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50 Meter Dash  3rd Grade - Finals

1.2Nathan Rumpf8.02h PRChrist the King
2.2Ryan Taheri8.38hChrist the King
6.3Marshall Howell8.89hSt Mary's
9.3Clay Barbieri8.98h SRSt Mary's
10.3Patrick Donoghue9.01hSt Mary's
12.3Austin Dajani9.05h PRSt Mary's
18.2Brett Jones10.09hChrist the King
19.3Nicolas Camozzi10.11hSt Mary's
20.2Kristofer King10.16hChrist the King
22.2Brynn Crowley10.64h PRChrist the King
23.2Corey Burgstaller30.42hChrist the King

50 Meter Dash  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Kurtis Domingo7.84hSt Mary's
2.4Ian Dota-Clemens7.92hChrist the King
3.4Marco Monti8.08hChrist the King
4.4Zachary Runyon8.22hChrist the King
7.4Ray Muhlenkamp8.73hChrist the King
8.4Joseph Ridgway8.81hChrist the King
9.4Nicholas Marshall8.83h PRChrist the King
11.4ANDREW FOX9.03hSt Mary's
12.4Eduardo Sandoval9.06h PRChrist the King
13.4Evan Nicolini9.22h PRSt Mary's
14.4Dylan Nye9.30hChrist the King
16.4Nolan Burgstaller9.48h PRChrist the King
17.4Max Masayko9.79h PRChrist the King

50 Meter Dash  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Sean Taheri7.42hChrist the King
2.5Jack Loftus7.55h PRChrist the King
4.5Vince Romeo7.90hChrist the King
5.5Kevan'te Bessard7.99h PRChrist the King
6.5Nick Mitchell8.00hChrist the King
7.5Angelo Gastello8.04h PRChrist the King
9.5Eric Lopez8.27hChrist the King
10.5Joseph Ross8.29h PRChrist the King
11.5William Inman8.69hChrist the King
12.5Daniel Pilgrim8.81hChrist the King
13.5Andrew Stone8.86hChrist the King
14.5Anthony Rader9.09hChrist the King
15.5Devin Hildebrand9.18hChrist the King
16.5Dominic Paulazzo9.36hChrist the King
17.5Bryce Randolph9.44hSt Mary's
18.5Mason Cheshier10.03hChrist the King

100 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Adam Stenberg14.22h PRSt Mary's
2.2Ryan Taheri15.99h SRChrist the King
3.2Nathan Rumpf16.08h PRChrist the King
4.3Cameron Nelson16.22hSt Mary's
7.3Patrick Donoghue17.47hSt Mary's
11.3Clay Barbieri17.89hSt Mary's
15.3Aditya Rao18.98hSt Mary's
16.3Harris Masterson19.06hSt Mary's
17.2Andy Gebhart19.20h SRChrist the King

100 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

2.4Seth Barbieri14.81hSt Mary's
3.4Zachary Runyon15.92hChrist the King
6.4Ray Muhlenkamp16.87hChrist the King
10.4Dylan Nye18.95hChrist the King
11.4Nolan Burgstaller19.00h SRChrist the King
12.4Thomas Jordan19.19hChrist the King
13.4Max Masayko20.34hChrist the King

100 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Sean Taheri14.12hChrist the King
2.5Ben Wood14.12hSt Mary's
3.5Michael Sasaki14.41hChrist the King
5.5Vince Romeo15.36hChrist the King
6.5Jack Loftus15.55hChrist the King
7.5Eric Lopez15.89h PRChrist the King
8.5Angelo Gastello16.90h SRChrist the King
9.5James Pocta17.11h SRChrist the King
10.5Ronan Braun17.69hChrist the King
11.5William Inman17.83h SRChrist the King
12.5Andrew Stone18.44hChrist the King
13.5Anthony Rader18.46hChrist the King
14.5Zane Rossi19.03hSt Mary's

100 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Adi Rao14.24h SRSt Mary's
3.6Alex Runte15.26hSt Mary's
4.6Matt Whitman15.70h SRSt Mary's
6.6Dimitri Salido15.93hChrist the King

100 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Nick Gruener13.35hSt Mary's
3.7Nick Wittwer14.54hSt Mary's
4.7NICK PAZ14.66hSt Mary's
5.7Christopher Grove14.89h SRSt Mary's
7.7Wilson Jones14.98hChrist the King
8.7Matthew Chung15.05hChrist the King
9.7Alec Barbieri15.35hSt Mary's
10.7Niki Esfandiari16.11h PRSt Mary's
12.7Dominic Dirito17.53hChrist the King

