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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Alvin Best13hFegely
6Andrew Rivera13.3hFegely
8Donovan Cole13.3h PRFegely
8Mike Escoe13.3h PRFegely
8Tony Rodriguez13.8hFegely
8Aurelio Magallan13.8h PRFegely
7Logan Cole14h PRFegely
8Chris Kozlowski14.3h PRFegely
6Kevin Healy14.3hFegely
7Jacob Wright14.5hFegely
7Lambro Tsampis14.6hFegely
8Darrin Robinson14.6h PRFegely
6Xavier Rosales14.6h PRFegely
8Carlos Garza14.8h PRFegely
8Marko Pekovic14.8h PRFegely
7Shane Brayton14.9h PRFegely
8Corey Zaragoza15hFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood15hFegely
7Matt Goetz15.2h PRFegely
7Jerry Diaz15.4h PRFegely
6Robby Redlark15.5h PRFegely
6John Fannin15.6hFegely
6Anthony Best15.7h PRFegely
7Alex Rosales15.8hFegely
7Kalani Waddell16.1hFegely
6Cash Bradford16.2h PRFegely
8Luke Peksenek16.2h PRFegely
6Shawn Salazar16.6hFegely
7Darko Tomeski16.7hFegely
6Jacob Thielbar16.8h PRFegely
6Noah Volk16.8h PRFegely
8Nick Longoria16.9h PRFegely
7AJ Laramie16.9h PRFegely
8Wes Engel17.2h PRFegely
8Zach Wilczinski17.3h PRFegely
7Logan Gunnum18.1h PRFegely
6Billy Cooper18.3h PRFegely
6Jacob Bramlet18.4h PRFegely
6Max Danko30.8h PRFegely

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Alvin Best26.9hFegely
8Mike Escoe27.7h PRFegely
8Corey Zaragoza27.8hFegely
8Tony Rodriguez28.4h PRFegely
6Andrew Rivera30hFegely
7Logan Cole30.6hFegely
6Kevin Healy31.6hFegely
8Marko Pekovic32hFegely
8Chris Kozlowski32h PRFegely
7Alex Rosales32.2h PRFegely
7Lambro Tsampis32.3h PRFegely
8Darrin Robinson32.6h PRFegely
6Xavier Rosales32.8hFegely
6Shawn Salazar32.9h PRFegely
6Robby Redlark33hFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood33.3h PRFegely
8Carlos Garza33.4h PRFegely
6John Fannin33.6h PRFegely
7Matt Goetz33.6h PRFegely
8Wes Engel33.9h PRFegely
7Kalani Waddell33.9hFegely
7Shane Brayton35.8h PRFegely
8Nick Longoria36h PRFegely
6Anthony Best36h PRFegely
6Cash Bradford36.2h PRFegely
7Jacob Wright36.3hFegely
6Jacob Thielbar37h PRFegely
8Zach Wilczinski37.1h PRFegely
6Noah Volk37.7hFegely
7AJ Laramie39.7h PRFegely
8Luke Peksenek40h PRFegely
7Darko Tomeski40.2h PRFegely
7Jerry Diaz40.5h PRFegely
6Jacob Bramlet40.7h PRFegely
6Billy Cooper40.7h PRFegely
7Logan Gunnum42h PRFegely
6Max Danko1:10h PRFegely

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Alvin Best0:58h SRFegely
8Corey Zaragoza1:00h PRFegely
8Mike Escoe1:01h PRFegely
8Tony Rodriguez1:05hFegely
8Donovan Cole1:05h PRFegely
7Matt Goetz1:10h PRFegely
7Alex Rosales1:11h PRFegely
7Lambro Tsampis1:12hFegely
6Andrew Rivera1:13hFegely
8Wes Engel1:14h PRFegely
6Kevin Healy1:15h PRFegely
8Carlos Garza1:16h PRFegely
6Robby Redlark1:19hFegely
8Chris Kozlowski1:19hFegely
6Shawn Salazar1:20hFegely
7Jacob Wright1:21hFegely
6John Fannin1:22hFegely
6Xavier Rosales1:24h PRFegely
8Darrin Robinson1:24h PRFegely
7Kalani Waddell1:24h PRFegely
6Anthony Best1:25h PRFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood1:28h PRFegely
6Jacob Thielbar1:29h PRFegely
8Marko Pekovic1:29h PRFegely
7AJ Laramie1:31h PRFegely
7Darko Tomeski1:32h PRFegely
8Nick Longoria1:32hFegely
7Shane Brayton1:34h PRFegely
7Jerry Diaz1:36h PRFegely
6Cash Bradford1:36h PRFegely
8Luke Peksenek1:38h PRFegely
6Noah Volk1:40h PRFegely
6Jacob Bramlet1:42h PRFegely
6Billy Cooper1:55hFegely
8Zach Wilczinski1:56h PRFegely
7Logan Gunnum2:12h PRFegely
6Max Danko2:27h PRFegely

