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50 Meter Dash  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Jakari Hynes-Akil8.41aSt Ignatius
2.2Elijah Sawyer8.71a SRSt Ignatius
2.3Jamir Collier8.71aSt Ignatius
4.3Elijah Sheppard8.81a PRSt. Joan of Arc
5.3Max Chevez8.87aSt. Joan of Arc
6.3Jahari Reese9.01aSt Ignatius
7.3Austin Coleman9.04a SRSt. Isidore
8.2Brandon Michael Fontes9.28a SRSt Ignatius
9.3Arreion Burks9.35aSt Ignatius
10.3Harrison Fisher9.57a PRSt. Isidore
11.3Christian Pitcher9.67a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
12.3Jamaa Anderson9.94aSt Ignatius
13.1Sean Steinhorst9.98aSt Ignatius
14.3Austin Gnecco10.08a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
15.3Tucker Lyons10.48a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
16.1Mujahid Samad10.58aSt Ignatius
17.3Malik Merchant11.12a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
18.3Maxwell Mingione11.38aSt. Joan of Arc

50 Meter Dash  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Elijah Sturgis8.32a PRSt Ignatius
2.4Jamin Hutchings8.36aSt Ignatius
3.4Brandon Bol8.39aSt. Isidore
4.4Johnny Grillos8.63a SRSt. Isidore
5.4Tristen Singer8.69a PRSt. Joan of Arc
6.5Mitchell Moore8.75a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.4Taylor Singer9.03a PRSt. Joan of Arc
8.4Jack Ketelsen9.39a PRSt. Joan of Arc
9.5VJ Serpa9.85a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
10.4Nick Martin10.23aSt. Joan of Arc
11.4Max Konig10.66a PRSt. Michael/St Charles

50 Meter Dash  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Jackson White7.66a PRSt. Isidore
2.5Jiwan Karunatilake8.16a PRSt. Isidore
3.5Rohan Daran8.20a PRSt. Isidore
4.5James Hutchings8.25aSt Ignatius
5.5Murrell Johnson8.26a PRSt Ignatius
6.5Jalen Threatt8.30a PRSt Ignatius
7.5Craig Hughes8.43a PRSt. Joan of Arc
8.5Dustin Ullom8.65a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
9.5Rafael Valenton8.92a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
10.5Brandon Replogle9.25a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
11.5Anthony Rocha9.29aSt. Isidore
12.5Quillan McElderry9.45a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
13.5Kyle Williams9.62a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
14.5Marc Dickenson10.06aSt. Joan of Arc

100 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Jamir Collier16.59aSt Ignatius
2.3Jakari Hynes-Akil16.68aSt Ignatius
3.2Elijah Sawyer17.48aSt Ignatius
4.3Austin Coleman17.62a SRSt. Isidore
5.3Elijah Sheppard17.65aSt. Joan of Arc
6.5Miguel Valenton17.66a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.3Max Chevez17.72aSt. Joan of Arc
8.3Seve Bertolero17.73a SRSt. Isidore
9.3Christian Pitcher19.53a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
10.2Jamar Walker20.35aSt Ignatius
11.3Austin Gnecco20.65a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
12.3Tucker Lyons20.93a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
13.1Mujahid Samad21.22aSt Ignatius
14.3Malik Merchant24.49a PRSt. Michael/St Charles

100 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Tanner Cooper15.01aSt Ignatius
2.4Patrick Reed15.08aSt Ignatius
3.4Brandon Bol15.87aSt. Isidore
4.4Elijah Sturgis15.94aSt Ignatius
5.4Jamin Hutchings15.97aSt Ignatius
6.4Ja'Corey Chaffin16.30a SRSt Ignatius
7.4Erique Ross16.40a SRSt Ignatius
8.4Johnny Grillos16.60aSt. Isidore
9.5Charles Mitchell16.61a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
10.5Mitchell Moore17.08a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
11.5Dillon Eng17.25a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
12.4Dawson Reckers17.40aSt. Joan of Arc

