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100 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Keith Evans13.75a (1.7)C.A. Track Club
2.9-10Weslie Lee14.01a PR (1.7)Stockton Saints
3.9-10Isaiah Nevels14.04a PR (1.7)Bakersfield Grayhounds
4.9-10Anthony Lowe14.20a (1.7)Top Pacers
5.11-12Darrien Elzie14.27a (1.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
6.-Tre White14.30a SR (1.7)Fast Forward VPAL TC
7.9-10Jovon Johnson14.31a SR (1.7)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.9-10Keyshawn Ashford14.38a SR (1.7)Peninsula Youth (Def...

100 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.-Aaron Jones12.48a (2.1)Mission Valley Track...
2.11-12Sahit Menon12.78a (2.1)The Heat
3.-Bryce Gordon13.14a (2.1)Bakersfield Grayhounds
4.11-12Oscar James II13.26a (2.1)Umoja
5.11-12Jordan Beasley13.29a (2.1)Sacramento Heat Trac...
6.11-12Elijah Thompson13.60a (2.1)Moorpark Striders

100 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Christopher Kirtman11.39a PR (.3)City Track
2.-Charles Wheeler11.68a PR (.3)Rollout
3.13-14Jalin Williams11.95a (.3)Umoja
4.13-14Julius Elzie12.10a (.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.8Maxwell Parker12.26a (.3)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
6.13-14Markel Moore12.37a SR (.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
7.-Anthony Mariscal13.25a (.3)Bakersfield Grayhounds

100 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Jordan Riggins11.12a (1.2)Fast Forward VPAL TC
2.-Damion Rosby11.20a (1.2)Oakland PAL
3.-Vivaswan Shetty11.31a (1.2)Mission Valley Track...
4.13-14Eric Adorno11.38a (1.2)Panther Track
5.13-14Dwight Shaw11.40a (1.2)Panther Track
6.-Chineek Favors11.42a (1.2)Umoja
7.-Anthony Espinosa12.29a (1.2)Team RAW

100 Meters  Young - Finals

1.-George Atkinson10.81a PR (1.0)AC Track
2.-Jammell Harris10.91a PR (1.0)Flying Jaguars
3.-Shawan Johnson10.97a (1.0)Flying Jaguars
4.-Ali Roosevelt10.98a PR (1.0)Castro Valley Track
5.-Kaio Sena11.00a PR (1.0)Flying Jaguars
6.-Terea Norman11.11a PR (1.0)Flying Jaguars
7.-Nathan Alade11.19a (1.0)Bakersfield Grayhounds

100 Meters  Bantam - Prelims

1.9-10Keith Evans13.63a (2.0)C.A. Track Club
2.9-10Weslie Lee14.05a (1.0)Stockton Saints
3.9-10Isaiah Nevels14.06a (2.0)Bakersfield Grayhounds
4.11-12Darrien Elzie14.07a SR (2.0)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.9-10Anthony Lowe14.09a (2.0)Top Pacers
6.-Tre White14.33a (2.0)Fast Forward VPAL TC
7.9-10Keyshawn Ashford14.41a (1.0)Peninsula Youth (Def...
8.9-10Jovon Johnson14.46a (1.0)East Palo Alto Greyh...
9.9-10Kendel Stevenson14.48a SR (1.0)Bakersfield Grayhounds
10.-Justin Harner15.85a (1.0)Bakersfield Yellow J...
12.7-8Colin Sabo16.17a PR (2.0)Team RAW

100 Meters  Midget - Prelims

1.-Aaron Jones12.48a (2.1)Mission Valley Track...
2.11-12Sahit Menon12.78a PR (2.1)The Heat
3.-Bryce Gordon13.14a (2.1)Bakersfield Grayhounds
4.11-12Oscar James II13.26a (2.1)Umoja
5.11-12Jordan Beasley13.29a PR (2.1)Sacramento Heat Trac...
6.11-12Elijah Thompson13.60a (2.1)Moorpark Striders

100 Meters  Youth - Prelims

1.13-14Christopher Kirtman11.58a (-.1)City Track
3.-Charles Wheeler11.81a (-.1)Rollout
2.13-14Jalin Williams11.97a (.2)Umoja
4.13-14Julius Elzie12.06a SR (-.1)East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.13-14Davon Gillum12.10a (-.1)Stockton Saints
6.8Maxwell Parker12.37a (.2)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
7.13-14Markel Moore12.44a (.2)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.-Anthony Mariscal13.02a PR (.2)Bakersfield Grayhounds
9.-Daniel Alade13.24a PR (.2)Bakersfield Grayhounds

100 Meters  Intermediate - Prelims

1.15-16Jordan Riggins11.12a (1.2)Fast Forward VPAL TC
2.-Damion Rosby11.20a PR (1.2)Oakland PAL
3.-Vivaswan Shetty11.31a PR (1.2)Mission Valley Track...
4.13-14Eric Adorno11.38a SR (1.2)Panther Track
5.13-14Dwight Shaw11.40a SR (1.2)Panther Track
6.-Chineek Favors11.42a PR (1.2)Umoja
7.-Anthony Espinosa12.29a PR (1.2)Team RAW

