2.11Darren Mitchelson56.53aGrand River Preparat...
3.9Jonathan Stout57.82aThe Potter's House
4.10Isaac Eggers57.86aLake Odessa Lakewood
5.11Dane Barnes58.86aHastings
6.10Joshua Lundberg1:00.69aThe Potter's House
7.10Jacob Arens1:01.61aHastings
8.12Victor Jauregui Tapia1:01.75aGrand River Preparat...
9.9Daniel Fesahaye1:02.44aPRThe Potter's House
10.9Jonah Andreas1:03.76aThe Potter's House
11.10Sam Kortman1:04.76aPRThe Potter's House
12.11Tyler Nguyen1:13.03aPRThe Potter's House
13.11Xander Allerding1:21.42aHastings

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Zach Reinsma2:23.43aThe Potter's House
2.11Tyler Dull2:28.61aHastings
3.10Heath Carter2:33.32aLake Odessa Lakewood
4.10Luis Ramirez2:36.77aGrand River Preparat...
5.11Owen Rickerd2:37.59aLake Odessa Lakewood
6.10Oliver Beswick2:38.24aLake Odessa Lakewood
7.11Braden Tolles2:38.26aHastings
8.9Ashton Rickerd2:41.51aLake Odessa Lakewood
9.9Kyler Hess2:42.13aHastings
10.10Xander Signeski2:43.46aHastings
11.10Isaac Hagedoorn2:45.78aThe Potter's House
12.10Jonathan Giron2:46.13aHastings
13.9Carter Rosenberger2:46.20aHastings
14.10Eli Hart2:48.79aThe Potter's House
15.9Brody Jackson2:58.34aLake Odessa Lakewood
16.11Tyler Nguyen2:59.86aThe Potter's House
17.12AJ Arechiga3:16.65aHastings

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nathan Alford4:58.95aLake Odessa Lakewood
2.12Toby Reinsma5:06.14aThe Potter's House
3.11Aidan Makled5:09.34aHastings
4.11Caleb Stout5:20.64aThe Potter's House
5.9Zach Reinsma5:24.26aThe Potter's House
6.10Andrew Blum5:27.93aThe Potter's House
7.10Oliver Beswick5:27.98aLake Odessa Lakewood
8.11Luke Jensen5:30.60aPRThe Potter's House
9.11Jon Arnold5:33.88aHastings
10.11Braden Tolles5:39.61aHastings
11.9Miguel Mendez5:40.94aPRThe Potter's House
12.9Andrew LeMahieu5:41.98aGrand River Preparat...
13.10Raphael Obuchi5:42.96aGrand River Preparat...
14.11Eduardo Mora5:45.15aGrand River Preparat...
15.10Luis Ramirez5:47.00aGrand River Preparat...
16.11Michael Mackenzie5:47.71aLake Odessa Lakewood
17.10Isaac Hagedoorn5:47.73aPRThe Potter's House
18.9Connor Feighan5:54.14aLake Odessa Lakewood
19.10Eli Hart5:56.61aThe Potter's House
20.9Carter Rosenberger5:58.01aHastings
21.12Cameron Stoepker5:59.23aLake Odessa Lakewood
22.10Xander Signeski5:59.76aHastings
23.10Hunter Rhodes6:03.76aGrand River Preparat...
24.10Jonathan Giron6:07.75aHastings
25.10Riley Park6:07.79aSRHastings
26.9Brody Jackson6:35.80aLake Odessa Lakewood
27.12Brady Eckardt6:50.43aLake Odessa Lakewood
28.12AJ Arechiga7:20.31aHastings

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Nathan Alford10:42.60aLake Odessa Lakewood
2.11Jon Arnold11:57.51aHastings
3.10Andrew Blum11:59.81aThe Potter's House
4.9Miguel Mendez13:00.81aPRThe Potter's House
5.11Michael Mackenzie13:17.44aLake Odessa Lakewood
6.10Riley Park13:31.90aHastings

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jacob O'Keefe18.37aHastings
2.9Tyson Raffler19.28aLake Odessa Lakewood
3.10Christian Stacy20.02aHastings
4.9Denny Sauers III22.05aLake Odessa Lakewood
5.9Ethan O'Boyle22.82aLake Odessa Lakewood

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.9Denny Sauers III46.93aLake Odessa Lakewood
2.11Jacob O'Keefe49.50aHastings
3.9Tyson Raffler49.68aLake Odessa Lakewood
4.10Sam Randall51.43aHastings
5.12Seth Schripsema55.87aThe Potter's House
6.10Christian Stacy56.07aHastings
7.9Ethan O'Boyle1:01.74aLake Odessa Lakewood

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Chase Salgat
Garrett Stank
Denny Sauers III
Payne Hanna
47.49aLake Odessa Lakewood
2.Jason Haight
Logan Wolfenbarger
Haydn Redmond
Hunter Allerding
3.Connor Peterson
Victor Ramirez
JT Morgan
Dillon Neal

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Ezra Rynd
Isaac Eggers
Garrett Zuver
Garrett Stank
1:41.11aLake Odessa Lakewood
2.Logan Wolfenbarger
Haydn Redmond
Kirby Beck
Hunter Allerding

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Isaac Hibbard
Caleb Stout
Jonathan Stout
Toby Reinsma
3:52.32aThe Potter's House
2.Isaac Eggers
Payne Hanna
Denny Sauers III
Garrett Zuver
3:52.59aLake Odessa Lakewood
3.Kirby Beck
Dane Barnes
Jacob Arens
Aidan Makled
4.Joshua Lundberg
Luke Jensen
Daniel Fesahaye
Sam Kortman
4:20.08aThe Potter's House
5.Cameron Stoepker
Owen Rickerd
Ashton Rickerd
Justin Warner
4:23.25aLake Odessa Lakewood
6.Heath Carter
Patrick Batdorff
Connor Feighan
Trevor Mathews
4:24.30aLake Odessa Lakewood

