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Middle SchoolVarsityMastersOpen
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Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.Garrett Brown15-6.00La Costa Canyon
2.-Clay Wilshusen14-6.00PRSky Jumpers
3.Luke Journey14-6.00North County PV Club
Richards Nyle14-0.00AZPVA
Dudley Evan14-0.00North County PV Club
Dylan Chung13-0.00North County PV Club
Will Quinn13-0.00North County PV Club
Luke Bousema12-6.00North County PV Club
Jason Carroll12-6.00North County PV Club
Vito Anastasi12-0.00North County PV Club
15-16Tristen Douglas12-0.00PRVaulter Club
15-16Austin Pepito9-6.00PRVaulter Club

Pole Vault  Masters - Finals

1.Wendell Beck13-0.00AZPVA
2.-Bernie Miller11-0.00PRRock Back
-Richard Morales9-0.00PRHigher Flyers
3.-David McHawthorn9-0.00PRVaulter Club

Pole Vault  Open - Finals

Kyle Brown17-0.00University of Califo...


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Region 14 California
Region 15 California