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6 & Under7-89-1011-1213-1415-1617-18Open (19-29)Masters (30-34)Masters (35-39)Masters (45-49)Masters (50-54)Masters (60-64)Masters (65-69)Masters (70-74)Masters (75-79)Masters (55-59)
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60 Meter Dash  6 & Under - Finals

1.5Miles Holland11.28aPRGreat Esteem Track C...

60 Meter Dash  7-8 - Finals

1.2Prince Sule9.24aPRUnattached
2.7-8Jahmaikel Mckenzie10.10aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
3.8Trace Gibbs10.23aPRLeander Spartans Track
4.Jordan Hinojosa12.74aUnattached
7Nico AllenDNSOne Nation Athletics

60 Meter Dash  9-10 - Finals

1.3Maxwell Holland10.35aGreat Esteem Track C...
11-12Kyler HicksDNSLeander Spartans Track

60 Meter Dash  11-12 - Finals

11-12Braylon MccoyDNSLeander Spartans Track

60 Meter Dash  13-14 - Finals

1.8Alex Bendle8.35aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
8John HenryDNSGreat Esteem Track C...
13-14Derek YatesDNSLeander Spartans Track

60 Meter Dash  15-16 - Finals

1.10Ty Smedes7.43aPRUnattached
2.15-16Sean Lin7.46aPRLeander Spartans Track
17-18Spencer WilliamsDNSLeander Spartans Track

60 Meter Dash  17-18 - Finals

1.12Drew Soderstrom7.27aPRUnattached
2.17-18Adam El-Kadi7.47aPRSan Antonio Accelera...
12Caleb RedmondDNSUnattached

60 Meter Dash  Masters (65-69) - Finals

1.-Larry Price9.92aUnattached
-Paul SlatterDNSUnattached

60 Meter Dash  Masters (75-79) - Finals

1.-Kenton Brown8.68aUnattached

60 Meter Dash  Masters (55-59) - Finals

1.-Brian Childs Sr9.06aPRUnattached

100 Meters  6 & Under - Finals

1.5Miles Holland18.21aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
6UIdris CooperDNSAfterburners Track

100 Meters  7-8 - Finals

1.2Prince Sule14.65aPRUnattached
2.8Trace Gibbs16.42aLeander Spartans Track
3.7Nico Allen17.89aPROne Nation Athletics
-Roni ClarkDNSUnattached
7-8Jahmaikel MckenzieDNSGreat Esteem Track C...
2Jayvon SholarsDNSUnattached
7-8Keedyn JohnsonDNSAustin Honey Badgers
7-8Mazen CooperDNSAfterburners Track

100 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.7-8Jahmai Mckenzie14.35aGreat Esteem Track C...
2.3Blair Morris14.71aPRUnattached
3.11-12Kyler Hicks14.73aLeander Spartans Track
4.11-12Jaylon Hood15.05aPRLeander Spartans Track
5.9-10King Sloan15.40aS.A. Unleashed
6.9Marvin Atkins15.85aOne Nation Athletics
7.9-10Martinez Anderson16.01aPRS.A. Unleashed
8.9-10Kevin Manassa16.42aAustin Honey Badgers
9.3Maxwell Holland17.30aGreat Esteem Track C...
9-10Elgin Anderson Jr.DNSAustin Honey Badgers

100 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Braylon Mccoy13.96aLeander Spartans Track
2.11-12Keandre Sharpe14.16aPRAustin Honey Badgers
3.11Chance Perez14.32aPROne Nation Athletics
4.11DaeVion Davis14.40aPROne Nation Athletics
11-12Ethan HallasDNSAustin Honey Badgers

100 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.15-16Zach Dewalt11.22aPRPunishers Track and ...
2.15-16Darius Thomas12.08aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
3.13-14Cole Hines12.42aPRKinder Sport Track
4.13-14Moses Menchaca12.59aPRPunishers Track and ...
5.8John Henry12.59aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
6.13-14Yoseph Gonzalez12.72aPRAustin Honey Badgers
7.8Alex Bendle13.13aGreat Esteem Track C...
8.13-14Juan Zamarripa13.41aPRPunishers Track and ...
9.13-14Bruce Allen Krnavek14.65aPRPunishers Track and ...
13-14Austin VillanuevaDNSPunishers Track and ...
13-14Derek YatesDNSLeander Spartans Track