100 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Kadeem Hodge14.27aSt Ignatius
2.5Jackson White14.34aSt. Isidore
3.5Justin Kaye14.99aSt. Isidore
4.5Mark Sarkany15.06aSt. Joan of Arc
5.5Rohan Daran15.33a SRSt. Isidore
6.4Jamin Hutchings15.43a PRSt Ignatius
7.6Justin Brandt15.49a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
8.5Jiwan Karunatilake15.76a SRSt. Isidore
9.5Murrell Johnson15.84aSt Ignatius
10.5Cameron Owoc16.60aSt. Joan of Arc
11.5Craig Hughes16.78aSt. Joan of Arc
12.5Dustin Ullom16.91a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
13.5Rafael Valenton17.38a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
14.5Jacob Berwick17.43aSt. Joan of Arc
15.5Brandon Replogle17.53a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
16.5Anthony Rocha18.14aSt. Isidore
17.5Quillan McElderry18.24a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
18.5John Curlett19.81aSt. Joan of Arc

100 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Bryce Oliver14.26aSt Ignatius
2.6Garrick Gadison14.33aSt. Isidore
3.6Colin D'Emilio14.42aSt. Joan of Arc
4.6DeMari Walker14.73aSt Ignatius
5.6Korey Lombard14.79aSt Ignatius
6.6Lance Coleman15.06a PRSt Ignatius
7.6Justin Zapanta15.32aSt Ignatius
8.6Jackson Wightman15.80aSt. Joan of Arc
9.5Hunter Heyes16.02a SRSt. Isidore
10.6Jordan Sawyer16.04aSt Ignatius
11.6Khalil Hodge16.16aSt Ignatius
12.6Izais Ward16.30aSt Ignatius
13.6Joey Narcisse16.34aSt. Isidore
14.6Joshua Smith16.47aSt. Joan of Arc
15.6David Hong16.70a PRSt. Isidore

100 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Kamron Akukoro12.73aSt Ignatius
2.8Anthony Talaugon13.14a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.7David Crinnion13.70aSt. Joan of Arc
4.7Simba Webster13.73aSt Ignatius
5.7Nzuzi Webster13.90aSt Ignatius
6.7David Griffith14.24aSt. Isidore
7.7K McGonigle14.80aSt Ignatius
8.7Jacob DeMaio14.81aSt. Isidore
9.7Shaheen Eshghipour15.04aSt. Joan of Arc
10.7Adrian Brand15.13a PRSt. Isidore
11.7Eric Fields15.34aSt Ignatius
12.7Joseph Lofaso15.37aSt. Joan of Arc
13.7Adam Labarthe15.81aSt. Isidore
14.7Hasith Rajakarunanayake16.16aSt. Joan of Arc
16.7Jordan Carey17.23a PRSt. Isidore

100 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jeremiah Payton12.57aSt Ignatius
2.8Travis Mitchell12.87aSt Ignatius
3.8Tommy Lisiak12.97aSt. Isidore
4.8Lukas Haas13.17a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.8Justin Moore13.17a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
6.8Christopher Dasilva14.24aSt. Isidore
7.8Tyler Spencer14.44aSt Ignatius

200 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Isiah Chaffin37.10aSt Ignatius
2.3Seve Bertolero37.40a SRSt. Isidore
3.3Matthew Schade37.97aSt. Isidore
4.3Matthew Larson42.41a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.1Sean Steinhorst43.67a SRSt Ignatius

200 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Tanner Cooper32.09a PRSt Ignatius
2.5Ryan Nunes33.73a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.5Maceo Coleman34.80aSt Ignatius
4.5Charles Mitchell37.47a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.5Brian Cahill38.70a PRSt. Michael/St Charles

200 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Kadeem Hodge30.47aSt Ignatius
2.5Rashaan Rasheed32.17aSt Ignatius
3.5Jason Kurtz39.38aSt. Joan of Arc

200 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Bryce Oliver29.40aSt Ignatius
2.6Garrick Gadison30.17a PRSt. Isidore
3.6Erik Johnson30.20aSt. Joan of Arc
4.6DeMari Walker30.57aSt Ignatius
5.6Korey Lombard31.80aSt Ignatius
6.6Justin Zapanta34.57aSt Ignatius
7.6Khalil Hodge34.67aSt Ignatius
8.6Jordan Sawyer36.54a PRSt Ignatius

