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70 Meter Dash  Middle School - Finals

1.8Caleb Longoria9.26aSt Johns
2.7Charlie Miller9.74aSt Johns
3.8Caden Wolfe9.78aSt Johns
4.7Travis Cooper9.89aPRIonia
5.8Andrew Huhn9.94aPRSt Johns
6.7Isaac Jones10.15aSt Johns
7.8Aiden Hart10.23aPRIonia
8.7Brennen Brownell10.29aIonia
9.7Mason Keller10.42aPRSt Johns
10.7Wyatt Blemaster10.43aPRSt Johns
11.6Matthew Miller10.71aPRSt Johns
12.8Lance Atkinson10.76aPRIonia
13.8Isaac Pazder10.79aPRSt Johns
14.6Brock Schafer10.86aSt Johns
15.6Jordan Grove10.94aSt Johns
16.7Ricky Perrien10.95aPRIonia
17.8colton Maneval11.01aSt Johns
18.8Cooper Hicks11.10aPRSt Johns
19.8Christian Smith11.13aIonia
20.7Devin Leland11.60aIonia
21.6Gus Kaiser11.61aSt Johns
22.7Tobey McKessey11.75aIonia
23.6Jonas Glew11.87aSt Johns
24.7Logan Schulze11.88aSt Johns
25.7Logan Rozewski11.94aIonia
26.7Johnny Deuel11.96aSt Johns
27.7Carter Dunsmore12.14aSRSt Johns
28.6Eli Heslip12.26aSt Johns
29.8Emmit Kilanowski12.29aPRSt Johns
30.7Canden Schneider12.34aSt Johns
31.7Jacob Gregg12.51aPRSt Johns
32.6Luke Tracy12.62aPRSt Johns
33.7Zion Harris12.66aIonia
34.7Oscar Vazquez12.87aIonia
35.7Brendin Bushee13.04aIonia
36.7Drew Alden13.09aSt Johns
37.8Ben Marhofer13.43aIonia
38.6Tryston Bancroft13.64aSt Johns
39.7Parker DeRuischer13.76aIonia
40.7Evan Winters15.10aIonia
41.7Eli Henry16.41aIonia
--6Gabe D'ValentineNTSt Johns

100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Travis Tucker12.69aPRIonia
2.8Colter Clark12.81aIonia
3.8Blake Leavitt13.16aSRSt Johns
4.8Jackson Ballard13.31aSt Johns
5.6Tyson Smith13.71aPRSt Johns
6.8Andrew Huhn13.76aPRSt Johns
7.7Isaac Jones13.90aSt Johns
8.7Wyatt Blemaster14.37aPRSt Johns
9.7Ryan Leavitt14.46aSt Johns
10.7Brayden Struble14.82aSt Johns
11.6Brock Schafer14.85aPRSt Johns
12.8Lance Atkinson15.05aIonia
13.8Isaac Pazder15.08aPRSt Johns
14.6Matthew Miller15.14aSt Johns
15.8colton Maneval15.26aPRSt Johns
16.8Cooper Hicks15.37aPRSt Johns
17.6Gianni Tortorella15.42aSt Johns
18.7Ricky Perrien15.60aIonia
19.7Tobey McKessey16.13aIonia
20.7Evan Peele16.15aPRSt Johns
21.7Gage Flanner16.25aIonia
22.7Johnny Deuel16.25aSt Johns
23.7Carter Dunsmore16.31aSt Johns
24.7Canden Schneider16.34aSt Johns
25.8Brady Watts16.38aSt Johns
26.6Eli Heslip16.45aPRSt Johns
27.7Kai Rozewski16.57aIonia
28.7Logan Schulze16.71aSt Johns
29.8Andrew Atwood17.11aIonia
30.8Emmit Kilanowski17.36aSt Johns
31.6Austin Johnson17.42aSt Johns
32.7Oscar Vazquez17.58aIonia
33.8Ben Marhofer17.91aIonia
34.7Zion Harris17.98aIonia
35.6Tryston Bancroft19.13aSt Johns
36.6Bennett Ward20.43aSt Johns
37.7Evan Winters20.59aIonia
38.7Eli Henry23.97aIonia
--8Tyler WeberNTSt Johns
--8Lucas WandellNTIonia
--7Jacob GreggNTSt Johns
--8Zachary PiersonNTSt Johns
--8Logan SchoederNTSt Johns
--7Devin LelandNTIonia
--6Gus KaiserNTSt Johns
--8Sam RichardsonNTSt Johns