100 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Chris Sander11.99hChrist the King
2.8Marcelo Hernandez12.75hChrist the King
3.8Michael Laduzinsky13.15h PRChrist the King
4.8Dominic Santini13.20h PRChrist the King
5.8Bo Hunter13.73h PRChrist the King
7.8Diego Tambazidis14.65hChrist the King

200 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Adam Stenberg33.77hSt Mary's
2.3Nicolas Bland34.73hSt Mary's
3.3Cameron Nelson36.06hSt Mary's
4.2Logan Heaney36.13h SRChrist the King
5.3Reece Burkhart36.35h SRChrist the King
6.3Marshall Howell39.70h SRSt Mary's
7.3Harris Masterson39.93hSt Mary's
8.3Aditya Rao42.27h PRSt Mary's
10.3Joshua Wood44.32hSt Mary's
11.3Austin Dajani48.34hSt Mary's

200 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Seth Barbieri30.81h SRSt Mary's
3.4Kurtis Domingo32.46hSt Mary's
7.4Nathan Howell36.17hSt Mary's
8.4Kyle Matthews39.17h PRChrist the King
9.4Thomas Jordan43.97hChrist the King

200 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Michael Sasaki30.51hChrist the King
3.5Nick Mitchell32.85h SRChrist the King
4.5Robert Giessman34.99hSt Mary's
5.5Chris Muhlenkamp35.69hChrist the King
6.5Jacob Dadd35.74h PRChrist the King
7.5Mitchell Lane36.19h PRChrist the King
8.5Michael Lutzker36.98hSt Mary's
9.5Ronan Braun37.42h PRChrist the King
10.5Devin Hildebrand40.58h PRChrist the King
11.5Zane Rossi44.90hSt Mary's

200 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nate Burkhart27.72hChrist the King
2.6Joseph Ruotolo29.48hChrist the King
3.6Adi Rao30.40h SRSt Mary's
4.6Michael Karachewski30.90h PRSt Mary's
5.6Dimitri Salido30.95h PRChrist the King
6.6Ryan Simpson31.64h SRChrist the King
7.6Anthony Law32.30h PRSt Mary's
8.6Trevor Eaton32.83h SRChrist the King
9.6Alex Runte33.37hSt Mary's

200 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Matthew Byrne27.33hSt Mary's
2.7Adam Wood27.92hSt Mary's
5.7Caleb Phair31.54h PRChrist the King
6.7Nathan Williams33.35h PRSt Mary's
7.7Andrew Mundy34.49hChrist the King

200 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Marcelo Hernandez26.11hChrist the King
3.8Kenya Jett28.23hChrist the King
4.8Ian Schueller29.13hChrist the King

400 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.2Stephen Mundy1:22.04hChrist the King
2.2Thomas Mundy1:23.05hChrist the King
3.2Logan Heaney1:26.69h SRChrist the King
4.3Joseph Wood1:28.45h SRSt Mary's
5.2Andy Gebhart1:28.71h SRChrist the King
6.3Joshua Wood1:33.56h SRSt Mary's
8.2Kristofer King1:33.72h SRChrist the King
10.2Corey Burgstaller1:45.73h SRChrist the King

400 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Jake Simpson01:10.57h SRChrist the King
2.4Ian Dota-Clemens01:16.66h SRChrist the King
4.4Marco Monti01:19.41h SRChrist the King
5.4Danny Jervis01:19.61hSt Mary's
6.4ANDREW FOX01:19.99h PRSt Mary's
7.4Sean Fuller01:22.19h PRChrist the King
8.4Nathan Howell01:28.41hSt Mary's
9.4Kyle Matthews01:30.04h PRChrist the King
10.4Joseph Ridgway01:31.29hChrist the King

400 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Alexander King1:06.28hChrist the King
3.5Daniel Tang1:08.02hSt Mary's
5.5Sean Godkin1:11.70hChrist the King
7.5Sean Wanket1:15.43h SRChrist the King
8.5Trace Bechter1:15.51h PRChrist the King
9.5Robert Giessman1:15.65h SRSt Mary's
10.5Daniel Pilgrim1:25.05h SRChrist the King
11.5Jacob Dadd1:26.41h PRChrist the King
12.5Tyler Click1:26.49h SRChrist the King
13.5James Pocta1:26.74h SRChrist the King
14.5Mitchell Lane1:32.86h SRChrist the King