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Alvin Best2:22h PRFegely
8Donovan Cole2:28hFegely
8Mike Escoe2:33hFegely
8Tony Rodriguez2:34h PRFegely
7Logan Cole2:37h PRFegely
7Matt Goetz2:38hFegely
8Corey Zaragoza2:39h PRFegely
7Alex Rosales2:45h PRFegely
7Lambro Tsampis2:45h PRFegely
8Carlos Garza2:47hFegely
6Andrew Rivera2:47h PRFegely
8Wes Engel2:48hFegely
6Anthony Best2:49hFegely
8Aurelio Magallan2:50h PRFegely
7Jacob Wright2:52h PRFegely
6Kevin Healy2:59h PRFegely
6Xavier Rosales3:00h PRFegely
6Robby Redlark3:04h PRFegely
8Chris Kozlowski3:05h SRFegely
6Jacob Thielbar3:07hFegely
7Robbie Jones3:08h PRFegely
6Shawn Salazar3:10hFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood3:13h PRFegely
8Darrin Robinson3:18h PRFegely
8Luke Peksenek3:20hFegely
6John Fannin3:20h PRFegely
7Shane Brayton3:21h PRFegely
6Cash Bradford3:21h PRFegely
8Marko Pekovic3:23h PRFegely
7Darko Tomeski3:23h PRFegely
8Nick Longoria3:25h PRFegely
7Kalani Waddell3:30h PRFegely
7AJ Laramie3:31hFegely
7Jerry Diaz3:35h PRFegely
8Zach Wilczinski3:35h PRFegely
6Jacob Bramlet3:37h PRFegely
6Noah Volk3:38hFegely
8Nikola Nacovski3:43h PRFegely
7Alex Raudonis3:56h PRFegely
6Billy Cooper3:57h PRFegely
7Logan Gunnum4:38h PRFegely
6Max Danko5:28h PRFegely

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

8Carlos Garza6:55hFegely
8Luke Peksenek8:51hFegely
8Darrin Robinson8:51h PRFegely
7Matt Goetz8:51hFegely
8Wes Engel8:51hFegely
7Lambro Tsampis8:51hFegely
7Alex Rosales8:51h PRFegely
7Jacob Wright8:51h PRFegely

75m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

8Alvin Best12.5h PRFegely
8Mike Escoe12.8hFegely
8Donovan Cole13.7hFegely
8Aurelio Magallan13.8h PRFegely
8Chris Kozlowski13.9h PRFegely
8Corey Zaragoza14.2h PRFegely
8Marko Pekovic14.3hFegely
7Logan Cole14.4hFegely
8Tony Rodriguez14.6h PRFegely
7Shane Brayton14.7hFegely
6Xavier Rosales14.7hFegely
6Andrew Rivera14.8h PRFegely
7Matt Goetz14.9h PRFegely
6Kevin Healy15.1h PRFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood15.2hFegely
8Wes Engel15.4hFegely
7Alex Raudonis15.6h PRFegely
7Alex Rosales15.6hFegely
8Carlos Garza15.7h PRFegely
6Cash Bradford16.2hFegely
7Jacob Wright16.3h PRFegely
8Zach Wilczinski16.4h PRFegely
7Lambro Tsampis16.5h PRFegely
7AJ Laramie16.5hFegely
6Anthony Best16.6h PRFegely
8Nick Longoria16.9h PRFegely
8Darrin Robinson17.1h PRFegely
6Robby Redlark17.4hFegely
6Shawn Salazar17.4h PRFegely
6John Fannin17.5h PRFegely
8Nikola Nacovski17.8h PRFegely
7Darko Tomeski18.3h PRFegely
7Jerry Diaz18.4h PRFegely
7Kalani Waddell18.5h PRFegely
8Luke Peksenek18.7h PRFegely
6Jacob Bramlet18.7h PRFegely
6Jacob Thielbar19.4h PRFegely
6Noah Volk20.6h PRFegely
6Billy Cooper22.3h PRFegely
7Logan Gunnum42.4h PRFegely
6Max Danko56h PRFegely