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Harrison Yenchar25.75aPRIonia
2.8Sam Richardson26.42aPRSt Johns
3.8Samuel Eppler27.40aPRIonia
4.8Devon Reyes28.34aPRIonia
5.8Aiden Hart28.64aPRIonia
6.7Travis Cooper28.64aPRIonia
7.7Mason Keller28.92aSt Johns
8.7Jonathan Anderson29.09aPRIonia
9.7Brennen Brownell29.41aPRIonia
10.8Christian Negrete29.81aSRIonia
11.7Brayden Hitchens30.00aPRSt Johns
12.8Mason VanCamp30.41aPRSt Johns
13.8Ryan Barna30.99aIonia
14.8Ethan Gibson31.39aSt Johns
15.6Brock Schafer31.49aSt Johns
16.7Ricky Perrien32.39aPRIonia
17.6Matthew Miller32.57aPRSt Johns
18.8Christian Smith32.67aIonia
19.6Gianni Tortorella32.77aPRSt Johns
20.8colton Maneval32.85aPRSt Johns
21.7Kai Rozewski33.92aPRIonia
22.7Gage Flanner34.12aPRIonia
23.8Andrew Atwood35.79aIonia
24.8Brady Watts35.98aSt Johns
25.8Austin Dailey36.25aPRSt Johns
26.7Oscar Vazquez36.42aIonia
27.7Gavin Possehn36.56aPRIonia
28.8Lucas Wandell36.59aPRIonia
29.7Logan Rozewski37.10aPRIonia
30.6Luke Tracy37.85aPRSt Johns
31.7Brendin Bushee38.64aIonia
32.7Gabe Hatfield38.66aPRIonia
33.7Dylan Rinard43.08aPRSt Johns
--6Austin JohnsonNTSt Johns
--6Gus KaiserNTSt Johns
--7Anthony DupuisNTSt Johns

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Colyn Ciganick1:00.25aIonia
2.7Mark Bendele1:02.60aSt Johns
3.7Camden Armbrustmacher1:04.56aSt Johns
4.7Logan Nobach1:05.44aSt Johns
5.6Tyson Smith1:07.95aPRSt Johns
6.8Tavin Helmer1:08.07aPRSt Johns
7.6Jordan Grove1:15.06aSt Johns
8.7Xander Maliska1:15.84aPRSt Johns
9.7Brady Purtill1:16.93aSt Johns
10.6Ty Wardin1:17.61aPRSt Johns
11.6Gianni Tortorella1:18.71aPRSt Johns
12.7Ellis Yokum1:21.10aIonia
13.7Gabe Hatfield1:29.40aPRIonia
14.7Dylan Rinard1:35.73aPRSt Johns
--7Gavin PossehnNTIonia

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Logan Nobach2:27.98aSt Johns
2.7Camden Armbrustmacher2:39.34aSt Johns
3.7Anthony Dupuis2:46.48aSt Johns
4.6Cole Wardin3:01.86aPRSt Johns

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Jacob Montgomery5:34.44aIonia
2.8Killian Campbell5:35.09aIonia
3.7Anthony Dupuis5:44.87aPRSt Johns
4.8Mitchell O'Malley5:57.18aSt Johns
5.8Auturo Oliveros5:57.85aIonia
6.6Ty Wardin6:25.93aSt Johns
7.6Cole Wardin6:29.51aPRSt Johns
8.8Tavin Helmer6:34.90aPRSt Johns
9.7Matthew Schrauben6:50.44aPRSt Johns
10.6Gus Kaiser7:04.49aPRSt Johns
11.8Garrett Smith7:11.82aSt Johns
12.7Drew Alden7:33.95aSRSt Johns

3200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Tyler Dohm12:23.25aPRSt Johns
2.7Tyson Evans12:57.65aIonia
3.7Evan Martinez13:01.15aPRSt Johns
4.7Ellis Yokum13:20.52aPRIonia
5.7Matthew Schrauben14:20.11aPRSt Johns

55m Hurdles - 33"  Middle School - Finals

1.6Leo Schneider11.47aPRSt Johns
2.8Cole Dunkel11.67aPRIonia
3.6Jonas Glew11.90aPRSt Johns
4.7Gavin Possehn12.45aPRIonia

