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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Max Asay11.32aSkyline (ID)
2.11Michael Berger11.37aSkyline (ID)
3.10Marcus Poling11.51aIdaho Falls
4.10Alex Baker11.54aIdaho Falls
5.11Bryce Welker11.56aHighland - P
6.12Travis Halverson11.94aSkyline (ID)
7.12Kolby Marlor12.05aMadison
8.12Levi Lancaster12.29aTwin Falls

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.10Marcus Poling10.89h SRIdaho Falls
2.11Max Asay10.98hSkyline (ID)
4.10Alex Baker11.05hIdaho Falls
3.11Michael Berger11.20hSkyline (ID)
5.11Bryce Welker11.36hHighland - P
6.12Kolby Marlor11.42h SRMadison
6.12Travis Halverson11.42h SRSkyline (ID)
8.10Tyler Underwood11.45h PRHighland - P
9.9Camden Fielding11.48h SRIdaho Falls
10.10JC Scrogum11.54hSkyline (ID)
11.12Austin Baker11.58h SRIdaho Falls
12.12Levi Lancaster11.62h PRTwin Falls
13.11Steven Frei11.70hSkyline (ID)
14.12Brady Hastings11.79hMadison
15.10Austin Hastings11.84h SRMadison
16.10Brett Hardman11.86h SRTwin Falls
17.10Robert Powell11.89h SRMadison
18.10Nate Walrath11.93hIdaho Falls
19.9Andre Lopez11.99h PRHighland - P
20.9Clint Ferrin12.02hMadison
21.11Dillon Griggs12.38h PRHighland - P

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Marcus Poling22.63a SRIdaho Falls
2.11Max Asay22.67aSkyline (ID)
3.11Michael Berger22.74aSkyline (ID)
4.12Taysom Hill22.79a SRHighland - P
5.12Kylon Myers23.07aTwin Falls
6.9Camden Fielding23.11a SRIdaho Falls
7.10Alex Baker23.12a SRIdaho Falls
8.11Bryce Welker23.41a PRHighland - P

200 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Kylon Myers22.85aTwin Falls
4.10Marcus Poling23.19aIdaho Falls
2.11Max Asay23.33aSkyline (ID)
3.11Michael Berger23.35aSkyline (ID)
5.10Alex Baker23.53aIdaho Falls
6.12Taysom Hill23.66aHighland - P
7.11Bryce Welker23.84aHighland - P
8.9Camden Fielding23.87aIdaho Falls
9.11Brady McNew24.28aTwin Falls
12Kolby Marlor24.45a SRMadison
10.10JC Scrogum24.55aSkyline (ID)
11.12Arthur Thomas24.74aIdaho Falls
12.12Levi Lancaster24.80a PRTwin Falls
13.11Breck Wightman24.87a PRMadison
14.10Tyler Underwood25.01a PRHighland - P
15.11Brady Bagley25.02a PRMadison
16.12Travis Halverson25.16aSkyline (ID)
17.11Spencer Raish25.30aSkyline (ID)
18.10Nate Walrath25.35aIdaho Falls
19.12JD Webb25.37a PRTwin Falls
20.10Brett Hardman25.46a PRTwin Falls
21.10Logan Anderson25.84aHighland - P
22.11Russell Smith26.19aMadison
23.10Timothy Morley26.22a PRMadison

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kylon Myers50.42aTwin Falls
2.12Chase Gomez50.49aTwin Falls
3.12Mike West51.21a SRSkyline (ID)
4.12Arthur Thomas51.49a PRIdaho Falls
5.10T J Richardson52.39aTwin Falls
6.11Brenn Schiess52.49a PRHighland - P
7.12Kelton Peck53.16aMadison
8.11Dustin Hegstrom53.71a SRTwin Falls

400 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Kylon Myers51.24aTwin Falls
2.12Chase Gomez51.85aTwin Falls
3.12Mike West52.00aSkyline (ID)
4.12Arthur Thomas52.93aIdaho Falls
5.11Brenn Schiess53.10aHighland - P
6.10T J Richardson53.42aTwin Falls
7.12Kelton Peck53.46aMadison
8.11Dustin Hegstrom54.51aTwin Falls
9.12Spencer Hart54.53a PRMadison
10.12JD Webb54.66a PRTwin Falls
11.9Derek Smith55.96a SRMadison
12.11Russell Smith56.29a SRMadison
13.12Clinton Walrath56.83a PRIdaho Falls
14.11Houston Moore57.15aSkyline (ID)
15.12Aaron Turley58.25a PRMadison
16.11Chance Smith58.55a PRIdaho Falls
17.10Sam Hopwood1:03.29aSkyline (ID)
18.10Jordan Helsley1:08.49aSkyline (ID)