100 Meters  Young - Prelims

1.-George Atkinson10.83a (-.1)AC Track
3.-Jammell Harris10.94a (-.1)Flying Jaguars
2.-Shawan Johnson10.96a PR (-.1)Flying Jaguars
4.-Ali Roosevelt11.03a (-.1)Castro Valley Track
5.-Nathan Alade11.08a PR (-.1)Bakersfield Grayhounds
6.-Kaio Sena11.13a (-.1)Flying Jaguars
7.-Terea Norman11.18a (-.1)Flying Jaguars
9.-Jordan Morrow11.20a PR (-.1)AC Track

200 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Keith Evans28.40a SR (1.3)C.A. Track Club
2.9-10Anthony Lowe28.74a (1.3)Top Pacers
3.9-10Weslie Lee28.82a PR (1.3)Stockton Saints
4.9-10Jacob Williams29.50a (1.3)Sacramento Heat Trac...
5.11-12Darrien Elzie29.62a SR (1.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
6.9-10Kendel Stevenson30.05a SR (1.3)Bakersfield Grayhounds
7.9-10Destynd Lewis30.20a (1.3)Sacramento Heat Trac...
8.-Justin Harner33.00a (1.3)Bakersfield Yellow J...

200 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.-Aaron Jones25.14a PR (1.2)Mission Valley Track...
2.11-12Jordan Beasley27.74a (1.2)Sacramento Heat Trac...
3.11-12Davaeon Johnson28.00a SR (1.2)Moorpark Striders
4.11-12Mitchell Bland28.12a (1.2)Central Valley Roadr...
5.11-12Dennis Hicks29.06a (1.2)Team RAW

200 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Christopher Kirtman23.66a PR (2.0)City Track
2.-Charles Wheeler23.93a (2.0)Rollout
3.13-14Jalin Williams24.22a (2.0)Umoja
4.13-14Davon Gillum24.37a (2.0)Stockton Saints
5.8Maxwell Parker24.64a SR (2.0)Menlo i Greyhounds T...
7.13-14Julius Elzie25.45a (2.0)East Palo Alto Greyh...
8.11-12Tristan McGee26.00a (2.0)Bakersfield Grayhounds

200 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Bruce Jennings22.26a PR (2.5)Bakersfield Grayhounds
2.15-16Jordan Riggins22.34a PR (2.5)Fast Forward VPAL TC
3.15-16Andre Chapman22.39a PR (2.5)ISC International
4.15-16Juquelle Thompson22.41a PR (2.5)ISC International
5.13-14Thomas Grimes23.03a PR (2.5)Bakersfield Grayhounds

200 Meters  Young - Finals

1.-George Atkinson21.69a (1.6)AC Track
2.-Kaio Sena22.36a (1.6)Flying Jaguars
4.-Terea Norman22.54a PR (1.6)Flying Jaguars
5.-Ryan Taylor23.18a PR (1.6)Team RAW

200 Meters  Bantam - Prelims

1.9-10Anthony Lowe29.00a (1.3)Top Pacers
2.9-10Weslie Lee29.32a (1.1)Stockton Saints
3.9-10Keith Evans29.52a (1.3)C.A. Track Club
4.9-10Jacob Williams29.82a (1.1)Sacramento Heat Trac...
5.11-12Darrien Elzie30.05a (1.3)East Palo Alto Greyh...
6.9-10Kendel Stevenson30.26a (1.1)Bakersfield Grayhounds
7.9-10Destynd Lewis30.40a (1.3)Sacramento Heat Trac...
8.-Justin Harner33.76a (1.1)Bakersfield Yellow J...
9.-Sontroy Smith33.83a (1.3)Bakersfield Grayhounds
10.7-8Colin Sabo34.56a PR (1.3)Team RAW
11.9-10Jewell Hicks37.01a (1.1)Team RAW
12.-Zane Trevino41.28a PR (1.1)Rosedale Racers

200 Meters  Youth - Prelims

1.-Charles Wheeler23.69a PR (.8)Rollout
2.13-14Christopher Kirtman24.01aCity Track
3.13-14Jalin Williams24.25aUmoja
4.13-14Davon Gillum24.72a (.8)Stockton Saints
5.8Maxwell Parker25.03aMenlo i Greyhounds T...
6.11-12Tristan McGee25.14a SR (.8)Bakersfield Grayhounds
8.13-14Julius Elzie25.21a SR (.8)East Palo Alto Greyh...
9.-Nathaniel Moore25.23a (.8)Mission Valley Track...
10.13-14Gregory Lauderdale25.57a PRBakersfield Grayhounds
12.-Anthony Mariscal27.52aBakersfield Grayhounds

200 Meters  Intermediate - Prelims

1.-Bruce Jennings22.35a (1.3)Bakersfield Grayhounds
3.15-16Juquelle Thompson22.50a (1.3)ISC International
5.-Damion Rosby22.69a PR (1.3)Oakland PAL
6.15-16Andre Chapman22.99a (1.3)ISC International
2.15-16Jordan Riggins23.00a (1.2)Fast Forward VPAL TC
4.13-14Thomas Grimes23.27a (1.2)Bakersfield Grayhounds
7.19+Shannon Edwards23.93a PR (1.3)Bakersfield Grayhounds
8.-Anthony Espinosa25.53a PR (1.2)Team RAW