400 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nate Burkhart01:03.65hChrist the King
2.6Aidan Goltra01:07.46h SRSt Mary's
3.6Michael Karachewski01:08.92h PRSt Mary's
4.6Sam Thurston01:09.87hSt Mary's
5.6Matt Whitman01:11.97h SRSt Mary's
6.6Trevor Eaton01:21.26hChrist the King

400 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Matthew Byrne1:02.14hSt Mary's
2.7Sean Aylward1:02.36hSt Mary's
3.7Nick Gruener1:02.56h PRSt Mary's
4.7Kohlden Hochhaus1:02.84h SRSt Mary's
6.7Thomas Donovan1:08.83h PRSt Mary's
7.7Kevin Jervis1:09.06h SRSt Mary's
8.7Stephen Irion1:09.95h SRChrist the King
9.7Caleb Phair1:12.23h SRChrist the King
11.7Nathan Williams1:15.51h SRSt Mary's
12.7Zach Larkin1:15.94h PRSt Mary's
13.7Aaron Arman1:18.37h PRSt Mary's
14.7Gajanth Anigol1:21.36hSt Mary's

400 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Soroush Aboutalebi00:58.08hChrist the King
2.8Harrison Hollidge01:00.57h PRChrist the King
3.8Dominic Santini01:03.24h PRChrist the King
4.8Ian Schueller01:07.88hChrist the King
5.8Neil Ahlstrom01:11.82hChrist the King

800 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.2Thomas Mundy03:04.70hChrist the King
2.2Stephen Mundy03:05.24hChrist the King
3.3Adarsh Rao03:27.22hSt Mary's
5.3Nicolas Camozzi04:19.03hSt Mary's

800 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Jake Simpson02:51.42h SRChrist the King
2.4David Phair02:58.23hChrist the King
3.4Evan Nicolini03:02.13hSt Mary's
4.4Noah Williams03:09.86h PRSt Mary's

800 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Alexander King02:46.38hChrist the King
2.5Chris Muhlenkamp02:50.28hChrist the King
3.5Sean Wanket02:50.60h SRChrist the King
4.5Kevin Sandri02:52.05h PRChrist the King

800 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Sam Thurston02:43.24hSt Mary's
2.6Frazer Fernandes02:55.73hChrist the King
3.6Doug Strange03:00.57hChrist the King

800 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Kohlden Hochhaus02:34.41hSt Mary's
2.7Andrew Mundy02:54.56hChrist the King
3.7Gajanth Anigol02:59.01h SRSt Mary's

800 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Soroush Aboutalebi02:15.61h PRChrist the King
2.8Evan Quigley02:16.44h PRChrist the King
3.8Harrison Hollidge02:25.05h PRChrist the King
4.8Devon Keeler02:28.79hSt Mary's
5.8Neil Ahlstrom02:44.15h PRChrist the King

1600 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Nicolas Bland6:21.59hSt Mary's
2.3Reece Burkhart6:23.60h SRChrist the King
3.3Adarsh Rao6:32.74h PRSt Mary's
4.3Joseph Wood07:13.99h PRSt Mary's
5.3Austin Dajani8:03.07hSt Mary's
6.3Daniel Click9:00.38h PRChrist the King

1600 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4David Phair6:09.74hChrist the King
2.4Danny Jervis6:10.14h SRSt Mary's
3.4Sean Fuller6:24.17h SRChrist the King

1600 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Daniel Tang5:56.18hSt Mary's
2.5Kevan'te Bessard6:12.62h SRChrist the King
3.5Joseph Ross6:38.24h PRChrist the King

1600 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Aidan Goltra5:08.41h SRSt Mary's
2.6Gregory Peterson6:48.11h SRChrist the King

1600 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Sean Aylward5:22.39hSt Mary's
2.7Kevin Jervis5:49.47hSt Mary's
3.7Zach Larkin6:01.1h SRSt Mary's
4.7Stephen Irion6:15.48hChrist the King

1600 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Kenya Jett5:04.92hChrist the King
2.8Ryan Kinney5:20.78hSt Mary's
3.8Jeremy Kerfs6:03.46hChrist the King

Shot Put - 6lb  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Adam Wood31'10.75 PRSt Mary's
2.7Chris Bouey27'08.25 PRSt Mary's
7.7Lucas Dhaliwal19'08.00 PRSt Mary's

Shot Put - 6lb  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jake Philipps26'11.75 PRSt Mary's
2.8Christian Nicolini24'09.25 PRSt Mary's

