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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Zach Comphel11.09h PRReed
2.11Christian Thompson11.2hReed
3.10Joseph Floyd11.25hChurchill County
12Russell Smith11.39h PRChurchill County
9Josh Gingras11.37h SRReed
9John Covello11.47h PRReed
11Jesse Robards11.45hReed
11Andrew Wolken11.59h SRReed
12Anthony Tisdale11.80h PRChurchill County
9Logan Service11.74hChurchill County
12Cyril Manse11.79h PRChurchill County
11Alvin Juris12.00hChurchill County
11AJ Malia11.97h SRChurchill County
10Irslan Sabir11.91h PRReed
11Jared Harper11.95h SRReed
9Spencer Stockton11.94h SRReed
10Taylor Lensch12.09hReed
10Sean Bredwell12.03h SRChurchill County
10Chris Wolken12.19hReed
10Charles Eure12.23hReed
9Chad Gray12.29hReed
9Jeremy Macauly12.31h PRReed
10Dylan Raatz12.38h PRReed
11Quincy Churchill12.34h SRReed
11Anthony Wells12.47h PRReed
9Matt Roberts12.45h PRReed
10Tyler Rupley12.54h PRChurchill County
9Jordan Bolin12.7hChurchill County
10Marcus Page12.71hReed
11Tyler Trojan12.85hReed
12Mark Hart12.84hChurchill County
9Tyson Otuafi13.0h PRReed
10Donovan Inskip13.09hReed
9Riley Leeper13.10h PRChurchill County
10JC Orolfo13.08h PRChurchill County
9Kyle Von Schimmelmann13.10h SRReed
10Ivor Harvey13.16h PRReed
10Trey Hinds13.17h PRChurchill County
9Conner Sorensen13.19hReed
9Emmanual Calderon13.20hReed
9Kris Beasley13.13h PRChurchill County
9Lucas Dalton13.28h PRReed
9Mike Lee13.34h SRReed
10Doug Murphy13.38h SRReed
11Brandon Azevedo13.51h PRReed
9Brian Hatfield13.6h PRChurchill County
10Anthony Reibsamen13.59h SRChurchill County
10Travis Gill13.88h SRChurchill County
11Kyle Roberts14.08h PRReed
10TJ Kirby14.13hChurchill County
9Broc Westlake14.16hReed
9Clint Myers14.23h PRChurchill County
10Hayden Buckmaster14.4h PRChurchill County
10Todd Koch14.34hReed
11Al Soranno14.6hChurchill County
10Anthony Slowan14.6hChurchill County
10Pearson Morgan14.75hChurchill County
9Kolby Logan15.10hReed
10Dean Chavez15.56hChurchill County
11Will Hurlburt15.96hChurchill County

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

2.12Zach Comphel23.0hReed
3.11Quincy Churchill23.1h PRReed
5.10Joseph Floyd23.6h PRChurchill County
12Russell Smith24.3hChurchill County
9Logan Service25.0h SRChurchill County
9John Covello24.95hReed
10Colton Oviatt25.1h PRChurchill County
12Anthony Fasone25.05h PRChurchill County
11AJ Malia25.1hChurchill County
10Irvin Ma25.17hReed
12Cyril Manse25.3hChurchill County
10Seth Price25.38h SRChurchill County
10Cody Puryear25.38hReed
9Matt Roberts25.75h PRReed
11Alvin Juris26.0hChurchill County
11Kyle Roberts26.16h PRReed
10Michael Smith26.6h SRChurchill County
10Ivor Harvey26.79h PRReed
11Al Soranno26.91hChurchill County
9Emmanual Calderon27.07h PRReed
10Jeremiah Manning27.2h PRChurchill County
12Mark Hart27.69hChurchill County
9Tyson Otuafi27.72hReed
10Jason Riske28.08hChurchill County
9Kyle Von Schimmelmann28.03h SRReed
9Jordan Bolin28.36hChurchill County
10Tyler Rupley28.6hChurchill County
9Broc Westlake29.69hReed
10Trey Hinds31.06hChurchill County
10Ryan Bishop32.50h SRReed
9Brian Hatfield37.0hChurchill County