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

9Dylan Raymond51.91h SRIdaho Falls
12Arthur Thomas52.85h PRIdaho Falls
11Jackson Walker53.15h PRIdaho Falls
12Phillip Crepeau53.34h PRIdaho Falls

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Alex Schenk1:59.82a PRTwin Falls
2.12Phillip Crepeau2:00.46aIdaho Falls
3.12Ander Jayo2:01.30aTwin Falls
4.11Michael Stutz2:01.55aMadison
5.10Bryan Grigg2:06.14aHighland - P
6.11Jackson Walker2:06.54aIdaho Falls
7.12Eric Hexem2:07.84a PRMadison
8.12Jacob Powell2:08.70aMadison
9.11Jeff Griffin2:09.31aIdaho Falls
10.9Will Wightman2:10.02a SRSkyline (ID)
11.12McKay Avondet2:10.56a PRIdaho Falls
12.11Jordan Fuller2:10.67a PRTwin Falls
13.10Tyson Warth2:11.71a SRTwin Falls
14.10Chris Lyons2:11.88aHighland - P
15.12Spencer Lundgren2:14.06aTwin Falls
16.9Brayden Sampson2:16.65a SRMadison
17.12Ben Blad2:17.78a PRHighland - P
18.9Daniel Heikila2:18.93a PRHighland - P
19.12Jason Lyons2:19.17a PRHighland - P
20.12Jackson Carpenter2:20.42aIdaho Falls
21.9Daniel Robinson2:20.66a SRIdaho Falls
22.9Brennan Bell2:21.79a PRHighland - P
23.10Kolby Arehart2:22.12a SRIdaho Falls
24.12Gregory Andersen2:22.33a PRMadison
25.12Evan Seamons2:26.36a PRIdaho Falls
26.10Ben Moore2:28.71a SRHighland - P
27.10Jared Hatch2:38.20aSkyline (ID)
28.9Eddie Sanchez2:47.12aSkyline (ID)
29.9Taylor Pack3:29.03aSkyline (ID)
10Sam HopwoodNTSkyline (ID)
11Junior PonceNTSkyline (ID)
10Tyler AndersonNTMadison
10Tyler BarnesNTMadison

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Phillip Crepeau2:01.3hIdaho Falls
11Jackson Walker2:05.8hIdaho Falls
11Jeff Griffin2:09.4hIdaho Falls
11C. J. Huntsman2:09.6hIdaho Falls

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Dallin Farnsworth4:34.72aHighland - P
2.11Alex Schenk4:35.03aTwin Falls
3.11Austin Kunz4:36.33aIdaho Falls
4.12Spencer Lundgren4:37.90aTwin Falls
5.12Nick Jacobs4:38.36aTwin Falls
6.12Ander Jayo4:42.05a SRTwin Falls
7.12Ian Birch4:43.02a PRTwin Falls
8.9Josh Wilson4:44.24a SRHighland - P
9.10Tyson Warth4:44.36a SRTwin Falls
10.9Karl Lundgren4:48.42aTwin Falls
11.12Nate Roberts4:51.85a PRIdaho Falls
12.10Conrad Christiansen4:53.36a SRSkyline (ID)
13.12Samuel Perkins4:53.54a SRMadison
14.11Stephen Anderson4:54.89a SRMadison
15.12Jon Vance4:55.38a PRIdaho Falls
16.12Eric Hexem4:55.44a PRMadison
17.11C. J. Huntsman4:56.76a SRIdaho Falls
18.11Jacob Hall4:58.17aHighland - P
19.10Braden Tanner4:59.27a SRHighland - P
20.11Riley Mickelsen5:00.25a SRMadison
21.12Jacob Powell5:02.20a PRMadison
22.12Jason Lyons5:04.44a PRHighland - P
23.9Brayden Sampson5:06.45aMadison
24.9Steven Brugger5:06.96a SRMadison
25.12Anthony Page5:07.21a PRIdaho Falls
26.9Trevor Clarke5:11.97a SRIdaho Falls
27.10Trevor Westphal5:18.03a PRSkyline (ID)
28.9Brennan Bell5:18.61a PRHighland - P
29.9Trevor Wood5:23.19a SRSkyline (ID)
30.10Greg Stevenson5:26.40a PRIdaho Falls
31.10Joseph West5:26.76a SRIdaho Falls
32.10Ben Moore5:29.13a SRHighland - P
33.10Jared Hatch5:52.38aSkyline (ID)
34.9Eddie Sanchez6:21.38aSkyline (ID)
35.9Taylor Pack7:45.42a SRSkyline (ID)
9Erik HarrisNTTwin Falls
10Sam HopwoodNTSkyline (ID)
12Tommy BollingerNTHighland - P