100 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Breean Arrant11.40aPRAustin Honey Badgers
2.15-16Ricky Cruz11.52aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
3.17-18Spencer Williams11.62aPRLeander Spartans Track
4.10Ty Smedes11.87aPRUnattached
5.15-16Sean Lin11.94aPRLeander Spartans Track
6.15-16Brock Lewis11.98aHill Country Comets ...
7.17-18Matt Carter11.98aLeander Spartans Track
8.15-16Ian Collins12.11aAustin Honey Badgers
9.11Jorge Rubalcaba12.27aPRUnattached
10.Ranger Lewis12.89aHill Country Comets ...
15-16Terrance HowardDNSUnattached
15-16Houston IfahDNSAustin Honey Badgers

100 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.11Gavin Schurr10.70a32-Unattached
2.17-18Keirryse Simpson10.87aPRHustle Track Club
3.JrRyan Chacon10.97aPR32-Unattached
4.11Solomon Washington10.99aUnattached
5.11Brice Chabot11.00aPRUnattached
6.Antonio Rimpson11.11aOne Nation Athletics
7.17-18Daniel Mitre11.15aLeander Spartans Track
8.12Drew Soderstrom11.19aPRUnattached
9.11Michael Herzog III11.36aPRUnattached
10.17-18Adam El-Kadi11.59aPRSan Antonio Accelera...
11.11Eduardo Cobos Jr11.91aSRUnattached
12.17-18Cedrick Kassi11.98aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
13.Jaylon Rimpson11.99aPROne Nation Athletics
14.Davanelle Smith12.01aPROne Nation Athletics
15.Sishman Rimpson12.02aOne Nation Athletics
Gavin BonsuDNSOne Nation Athletics
11Blake DonaldsonDNSUnattached
11Luke WernerDNSUnattached
17-18Christian DonatelliDNSKinder Sport Track
Rasulo AbdiDNSOne Nation Athletics
12Caleb RedmondDNSUnattached

100 Meters  Open (19-29) - Finals

1.Giraud Simmons11.53aPROne Nation Athletics

100 Meters  Masters (60-64) - Finals

Cecil GriffinDNSUnattached

100 Meters  Masters (65-69) - Finals

1.-Larry Vollmer13.70aPRUnattached
2.-Larry Price15.81aUnattached
-Paul SlatterDNSUnattached

100 Meters  Masters (75-79) - Finals

1.-Kenton Brown13.56aUnattached

100 Meters  Masters (55-59) - Finals

1.-Brian Childs Sr14.14aPRUnattached

200 Meters  6 & Under - Finals

1.5Miles Holland38.52aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
2.7-8Grant McMillan40.04aS.A. Unleashed
6UIdris CooperSCRAfterburners Track

200 Meters  7-8 - Finals

1.2Prince Sule31.27aPRUnattached
2.8Jamauri Reeves34.17aPROne Nation Athletics
3.7-8Jahmaikel Mckenzie34.51aGreat Esteem Track C...
4.8Trace Gibbs35.05aLeander Spartans Track
5.7Nico Allen38.37aPROne Nation Athletics
6.Jordan Hinojosa45.40aUnattached
7-8Mazen CooperSCRAfterburners Track
7-8Keedyn JohnsonSCRAustin Honey Badgers
-Roni ClarkSCRUnattached
2Jayvon SholarsSCRUnattached

200 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.11-12Jaylon Hood30.40aPRLeander Spartans Track
2.11-12Kyler Hicks30.62aLeander Spartans Track
3.3Blair Morris30.69aPRUnattached
4.9-10King Sloan31.30aS.A. Unleashed
5.9-10Martinez Anderson31.40aPRS.A. Unleashed
6.9Marvin Atkins32.90aPROne Nation Athletics
7.3Maxwell Holland33.60aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
8.9-10Quinn Roberson33.76aAustin Honey Badgers
9.9-10Elgin Anderson Jr.33.80aPRAustin Honey Badgers
9-10Kevin ManassaSCRAustin Honey Badgers
9-10Alijah YoungSCRAustin Honey Badgers
7-8Jahmai MckenzieSCRGreat Esteem Track C...