400 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Anthony Lowe1:04.65a SRTop Pacers
2.9-10Vardell Singleton1:07.10a SRPanther Track
3.9-10Jacob Williams1:07.11a PRSacramento Heat Trac...
4.9-10Max Howland1:07.46a PRUmoja
5.9-10Jordan Mims1:08.08aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
6.7-8Tyler Sabo1:14.73a PRTeam RAW
7.9-10Nicholas Edwards1:14.97aBakersfield Grayhounds
8.-Justin Harner1:19.71aBakersfield Yellow J...
9.9-10Jewell Hicks1:25.03aTeam RAW
10.-Angad Brar1:26.01a PRRosedale Racers
11.-Kaden Hillberg1:37.11a PRRosedale Racers

400 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Sahit Menon1:00.25aThe Heat
2.-Thomas Rozsa1:01.07aCastro Valley Track
3.11-12Da'Shon Ridgeway1:01.90a SRUmoja
4.11-12Corey Vinegar1:02.35a SREast Palo Alto Greyh...
5.9-10Sebastian Magana-Garcia1:03.77aMonterey Bay Jaguars...
6.11-12Dennis Hicks1:06.18aTeam RAW

400 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Davon Gillum55.07a PRStockton Saints
2.13-14Delshawn Mitchell55.55a SRUmoja
4.8Maxwell Parker55.79a SRMenlo i Greyhounds T...
5.13-14Gregory Lauderdale56.18a PRBakersfield Grayhounds
7.13-14Jessie Woods56.78aSacramento Heat Trac...
8.-Roland Luke56.86a PRMission Valley Track...
9.11-12Sean Aylward57.00a PRThe Heat

400 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Patrick Atkins50.59a PROakland PAL
3.13-14Eric Adorno52.42a SRPanther Track
4.15-16Khari Dobbins52.47a SRStockton Saints
5.-Chineek Favors53.30aUmoja
6.17-18Carlyle Garrick55.17aOakland PAL
7.-Anthony Espinosa58.61a PRTeam RAW

400 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Carl Horsley49.98a SRC.A. Track Club
2.-Deavante Dubose50.32aAC Track
3.-Ryan Taylor50.66a PRTeam RAW
4.-Bryce Van Boxtel50.91aAbove the Grade

800 Meters  Bantam - Finals

2.9-10Jason Gomez2:33.71a PRLSI Sprint
3.-Joey Fitzpatrick2:34.41a PRRosedale Racers
4.7-8Timothy Falls2:35.99a PRThe Heat
5.7-8Kent Slaney2:40.92aPalo Alto Lightning
6.9-10Mikel Matthews2:50.48aUmoja
7.7-8Tyler Sabo2:58.40aTeam RAW
8.9-10Melecio Gonzalez3:08.49aMcFarland Track
9.-Angad Brar3:18.58aRosedale Racers
11.-Zane Trevino3:25.61a SRRosedale Racers
12.-Kaden Hillberg3:40.65aRosedale Racers

800 Meters  Midget - Finals

1.-Christion Romero2:21.86a PRMcFarland Track
2.-Dylan Caldwell2:23.39a SRPanther Track
3.9-10Alexander King2:24.04aDiablo Valley Track ...
4.9-10Anthony Moronez2:26.98a SRBakersfield Grayhounds
5.-Isaac Trevino2:27.47a PRRosedale Racers
7.11-12Jonas Harmer2:31.07aThe Heat
8.11Mark Gonzalez2:36.28aMcFarland Track
9.-Boston Fitzpatrick2:36.84a PRRosedale Racers
10.9-10Jared Ryan2:48.29a SRRosedale Racers
12.-Shunaja Bell2:56.05aBakersfield Grayhounds

800 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.-Adler Faulkner2:04.17a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
3.13-14Cameron Crippen2:10.30a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
4.13-14Anthony Garcia2:11.19a SRCentral Valley Roadr...
5.11-12Giorgio Liantono2:11.54aSilver Bullets Track
6.11-12Sean Aylward2:13.35aThe Heat
7.13-14Issiac Espinosa2:29.52aTeam RAW
8.-Brayden Hillberg2:47.40a PRRosedale Racers

800 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

2.15-16Anthony Martore1:59.10a SRCastro Valley Track
3.-Stephen Burke1:59.76a PRKern Country Firefig...
4.15-16Parker Deuel2:01.19a PRThe Heat
5.13-14Jordan Souza2:01.71a PRAbove the Grade
6.-Caleb Barger2:06.17a PRKern Country Firefig...
7.-Cory Chew2:07.30aAC Track
8.15-16Jeremiah Ziebert2:20.82a SRRevolution Express T...

800 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Kieren Broussard1:55.91a PRFull Stride
2.-Jerrid Lewis1:56.05a PRKern Country Firefig...
3.-Bryce Van Boxtel1:57.94aAbove the Grade
5.-Jacob VanSandt2:01.05a PRKern Country Firefig...
6.17-18Sulayman Diomande2:02.86a PRCastro Valley Track
7.15-16Kevin Liantono2:03.14a PRSilver Bullets Track

1500 Meters  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jason Gomez5:05.70a PRLSI Sprint
3.7-8Timothy Falls5:10.50a PRThe Heat
4.-Joey Fitzpatrick5:19.70a PRRosedale Racers
5.7-8Kent Slaney5:20.20aPalo Alto Lightning
7.9-10Melecio Gonzalez6:05.70aMcFarland Track
8.9-10David Grant6:20.80aUmoja
9.-Angad Brar6:41.00aRosedale Racers