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Dallin Farnsworth9:57.50aHighland - P
2.12Nick Jacobs10:12.30aTwin Falls
3.11Austin Kunz10:14.00aIdaho Falls
4.12Spencer Lundgren10:19.30a PRTwin Falls
5.10Tyson Warth10:23.30aTwin Falls
6.12Ander Jayo10:30.90aTwin Falls
7.11Riley Mickelsen10:31.60aMadison
8.12Ian Birch10:33.80a PRTwin Falls
9.11Jacob Hall10:42.20aHighland - P
10.12Jon Vance10:44.90aIdaho Falls
11.11Stephen Anderson10:46.50aMadison
12.10Braden Tanner10:52.00aHighland - P
13.9Karl Lundgren10:52.30a SRTwin Falls
14.12Eric Hexem10:52.90a PRMadison
15.10Conrad Christiansen10:53.20aSkyline (ID)
16.12Nate Roberts10:54.70aIdaho Falls
17.12Samuel Perkins10:56.90a SRMadison
18.9Erik Harris11:00.10aTwin Falls
19.10Dallin Baggett11:14.40a PRMadison
20.11Kyle Ward11:17.80a PRMadison
21.9Trevor Clarke11:23.30aIdaho Falls
22.10Kolby Arehart11:38.80aIdaho Falls
23.10Trevor Westphal11:41.00a PRSkyline (ID)
24.12Anthony Page11:41.40a PRIdaho Falls
25.9Trevor Wood11:48.50aSkyline (ID)
26.10Greg Stevenson11:53.00aIdaho Falls
27.11Steven Fluckiger11:54.70a PRMadison
28.10Joseph West12:01.30a SRIdaho Falls
29.10Jacob Wade12:11.80a PRMadison
30.10Jared Hatch12:58.30a PRSkyline (ID)
12Tommy BollingerNTHighland - P

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Anthony Saupe15.06a SRIdaho Falls
2.12Dan Taylor15.09a PRIdaho Falls
3.11Ryan Conan15.33aSkyline (ID)
4.12Austin Baker15.44aIdaho Falls
5.9Kyler Wightman16.36a SRMadison
6.9Dylan Raymond16.73a SRIdaho Falls
7.10Colter Yde16.84a SRSkyline (ID)
8.12Seth Ashbey17.22aHighland - P

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Prelims

1.12Dan Taylor14.99hIdaho Falls
3.11Anthony Saupe15.05hIdaho Falls
2.12Austin Baker15.42hIdaho Falls
4.11Ryan Conan15.86hSkyline (ID)
5.9Kyler Wightman16.67hMadison
6.9Dylan Raymond16.74hIdaho Falls
7.12Seth Ashbey16.77h PRHighland - P
8.12Ty Shiffler17.17h PRMadison
9.10Colter Yde17.24hSkyline (ID)
10.12Tallen Bannister17.27h PRHighland - P
11.10Tanner Bodily17.48h SRSkyline (ID)
12.11Matthew Mottishaw18.21h PRSkyline (ID)
13.10Carson Cox18.33hSkyline (ID)
14.10Chase Smith18.53h PRTwin Falls

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dan Taylor39.13aIdaho Falls
2.12Austin Baker40.74a PRIdaho Falls
3.11Ryan Conan40.84a SRSkyline (ID)
4.11Anthony Saupe41.21aIdaho Falls
5.9Dylan Raymond41.28a SRIdaho Falls
6.9Kyler Wightman42.75a SRMadison
7.12Ty Shiffler43.96a SRMadison
8.10Colter Yde44.49aSkyline (ID)

