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70 Meter Dash  Middle School - Finals

1.7Garret Hayes9.86aCramer
2.7Matthew Hartwell9.88aNouvel Catholic Cent...
3.7Liam O'Boyle10.81aTS Nurnberger
4.7Tate Becker11.01aCramer
5.7Boone Childs11.54aPRTS Nurnberger
6.6Aidan Pinkerton11.63aNouvel Catholic Cent...
7.7Kalen Lipka11.90aPRTS Nurnberger
8.8John Mitchell12.07aPRTS Nurnberger
9.6Jack Wilson12.12aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
10.7Udter Tweh12.35aTS Nurnberger
11.7Reece Kenny12.37aNouvel Catholic Cent...
12.7Ryan Zamora12.44aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
13.7Nolan Spaeth12.45aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
14.7Dominick Girard12.87aTS Nurnberger
15.7Colby Taylor13.25aTS Nurnberger

100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Alejandro Ayala13.77aNouvel Catholic Cent...
2.7Matthew Hartwell14.02aNouvel Catholic Cent...
3.8Tegan Inbody14.29aTS Nurnberger
4.8Cole Lombard14.75aTS Nurnberger
5.7Everett Listerman14.80aCramer
6.6Cam Kaul14.92aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
7.6Lucas Duran15.51aNouvel Catholic Cent...
8.7Matthew Medrano15.52aNouvel Catholic Cent...
9.7Boone Childs16.21aTS Nurnberger
10.6Aidan Pinkerton16.54aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
11.7Kalen Lipka16.62aPRTS Nurnberger
12.8John Mitchell16.93aPRTS Nurnberger
13.7Reece Kenny17.08aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
14.7Ryan Zamora17.31aNouvel Catholic Cent...
15.6Noah Montini17.49aNouvel Catholic Cent...
16.7Colby Taylor17.93aPRTS Nurnberger
17.7Dominick Girard18.28aPRTS Nurnberger

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Sam Fodrey28.00aCramer
2.8Cameron Callahan28.14aPRCramer
3.8Alejandro Ayala29.79aNouvel Catholic Cent...
4.8Cole Lombard30.31aPRTS Nurnberger
5.7Liam O'Boyle30.32aTS Nurnberger
6.7Boone Childs32.50aPRTS Nurnberger

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Sam Fodrey1:04.63aCramer
2.8Alejandro Ayala1:06.78aNouvel Catholic Cent...
3.8Seth Gage1:09.02aCramer
4.7Matthew Kontur1:18.59aNouvel Catholic Cent...

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Thomas Zacharko2:22.46aTS Nurnberger
2.7Ben March2:40.13aTS Nurnberger
3.7Derek Bauer2:52.09aSRNouvel Catholic Cent...
4.8Thomas Kolleth2:57.19aNouvel Catholic Cent...
5.8Caiden Warren2:57.86aPRCramer
6.6Andrew Carlson3:11.39aNouvel Catholic Cent...
7.7Brandon Murphy3:25.05aNouvel Catholic Cent...

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Dylan Marr5:14.85aTS Nurnberger
2.7Ben March5:46.36aTS Nurnberger
3.6Sean Ogrady6:06.15aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
4.8Caiden Warren6:19.06aCramer
5.6Zeke Boyd7:07.32aNouvel Catholic Cent...
6.6Brady Vance7:45.11aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...

3200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Dylan Marr12:02.32aTS Nurnberger
2.7Hayden Gage14:39.56aCramer
3.8Thomas Kolleth14:55.19aNouvel Catholic Cent...
4.7Jason Marr15:28.83aCramer
5.8Branden Herek15:41.59aPRCramer

55m Hurdles - 33"  Middle School - Finals

1.6Brady Vance11.44aPRNouvel Catholic Cent...
2.7Matthew Kontur12.44aNouvel Catholic Cent...
3.6Cam Kaul12.94aNouvel Catholic Cent...
4.7Kalen Lipka13.97aPRTS Nurnberger
5.7Udter Tweh14.17aPRTS Nurnberger
6.8John Mitchell14.49aTS Nurnberger

200m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.6Andrew Carlson40.55aNouvel Catholic Cent...

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Josh Dew
Tegan Inbody
Paul Robinson
Wisdom Zanquo
53.82aTS Nurnberger
2.Garret Hayes
Everett Listerman
Cameron Callahan
Sam Fodrey
3.Reece Kenny
Ryan Zamora
Matthew Hartwell
Lucas Duran
1:04.90aNouvel Catholic Cent...

4x200 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:57.34aTS Nurnberger
2.Garret Hayes
Tate Becker
Everett Listerman
Cameron Callahan
3.Aidan Pinkerton
Nolan Spaeth
Lucas Duran
Matthew Medrano
2:21.48aNouvel Catholic Cent...

4x400 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Ben March
Wisdom Zanquo
Thomas Zacharko
Dylan Marr
4:23.69aTS Nurnberger
2.Andrew Carlson
Noah Montini
Zeke Boyd
Sean Ogrady
5:50.12aNouvel Catholic Cent...

4x800 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Derek Bauer
Zeke Boyd
Sean Ogrady
Rodney Iamurri
11:54.63aNouvel Catholic Cent...
2.Seth Gage
Branden Herek
Caiden Warren
Jason Marr

Shot Put - 4kg  Middle School - Finals

1.7Josh Dew33-00.00TS Nurnberger
2.7Matthew Medrano28-08.00PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
3.8Seth Gage28-06.50Cramer
4.7Colby Taylor27-11.00TS Nurnberger
5.7Dominick Girard23-10.00TS Nurnberger
6.6Jack Wilson23-02.00PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
7.7Brandon Murphy22-03.00PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
8.7Nolan Spaeth18-11.50Nouvel Catholic Cent...
9.8Branden Herek12-01.50PRCramer

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.7Donavin Smith4-10.00Nouvel Catholic Cent...
2.8Paul Robinson4-06.00TS Nurnberger
2.8Thomas Zacharko4-06.00TS Nurnberger
4.7Matthew Kontur4-02.00PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
4.6Cam Kaul4-02.00Nouvel Catholic Cent...
6.6Jack Wilson4-00.00PRNouvel Catholic Cent...
6.7Tate Becker4-00.00PRCramer

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.7Josh Dew14-03.00TS Nurnberger
2.7Donavin Smith14-02.00Nouvel Catholic Cent...
3.7Derek Bauer13-06.00Nouvel Catholic Cent...
4.6Brady Vance10-07.00Nouvel Catholic Cent...
5.7Hayden Gage9-06.00Cramer


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Team Scores

Middle School - Mens
1.TS Nurnberger52
1.Nouvel Catholic Cent...52
Middle School - Womens
1.TS Nurnberger71
2.Nouvel Catholic Cent...32