200 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Ethan Hallas29.02aPRAustin Honey Badgers
2.11-12Keandre Sharpe30.04aPRAustin Honey Badgers
3.11Chance Perez30.10aOne Nation Athletics
4.11DaeVion Davis30.95aPROne Nation Athletics
5.12Yeshaya Taylor31.58aOne Nation Athletics
6.11-12Christopher White31.78aPRAustin Honey Badgers
11-12Braylon MccoySCRLeander Spartans Track

200 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.15-16Zach Dewalt23.47aPunishers Track and ...
2.13-14Cole Hines25.87aPRKinder Sport Track
3.13-14Moses Menchaca26.49aPunishers Track and ...
4.13-14Yoseph Gonzalez27.22aAustin Honey Badgers
5.8John Henry27.31aGreat Esteem Track C...
6.8Alex Bendle27.44aGreat Esteem Track C...
13-14Christopher McCoySCRPunishers Track and ...
13-14Kendrick HicksSCRLeander Spartans Track
13-14Leo BalerioSCRHustle Track Club
Markus MoswellSCRUnattached
Markus BoswellSCRUnattached
13-14Ayden CargileSCRPunishers Track and ...
13-14Juan ZamarripaSCRPunishers Track and ...
15-16Cole McLaughlinSCRLeander Spartans Track
13-14Cameron McCoySCRPunishers Track and ...
13-14Derek YatesSCRLeander Spartans Track
13-14Austin VillanuevaSCRPunishers Track and ...

200 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tyler Rose23.78aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
2.15-16Breean Arrant23.83aAustin Honey Badgers
3.17-18Matt Carter24.27aLeander Spartans Track
4.17-18Spencer Williams24.32aSRLeander Spartans Track
5.15-16Sean Lin24.57aLeander Spartans Track
6.15-16Ian Collins24.60aAustin Honey Badgers
7.Vickram Puthankattil24.91aPRViper Strike
8.King Grimm24.98aViper Strike
9.11Jorge Rubalcaba25.73aPRUnattached
10.9Tobias Carrejo26.12aGreat Esteem Track C...
11.15-16Zephaniah McLennan26.64aTexas Independent Lo...
12.Vincent Howard29.61aOne Nation Athletics
10Ty SmedesSCRUnattached
Jake DarlingSCRHill Country Comets ...
15-16Houston IfahSCRAustin Honey Badgers

200 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.JrRyan Chacon22.59aPR32-Unattached
2.11Brice Chabot22.70aUnattached
3.17-18Keirryse Simpson22.80aHustle Track Club
4.Gavin Bonsu23.16aOne Nation Athletics
5.11Preston York23.43aUnattached
6.12Drew Soderstrom23.43aUnattached
7.17-18Daniel Mitre23.45aLeander Spartans Track
8.Antonio Rimpson23.65aOne Nation Athletics
9.11Denzel Hinds23.73aPRUnattached
10.Jacorey Reed24.33aPROne Nation Athletics
11.11John Hagan25.04aUnattached
12.Amani Roberts25.17aOne Nation Athletics
13.17-18Cedrick Kassi25.20aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
14.Sishman Rimpson25.65aPROne Nation Athletics
11Eduardo Cobos JrSCRUnattached
11Gavin SchurrSCR32-Unattached
Josh GarzaSCRViper Strike
Davanelle SmithSCROne Nation Athletics
10John Paul LipeSCRUnattached
17-18Christian DonatelliSCRKinder Sport Track
Alexander FranciscoSCRViper Strike
-Daniel VallesSCRUnattached
11Blake DonaldsonSCRUnattached
11Luke WernerSCRUnattached
12Caleb RedmondSCRUnattached
Rasulo AbdiSCROne Nation Athletics
11Solomon WashingtonSCRUnattached
Jaylon RimpsonSCROne Nation Athletics