Shot Put - 8lb  5th Grade - Finals

2.5Michael Lutzker22'11.25 PRSt Mary's
3.5Kevin Sandri20'10.00 PRChrist the King
4.5Michael Sasaki20'03.00 PRChrist the King
5.5Mitchell Lane19'10.25 PRChrist the King
6.5Nick Mitchell19'10.00 PRChrist the King
7.5Mason Cheshier19'03.00 PRChrist the King
8.5Adam Lutzker18'03.75St Mary's
9.5Anthony Rader18'03.50 SRChrist the King
10.5Sam Matulovich18'02.00 PRSt Mary's
11.5Bryce Randolph17'04.25St Mary's
12.5Devin Hildebrand15'03.00 PRChrist the King

Shot Put - 8lb  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Nate Burkhart28'01.00 PRChrist the King
2.6Trevor Eaton21'02.75 PRChrist the King
4.6Daniel Kirkpatrick20'01.00 PRChrist the King

Shot Put - 8lb  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Adam Wood31'10.75St Mary's
2.7Chris Bouey27'08.25St Mary's
3.7Matthew De Silva27'01.25 PRChrist the King
4.7Khaleel Jett26'05.00Christ the King
5.7Andrew Mundy26'04.00 SRChrist the King
6.7Stephen Irion25'06.75 PRChrist the King
7.7Lucas Dhaliwal19'08.00 PRSt Mary's

Shot Put - 8lb  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jake Philipps26'11.75 PRSt Mary's
2.8Christian Nicolini24'09.25 PRSt Mary's
3.8Harrison Hollidge21'05.25Christ the King

Softball Throw  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Adam Stenberg093'02.00St Mary's
2.3Joseph Wood087'00.00St Mary's
5.3Nicolas Camozzi081'06.00St Mary's
7.2Brett Jones078'05.00Christ the King
8.2Kristofer King067'03.00 PRChrist the King
10.3Joshua Wood062'05.00St Mary's
11.3Daniel Click061'10.00 SRChrist the King
12.2Brynn Crowley061'05.00 PRChrist the King
15.3Aditya Rao045'06.00 SRSt Mary's

Softball Throw  4th Grade - Finals

2.4Zachary Runyon124'01.00 SRChrist the King
3.4Joseph Ridgway120'05.00Christ the King
4.4Nathan Howell116'02.00 SRSt Mary's
5.4Noah Williams107'04.00 PRSt Mary's
6.4Evan Nicolini084'01.00 PRSt Mary's
7.4Eduardo Sandoval079'07.00Christ the King
9.4Nicholas Marshall054'09.00Christ the King

Softball Throw  5th Grade - Finals

2.5Ben Wood139'00.00St Mary's
3.5Jack Loftus124'04.00 PRChrist the King
4.5Dominic Dalpiaz123'09.00 SRChrist the King
5.5Angelo Gastello121'01.00 SRChrist the King
6.5Jacob Dadd099'02.00 SRChrist the King
8.5Dominic Paulazzo080'06.00Christ the King

Softball Throw  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Joseph Ruotolo127'02.00Christ the King
3.6Alex Runte116'11.00 PRSt Mary's
4.6Anthony Law099'05.00St Mary's
5.6Daniel Kirkpatrick096'05.00Christ the King

Softball Throw  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Wilson Jones143'05.00Christ the King
2.7Adam Wood125'00.00St Mary's
3.7Kevin Diessner122'10.00St Mary's
4.7Christopher Grove122'08.00St Mary's
5.7Alec Barbieri121'08.00St Mary's
6.7Aaron Arman121'06.00St Mary's
8.7Dominic Dirito114'06.00 PRChrist the King
9.7Nick Wittwer113'00.00 SRSt Mary's
12.7Khaleel Jett088'11.00Christ the King
13.7NICK PAZ085'07.00St Mary's

Softball Throw  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Marcelo Hernandez194'10.00Christ the King
2.8Devon Keeler192'03.00 PRSt Mary's
3.8Tommy Sandri184'11.00Christ the King
4.8Soroush Aboutalebi162'01.00Christ the King
5.8Kameron Duquette160'06.00 PRChrist the King
7.8Ryan Kinney116'02.00St Mary's

High Jump  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Sean Godkin4'05.00Christ the King
5.5James Pocta3'11.00 SRChrist the King
6.5Vince Romeo3'10.00Christ the King
7.5Sean Wanket3'06.00Christ the King
8.5Kevan'te Bessard3'06.00Christ the King
3.5Sean Taheri4'00.00bChrist the King

High Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6David Lawrence4'02.00 SRChrist the King
2.6Ryan Simpson3'11.00Christ the King
4.6Brian Kerfs3'10.00Christ the King

High Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Thomas Donovan4'05.00 PRSt Mary's
2.7Wilson Jones4'03.00Christ the King
3.7Kohlden Hochhaus4'02.00St Mary's
4.7Kevin Diessner4'01.00St Mary's
5.7Kevin Jervis4'01.00St Mary's
6.7Dominic Dirito3'11.00 PRChrist the King
7.7Lucas Dhaliwal3'10.00 PRSt Mary's
8.7Nathan Williams3'08.00 SRSt Mary's
4.7Kevin Diessner4'01.00bSt Mary's

High Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Bo Hunter5'00.00Christ the King
3.8Devon Keeler4'08.00 PRSt Mary's
4.8Kenya Jett4'06.00Christ the King
6.8Jake Philipps4'02.00 PRSt Mary's
7.8Neil Ahlstrom4'00.00 PRChrist the King
8.8Christian Nicolini3'10.00 PRSt Mary's
2.8Jeremy Kerfs4'08.00bChrist the King
5.8Michael Laduzinsky4'02.00bChrist the King

Long Jump  3rd Grade - Finals

1.2Nathan Rumpf10'06.00Christ the King
2.2Ryan Taheri09'06.00 SRChrist the King
3.2Thomas Mundy09'01.00Christ the King
4.3Reece Burkhart08'11.00Christ the King
8.2Andy Gebhart08'04.00Christ the King
9.2Logan Heaney08'03.00 SRChrist the King
10.3Marshall Howell08'03.00 SRSt Mary's
11.3Harris Masterson08'02.00St Mary's
13.2Stephen Mundy07'04.00Christ the King
14.3Patrick Donoghue07'03.00St Mary's
15.2Brett Jones06'11.00Christ the King
18.2Brynn Crowley05'00.00Christ the King

Long Jump  4th Grade - Finals

2.4Jake Simpson12'08.00 SRChrist the King
4.4Seth Barbieri10'09.00St Mary's
5.4Marco Monti10'08.00 SRChrist the King
6.4Ian Dota-Clemens10'04.00Christ the King
7.4Kurtis Domingo10'02.00 SRSt Mary's
10.4Evan Nicolini09'04.00St Mary's
11.4Ray Muhlenkamp09'03.00Christ the King
12.4Kyle Matthews09'02.00 PRChrist the King
13.4Nicholas Marshall09'01.00Christ the King
14.4Sean Fuller08'11.00Christ the King
16.4Max Masayko08'03.00 PRChrist the King
17.4Bailey Abbott08'00.00Christ the King
18.4Nolan Burgstaller07'05.00Christ the King
19.4Thomas Jordan05'10.00Christ the King

Long Jump  5th Grade - Finals

4.5Kevin Sandri12'07.00 PRChrist the King
5.5Alexander King12'02.00Christ the King
7.4Evan Nicolini11'08.00 PRSt Mary's
8.5Michael Lutzker11'00.00 PRSt Mary's
10.5Chris Muhlenkamp10'05.00Christ the King
11.5Adam Lutzker10'03.00St Mary's
12.5Eric Lopez09'08.00 PRChrist the King
13.5William Inman09'04.00 PRChrist the King
14.5Ronan Braun07'03.00Christ the King
2.5Sean Godkin12'09.00bChrist the King

Long Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Matt Whitman12'09.00St Mary's
2.6Sam Thurston12'05.00St Mary's
3.6Joseph Ruotolo12'01.00Christ the King
4.6Dimitri Salido11'10.00Christ the King
5.6Brian Kerfs11'08.00Christ the King
7.6Ryan Simpson11'06.00Christ the King
8.6Adi Rao10'09.00St Mary's
9.6Anthony Law10'03.00St Mary's

Long Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Nick Gruener14'01.00St Mary's
2.7Caleb Phair12'10.50Christ the King
3.7Wilson Jones12'10.00 PRChrist the King
5.7Zach Larkin12'05.00 PRSt Mary's
6.7Christopher Grove12'03.50 PRSt Mary's
7.7Thomas Donovan12'01.00St Mary's
8.7Alec Barbieri11'10.00St Mary's
9.7Niki Esfandiari11'01.00 PRSt Mary's
10.7Alex Giessman10'05.00St Mary's
11.7Matthew Chung09'01.50Christ the King
12.7Gajanth Anigol08'02.00St Mary's

Long Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Bo Hunter15'01.00 PRChrist the King
5.8Tommy Sandri13'10.00 PRChrist the King
6.8Michael Laduzinsky13'09.00 PRChrist the King
7.8Christian Nicolini13'02.00 PRSt Mary's
4.8Jeremy Kerfs13'10.00bChrist the King


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