1500 Meters  Midget - Finals

3.9-10William Ernst4:52.00a SRSan Luis Distance
4.9-10Anthony Moronez4:55.20a SRBakersfield Grayhounds
5.-Christion Romero4:58.70a PRMcFarland Track
6.-Isaac Trevino5:04.90a PRRosedale Racers
8.9-10Carter Mackey5:08.20aCastro Valley Track
9.11Mark Gonzalez5:09.10a SRMcFarland Track
10.13-14Tommy Valles5:10.70aMcFarland Track
11.-Boston Fitzpatrick5:27.90aRosedale Racers
12.9-10Jared Ryan5:41.40aRosedale Racers
13.11-12Roc Johnson5:59.30aDiablo Valley Track ...

1500 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Erik Garcia4:22.50aMcFarland Track
2.-Adler Faulkner4:22.90a PRDiablo Valley Track ...
3.-Bryn Sargent4:25.60a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
4.11-12Giorgio Liantono4:28.90a SRSilver Bullets Track
5.13-14Connor McCarthy4:30.90a PRThe Heat
6.13-14Aidan Goltra4:42.70aThe Heat
8.13-14Cameron Crippen4:56.20aCentral Valley Roadr...
9.13-14Issiac Espinosa5:08.40aTeam RAW

1500 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Anthony Martore4:12.70a SRCastro Valley Track
2.15-16Parker Deuel4:14.00a SRThe Heat
3.15-16Matt DeVries4:25.40a PRThe Heat
4.13-14Alex Ott4:32.70a PRThe Heat
5.-Guillermo Cueva4:33.60a PRSalinas Valley
6.13-14Abraham Espinoza4:50.10aMission Valley Track...

1500 Meters  Young - Finals

1.17-18Kieren Broussard4:07.40aFull Stride
2.-Paul Denlinger4:08.00aAbove the Grade
3.-Colin Lewis4:08.20a PRKern Country Firefig...
4.-Stephen Avila4:13.10a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
5.-Nathan Jackson4:19.20aCentral Valley Roadr...
6.-Blair Slaton-Jones4:25.50a PRKern Country Firefig...
7.-Tim Ciprian4:28.60aCastro Valley Track
8.15-16Tyler Cleveland4:42.60aUmoja

1500m Racewalk  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Jason Gomez10:43.80aLSI Sprint
2.-Donald Coleman Jr.13:19.03a PRCentral Valley Roadr...

1500m Racewalk  Midget - Finals

1.9-10Adam Haba10:58.93aLSI Sprint
2.11-12Daryon Baynard13:06.96aUmoja

3000 Meters  Midget - Finals

2.9-10Anthony Moronez10:42.49hBakersfield Grayhounds
3.13-14Tommy Valles11:11.03hMcFarland Track
4.9-10Carter Mackey11:40.49hCastro Valley Track
6.9-10Zachary Brown11:45.03h SRSan Luis Distance
7.9-10Christopher Hitchcock12:24.28h PRCastro Valley Track
8.-Rodolfo RJ Agustin12:52.10hMission Valley Track...

3000 Meters  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Erik Garcia9:32.10hMcFarland Track
2.-Bryn Sargent9:51.00hCentral Valley Roadr...
3.13-14Aidan Goltra9:54.00hThe Heat
4.13-14Connor McCarthy9:56.00hThe Heat
5.11-12Abran Ayon10:26.00hMcFarland Track
6.13-14Nolan Petersen10:31.00hThe Heat
7.13-14Tristyn Martin10:32.00hSacramento Heat Trac...
9.13-14Issiac Espinosa11:31.00hTeam RAW

3000 Meters  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Guillermo Cueva9:51.30h PRSalinas Valley
2.17-18Tyler Troxel9:53.02h PRThe Heat
4.13-14Tom Hu10:27.10h PRMission Valley Track...
5.13-14Michael Yee10:51.60h SRMission Valley Track...
6.-Curtis Li11:08.20h PRMission Valley Track...

3000m Racewalk  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Daimon Todd18:36.14aUmoja
2.13-14Escaria Miller19:36.75a3M Track

5000 Meters  Young - Finals

1.-Rajpaul Pannu16:01.52a PRFlying Jaguars
2.-Nathan Jackson16:05.38aCentral Valley Roadr...
3.-Paul Denlinger16:18.23a PRAbove the Grade
4.15-16Jose Baltazar18:58.85aMission Valley Track...

80m Hurdles - 30"  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Armand Shyne13.28a (1.2)3M Track
2.11-12Collin Johnson13.53a (1.2)Umoja
3.11-12Morian Walker15.44a (1.2)Umoja
4.9-10Daniel Richardson16.21a (1.2)Team RAW
5.-Deven Hillberg16.63a (1.2)Rosedale Racers
6.11-12Jackson Stewart16.65a (1.2)Team RAW

80m Hurdles - 30"  Midget - Prelims

1.11-12Armand Shyne13.28a (1.2)3M Track
2.11-12Collin Johnson13.53a (1.2)Umoja
3.11-12Morian Walker15.44a (1.2)Umoja
4.9-10Daniel Richardson16.21a (1.2)Team RAW
5.-Deven Hillberg16.63a PR (1.2)Rosedale Racers
6.11-12Jackson Stewart16.65a (1.2)Team RAW