200 Meters  Open (19-29) - Finals

1.Giraud Simmons24.20aPROne Nation Athletics

200 Meters  Masters (50-54) - Finals

John SearsSCRUnattached

200 Meters  Masters (60-64) - Finals

Cecil GriffinSCRUnattached

200 Meters  Masters (65-69) - Finals

1.-Larry Vollmer29.75aPRUnattached
2.-Larry Price33.99aUnattached
-Paul SlatterSCRUnattached

200 Meters  Masters (70-74) - Finals

1.-Rob Tompkins35.03aPRUnattached

200 Meters  Masters (75-79) - Finals

1.-Kenton Brown29.71aUnattached

200 Meters  Masters (55-59) - Finals

1.-Brian Childs Sr30.69aPRUnattached

400 Meters  6 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Grant McMillan1:23.48aPRS.A. Unleashed
6UIdris CooperSCRAfterburners Track

400 Meters  7-8 - Finals

1.7-8Jahmaikel Mckenzie1:12.69aGreat Esteem Track C...
2.7-8Xavier Young1:18.01aAustin Honey Badgers
3.8Jamauri Reeves1:19.99aPROne Nation Athletics
4.2Prince Sule1:20.21aPRUnattached
5.7-8Keedyn Johnson1:30.72aAustin Honey Badgers
-Roni ClarkSCRUnattached
7-8Mazen CooperSCRAfterburners Track

400 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.7-8Jahmai Mckenzie1:08.55aGreat Esteem Track C...
2.3Blair Morris1:08.66aPRUnattached
3.9-10Elgin Anderson Jr.1:13.57aPRAustin Honey Badgers
4.11-12Jaylon Hood1:14.16aLeander Spartans Track
5.9-10Quinn Roberson1:14.89aAustin Honey Badgers
6.9-10King Sloan1:20.60aS.A. Unleashed
7.9-10Martinez Anderson1:22.47aPRS.A. Unleashed
8.9German Gallardo1:25.07aOne Nation Athletics
9.9-10Javen Woods1:40.47aSRS.A. Unleashed
9-10Kevin ManassaSCRAustin Honey Badgers

400 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.12Yeshaya Taylor1:07.00aOne Nation Athletics
2.11Chance Perez1:11.18aOne Nation Athletics
3.11-12Austin Buscaglio1:11.73aAustin Honey Badgers
4.11-12Christopher White1:14.13aAustin Honey Badgers
11DaeVion DavisSCROne Nation Athletics
11-12Ethan HallasSCRAustin Honey Badgers

400 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.9Jaydon Palacios55.43aFlo Jo Int San Antonio
2.13-14Austin Villanueva57.10aPunishers Track and ...
3.13-14Cole Hines57.39aPRKinder Sport Track
4.13-14Cameron McCoy57.81aPunishers Track and ...
5.8Alex Bendle59.45aGreat Esteem Track C...
6.8John Henry59.48aGreat Esteem Track C...
7.15-16Darius Thomas1:00.94aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
8.13-14Kendrick Hicks1:01.07aLeander Spartans Track
9.13-14Yoseph Gonzalez1:02.00aPRAustin Honey Badgers
10.13-14Christopher McCoy1:02.16aPunishers Track and ...
11.9Elisha Garza1:03.63aPRUnattached
12.13-14Owen Aggus1:04.62aPRPunishers Track and ...
13.15-16Luke Janovec1:07.96aAustin Honey Badgers
13-14Leo BalerioSCRHustle Track Club
15-16Cole McLaughlinSCRLeander Spartans Track
13-14Kahlil HartmanSCRAustin Honey Badgers

