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70 Meter Dash  Middle School - Finals

1.6Joel Kiselica9.28hPREaton Rapids
2.7Benjamin McDiarmid9.58hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
3.7Caden Bartley9.7hPREaton Rapids
7Ethan Morales9.8hPREaton Rapids
7Gabe Saunders10.09hPREaton Rapids
7Drew LaFave10.38hPREaton Rapids
7Wyatt Payne10.58hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Thomas Pham10.82hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
8Brendon Sherwood11.04hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Remi Burt11.14hPREaton Rapids
7Coby Courter11.37hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Christopher Bowe11.48hGrand Ledge Hayes
7George Smego11.60hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Tanner Parson11.97hPREaton Rapids
7Brody Collins12.20hPREaton Rapids
7Clark Campbell12.41hPREaton Rapids

100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jaxon Kocher12.99hEaton Rapids
2.6Joel Kiselica13.03hEaton Rapids
7Denali Smith13.18hGrand Ledge Hayes
3.8Avery Jones13.16hEaton Rapids
7Elyjah Hendricks13.44hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
8Brandon McNamara13.56hGrand Ledge Hayes
8Brendan Sochay13.58hGrand Ledge Hayes
8Colby Holevac13.65hPREaton Rapids
7Benjamin McDiarmid13.95hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
6Carter Buckingham14.43hPREaton Rapids
7Gabe Saunders14.47hEaton Rapids
7Cody Tomlin14.67hEaton Rapids
6Danny O'Brien14.79hPREaton Rapids
6Camden Burke14.74hPREaton Rapids
7Corey Richards14.84hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Wyatt Payne14.90hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
6Cody Jones14.85hPREaton Rapids
7George Smego14.90hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
8Aaron Glandon15.11hEaton Rapids
6Noah Worden15.39hPREaton Rapids
7Christopher Bowe15.56hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Thomas Pham15.56hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Elijah Hyman15.99hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Remi Burt15.93hSREaton Rapids
7Ethan Lowry17.26hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Brody Collins17.43hEaton Rapids
7Clark Campbell18.32hEaton Rapids
7Jason (JJ) Starnes19.83hEaton Rapids

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Sheldon Thomas26.47hGrand Ledge Hayes
2.7Elyjah Hendricks28.26hGrand Ledge Hayes
3.8Devin Storey29.73hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Cody Tomlin30.40hEaton Rapids
8Grant Dorland30.55hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Brandon Hovey31.03hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Wyatt Payne31.94hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Corey Richards32.14hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Remi Burt32.87hPREaton Rapids
6Cody Jones32.92hEaton Rapids
8Brendon Sherwood33.39hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Alex Schafer33.45hPRGrand Ledge Hayes

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.7Sheldon Thomas58.43hGrand Ledge Hayes
2.8Noah Hartwick1:00.01hGrand Ledge Hayes
3.8Braylond Price1:04.75hGrand Ledge Hayes
8Avery Jones1:06.23hEaton Rapids
8Colby Holevac1:08.55hEaton Rapids
8Brendan Sochay1:09.93hGrand Ledge Hayes
8Aaron Glandon1:15.09hPREaton Rapids
8Grant Dorland1:15.42hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Corey Richards1:25.45hGrand Ledge Hayes

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Austin Rybolt2:15.98hEaton Rapids
2.8Nolan Browning2:29.80hGrand Ledge Hayes
3.8Brendan Sochay2:57.01hGrand Ledge Hayes
8Travis Judd2:57.89hGrand Ledge Hayes
8Aaron Glandon3:00.18hEaton Rapids
7Alex Schafer3:02.77hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Caden Hoskins3:42.00hGrand Ledge Hayes