100m Hurdles - 33"  Youth - Finals

1.13-14James Warwick14.80a (2.2)Central Valley Roadr...
3.13-14August Kiles16.57a (2.2)City Track
4.-Tyler Pitto17.11a (2.2)Lodi
6.-Brayden Hillberg21.43a (2.2)Rosedale Racers

100m Hurdles - 33"  Youth - Prelims

1.13-14James Warwick14.80a PR (2.2)Central Valley Roadr...
3.13-14August Kiles16.57a PR (2.2)City Track
4.-Tyler Pitto17.11a (2.2)Lodi
6.-Brayden Hillberg21.43a PR (2.2)Rosedale Racers

110m Hurdles - 39"  Intermediate - Finals

1.13-14Christian King15.83aBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Kwame Hudson16.35aOakland PAL
3.13-14Mariano Roy16.54a3M Track
4.17-18Jacob Hamada17.94aCastro Valley Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  Young - Finals

1.-Maurice Valentine14.22a (1.0)Oakland PAL
2.17-18Noah Blue14.32a (1.0)C.A. Track Club
3.-Chad Jones14.39a (1.0)Oakland PAL
4.-Matthew Jones15.07a (1.0)Bakersfield Grayhounds
5.17-18Alexander Jungsten15.25a (1.0)Revolution Express T...
6.15-16Adonis Singletary16.74a (1.0)Monterey Bay Jaguars...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Intermediate - Prelims

1.13-14Christian King15.83a SRBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Kwame Hudson16.35a PROakland PAL
3.13-14Mariano Roy16.54a PR3M Track
4.17-18Jacob Hamada17.94a PRCastro Valley Track

110m Hurdles - 39"  Young - Prelims

1.-Maurice Valentine14.22a PR (1.0)Oakland PAL
2.17-18Noah Blue14.32a SR (1.0)C.A. Track Club
3.-Chad Jones14.39a PR (1.0)Oakland PAL
4.-Matthew Jones15.07a PR (1.0)Bakersfield Grayhounds
5.17-18Alexander Jungsten15.25a (1.0)Revolution Express T...
6.15-16Adonis Singletary16.74a (1.0)Monterey Bay Jaguars...

200m Hurdles - 30"  Youth - Finals

2.13-14Jalen Canty28.73a3M Track
3.13-14James Warwick29.54a PRCentral Valley Roadr...
4.-Devon McCollumn30.17a PRFast Forward VPAL TC
5.13-14Joseph Morrison31.63a SRMacCanDo Tenderloin ...
6.13-14Blajon Lux31.98aUmoja
7.-Brayden Hillberg34.23a PRRosedale Racers

400m Hurdles - 36"  Intermediate - Finals

1.13-14Christian King59.06a SRBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Chineek Favors1:02.30a PRUmoja
3.13-14Mariano Roy1:02.49a3M Track
4.13-14Imer Hernandez1:02.93a SRAbove the Grade
5.17-18Jacob Hamada1:04.22aCastro Valley Track

400m Hurdles - 36"  Young - Finals

1.17-18Noah Blue56.18aC.A. Track Club
3.-Colin Ruh1:01.41a PRAC Track
4.17-18Vincent Kot1:09.88aCastro Valley Track

2k Steeplechase  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Parker Deuel6:38.90a SRThe Heat
3.15-16Jeremiah Ziebert7:26.66aRevolution Express T...
4.13-14Michael Yee7:31.02a SRMission Valley Track...
5.13-14Tom Hu7:37.87a PRMission Valley Track...
6.-Christopher Sumang8:18.51a PRMission Valley Track...

2k Steeplechase  Young - Finals

1.15-16Joshua MacDonald6:17.90a SRCastro Valley Track
2.15-16Tyler Cleveland7:21.11a PRUmoja

4x100 Relay  Bantam - Finals

1.-Relay Team 57.43aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.-Relay Team 58.49aBakersfield Grayhounds
3.-Relay Team 58.65aUmoja
4.-Relay Team 58.68aStockton Saints
5.-Relay Team 1:00.63aCentral Valley Roadr...
6.-Relay Team 1:07.11aFast Forward VPAL TC

4x100 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.-Relay Team 52.67aBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Relay Team 53.19aUmoja
3.-Relay Team 54.85aFast Forward VPAL TC

4x100 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Relay Team 44.11aBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Relay Team 44.30aOakland PAL
3.-Relay Team 46.86aAC Track

4x100 Relay  Young - Finals

1.-Relay Team 42.01aFlying Jaguars
2.-Relay Team 42.81aAC Track
3.-Relay Team 43.31aFlying Jaguars
4.-Relay Team 43.46aC.A. Track Club
5.-Relay Team 44.05aBakersfield Grayhounds

4x100 Relay  Bantam - Prelims

1.-Nicholas Anderson
Brandon Bains
Darrien Elzie
Jordan Mims
57.43aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
2.-Relay Team 58.49aBakersfield Grayhounds
3.-Relay Team 58.65aUmoja
4.-Relay Team 58.68aStockton Saints
5.9-10Kyle Kendrix
Xavier Lewis
Terrance Moore
Dauson Booker
1:00.63aCentral Valley Roadr...
6.-Gerren Morgan
Xavier Rowden
Tre White
Murvion Kenion
1:07.11aFast Forward VPAL TC