400 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Ashton Torns53.32aPRUnattached
2.King Grimm53.34aViper Strike
3.15-16Tyler Rose53.79aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
4.9Tobias Carrejo54.01aGreat Esteem Track C...
5.Vickram Puthankattil55.70aViper Strike
6.Vincent Howard56.30aOne Nation Athletics
7.9Israel Gonzales57.18aGreat Esteem Track C...
8.Ranger Lewis57.58aHill Country Comets ...
9.9David Hostetler58.48aPRUnattached
15-16Santos FloresSCRCelerity Performance
17-18Alexander PenaSCRCelerity Performance
15-16Breean ArrantSCRAustin Honey Badgers
Jake DarlingSCRHill Country Comets ...
15-16Zephaniah McLennanSCRTexas Independent Lo...
15-16Terrance HowardSCRUnattached
15-16Houston IfahSCRAustin Honey Badgers
10Bennett FeldenkirchenSCRUnattached

400 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.JrRyan Chacon49.42aPR32-Unattached
2.11Preston York50.96aUnattached
3.Gavin Bonsu51.29aPROne Nation Athletics
4.Evan Wilson52.38aPRViper Strike
5.10John Paul Lipe53.32aPRUnattached
6.-Daniel Valles53.57aPRUnattached
7.Jacorey Reed54.41aPROne Nation Athletics
8.Josh Garza54.42aPRViper Strike
9.17-18Jace Lilljedahl54.63aLeander Spartans Track
10.Amani Roberts56.68aOne Nation Athletics
12Caleb RedmondSCRUnattached
11Jayden HouseSCRUnattached
Alexander FranciscoSCRViper Strike
-Kellan BundgaardSCRRISE Athletics

400 Meters  Open (19-29) - Finals

1.Giraud Simmons56.96aOne Nation Athletics

400 Meters  Masters (50-54) - Finals

1.John Sears1:06.82aUnattached

400 Meters  Masters (65-69) - Finals

1.-Larry Vollmer1:10.64aPRUnattached

800 Meters  6 & Under - Finals

1.7-8Grant McMillan3:20.40aS.A. Unleashed

800 Meters  7-8 - Finals

1.7-8Jahmaikel Mckenzie2:52.50aGreat Esteem Track C...
2.7-8Xavier Young3:01.50aAustin Honey Badgers

800 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Alijah Young2:52.28aAustin Honey Badgers
2.9-10Quinn Roberson2:53.83aAustin Honey Badgers
3.9-10Joseph Hinojosa Jr3:42.13aPRS.A. Unleashed
4.9-10Javen Woods3:47.40aSRS.A. Unleashed
3Blair MorrisSCRUnattached

800 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Austin Buscaglio3:04.83aAustin Honey Badgers
2.11-12Christopher White3:11.93aAustin Honey Badgers
13-14Blake StowersSCRLeander Spartans Track

800 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.9Elisha Garza2:26.80aPRUnattached
2.15-16Luke Janovec2:34.10aAustin Honey Badgers
3.13-14Gavin Mccary2:43.49aPRFlo Jo Int San Antonio
15-16Korban MurphySCRLeander Spartans Track
8John HenrySCRGreat Esteem Track C...
13-14Kahlil HartmanSCRAustin Honey Badgers

800 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.17-18William Merrick1:56.19aPRHustle Track Club
2.9Tobias Carrejo2:05.57aGreat Esteem Track C...
3.9Israel Gonzales2:11.10aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
4.15-16Jake Sellers2:11.52aCitius Sports Perfor...
5.Edgar Gonzales2:11.81aViper Strike
6.9David Hostetler2:19.05aPRUnattached
7.Brady Hutchings2:19.92aUnattached
8.15-16Mason Aggus2:25.46aPRPunishers Track and ...
Ranger LewisSCRHill Country Comets ...
15-16Santos FloresSCRCelerity Performance
17-18Alexander PenaSCRCelerity Performance

800 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Christian Gonzales2:00.13aPRCitius Sports Perfor...
2.Austin Hutchings2:05.36aUnattached
3.-Daniel Valles2:06.49aPRUnattached
4.-Kellan Bundgaard2:08.30aPRRISE Athletics
5.11Armando Flores2:24.48aPRUnattached
11Jayden HouseSCRUnattached

800 Meters  Masters (70-74) - Finals

1.-Donald Loewe3:13.25aSR33-Unattached

1500 Meters  7-8 - Finals

1.7-8Xavier Young6:11.73aAustin Honey Badgers

1500 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Alijah Young5:48.03aAustin Honey Badgers
2.11-12Isaiah Edwards6:10.56aPRTexas Independent Lo...