200 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Kamron Akukoro26.54aSt Ignatius
2.8Anthony Talaugon26.87a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.7Isaiah Fields28.11aSt Ignatius
4.7Simba Webster28.39aSt Ignatius
5.7David Griffith28.74aSt. Isidore
6.7Nzuzi Webster28.77aSt Ignatius
7.7Dylan Shariatpanahy30.51a PRSt. Isidore
8.7K McGonigle30.92aSt Ignatius
9.7Ryan Miller31.66a PRSt. Isidore
10.7Adrian Brand31.89aSt. Isidore
11.7Eric Fields31.92a PRSt Ignatius
12.7Hasith Rajakarunanayake33.72a PRSt. Joan of Arc

200 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8McCoy Alan26.04aSt Ignatius
2.8Travis Mitchell26.48aSt Ignatius
3.8Carl Wilke26.61aSt. Joan of Arc
4.8Lukas Haas27.05a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.8Tommy Lisiak27.11a PRSt. Isidore

400 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Kyle Millis1:18.62a PRSt. Isidore
2.3Isiah Chaffin1:22.86aSt Ignatius
3.3Miguel Dickenson1:25.46aSt. Joan of Arc
4.3Harrison Fisher1:28.89a PRSt. Isidore
5.3Matthew Larson1:37.57a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
6.2Jamar Walker1:54.75aSt Ignatius

400 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Patrick Reed1:09.10aSt Ignatius
2.5Benny Sanchez1:11.68a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.5Ryan Nunes1:11.83a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
4.5Maceo Coleman1:16.45aSt Ignatius
5.4Erique Ross1:22.24a PRSt Ignatius
6.5Tanner Souza1:24.46a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.5Peter Vance1:25.51a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
8.4Justin Johal1:29.46a PRSt. Joan of Arc
9.5Brian Cahill1:30.40a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
10.4Eric Fisher1:33.02a SRSt. Isidore

400 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Rashaan Rasheed1:09.99aSt Ignatius
2.5Justin Kaye1:10.36aSt. Isidore
3.6Justin Brandt1:16.37a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
4.5Justin Brand1:18.30a PRSt. Isidore
5.5Sean McGowan1:19.90a PRSt. Isidore
6.5Alex Raines1:22.21aSt. Isidore
7.5Andrew Berlin1:22.27aSt. Joan of Arc
8.5Noah Sheppard1:39.46aSt. Joan of Arc
9.5Dominic Carrano1:51.60a PRSt. Michael/St Charles

400 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Erik Johnson1:05.05a PRSt. Joan of Arc
2.6Cole Souza1:07.58a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.6Lance Coleman1:10.28a PRSt Ignatius
4.6Greg Light1:10.32a PRSt. Joan of Arc
5.6Carsen Paynter1:12.25a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
6.6Scott Barlow1:12.99a PRSt. Joan of Arc
7.6Izais Ward1:16.89a PRSt Ignatius
8.6Chris Hagebush1:17.09aSt. Joan of Arc

400 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Isaiah Fields1:02.30aSt Ignatius
2.7Gabriel Valenton1:03.27a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.7Jamari Threatt1:04.34a SRSt Ignatius
4.7Austin Hoggatt1:08.44a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.7Adrian Brand1:08.67a PRSt. Isidore
6.7Jack Ramos1:08.91a PRSt. Isidore
7.7Andrew Martos1:09.88a PRSt Ignatius

400 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8McCoy Alan0:56.46aSt Ignatius
2.8Carl Wilke0:56.53aSt. Joan of Arc
3.8Jeremiah Payton1:00.60aSt Ignatius
4.8Joshua Knight1:01.93a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.8Michael Marcotte1:04.03a PRSt. Michael/St Charles

800 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

2.5Matthew Stepanek2:59.57a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.3Matthew Schade3:04.94a PRSt. Isidore
4.3Kyle Millis3:12.31aSt. Isidore
5.3Jahari Reese3:12.56aSt Ignatius
6.3Carson Sawchuk3:21.85a PRSt. Isidore
7.3James Flanagan3:26.38aSt. Isidore
1.3Ryan Bayliss2:51.03aSt. Joan of Arc

800 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.4MacKenzie Schley2:45.56a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
2.4Gaston Oviedo2:52.33a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.4Dawson Reckers3:02.46aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Tanner Souza3:03.32a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.4Declan Flanagan3:38.57aSt. Isidore