1600 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Austin Rybolt5:04.93hEaton Rapids
2.8Tanner Kennedy5:14.17hGrand Ledge Hayes
3.8Adam Hafner5:43.94hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Ian Hinkle5:55.25hGrand Ledge Hayes
8Travis Judd6:14.58hGrand Ledge Hayes
6Danny O'Brien6:16.57hEaton Rapids
8Colin Ertman6:16.97hGrand Ledge Hayes
6Brandon Huntington6:20.15hEaton Rapids
6Jack Huntington6:21.28hPREaton Rapids
7Alex Schafer6:30.36hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
6Noah Worden6:30.61hEaton Rapids
7Ethan Lowry6:37.31hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Coby Courter6:45.01hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
8Brendon Sherwood6:47.76hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Caden Hoskins7:25.36hPRGrand Ledge Hayes

3200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Adam Hafner12:58.01hGrand Ledge Hayes
2.8Colin Ertman13:33.28hGrand Ledge Hayes
3.8Hudson Schinkel13:59.59hEaton Rapids
7Ethan Lowry14:56.56hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Coby Courter16:26.52hGrand Ledge Hayes

55m Hurdles - 33"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Jaxon Kocher9.44hEaton Rapids
2.6Danny O'Brien10.71hEaton Rapids
3.7Nathan Gruner10.91hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Ian Hinkle11.22hGrand Ledge Hayes
7Drew LaFave11.86hPREaton Rapids

200m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Elijah Gray31.01hPRGrand Ledge Hayes
2.6Cody Jones34.70hPREaton Rapids

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.William Ribby
Joel Kiselica
Cody Tomlin
Ethan Morales
54.60hEaton Rapids
Brandon Hovey
Nathan Gruner
Devin Storey
Kayden McCrary
57.91hGrand Ledge Hayes

4x200 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Caden Bartley
Hudson Schinkel
Colby Holevac
Karson Parker
2:00.63hEaton Rapids

4x400 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Avery Jones
Jaxon Kocher
Karson Parker
Austin Rybolt
4:04.91hEaton Rapids
2.Elijah Gray
Noah Hartwick
Braylond Price
Sheldon Thomas
4:06.19hGrand Ledge Hayes

4x800 Relay  Middle School - Finals

1.Elijah Gray
Colin Ertman
Nolan Browning
Tanner Kennedy
11:06.87hGrand Ledge Hayes
Camden Burke
Brandon Huntington
Jack Huntington
Carter Buckingham
11:44.78hEaton Rapids

Shot Put - 4kg  Middle School - Finals

1.7Kayden McCrary31'11Grand Ledge Hayes
2.8Noah Hartwick24'8.5Grand Ledge Hayes
3.6Mitch Jewett23'8.5Eaton Rapids
8Adam Hafner22'11Grand Ledge Hayes
7Tanner Parson18'6Eaton Rapids
7Brody Collins16'6Eaton Rapids

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.8Brandon McNamara5'0PRGrand Ledge Hayes
2.7Elyjah Hendricks4'10Grand Ledge Hayes
3.7Benjamin McDiarmid4'10Grand Ledge Hayes
7Drew LaFave4'8PREaton Rapids
7Caden Bartley4'8Eaton Rapids
8Braylond Price4'6Grand Ledge Hayes

Pole Vault  Middle School - Finals

1.7William Ribby8'0Eaton Rapids
2.7Clark Campbell6'0PREaton Rapids

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.7Denali Smith15'8.25Grand Ledge Hayes
2.8Nolan Browning15'.5PRGrand Ledge Hayes
3.8Tanner Kennedy14'11Grand Ledge Hayes
6Carter Buckingham13'5.5Eaton Rapids
6Camden Burke12'7.75Eaton Rapids
7Elijah Hyman12'2.75PRGrand Ledge Hayes
6Brandon Huntington12'.5Eaton Rapids
7Gabe Saunders11'11.75Eaton Rapids
8Grant Dorland11'11.5Grand Ledge Hayes
7Christopher Bowe11'11.25PRGrand Ledge Hayes
7Ian Hinkle11'10.5Grand Ledge Hayes
8Travis Judd11'10Grand Ledge Hayes
6Noah Worden10'9.5Eaton Rapids
7Thomas Pham9'10.5Grand Ledge Hayes
6Jack Huntington9'5.5Eaton Rapids
7Caden Hoskins8'9.5Grand Ledge Hayes
7Jason (JJ) Starnes8'1Eaton Rapids


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