200m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jackson Ballard29.04aSt Johns
2.8Samuel Eppler30.39aIonia
3.7Tyson Evans31.44aIonia
4.7Jacob Montgomery32.71aIonia
5.8Logan Schoeder34.71aSt Johns
6.6Leo Schneider36.38aPRSt Johns
7.7Xander Maliska37.25aPRSt Johns
8.8Cole Dunkel38.97aPRIonia

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Tyler Weber
Jackson Ballard
Caleb Longoria
Blake Leavitt
50.14aSt Johns
2.Travis Tucker
Brennen Brownell
Ryan Barna
Colter Clark
3.Isaac Staib
Evan Peele
Johnny Deuel
Ryan Leavitt
59.68aSt Johns
4.Ethan Gibson
Jason Stevens
Brady Watts
Hunter Wylie
59.76aSt Johns

4x200 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Travis Tucker
Samuel Eppler
Harrison Yenchar
Colyn Ciganick
2.Tyler Weber
Caleb Longoria
Charlie Miller
Mark Bendele
1:44.19aSt Johns
3.Brady Purtill
Mason Keller
Evan Martinez
Camden Armbrustmacher
1:59.25aSt Johns

4x400 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Mitchell O'Malley
Logan Nobach
Isaac Staib
Mark Bendele
4:54.66aSt Johns
2.Jonathan Anderson
Auturo Oliveros
Christian Negrete
Devon Reyes

4x800 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Killian Campbell
Auturo Oliveros
Tyson Evans
Jacob Montgomery
2.Ryan Leavitt
Wes Schultz
Isaac Staib
Tyler Dohm
10:49.35aSt Johns

Shot Put - 4kg  Middle School - Finals

1.8Aiden Hart36-11.50PRIonia
2.8Ethan Gibson36-06.00PRSt Johns
3.8Mason VanCamp34-10.00PRSt Johns
4.8Christian Smith34-01.50PRIonia
5.8Killian Campbell32-05.50Ionia
6.8Hunter Wylie32-05.00PRSt Johns
7.7Travis Cooper31-10.00Ionia
8.8Jason Stevens31-02.00PRSt Johns
9.8Cooper Hicks26-03.00St Johns
10.8Ben Marhofer25-10.00Ionia
11.7Dylan Rinard24-05.00St Johns
12.7Tobey McKessey22-08.00Ionia
13.7Gage Flanner20-10.00Ionia
13.7Zion Harris20-10.00Ionia
15.7Ellis Yokum18-08.00Ionia
16.7Eli Henry18-06.00Ionia
17.6Tryston Bancroft15-02.00St Johns
18.6Bennett Ward14-08.00PRSt Johns
19.7Evan Winters12-02.00Ionia

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Caden Wolfe4-10.00St Johns
2.8Mitchell O'Malley4-08.00St Johns
3.8Harrison Yenchar4-06.00Ionia
4.8Lance Atkinson4-06.00Ionia
5.7Charlie Miller4-06.00PRSt Johns
6.8Logan Schoeder4-02.00PRSt Johns
6.8Sam Richardson4-02.00St Johns
--8Eli CarolandNHSt Johns
--7Wyatt BlemasterNHSt Johns
--7Anthony DupuisNHSt Johns

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Colyn Ciganick17-01.00Ionia
2.8Blake Leavitt14-11.00St Johns
3.6Tyson Smith14-10.50St Johns
4.8Caden Wolfe14-08.00St Johns
5.8Colter Clark14-04.00Ionia
6.8Devon Reyes14-01.00PRIonia
7.7Jonathan Anderson13-00.00Ionia
8.7Isaac Jones12-07.00St Johns
9.7Brayden Hitchens12-02.00PRSt Johns
10.6Leo Schneider11-03.00PRSt Johns
11.7Kai Rozewski10-10.00Ionia
12.7Brendin Bushee10-09.00Ionia
13.8Cole Dunkel10-08.00PRIonia
14.7Devin Leland10-06.00Ionia
14.6Ty Wardin10-06.00St Johns
16.6Cole Wardin10-05.00St Johns
17.7Canden Schneider10-04.00St Johns
18.6Jordan Grove10-03.00St Johns
19.7Logan Rozewski10-01.00PRIonia
20.7Gabe Hatfield9-06.00Ionia
--7Parker DeRuischerNDIonia
--8Andrew AtwoodNDIonia
--6Luke TracyNDSt Johns
--6Bennett WardNDSt Johns
--7Brayden StrubleNDSt Johns
--7Evan PeeleNDSt Johns
--8Zachary PiersonNDSt Johns


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Middle School - Mens
1.St Johns70
Middle School - Womens
1.St Johns84