1500 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Austin Buscaglio6:30.12aPRAustin Honey Badgers

1500 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.15-16Korban Murphy4:39.71aLeander Spartans Track
2.9Jaydon Palacios4:49.57aPRFlo Jo Int San Antonio
3.15-16Luke Janovec5:19.00aAustin Honey Badgers
4.Gavin Mccary5:43.57aPRFlo Jo Int San Antonio

1500 Meters  15-16 - Finals

1.9Tobias Carrejo4:41.25aGreat Esteem Track C...
2.9Israel Gonzales4:51.30aPRGreat Esteem Track C...
3.17-18Tristan Bingham5:13.34aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
15-16Santos FloresSCRCelerity Performance
Brady HutchingsSCRUnattached
15-16Nathan MoralesSCRCelerity Performance
17-18Alexander PenaSCRCelerity Performance
15-16Jake SellersSCRCitius Sports Perfor...
15-16Mason AggusSCRPunishers Track and ...

1500 Meters  17-18 - Finals

17-18Immanuel EdwardsSCRTexas Independent Lo...
Austin HutchingsSCRUnattached

1500 Meters  Masters (70-74) - Finals

1.-Donald Loewe6:34.42aSR33-Unattached

3000 Meters  9-10 - Finals

1.11-12Isaiah Edwards13:30.10aTexas Independent Lo...

3000 Meters  11-12 - Finals

1.13-14Blake Stowers13:53.31aPRLeander Spartans Track

3000 Meters  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Dylan Schieffelin9:52.07aSR620 Running
2.15-16Luke Janovec11:10.03aPRAustin Honey Badgers
15-16Korban MurphySCRLeander Spartans Track

3000 Meters  15-16 - Finals

15-16Nathan MoralesSCRCelerity Performance
9Israel GonzalesSCRGreat Esteem Track C...

3000 Meters  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Immanuel Edwards9:10.28aTexas Independent Lo...

3000 Meters  Masters (70-74) - Finals

1.-Donald Loewe13:20.98a33-Unattached

110m Hurdles - 39"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tyler Moore16.07aHill Country Comets ...
2.15-16Brock Lewis16.33aHill Country Comets ...
3.15-16Ricky Cruz16.96aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
4.15-16Ben Blomqvist17.26aPRHill Country Comets ...
5.10Bennett Feldenkirchen17.40aPRUnattached

110m Hurdles - 39"  17-18 - Finals

1.11John Hagan16.12aUnattached
2.17-18James Patrick16.78aSRKinder Sport Track
3.17-18Alex Davis17.36aPRKinder Sport Track
11Denzel HindsSCRUnattached
17-18Jett KinderSCRKinder Sport Track
11Augustus HenrySCRUnattached

200m Hurdles - 30"  13-14 - Finals

1.8John Henry30.91aGreat Esteem Track C...

400m Hurdles - 36"  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tyler Moore55.90aHill Country Comets ...
2.17-18William Merrick59.15aPRHustle Track Club
3.15-16Brock Lewis59.56aHill Country Comets ...
4.10Bennett Feldenkirchen59.69aPRUnattached
5.15-16Ricky Cruz1:03.23aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
6.15-16Ben Blomqvist1:07.58aHill Country Comets ...
7.17-18Tristan Bingham1:09.21aPRPersonal Touch Athle...
9Tobias CarrejoSCRGreat Esteem Track C...