800 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Jalen Threatt2:58.66aSt Ignatius
2.5Andrew Berlin3:18.33aSt. Joan of Arc

800 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6James Dolla2:39.23a PRSt. Isidore
2.6Cole Dohmann2:39.49aSt. Joan of Arc
3.6Scott Barlow2:46.44a PRSt. Joan of Arc
4.6Carsen Paynter2:48.25a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.6David Adams2:49.21a PRSt. Joan of Arc
6.6Andrew Kettenhofen2:54.44a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.6Jackson Wightman3:05.88aSt. Joan of Arc

800 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Ryan Colaco2:27.72a PRSt. Isidore
2.7Gabriel Valenton2:39.85a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.7Jack Ramos2:45.69aSt. Isidore
4.7John Doyle2:46.78aSt. Isidore
5.7Andrew Martos2:53.45aSt Ignatius
6.7Kyle Moore2:57.41aSt. Joan of Arc
7.7Christian Wink3:10.15a PRSt Ignatius

800 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Michael Marcotte2:39.17a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
2.8Justin Moore2:41.34a PRSt. Michael/St Charles

1600 Meters  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Ryan Bayliss6:01.37aSt. Joan of Arc
2.5Matthew Stepanek6:16.87a SRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.3James Flanagan6:42.62aSt. Isidore
4.3Seve Bertolero6:49.76a PRSt. Isidore
5.3Zachary Tucker6:57.64a PRSt. Isidore
6.3Carson Sawchuk7:08.60aSt. Isidore
7.3Maxwell Mingione7:39.46aSt. Joan of Arc

1600 Meters  4th Grade - Finals

1.5Scott Plantenga6:15.55a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
2.4Ja'Corey Chaffin6:21.25aSt Ignatius
3.4Colton Andrade6:35.82aSt. Joan of Arc
4.4Declan Flanagan7:27.74aSt. Isidore

1600 Meters  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Marc Dickenson7:38.68aSt. Joan of Arc

1600 Meters  6th Grade - Finals

1.6James Dolla5:47.03aSt. Isidore
2.6Andrew Kettenhofen6:03.09a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.6Cole Dohmann6:08.90aSt. Joan of Arc
4.6Chris Hagebush6:21.25aSt. Joan of Arc

1600 Meters  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Ryan Colaco5:16.03aSt. Isidore
2.7Drake Foote6:09.32a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.7Kyle Moore6:22.40aSt. Joan of Arc
4.7Christian Wink6:45.39aSt Ignatius

1600 Meters  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Matthew DeVries5:00.19aSt. Isidore
2.8Joshua Knight5:17.24a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.8Nico Mendieta6:00.97aSt. Joan of Arc
4.8Austin Boer6:06.30a PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.8Patrick Kragen6:06.75a PRSt. Isidore

4x100 Relay  3rd Grade - Finals

1.-Jahari Reese
Isiah Chaffin
Arreion Burks
Jakari Hynes-Akil
1:06.60aSt Ignatius
2.-Jamaa Anderson
Elijah Sawyer
Jamar Walker
Brandon Michael Fontes
1:13.14aSt Ignatius
3.-Kyle Millis
Carson Sawchuk
James Flanagan
Seve Bertolero
1:13.34aSt. Isidore
4.-Austin Gnecco
Matthew Stepanek
Matthew Larson
Miguel Valenton
1:14.40aSt. Michael/St Charles

4x100 Relay  4th Grade - Finals

1.-Patrick Reed
Tanner Cooper
Jamin Hutchings
Aaron Jackson
1:01.04aSt Ignatius
2.5Tanner Souza
Ryan Nunes
Scott Plantenga
Benny Sanchez
1:03.98aSt. Michael/St Charles
3.-Erique Ross
Elijah Sturgis
Maceo Coleman
Ja'Corey Chaffin
1:06.31aSt Ignatius
4.5Dillon Eng
Charles Mitchell
Peter Vance
Mitchell Moore
1:07.01aSt. Michael/St Charles
5.-Declan Flanagan
Eric Fisher
Johnny Grillos
Brandon Bol
1:08.48aSt. Isidore
6.-Justin Johal
Tristen Singer
Taylor Singer
Nick Martin
1:09.65aSt. Joan of Arc

