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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jordan Poole10.95hWest Stanly
2.12Christian Layton11.52hWest Stanly
3.12Zabian Dumas11.53hPREast Montgomery
4.10Noel Medina12.03hWest Stanly
5.10Avery Little12.06hPRWest Stanly
6.10Jamison Hillard12.16hWest Stanly
7.10Bryce Parker12.19hMt Pleasant
8.11Dallas Boles12.21hEast Montgomery
9.9Ethan Sastoque12.62hMt Pleasant
10.11Joshua Burnett12.71hMt Pleasant
11.9Chase Crayton13.07hPRMt Pleasant
12.9Nick Cassidy13.20hPREast Montgomery
13.9Eddie Miller14.65hPRMt Pleasant

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Collin Cooper23.57hWest Stanly
2.12Christian Layton23.97hWest Stanly
3.12Tucker Meade24.03hMt Pleasant
4.10Noel Medina24.25hPRWest Stanly
5.12Isaiah Warner24.26hPREast Montgomery
6.9Adam Abernathy24.35hMt Pleasant
7.9Braden Hartsell24.75hPRWest Stanly
8.12Zabian Dumas24.77hPREast Montgomery
9.10Cole Carter24.87hWest Stanly
10.12Aldo Cruz-Rangel24.97hWest Stanly
11.11Ian Downey25.84hPRMt Pleasant
12.10Avery Little26.00hWest Stanly
13.9Jacob Lisk26.97hPRWest Stanly
14.9Chase Crayton27.66hMt Pleasant
15.9Nick Cassidy28.16hEast Montgomery
16.9Eddie Miller31.34hMt Pleasant

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Collin Cooper53.70hWest Stanly
2.12Isaiah Warner55.27hEast Montgomery
3.9Braden Hartsell58.02hWest Stanly
4.11Brack Morgan1:00.14hWest Stanly
5.9Jacob Lisk1:01.11hPRWest Stanly
6.9Ethan Sastoque1:03.17hPRMt Pleasant
7.12Ruben Velazco1:04.95hEast Montgomery
8.9Mason Furr1:05.27hMt Pleasant
9.9Nathan Christy1:06.11hPRMt Pleasant
10.11Dakota Shaul1:06.83hPRMt Pleasant
11.11Diego Jimenez1:07.17hPREast Montgomery
12.10Sethna Cain1:08.52hMt Pleasant
13.10Caden Furr1:08.70hMt Pleasant
14.12Zabian Dumas1:13.33hEast Montgomery

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mackay Burke2:06.00hMt Pleasant
2.11Korbin McNeill2:09.00hPRWest Stanly
3.11Arturo Zelaya2:11.00hWest Stanly
4.12Noah Almond2:13.00hWest Stanly
5.10River Dodd2:13.10hPRWest Stanly
6.10Zach Thomas2:29.00hMt Pleasant
7.9Matthew White2:31.00hWest Stanly
8.9Sawyer Helms2:33.00hPRMt Pleasant
9.12Ruben Velazco2:35.00hEast Montgomery
10.9Chayse Huneycutt2:37.00hWest Stanly
11.10Seth Henry2:37.10hWest Stanly
12.11Tyler McDonald2:37.20hWest Stanly
13.11Hector Jaramillo2:40.00hPRWest Stanly
14.11Diego Jimenez2:40.10hPREast Montgomery
15.9Dominick DeFelice2:42.00hPRMt Pleasant
16.12Eian Stewart2:43.00hPRMt Pleasant
17.12Logan Huneycutt2:44.00hWest Stanly
18.9Camden Misenheimer2:48.00hWest Stanly
19.9Bryan Saldana3:33.00hPRWest Stanly

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Lincoln Baxter4:56.55hMt Pleasant
2.12Kaleb Cook5:17.89hMt Pleasant
3.11Daniel Brattain5:22.64hWest Stanly
4.10Austin Huneycutt5:23.42hWest Stanly
5.9James Shue5:25.58hWest Stanly
6.9Blayne Morton5:26.42hWest Stanly
7.10River Dodd5:47.39hWest Stanly
8.9Camden Misenheimer5:49.39hWest Stanly
9.12Hayden Leonard5:49.50hMt Pleasant
10.9Stone Barrier5:51.33hMt Pleasant
11.10Seth Henry5:57.89hWest Stanly
12.12Logan Huneycutt6:00.58hWest Stanly
13.9Gage Barrier6:01.02hMt Pleasant
14.10Katin Price6:01.39hPRMt Pleasant
15.9Chayse Huneycutt6:03.64hWest Stanly
16.9Matthew White6:04.33hWest Stanly
17.11Tyler McDonald6:05.83hWest Stanly
18.11Dakota Shaul6:48.21hMt Pleasant

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Daniel Brattain11:39.39hWest Stanly
2.12Noah Almond11:41.08hWest Stanly
3.9James Shue11:43.08hWest Stanly
4.9Blayne Morton11:43.33hPRWest Stanly
5.11Korbin McNeill11:56.08hWest Stanly
6.12Kaleb Cook11:59.11hMt Pleasant
7.10Austin Huneycutt12:00.36hWest Stanly

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Sam Hinson17.94hPRWest Stanly
2.12Cameron Cook20.60hWest Stanly
3.10Richard Sanchez20.78hMt Pleasant
4.9Hayden Hunsucker22.06hWest Stanly
5.12Tyler Kyle22.42hPRMt Pleasant
6.12Seth Turner24.62hWest Stanly