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

2.12Russell Smith53.0h PRChurchill County
3.11Aaron Iffrig53.2h PRReed
5.10Joseph Floyd53.8h SRChurchill County
10Fike Johnson55.5h SRChurchill County
12Anthony Fasone55.6h PRChurchill County
10Colton Oviatt56.28h PRChurchill County
11Jake Johnston57.02h PRChurchill County
11Tyler Trojan58.31h PRReed
9Jordan Bolin58.7hChurchill County
11Al Soranno59.54hChurchill County
10Sam Ugalde60.0h PRChurchill County
9Josh Morrison60.09h SRChurchill County
10Jeremiah Manning61.0h PRChurchill County
10Michael Smith63.0hChurchill County
9Kevin O'Brien63.0h PRChurchill County
10Jason Riske64.22h PRChurchill County
10Trey Hinds65.0h PRChurchill County
10JC Orolfo66.0hChurchill County
9Aaron Richardson68.0h PRChurchill County
10Tyler Rupley68.0h PRChurchill County
9Jose Frias-Hernandez68.0h PRChurchill County
12Mark Hart69.0hChurchill County

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

3.10Fike Johnson2:10.6hChurchill County
11Anthony Wells2:19.0hReed
10Dylan Raatz2:19.0hReed

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

2.11Aaron Iffrig4:49.0hReed
3.11Chris Gay4:50.8hReed
9Jose Frias-Hernandez4:54.0hChurchill County
9Aaron Richardson5:18.0hChurchill County
11Taylor Yancey5:22.0hReed
9Mike Lee5:45.0h SRReed
9Jason Tran5:46.0hReed
10Patrick Cendana5:50.0h SRReed
10Ryan Bishop6:36.0hReed

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

5.10Henry Koch12:40.0h PRChurchill County

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Chris Imus16.0hReed
10Seth Price18.23hChurchill County
10Colton Oviatt18.33hChurchill County
10JC Orolfo19.12hChurchill County
10Sean Bredwell20.0h SRChurchill County

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

2.10Chris Imus42.4h SRReed
3.10Seth Price43.0h SRChurchill County
9Kris Beasley68.7h PRChurchill County

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Andrew Wolken
Jesse Robards
Christian Thompson
John Von Schimmelmann
3.-Russell Smith
Anthony Tisdale
Joseph Floyd
Alvin Juris
45.7hChurchill County
-Chad Gray
Cody Puryear
Tyler Puryear
Josh Gingras

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-John Von Schimmelmann
Tyler Pine
Zach Comphel
Aaron Greenblat

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

2.-Taylor Lensch
John Covello
Taylor Yancey
Chris Imus

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

2.12Anthony Tisdale41'3"Churchill County
3.9Colton Strawn41'1Reed
6.11Kyle Roberts37'2Reed
10Hayden Buckmaster36'10" PRChurchill County
9.11Scott Winters36'4Reed
9Riley Leeper33'10Churchill County
9Clint Myers32'9"Churchill County
10Anthony Slowan32'5 SRChurchill County
9Tyson Otuafi32'1Reed
9Cody Ingraham31'4 SRReed
11Christian Garcia30'0Reed
10Travis Gill29'10Churchill County
10Camaren Page28'11"Churchill County
9Jeremy Macauly28'11Reed
9Derek Davis26'8Reed
10Dean Chavez24'8"Churchill County
9Broc Westlake24'2Reed
9Jeff Mercer21'0Reed
11Brandon AzevedoNMReed

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

2.11Kyle Roberts111'5Reed
9Clint Myers101'4" PRChurchill County
11Scott Winters99'10 PRReed
11Will Hurlburt98'10"Churchill County
11Brandon Azevedo91'4Reed
11Christian Garcia91'1.5Reed
10Pearson Morgan87'10.5Churchill County
9Riley Leeper87'8.5 SRChurchill County
10Camaren Page86'8" SRChurchill County
10Travis Gill85'7.75" PRChurchill County
9Cody Ingraham81'7 SRReed
10Dean Chavez78'2.75" PRChurchill County
10Anthony Slowan77'4" SRChurchill County
9Jeremy Macauly73'6Reed
9Derek Davis68'1 SRReed
9Jeff Mercer61'0Reed
10TJ Kirby58'4.5 SRChurchill County

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

2.11Jake Johnston6'0"Churchill County
10Irvin Ma5'6 SRReed
11Jesse Robards5'6 PRReed
9Austin Keathley5'2Reed
10Marcus Page5'0 PRReed
9Spencer Stockton5'0Reed
10Doug Murphy4'10 PRReed
11Quincy ChurchillNHReed
11Anthony WellsNHReed

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

3.10Brent Showalter11'6Reed
5.11Tyler Trojan9'6Reed
10Ivor Harvey9'0Reed
9Conner Sorensen8'0Reed
9Chad Gray7'6 PRReed
9Daniel DuBon7'6 PRReed

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jake Johnston21' 0"Churchill County
4.10Irvin Ma18'4 SRReed

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jesse Robards42'8Reed
2.10Chris Wolken38'6 PRReed
3.11Jared Harper36'11Reed
5.10Taylor Lensch36'4 PRReed
11Anthony Wells31'11 PRReed


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