400m Hurdles - 36"  17-18 - Finals

1.11Denzel Hinds55.12aPRUnattached
2.17-18Cooper Needham1:00.98aSRHustle Track Club
3.17-18Alex Davis1:07.27aPRKinder Sport Track
17-18James PatrickSCRKinder Sport Track

4x100 Relay  13-14 - Finals

Austin Villanueva
Cameron McCoy
Juan Zamarripa
Moses Menchaca
SCRPunishers Track and ...

4x100 Relay  15-16 - Finals

1.Elijah Potts
Tristan Bingham
Ricky Cruz
Tyler Rose
45.39aPersonal Touch Athle...

4x100 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.Spencer Williams
Daniel Mitre
Matt Carter
Jace Lilljedahl
43.79aLeander Spartans Track
2.Alexander Francisco
Evan Wilson
King Grimm
Josh Garza
46.02aViper Strike

4x400 Relay  13-14 - Finals

1.Owen Aggus
Cameron McCoy
Austin Villanueva
Juan Zamarripa
4:01.99aPunishers Track and ...
2.Owen Aggus
Christopher McCoy
Ayden Cargile
Moses Menchaca
4:28.90aPunishers Track and ...

4x400 Relay  17-18 - Finals

1.Alexander Francisco
Evan Wilson
King Grimm
Josh Garza
3:35.51aViper Strike
Relay Team SCRInternational Elite ...

Shot Put - 6lb  7-8 - Finals

Jordan HinojosaDNSUnattached

Shot Put - 6lb  9-10 - Finals

1.9-10Joseph Hinojosa Jr22-03.75PRS.A. Unleashed
2.9-10Javen Woods20-11.00PRS.A. Unleashed
9-10Kevin ManassaDNSAustin Honey Badgers
4Brooks HoodDNSHill Country Comets ...
9Dyson JohnsonDNSOne Nation Athletics

Shot Put - 6lb  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Noah Blomqvist41-00.50PRHill Country Comets ...
11-12Keith ManassaDNSAustin Honey Badgers

Shot Put - 4kg  13-14 - Finals

1.8Aiden Harris37-05.50Hill Country Comets ...
2.8Trajan Falk33-06.00PRHill Country Comets ...
13-14Owen AggusDNSPunishers Track and ...
13-14Juan ZamarripaDNSPunishers Track and ...

Shot Put - 4kg  Masters (45-49) - Finals

1.19+Hondo Salgado37-06.50PRTexas Throwers Club

Shot Put - 4kg  Masters (50-54) - Finals

1.19+Eric Cole45-07.75PRTexas Throwers Club

Shot Put - 4kg  Masters (65-69) - Finals

19+Ricky EasleyDNS33-Unattached

Shot Put - 12lb  15-16 - Finals

1.-Christian Davis51-11.00PRHill Country Comets ...
2.Noe Rodriguez32-08.75PRHill Country Comets ...
3.15-16Brock Lewis32-03.00Hill Country Comets ...
Connor WarzechaDNSUnattached
9Connor WarzechaDNSHill Country Comets ...

Shot Put - 12lb  17-18 - Finals

1.11Augustus Henry39-05.75PRUnattached
2.17-18Jace Lilljedahl39-01.00PRLeander Spartans Track

Discus - 1kg  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Noah Blomqvist102-06PRHill Country Comets ...

Discus - 1kg  13-14 - Finals

1.8Aiden Harris147-10.50Hill Country Comets ...
2.8Trajan Falk102-08.25PRHill Country Comets ...

Discus - 1kg  Masters (45-49) - Finals

1.19+Hondo Salgado128-02.50PRTexas Throwers Club

Discus - 1kg  Masters (50-54) - Finals

1.19+Eric Cole178-06PRTexas Throwers Club

Discus - 1.6kg  15-16 - Finals

1.-Christian Davis157-00PRHill Country Comets ...
2.Noe Rodriguez127-10PRHill Country Comets ...
3.15-16Ben Blomqvist106-02Hill Country Comets ...
4.Ranger Lewis77-01.50Hill Country Comets ...
9Connor WarzechaSCRHill Country Comets ...