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

7Jacob Wright35'9 PRFegely
8Mike Escoe30'4 PRFegely
8Darrin Robinson29'3Fegely
8Aurelio Magallan28'7" PRFegely
8Corey Zaragoza28'6Fegely
8Tony Rodriguez28'3" PRFegely
6Kevin Healy28'Fegely
8Chris Kozlowski27'9Fegely
7Moses Herman26'3Fegely
8Marko Pekovic24'4 PRFegely
7Kodi Kuypers24'2 PRFegely
7Robbie Jones24'1Fegely
7Jerry Diaz24' PRFegely
8Wes Engel23'10 PRFegely
7Logan Gunnum23'5 PRFegely
8Donovan Cole23'3 PRFegely
6Cash Bradford23' PRFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood22'2Fegely
6Andrew Rivera22' PRFegely
7Alex Rosales22'0 SRFegely
8Zach Wilczinski21'8 PRFegely
6Xavier Rosales21'8 PRFegely
7Alex Raudonis21'8 PRFegely
6Jacob Bramlet21'4Fegely
8Carlos Garza21'4 PRFegely
8Luke Peksenek21'1Fegely
7Logan Cole20'5 PRFegely
6Shawn Salazar20'5 PRFegely
7Shane Brayton20' PRFegely
8Nikola Nacovski19'10Fegely
7Matt Goetz19'10 PRFegely
6Robby Redlark19'4 PRFegely
6Jacob Thielbar19 PRFegely
7Lambro Tsampis18 PRFegely
7Darko Tomeski17'7 PRFegely
7Kalani Waddell17'2 PRFegely
6Brad Larson17 PRFegely
6Noah Volk17 PRFegely
8Nick Longoria16'9" PRFegely
6John Fannin16'8 PRFegely
7AJ Laramie16' PRFegely
6Anthony Best15'8 PRFegely
6Billy Cooper15'4 PRFegely

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

8Alvin Best5'10"Fegely
8Donovan Cole4'6" PRFegely
7Logan Cole4'6" PRFegely
8Corey Zaragoza4'6" PRFegely
8Mike Escoe4'6" PRFegely
8Chris Kozlowski4'6"Fegely
8Tony Rodriguez4'3"Fegely
7Alex Rosales4'3"Fegely
7Shane Brayton4'3" PRFegely
7Moses Herman4'3"Fegely
8Wes Engel4'0" PRFegely
8Darrin Robinson4'0" PRFegely
8Carlos Garza4'0" PRFegely
8Nick Longoria3'9"Fegely
8Nikola Nacovski3'9" PRFegely
8Luke Peksenek3'9" PRFegely
7Jerry Diaz3'9" PRFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood3'9"Fegely
6John Fannin3'9" PRFegely
6Brad Larson3'9"Fegely
6Andrew Rivera3'9" PRFegely
7Alex Raudonis3'9" PRFegely
8Aurelio Magallan3'9" PRFegely
7Kodi Kuypers3'9" PRFegely
6Jacob Thielbar3'7"Fegely
6Anthony Best3'6" PRFegely
7Darko Tomeski3'6" PRFegely
7Robbie Jones3'6" PRFegely
7Matt Goetz3'6" PRFegely
6Xavier Rosales3'6" PRFegely
6Shawn Salazar3'6" PRFegely
7Kalani Waddell3'6" PRFegely
7Lambro Tsampis3'6" PRFegely
6Kevin Healy3'6" PRFegely
7Jacob Wright3'6" PRFegely
7AJ Laramie3'5" PRFegely
6Billy Cooper3'4" PRFegely
7Logan Gunnum3'0" PRFegely

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

8Alvin Best14'8Fegely
8Donovan Cole13'0Fegely
8Mike Escoe12'10 SRFegely
7Kodi Kuypers12'9 PRFegely
8Corey Zaragoza12'5 PRFegely
8Carlos Garza12'1Fegely
6Andrew Rivera12'1 PRFegely
7Jacob Wright11'9 PRFegely
8Wes Engel11'4Fegely
7Alex Rosales11'3 PRFegely
6Kevin Healy11'1 PRFegely
8Tony Rodriguez11'0 PRFegely
6Dustin Balboa10'10 PRFegely
6Cash Bradford10'9Fegely
7Moses Herman10'6Fegely
8Nick Longoria10'4 PRFegely
7Shane Brayton10'4 PRFegely
8Darrin Robinson10'4 PRFegely
6Dev'eon Hegwood9'9 PRFegely
7Darko Tomeski9'9Fegely
8Marko Pekovic9'7Fegely
6Shawn Salazar9'6Fegely
6Alex Geros9'2Fegely
8Luke Peksenek9'1Fegely
6Robby Redlark9'0 PRFegely
6Xavier Rosales8'10 PRFegely
6Jacob Thielbar8'9 PRFegely
6Jacob Bramlet8'4Fegely
7Kalani Waddell8'3Fegely
7Jerry Diaz8'2 PRFegely
8Nikola Nacovski8'1 PRFegely
6Billy Cooper8'0Fegely
7Logan Gunnum7'4 SRFegely
6John Fannin7'1Fegely
6Max Danko3'3 PRFegely


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