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Darren Mitchelson
Connor Elliott
Raphael Obuchi
Eduardo Mora
9:17.65aGrand River Preparat...
2.Andrew Blum
Caleb Stout
Joshua Lundberg
Toby Reinsma
9:27.07aThe Potter's House
3.Jon Arnold
Braden Tolles
Tyler Dull
Aidan Makled
4.Eli Hart
Zach Reinsma
Daniel Fesahaye
Jonathan Stout
9:50.26aThe Potter's House
5.Garrett Zuver
Oliver Beswick
Heath Carter
Nathan Alford
9:51.38aLake Odessa Lakewood
6.Owen Rickerd
Ashton Rickerd
Michael Mackenzie
Brady Eckardt
11:01.63aLake Odessa Lakewood

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Josh Denda41-08.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
2.11Caleb Fisher37-06.50Grand River Preparat...
3.12Grayson Tebo37-04.00Hastings
4.11Lucas Lumbert37-02.00PRHastings
5.10Sam Randall34-07.00Hastings
6.11Elijah LeMahieu31-00.00Grand River Preparat...
7.10Ken Urena30-10.00PRGrand River Preparat...
8.11Josh Cronk30-07.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
9.9Ashton Rickerd30-03.50Lake Odessa Lakewood
10.11Simon Landaverde30-00.00Grand River Preparat...
11.12Tobin Haines29-11.00Hastings
12.11Andrew Vann29-04.50Hastings
13.9Connor Feighan29-03.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
14.11Daniel Jaworowicz28-01.50PRGrand River Preparat...
15.11Ben Curtis27-07.25Hastings
16.12Ry Rodriguez27-06.50Lake Odessa Lakewood
17.10Ryan Diljak27-06.00Hastings
18.10Austin Fenstemaker26-11.00Hastings
19.10Grayson Patton26-06.00Hastings
20.10Austin Knuth25-01.00PRGrand River Preparat...
21.9Zavion Twiss25-00.50Hastings
22.11James Kaalakea24-10.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
22.10Gavin Patton24-10.00Hastings
24.11Hunter Overton24-08.00Grand River Preparat...
25.9Parker Campbell24-06.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
26.10Trent Herrera24-02.00PRGrand River Preparat...
27.9Eastin Stank24-01.75Lake Odessa Lakewood
28.9Tyler Hall24-00.00PRHastings
29.10Jacob Arens23-06.50Hastings
30.10Colin Merryfield21-10.75Lake Odessa Lakewood
31.9Ryan Hinckley18-11.25Hastings
32.11Connor Harvath16-01.25Hastings

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Grayson Tebo107-00Hastings
2.12Josh Denda91-11Lake Odessa Lakewood
3.10Sam Randall90-07Hastings
4.11Josh Cronk85-05Lake Odessa Lakewood
5.12Ry Rodriguez84-06Lake Odessa Lakewood
6.10Ryan Diljak80-02SRHastings
7.9Connor Feighan78-04Lake Odessa Lakewood
8.11Caleb Fisher77-08Grand River Preparat...
9.11Ben Curtis77-03Hastings
10.11Elijah LeMahieu77-02Grand River Preparat...
11.9Tyler Hall77-01Hastings
12.11Anthony Briggs76-09Lake Odessa Lakewood
13.10Austin Fenstemaker76-07Hastings
14.12Tobin Haines75-09Hastings
15.11Andrew Vann74-01Hastings
16.9Eastin Stank69-05Lake Odessa Lakewood
17.11James Kaalakea67-05Lake Odessa Lakewood
18.11Hunter Overton65-11Grand River Preparat...
19.9Zavion Twiss64-04PRHastings
20.9Parker Campbell63-05Lake Odessa Lakewood
21.10Grayson Patton62-02Hastings
22.10Colin Merryfield59-06Lake Odessa Lakewood
23.10Gavin Patton59-05Hastings
24.12Kameron Merryfield46-06Lake Odessa Lakewood
25.9Ryan Hinckley44-05Hastings
26.11Connor Harvath38-07Hastings

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jacob O'Keefe5-08.00Hastings
1.9Braden Vertalka5-08.00Hastings
3.10Kirby Beck5-08.00Hastings

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Garrett Stank11-00.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
2.10Kirby Beck10-00.00Hastings
3.11Dane Barnes10-00.00Hastings
4.11Trevor Mathews8-06.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
5.9Tyson Raffler8-06.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
6.9Brody Jackson8-00.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
6.11Patrick Batdorff8-00.00Lake Odessa Lakewood

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Joshua Fernando18-07.00Grand River Preparat...
2.12Haydn Redmond18-05.25Hastings
3.11Logan Wolfenbarger18-00.00Hastings
4.10Garrett Stank16-03.50Lake Odessa Lakewood
5.12Chase Salgat16-01.00Lake Odessa Lakewood
6.9Victor Ramirez15-02.50Hastings
7.12Cameron Stoepker14-02.00PRLake Odessa Lakewood
8.9Dillon Neal13-07.50Hastings
9.12Connor Peterson13-01.75Hastings
10.9Justin Warner12-07.50Lake Odessa Lakewood
11.9Ethan O'Boyle11-09.00Lake Odessa Lakewood


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