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70 Meter Dash  Middle School - Finals

1.6Joel Kiselica9.65aEaton Rapids
2.8Thomas Pettway9.68aPREaton Rapids
3.8Lamar Akines9.81aParkside
4.7Andrew Bradley9.94aPRParkside
5.8Thomas Pettway10.12aEaton Rapids
6.7Caden Bartley10.25aEaton Rapids
7.8Cooper Johnson10.37aPREaton Rapids
8.7Ethan Morales10.46aEaton Rapids
9.7Darrion Weller10.75aPRParkside
10.8Sean Scott10.88aPRParkside
11.7LeLand Comer10.99aPREaton Rapids
12.7Dezmond Pettway11.00aPREaton Rapids
13.7Drew LaFave11.18aEaton Rapids
14.7Javion Lyons-Smith11.92aParkside
15.7Tanner Parson12.32aEaton Rapids
16.7Clark Campbell13.35aEaton Rapids
17.7Jason (JJ) Starnes13.53aPREaton Rapids

100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Anthony Oliver13.12aParkside
2.8Lamar Akines13.41aPRParkside
3.6Joel Kiselica13.68aEaton Rapids
4.8Avery Jones13.90aEaton Rapids
5.8Thomas Pettway14.11aEaton Rapids
6.7Ethan Morales14.46aEaton Rapids
7.7Caden Bartley14.49aEaton Rapids
8.8Colby Holevac14.72aEaton Rapids
9.7Cody Tomlin14.75aPREaton Rapids
10.7Drew LaFave15.39aPREaton Rapids
11.8Aaron Glandon15.54aEaton Rapids
12.8Kyle Bush15.71aEaton Rapids
13.6Cody Jones15.86aEaton Rapids
14.7Brody Collins17.67aPREaton Rapids
15.7Jason (JJ) Starnes19.49aPREaton Rapids

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Devian Franklin27.30aPRParkside
2.8Gibson Drummond27.32aParkside
3.8Camron King28.36aParkside
4.8Thomas Pettway29.69aEaton Rapids
5.7Cody Tomlin29.78aEaton Rapids
6.6Joel Kiselica31.66aPREaton Rapids
7.8Kyle Bush32.00aEaton Rapids
8.6Cody Jones33.18aEaton Rapids
9.7LeLand Comer33.56aPREaton Rapids
10.6Noah Worden34.68aPREaton Rapids
11.7Clark Campbell43.80aSREaton Rapids
7Darrion WellerSCRParkside

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Gibson Drummond1:00.89aParkside
2.8Avery Jones1:03.54aEaton Rapids
3.8Jared Bauer1:05.27aPRParkside
4.7Karson Parker1:05.52aEaton Rapids
5.8Aaron Glandon1:15.56aEaton Rapids
6.7Remi Burt1:19.32aPREaton Rapids
8Colby HolevacSCREaton Rapids

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Austin Rybolt2:16.19aEaton Rapids
2.7Carsyn Barkholz2:38.85aPRParkside
3.8Wyatt Benward2:41.19aPREaton Rapids
4.7Elisha Correll2:47.31aPRParkside
5.8Aaron Glandon2:58.15aEaton Rapids
6.8Tyler Fleming2:58.61aPREaton Rapids

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Austin Rybolt5:03.14aEaton Rapids
2.7Carsyn Barkholz5:54.81aParkside
3.8Wyatt Benward6:13.60aEaton Rapids
4.6Danny O'Brien6:16.38aEaton Rapids
5.6Brandon Huntington6:19.23aPREaton Rapids
6.6Noah Worden6:40.31aEaton Rapids
7.6Jack Huntington6:42.75aEaton Rapids
8Tyler FlemingSCREaton Rapids

3200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Hudson Schinkel13:17.64aPREaton Rapids
2.7Elisha Correll13:39.50aPRParkside

55m Hurdles - 33"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Cooper Johnson10.41aEaton Rapids
2.8Brion Boyd10.57aPRParkside
3.-Unknown Unknown10.87aPRParkside
4.6Cody Jones12.10aPREaton Rapids
5.8Kyle Bush12.85aEaton Rapids
6Danny O'BrienSCREaton Rapids

200m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.7Andrew Bradley34.12aPRParkside
2.8Jeloni Jordan-Jackson34.16aPRParkside
8Gibson DrummondSCRParkside

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Relay Team 52.98aParkside
2.Relay Team 56.82aEaton Rapids
3.Relay Team 1:05.51aEaton Rapids

4x200 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Relay Team 1:58.47aParkside
2.Relay Team 2:12.46aEaton Rapids

4x400 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Relay Team 4:22.18aParkside
2.Relay Team 4:26.48aEaton Rapids

4x800 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Relay Team 11:40.98aEaton Rapids

Shot Put - 4kg  Middle School - Finals

1.7Semaj Gatewood28-03.00PRParkside
2.7Javion Lyons-Smith27-06.00PRParkside
3.7Tanner Parson21-06.00PREaton Rapids
4.6Mitch Jewett18-07.00Eaton Rapids

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.7Drew LaFave4-06.00Eaton Rapids
2.7Caden Bartley4-04.00Eaton Rapids
3.7Darrion Weller4-04.00PRParkside
4.8Sean Scott4-00.00PRParkside
7Remi BurtSCREaton Rapids
7Brody CollinsSCREaton Rapids
7Gabe SaundersSCREaton Rapids

Pole Vault  Middle School - Finals

1.7William Ribby7-06.00Eaton Rapids
2.7Clark Campbell5-06.00Eaton Rapids

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Cooper Johnson14-07.00PREaton Rapids
2.7Koronnis Davis14-04.00PRParkside
3.8Brion Boyd14-02.00PRParkside
4.7William Ribby13-09.00PREaton Rapids
5.6Carter Buckingham13-06.00PREaton Rapids
6.7Karson Parker13-04.50PREaton Rapids
7.7Gabe Saunders13-01.00Eaton Rapids
8.6Danny O'Brien12-09.50PREaton Rapids
9.6Camden Burke12-07.50Eaton Rapids
10.6Noah Worden12-00.00PREaton Rapids
11.7LeLand Comer11-08.00PREaton Rapids
12.6Brandon Huntington11-01.50Eaton Rapids
13.7Dezmond Pettway10-10.00PREaton Rapids
14.7Jason (JJ) Starnes8-03.50PREaton Rapids


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