4x100 Relay  Midget - Prelims

1.-Zakar Anthony
Bryce Gordon
Braxton Prince
Shunaja Bell
52.67aBakersfield Grayhounds
2.11-12Adam Acevedo
Oscar James II
Da'Shon Ridgeway
Morian Walker
3.-Nigel Center
Vayshon Hesz
Marcus McCollumn
Joshua Gibson
54.85aFast Forward VPAL TC

4x100 Relay  Youth - Prelims

---Gregory Lauderdale
Elijah Baier
Tristan McGee
Anthony Mariscal
DQBakersfield Grayhounds
--13-14Davon Gillum
Jabari Binder
Rayshawn Bryant
Lester Williams
DQStockton Saints

4x100 Relay  Intermediate - Prelims

1.-Shannon Edwards
Bruce Jennings
Christian King
Thomas Grimes
44.11aBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Patrick Atkins
Carlyle Garrick
Damion Rosby
Alexander Foster
44.30aOakland PAL
3.-Travis Lee
Matthew Goodman
Tyler Austrie
Isiah Burks
46.86aAC Track

4x100 Relay  Young - Prelims

1.-Kaio Sena
Terea Norman
Jeremy James
Jammell Harris
42.01aFlying Jaguars
2.-Jordan Morrow
Antoine Williams
Michael Hern
Elliot Moore
42.81aAC Track
3.-Relay Team 43.31aFlying Jaguars
4.-Lamont Sanders
Carl Horsley
Darquis Rucker
Derrick Henry
43.46aC.A. Track Club
5.-Nolan Mearse
Nathan Alade
Phillip McCullum
Matthew Jones
44.05aBakersfield Grayhounds

4x400 Relay  Bantam - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:43.62aUmoja
2.-Relay Team 4:45.83aEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.-Relay Team 4:52.00aSacramento Heat Trac...
4.-Relay Team 4:58.62aCentral Valley Roadr...

4x400 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:13.44aFast Forward VPAL TC
2.-Relay Team 4:19.01aUmoja
3.-Relay Team 4:35.08aRosedale Racers
4.-Relay Team 4:35.11aCentral Valley Roadr...
5.-Relay Team 4:44.43aCastro Valley Track
6.-Relay Team 4:45.14aPanther Track

4x400 Relay  Youth - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:57.72aUmoja
2.-Relay Team 4:03.82aCentral Valley Roadr...
3.-Relay Team 4:06.96aBakersfield Grayhounds

4x400 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:31.31aBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Relay Team 3:31.76aOakland PAL
3.-Relay Team 3:32.08aCastro Valley Track
4.-Relay Team 3:38.78aAC Track
5.-Relay Team 3:38.81aKern Country Firefig...

4x400 Relay  Young - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:31.32aAC Track
2.-Relay Team 3:35.39aCastro Valley Track

4x800 Relay  Midget - Finals

1.-Devon Booker
Vayshon Hesz
Marcus McCollumn
Joshua Gibson
10:38.24aFast Forward VPAL TC
2.-Andrew Guardado
Jakob Maravilla
Thomas Moore
Eli Somers
11:01.50aCentral Valley Roadr...
3.9-10Erik Clemensen
Peter Norman
Christopher Hitchcock
Carter Mackey
11:14.16aCastro Valley Track

4x800 Relay  Youth - Finals

1.-Cameron Crippen
Anthony Garcia
Bryn Sargent
Arnel Surnip
9:14.85aCentral Valley Roadr...
2.-Sean Aylward
Ryan Colaco
Aidan Goltra
Connor McCarthy
9:22.14aThe Heat
3.13-14Jadon Garcia
Blajon Lux
Delshawn Mitchell
Daimon Todd

4x800 Relay  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Relay Team 8:43.21aKern Country Firefig...
2.-Parker Deuel
Matt DeVries
Alex Ott
Tyler Sorensen
9:08.90aThe Heat
3.-Abraham Espinoza
Tom Hu
Christopher Sumang
Michael Yee
9:49.10aMission Valley Track...

4x800 Relay  Young - Finals

1.-Jerrid Lewis
Jacob VanSandt
Colin Lewis
Blair Slaton-Jones
8:14.53aKern Country Firefig...
2.-Vincent Kot
Tim Ciprian
Sulayman Diomande
Norman Weekes
9:36.96aCastro Valley Track

Shot Put - 6lb  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10J'tayo McDowell25-00.50 SRUmoja
2.-Darius Sykes-Miller23-02.50 PRFlying Jaguars
3.9-10Terrance Matthews-Murphy22-07.75 SREast Palo Alto Greyh...

Shot Put - 6lb  Midget - Finals

1.9-10Daniel Richardson34-03.50 SRTeam RAW
2.11-12Jackson Stewart33-02.00 PRTeam RAW
3.11-12Otis Statum32-09.003M Track
4.11-12Willie Teo-Clifton32-05.50East Palo Alto Greyh...
5.11-12Angus Stephens28-05.00City Track
6.-Daniel Alexander26-06.25City Track
7.-Mike McCoy25-11.50Rosedale Racers

Shot Put - 6lb  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Jalen Canty50-02.00 PR3M Track
3.13-14Keenan Smith40-03.25 SRUmoja
4.11-12Matthew Thomas32-01.00 SRDiablo Valley Track ...
5.13-14Jamil Lea31-01.00Full Stride

Shot Put - 12lb  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Travis Baker46-05.50Santa Rosa Express
2.-Nikolas Tomaz39-08.00 SRCastro Valley Track
5.-Andrew Gonzalez36-11.75Santa Rosa Express
7.15-16Cameron Dean31-02.50Sierra Foothill Trac...
8.-Christopher Carrick27-10.75Castro Valley Track
--15-16Matthew DeckerDQRevolution Express T...