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Seth Turner44.89hWest Stanly
2.12Sam Hinson45.83hWest Stanly
3.12Adam Grelecki45.84hMt Pleasant
4.10Richard Sanchez48.92hMt Pleasant
5.12Cameron Cook51.55hWest Stanly
6.9Hayden Hunsucker52.70hPRWest Stanly

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Jordan Poole
Christian Layton
Cole Carter
Aldo Cruz-Rangel
44.83hWest Stanly
2.Maxwell White
Bryce Parker
Adam Abernathy
Tucker Meade
46.58hMt Pleasant

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Jason Henriquez
Noel Medina
Collin Cooper
Christian Layton
1:35.61hWest Stanly
2.Adam Grelecki
Conley Neel
Adam Abernathy
Tucker Meade
1:39.67hMt Pleasant
3.Jamison Hillard
Sam Hinson
Avery Little
Braden Hartsell
1:44.52hWest Stanly

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.Collin Cooper
Arturo Zelaya
Leo Martinez
Braden Hartsell
3:48.02hWest Stanly
2.Mackay Burke
Lincoln Baxter
Kaleb Cook
Hayden Leonard
3:55.00hMt Pleasant
3.Sam Hinson
Brack Morgan
Jacob Lisk
Seth Turner
4:08.33hWest Stanly

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.River Dodd
Logan Huneycutt
Tyler McDonald
Chayse Huneycutt
10:20.70hWest Stanly
2.Hayden Leonard
Mackay Burke
Kaleb Cook
Lincoln Baxter
10:48.14hMt Pleasant

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ashton Kennedy39-04.50PRWest Stanly
2.12Zakaya Chambers39-04.00East Montgomery
3.9Carter Miller38-00.75West Stanly
4.12Dalton Hatley35-03.50West Stanly
5.9Gavin Hudson34-11.50PRWest Stanly
6.10Manny Solis34-02.00Mt Pleasant
7.12Ellis Horton31-11.50Mt Pleasant
8.12Travis Scott31-07.50East Montgomery
9.9Alex Thomas31-05.00PRWest Stanly
10.10Jacob Buczinski31-00.00PRWest Stanly
11.9Bobby Fink30-09.75Mt Pleasant
12.9Austin Love30-06.25Mt Pleasant
13.12Carson Hurlocker30-02.00Mt Pleasant
14.12Malcolm Dowdy30-00.00East Montgomery
15.9Jamarquis Morrison29-10.00PRWest Stanly
16.10Blake Duston25-07.75West Stanly
17.10Marcells Brower23-02.75PREast Montgomery
18.9Jaxson Love20-00.50Mt Pleasant

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ashton Kennedy111-04PRWest Stanly
2.12Dalton Hatley108-06West Stanly
3.12Malcolm Dowdy99-07East Montgomery
4.9Gavin Hudson99-04West Stanly
5.9Austin Love98-06Mt Pleasant
6.9Carter Miller94-08West Stanly
7.10Jacob Buczinski89-07West Stanly
8.9Alex Thomas89-03PRWest Stanly
9.9Jamarquis Morrison88-10PRWest Stanly
10.12Carson Hurlocker88-03Mt Pleasant
11.10Manny Solis83-11Mt Pleasant
12.12Travis Scott81-01East Montgomery
13.12Zakaya Chambers74-09East Montgomery
14.9Bobby Fink73-03Mt Pleasant
15.10Blake Duston71-09PRWest Stanly
16.9Jaxson Love55-03Mt Pleasant
17.10Marcells Brower41-09East Montgomery

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Maxwell White5-08.10Mt Pleasant
2.10Jordan Poole5-08.00PRWest Stanly
3.11Ian Downey5-06.00Mt Pleasant
4.11Brack Morgan5-04.00West Stanly
4.12Hayden Greene5-04.00West Stanly
6.10Bryce Parker5-02.00Mt Pleasant
6.10Trevor Kelly5-02.00West Stanly
8.9Shane Fernald5-00.00Mt Pleasant

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Cole Carter20-04.00PRWest Stanly
2.12Zabian Dumas19-07.50PREast Montgomery
3.11Jason Henriquez19-06.50PRWest Stanly
4.9Brennen Jones19-05.00PRMt Pleasant
5.12Tucker Meade18-09.00PRMt Pleasant
6.12Spencer Storm17-10.50PRMt Pleasant
7.11Will Barbee17-06.00PRWest Stanly
8.11Jackson Graham17-05.00West Stanly
9.12Aldo Cruz-Rangel16-11.00West Stanly
10.11Dallas Boles16-09.50PREast Montgomery

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Maxwell White38-02.00PRMt Pleasant
2.10Cole Carter37-02.00PRWest Stanly
3.12Tyler Kyle36-10.50PRMt Pleasant
4.11Jason Henriquez36-09.50West Stanly
5.9Brennen Jones36-06.00PRMt Pleasant
6.12Aldo Cruz-Rangel36-02.00PRWest Stanly
6.11Will Barbee36-02.00PRWest Stanly
8.11Dallas Boles35-04.00PREast Montgomery
9.11Jackson Graham35-00.00PRWest Stanly
10.12Spencer Storm32-00.50PRMt Pleasant


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Team Scores

Varsity - Mens
1.West Stanly115
2.Mt Pleasant47
3.East Montgomery13
Varsity - Womens
1.West Stanly103
2.Mt Pleasant56
3.East Montgomery13