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Ryan Conan41.23aSkyline (ID)
3.11Anthony Saupe41.27aIdaho Falls
2.12Dan Taylor41.52aIdaho Falls
4.9Dylan Raymond42.90aIdaho Falls
5.12Austin Baker42.98aIdaho Falls
6.9Kyler Wightman43.89aMadison
7.12Ty Shiffler44.27aMadison
8.10Colter Yde44.38a SRSkyline (ID)
9.11Matthew Mottishaw45.17aSkyline (ID)
10.12Seth Ashbey45.22a PRHighland - P
11.10Chase Smith45.35aTwin Falls
12.10Carson Cox45.86aSkyline (ID)
13.12Tallen Bannister46.33a PRHighland - P
14.10Tanner Bodily47.55aSkyline (ID)

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Alex Baker
Marcus Poling
Dan Taylor
Drew Tingey
43.11aIdaho Falls
2.-Max Asay
JC Scrogum
Travis Halverson
Michael Berger
43.50aSkyline (ID)
3.-Taysom Hill
Tyler Seamons
Bryce Welker
Joe Rasmussen
43.98aHighland - P
4.-Dustin Hegstrom
Brett Hardman
Levi Lancaster
Brady McNew
45.22aTwin Falls
5.-Brady Hastings
Sherm Nielsen
Kolby Marlor
Kelton Peck

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Alex Baker
Marcus Poling
Dan Taylor
Camden Fielding
1:30.08aIdaho Falls
2.-Chase Gomez
T J Richardson
Levi Lancaster
Kylon Myers
1:31.24aTwin Falls
3.-Taysom Hill
Tyler Seamons
Bryce Welker
Joe Rasmussen
1:32.94aHighland - P
4.-Brady Hastings
Breck Wightman
Kolby Marlor
Kelton Peck
5.-Ryan Conan
Spencer Raish
Steven Frei
Mike West
1:35.29aSkyline (ID)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Dustin Hegstrom
Kylon Myers
Chase Gomez
T J Richardson
3:26.48aTwin Falls
2.-Mike West
Michael Berger
Ryan Conan
Max Asay
3:27.05aSkyline (ID)
3.-Phillip Crepeau
Jackson Walker
Arthur Thomas
Dylan Raymond
3:31.44aIdaho Falls
4.-Michael Stutz
Kelton Peck
Derek Smith
Russell Smith
5.-Brenn Schiess
Seth Ashbey
Chris Lyons
Hyrum Balzer
3:40.54aHighland - P

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Ander Jayo
Chase Gomez
Erik Harris
Alex Schenk
8:24.08aTwin Falls
2.-Phillip Crepeau
Jeff Griffin
C. J. Huntsman
Jackson Walker
8:26.59aIdaho Falls
3.-Josh Wilson
Hyrum Balzer
Chris Lyons
Jason Lyons
8:32.00aHighland - P
4.-Samuel Perkins
Jacob Powell
Michael Stutz
Eric Hexem
5.-Junior Ponce
Conrad Christiansen
Trevor Westphal
Will Wightman
9:26.27aSkyline (ID)

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Seamons48-11.00 PRHighland - P
2.11Shelton Robinson48-05.00Highland - P
3.12Jacob Gregg47-00.50 PRHighland - P
4.11Jake Harrison46-10.00 SRIdaho Falls
5.12Justin Elmer45-08.50 PRTwin Falls
6.11Jake Holtom44-10.50 SRMadison
7.9Gaylen Edmo44-00.00 PRHighland - P
8.11Tony Colson43-10.50Skyline (ID)
9.12Reed Steckel42-10.00Highland - P
10.11Blake Brinton42-08.50 PRSkyline (ID)
11.12Justin Bataldan40-05.00 PRSkyline (ID)
12.10Zachary Mitchem39-11.00 SRMadison
13.10Colten McNew37-01.00 PRTwin Falls
14.9Morgan Steiner36-03.00 SRMadison
15.10Clayton Rushing35-04.50 SRTwin Falls
16.12Alex Henderson35-02.00Skyline (ID)
17.9Jesse Caudle34-07.25Idaho Falls
18.12Teagon Landon33-08.50Skyline (ID)
19.12Jake Conrad33-05.00 SRIdaho Falls
20.9Cody Oldham32-09.50 SRMadison
21.12Paden Gonzales32-05.00 PRTwin Falls
22.12Mitch Merrill31-11.50 PRMadison
23.10Parker Elliot30-07.50 SRTwin Falls
24.12Carter Davis29-03.00 PRIdaho Falls
25.10Nolan Willey27-10.25 PRIdaho Falls