Discus - 1.6kg  Open (19-29) - Finals

Karl SrallaSCRUnt

High Jump  13-14 - Finals

1.13-14Canon Kinder5-00.00PRKinder Sport Track
1.8John Henry5-00.00PRGreat Esteem Track C...
Markus BoswellSCRUnattached

High Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Ben Blomqvist5-10.00Hill Country Comets ...
2.15-16Brock Lewis5-08.00Hill Country Comets ...
Ranger LewisNHHill Country Comets ...

High Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.11Kason Oriley6-08.00PRUnattached
2.17-18Jett Kinder6-04.00SRKinder Sport Track
2.11Augustus Henry6-04.00PRUnattached
4.17-18James Patrick6-02.00PRKinder Sport Track
5.17-18Adam El-Kadi5-10.00San Antonio Accelera...
6.17-18Jace Lilljedahl5-06.00Leander Spartans Track

High Jump  Masters (65-69) - Finals

1.-Larry Vollmer4-06.00PRUnattached

Pole Vault  11-12 - Finals

1.Max Joslin7-06.00Unattached

Pole Vault  13-14 - Finals

1.8Dyson Wicker11-00.00PRUnattached
2.13-14Canon Kinder10-00.00PRKinder Sport Track

Pole Vault  15-16 - Finals

1.13-14Jack Mann15-06.00PRUnattached
2.11Sergio Rivas12-00.00PRUnattached
3.9Augustus Hagan10-00.00PRUnattached

Pole Vault  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Jett Kinder15-00.00SRKinder Sport Track
1.-Connor Boenig15-00.00PR25-Unattached

Pole Vault  Masters (60-64) - Finals

1.19+Jeff Brower10-00.00PRWaterloo TF Club

Long Jump  7-8 - Finals

2Jayvon SholarsDNSUnattached
7-8Jahmaikel MckenzieDNSGreat Esteem Track C...

Long Jump  9-10 - Finals

1.11-12Kyler Hicks12-05.00PRLeander Spartans Track
2.9Dyson Johnson8-01.50PROne Nation Athletics
7-8Jahmai MckenzieDNSGreat Esteem Track C...

Long Jump  11-12 - Finals

1.11-12Braylon Mccoy14-04.00Leander Spartans Track
2.11-12Keandre Sharpe11-06.50Austin Honey Badgers
12Yeshaya TaylorNDOne Nation Athletics

Long Jump  13-14 - Finals

15-16Darius ThomasDNSPersonal Touch Athle...
15-16Zach DewaltDNSPunishers Track and ...

Long Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Ashton Torns23-07.75Unattached
2.17-18Spencer Williams20-03.00PRLeander Spartans Track
3.15-16Brock Lewis18-11.25Hill Country Comets ...
4.Ranger Lewis17-01.50PRHill Country Comets ...

Long Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.11Solomon Washington23-10.25PRUnattached
2.17-18Jett Kinder23-08.00PRKinder Sport Track
3.11Michael Herzog III23-05.75PRUnattached
4.JrCharles Ross III22-10.75PRUnattached
5.17-18James Patrick22-00.00PRKinder Sport Track
6.17-18Cedrick Kassi19-04.00PRPersonal Touch Athle...
7.17-18Alex Davis18-08.25PRKinder Sport Track
Alexander FranciscoDNSViper Strike

Long Jump  Masters (30-34) - Finals

1.John Nation21-05.50PROne Nation Athletics

Long Jump  Masters (65-69) - Finals

1.-Larry Vollmer15-08.00PRUnattached
2.-Larry Price11-06.75Unattached

Triple Jump  15-16 - Finals

1.15-16Tyler Moore40-06.00Hill Country Comets ...

Triple Jump  17-18 - Finals

1.17-18Cedrick Kassi41-02.50PRPersonal Touch Athle...
JrCharles Ross IIIDNSUnattached
11Michael Herzog IIIDNSUnattached
11Solomon WashingtonDNSUnattached

Triple Jump  Masters (65-69) - Finals

1.-Larry Price24-09.00Unattached