Shot Put - 12lb  Young - Finals

1.-Amari Harris49-06.50 PRFlying Jaguars
2.15-16Jacob Eckel46-11.00 SRCastro Valley Track
4.17-18Laron McCoy40-08.25 PRC.A. Track Club

Discus - 1kg  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Armand Shyne96-04 SR3M Track
2.11-12Jackson Stewart88-01Team RAW
3.11-12Otis Statum83-103M Track
4.9-10Daniel Richardson78-08Team RAW
5.11-12Angus Stephens63-03City Track
7.-Mike McCoy57-10 PRRosedale Racers
8.-Victor Pizzolla43-11 PRCentral Valley Roadr...

Discus - 1kg  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Jalen Canty163-11 PR3M Track
3.13-14Keenan Smith122-10 SRUmoja
4.11-12Matthew Thomas107-11Diablo Valley Track ...

Discus - 1.6kg  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Travis Baker143-05Santa Rosa Express
2.-Nikolas Tomaz128-06 PRCastro Valley Track
8.-Johnleigh Dean92-11 PRPiedmont
9.15-16Cameron Dean91-02Sierra Foothill Trac...
10.-Andrew Gonzalez88-03Santa Rosa Express
11.-Christopher Carrick67-07Castro Valley Track

Discus - 1.6kg  Young - Finals

1.-Amari Harris147-06 PRFlying Jaguars
2.15-16Jacob Eckel129-09Castro Valley Track
3.17-18Laron McCoy119-05 PRC.A. Track Club

Javelin - 300g TJ  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Dauson Booker96-11 SRCentral Valley Roadr...
2.-Marquis Pruitt91-04Mission Valley Track...
3.9-10Bralyn Lux85-11Umoja
4.9-10Vedavit Shetty81-10Mission Valley Track...
5.9-10Payton Young79-11Mission Valley Track...
6.9-10Terrance Matthews-Murphy79-02East Palo Alto Greyh...
7.7-8Marshall Lott63-11Central Valley Roadr...

Javelin - 300g TJ  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Armand Shyne164-06 SR3M Track
2.11-12Otis Statum128-043M Track
3.11-12Willie Teo-Clifton126-10East Palo Alto Greyh...
4.-Malik Pruitt119-09Mission Valley Track...
5.-Daniel Alexander103-04City Track
7.11-12Kyle Baize93-04Central Valley Roadr...
8.11-12Angus Stephens77-00City Track

Javelin - 600g TJ  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Jalen Canty139-043M Track
2.13-14Keenan Smith134-04Umoja
3.11-12Brendan Cardey127-10Napa Track
5.13-14Taylor Hall64-11 PRPanther Track

Javelin - 800g  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Johnleigh Dean145-11 SRPiedmont
4.15-16Anthony Martore112-07 PRCastro Valley Track
5.-Nikolas Tomaz110-03Castro Valley Track
7.-Andrew Gonzalez97-05 PRSanta Rosa Express
8.-Christopher Carrick90-02 PRCastro Valley Track
9.15-16Cameron Dean84-01Sierra Foothill Trac...

Javelin - 800g  Young - Finals

1.-Kevin Cardey147-06 PRNapa Track
3.17-18Robert Harlow140-11 SRSierra Foothill Trac...
4.17-18Jonathan Cardenas131-05 PRSierra Foothill Trac...
5.15-16Jacob Eckel119-11Castro Valley Track
6.-Quinn Stallcup75-02Napa Track

High Jump  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Justin McCall4-04.00 PRBakersfield Grayhounds
2.9-10Marion Brown3-07.75 SRFull Stride

High Jump  Midget - Finals

1.11-12Ian Stuertz4-09.75Diablo Valley Track ...
3.11-12Collin Johnson4-07.75Umoja
4.11-12Larry Aubert4-04.00 SRMoorpark Striders
5.9-10Erik Clemensen4-02.00Castro Valley Track
6.11-12Joseph Thompson4-00.00Moorpark Striders

High Jump  Youth - Finals

1.13-14Delshawn Mitchell5-01.75 SRUmoja
2.11-12Brendan Cardey5-01.75Napa Track
4.13-14August Kiles4-11.75City Track
5.13-14Jamil Lea4-07.75Full Stride
6.-Jordan Smith4-06.00Mission Valley Track...

High Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.-Evan Eggenberg6-00.00 PRKern Country Firefig...
2.-Alexander Foster5-10.00 PROakland PAL
2.-Noel Frazier5-10.00 PRAC Track
4.-Adrian Lozoya5-08.00Athenian Athletics
5.-Robert Vaccaro5-06.00 SRDiablo Valley Track ...
6.15-16Kemari Rollerson5-04.25Stockton Saints
6.-Neco Johnson5-04.25 PRLodi
6.15-16Khari Dobbins5-04.25Stockton Saints
9.15-16Lex Aubert5-00.25Moorpark Striders

High Jump  Young - Finals

1.-Phillip McCullum6-02.00Bakersfield Grayhounds
2.17-18Robert Harlow6-00.00 SRSierra Foothill Trac...
3.-Kalle Pascal5-10.00Athenian Athletics
4.-Kingsley Pascal5-10.00Athenian Athletics
---Kevin CardeyNHNapa Track

Pole Vault  Youth - Finals

2.13-14August Kiles9-03.00City Track

Pole Vault  Intermediate - Finals

3.-Johnleigh Dean11-00.25Piedmont
4.-David Sandler11-00.25Lodi

Pole Vault  Young - Finals

2.-Brian Hanson13-06.25Christian Team Minis...
3.-Spencer Worthington12-06.00 PRPiedmont

Long Jump  Bantam - Finals

1.9-10Isaiah Nevels4.12m SRBakersfield Grayhounds
2.9-10Bralyn Lux3.92mUmoja
4.9-10Vedavit Shetty3.84mMission Valley Track...
5.9-10Zachary Huffins3.81mC.A. Track Club
6.9-10Jordan Bains3.74mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
7.-Sontroy Smith3.68m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
8.7-8Tyler Sabo3.63mTeam RAW
9.9-10Antonio Yra3.56mMission Valley Track...
10.9-10Jewell Hicks3.50m SRTeam RAW
11.7-8Colin Sabo3.36m SRTeam RAW
--9-10Nicholas EdwardsFOULBakersfield Grayhounds
--9-10Justin McCallFOULBakersfield Grayhounds
--9-10Keith EvansFOULC.A. Track Club

Long Jump  Midget - Finals

1.-Bryce Gordon5.16m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
2.-Braxton Prince4.75m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
3.11-12Ian Stuertz4.55mDiablo Valley Track ...
4.11-12Matthew Runels4.53mMission Valley Track...
5.11-12Dennis Hicks4.46mTeam RAW
6.11-12Collin Johnson4.45mUmoja
7.11-12John Watkins4.42mStockton Saints
8.9-10Erik Clemensen4.25mCastro Valley Track
---Shunaja BellFOULBakersfield Grayhounds

Long Jump  Youth - Finals

1.11-12Tristan McGee5.79m SRBakersfield Grayhounds
2.13-14Julius Elzie5.46mEast Palo Alto Greyh...
3.-Nathaniel Moore5.38mMission Valley Track...
4.11-12Brendan Cardey5.15m PRNapa Track
5.-Daniel Alade5.00m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
6.-Tyler Pitto4.83mLodi

Long Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.13-14Thomas Grimes6.52m SRBakersfield Grayhounds
2.13-14Dwight Shaw6.34mPanther Track
3.15-16Kemari Rollerson6.21m PRStockton Saints
4.15-16Amritpal Singh6.12mBakersfield Grayhounds
5.-Cody Wicks5.84mMission Valley Track...
6.15-16Benjamin Davis5.66mCastro Valley Track
7.-Eric Zoller5.61m PRNapa Track
8.15-16Khari Dobbins5.52mStockton Saints

Long Jump  Young - Finals

1.-Chad Jones6.82m PROakland PAL
2.-Nolan Mearse6.58m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
3.-Kevin Cardey6.51mNapa Track
4.-Nicholas Pfeiffer6.46m PRMonterey Bay Jaguars...
5.-Nathan Alade6.39m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
6.-Phillip McCullum6.33m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
7.-Matthew Jones6.24m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
7.17-18Robert Harlow6.24mSierra Foothill Trac...
9.-Elliot Moore5.78mAC Track
10.-Ryan Taylor5.55mTeam RAW
--15-16Shawn Hicks-DanielsFOULTeam RAW

Triple Jump  Youth - Finals

1.-Nathaniel Moore11.40mMission Valley Track...
3.13-14Blajon Lux10.11m SRUmoja
4.-Daniel Alade9.87m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
5.11-12Brendan Cardey9.85mNapa Track
6.13-14Jadon Garcia9.37mUmoja
7.-Bradley Wash8.94mDiablo Valley Track ...

Triple Jump  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Johnny Carter14.98m SRTeam RAW
2.15-16Kemari Rollerson13.37mStockton Saints
3.19+Shannon Edwards13.33m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
4.-Cody Wicks12.55mMission Valley Track...
5.-Vivaswan Shetty12.31mMission Valley Track...

Triple Jump  Young - Finals

1.-Chad Jones13.93m PROakland PAL
2.-Nolan Mearse13.61m PRBakersfield Grayhounds
3.-Anthony Zoller12.30m PRNapa Track

Hammer - 16lb  Intermediate - Finals

1.15-16Zac Post130-00Sierra Foothill Trac...
2.-Nikolas Tomaz102-05 PRCastro Valley Track
6.15-16Dominic Moon74-08 PRSierra Foothill Trac...
7.15-16Cameron Dean68-03Sierra Foothill Trac...
9.-Christopher Carrick58-01 PRCastro Valley Track

Hammer - 16lb  Young - Finals

1.17-18Matthew Post188-07 PRSierra Foothill Trac...
2.15-16Jacob Eckel127-07 SRCastro Valley Track
3.17-18Zac Cole97-00Sierra Foothill Trac...