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Seamons152-01Highland - P
2.11Tony Colson136-01Skyline (ID)
3.11Shelton Robinson127-04 SRHighland - P
4.12Justin Elmer125-01Twin Falls
5.11Jake Holtom124-01 SRMadison
6.12Jacob Gregg122-04 PRHighland - P
7.12Justin Bataldan119-02 PRSkyline (ID)
8.11Blake Brinton112-03Skyline (ID)
9.11Jake Harrison112-01Idaho Falls
10.9Morgan Steiner109-07 SRMadison
11.12Jay Barrow105-01 PRTwin Falls
12.12Reed Steckel104-03 PRHighland - P
13.10Zachary Mitchem101-08 SRMadison
14.12Mitch Merrill98-07 PRMadison
15.12Alex Henderson95-07Skyline (ID)
16.11Caleb Jensen90-06 SRSkyline (ID)
17.10Colten McNew89-08 PRTwin Falls
18.11Kenneth Roberts86-08 SRMadison
19.9Jesse Caudle86-01Idaho Falls
20.10Parker Elliot82-04 SRTwin Falls
20.12Paden Gonzales82-04 PRTwin Falls
22.12Carter Davis79-10 PRIdaho Falls
23.10Nolan Willey79-01 PRIdaho Falls
10Jorge BirchDNSIdaho Falls
12Bo HurlburtDNSHighland - P

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Eric Hillam6-06.00Idaho Falls
2.9Kyler Wightman6-00.00Madison
3.10Alex Tighe6-00.00Madison
4.11Drew Tingey5-10.00Idaho Falls
5.11Sherm Nielsen5-10.00 SRMadison
6.11Jackson Walker5-10.00Idaho Falls
7.11Ben Crawford5-10.00 PRMadison
8.12Russell Crane5-08.00Twin Falls
8.10Rikiya Fukuyasu5-08.00 SRMadison
10.11Jaron Decker5-06.00Skyline (ID)
10.10Tanner Bodily5-06.00Skyline (ID)
11Houston MooreNHSkyline (ID)
11Ricky MerrillNHTwin Falls
9Landon LeeDNSTwin Falls
11Joe RasmussenNHHighland - P
9Bo FedericoNHTwin Falls

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Breck Wightman13-00.00Madison
2.12Seth Ashbey12-06.00 PRHighland - P
3.12Devin Bryant12-06.00Twin Falls
4.12JD Webb12-00.00 PRTwin Falls
5.12Jason Byron11-06.00Skyline (ID)
6.12Tallen Bannister11-00.00 PRHighland - P
7.11Josh Borland10-06.00Skyline (ID)
10Tyler JacobsonDNSSkyline (ID)
10Cameron WellsDNSSkyline (ID)
12Braden CaspersonNHTwin Falls
12Samuel HansenNHMadison

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Taysom Hill22-04.75 PRHighland - P
2.11Drew Tingey21-02.75Idaho Falls
3.12Brady Hastings20-08.50 PRMadison
4.11Anthony Saupe20-01.50 PRIdaho Falls
5.11Brady McNew20-01.00 PRTwin Falls
6.11Jace Hansen19-10.50 PRHighland - P
7.10Robert Powell19-07.75 SRMadison
8.11Ben Crawford19-00.00 PRMadison
9.11Junior Ponce18-10.75 PRSkyline (ID)
9.11Jaron Decker18-10.75Skyline (ID)
11.11Jordan Fuller18-05.25 PRTwin Falls
12.10Mark Christensen18-00.75 SRTwin Falls
13.10Timothy Morley17-11.50 PRMadison
14.10Ryan Castillo17-06.25 SRHighland - P
15.11Dillon Filiaga17-00.75 SRHighland - P
15.12Teagon Landon17-00.75Skyline (ID)
17.10Rikiya Fukuyasu17-00.00 SRMadison
18.11Paul Baker16-01.25 PRHighland - P
12Russell CraneNDTwin Falls
12Eric HillamDNSIdaho Falls

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Drew Tingey45-04.00Idaho Falls
2.12Russell Crane41-01.50Twin Falls
3.11Jaron Decker40-08.00 SRSkyline (ID)
4.10Tanner Bodily40-07.00 SRSkyline (ID)
5.11Joe Rasmussen40-05.00Highland - P
6.11Brady McNew40-00.00Twin Falls
7.10Mark Christensen38-11.00 SRTwin Falls
8.10Rikiya Fukuyasu37-11.00 SRMadison
9.11Kent Masselonus36-05.00 PRMadison
10.11Benjamin Neff36-01.50 PRMadison
11.11Paul Baker36-01.00 PRHighland - P
11Dillon FiliagaNDHighland - P


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