4x100 Relay  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Jackson White
Rohan Daran
Jiwan Karunatilake
Justin Kaye
0:58.69aSt. Isidore
2.5Craig Hughes
Cameron Owoc
Mark Sarkany
Troy Muzzio
1:02.83aSt. Joan of Arc
3.5Brandon Replogle
Dustin Ullom
Rafael Valenton
Justin Brandt
1:04.73aSt. Michael/St Charles
4.5Alex Raines
John Fischer
Anthony Rocha
Jack Phillips
1:07.30aSt. Isidore
5.5Christopher Lassen
Quillan McElderry
Dominic Carrano
Kyle Williams
1:17.61aSt. Michael/St Charles

4x100 Relay  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Korey Lombard
Justin Zapanta
DeMari Walker
Bryce Oliver
0:57.23aSt Ignatius
2.6Greg Light
Colin D'Emilio
Jackson Wightman
Erik Johnson
1:01.16aSt. Joan of Arc
3.-Hunter Heyes
Garrick Gadison
Joey Narcisse
David Hong
1:01.56aSt. Isidore

4x100 Relay  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Simba Webster
Kamron Akukoro
Nzuzi Webster
Isaiah Fields
0:50.95aSt Ignatius
2.-Drake Foote
Gabriel Valenton
Austin Hoggatt
Anthony Talaugon
0:55.79aSt. Michael/St Charles
3.7Jacob DeMaio
Ryan Miller
Adam Labarthe
David Griffith
0:56.76aSt. Isidore
4.7Jamari Threatt
Eric Fields
Andrew Martos
K McGonigle
0:58.09aSt Ignatius
5.7Kyle Moore
David Crinnion
Hasith Rajakarunanayake
Brandon Kurtz
1:00.00aSt. Joan of Arc

4x100 Relay  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Jeremiah Payton
McCoy Alan
Ian Johnson
Travis Mitchell
0:50.15aSt Ignatius
2.8Michael Marcotte
Lukas Haas
Justin Moore
Joshua Knight
0:51.52aSt. Michael/St Charles
3.-Christopher Dasilva
Rohan Daran
John DeMaio
Tommy Lisiak
0:56.73aSt. Isidore

4x400 Relay  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Tanner Souza
Ryan Nunes
Scott Plantenga
Benny Sanchez
5:41.67aSt. Michael/St Charles
2.5Dillon Eng
Charles Mitchell
Peter Vance
Mitchell Moore
6:11.57aSt. Michael/St Charles
3.5Brian Cahill
Matthew Stepanek
VJ Serpa
Miguel Valenton
6:35.01aSt. Michael/St Charles

4x400 Relay  6th Grade - Finals

1.-Korey Lombard
James Hutchings
Jalen Threatt
Justin Zapanta
5:10.71aSt Ignatius
2.6Andrew Kettenhofen
Justin Brandt
Carsen Paynter
Cole Souza
5:22.48aSt. Michael/St Charles

4x400 Relay  7th Grade - Finals

1.7K McGonigle
Simba Webster
Jamari Threatt
Nzuzi Webster
4:31.62aSt Ignatius
2.-Eric Fields
Bryce Oliver
Andrew Martos
Kamron Akukoro
4:46.13aSt Ignatius
3.7Shawn Throckmorton
Gabriel Valenton
Drake Foote
Austin Hoggatt
5:19.83aSt. Michael/St Charles

4x400 Relay  8th Grade - Finals

1.-Isaiah Fields
Travis Mitchell
McCoy Alan
Jeremiah Payton
4:03.19aSt Ignatius
2.8Michael Marcotte
Justin Moore
Joshua Knight
Anthony Talaugon
4:19.09aSt. Michael/St Charles
3.-Jordan Sawyer
Tyler Spencer
Gianni Wink
Khalil Hodge
5:52.16aSt Ignatius

SMR 100-100-200-400m  3rd Grade - Finals

1.-Harrison Fisher
Seve Bertolero
Matthew Schade
Kyle Millis
2:36.82aSt. Isidore
2.-Mujahid Samad
Arreion Burks
Isiah Chaffin
Jahari Reese
2:40.48aSt Ignatius
3.-Carson Sawchuk
Maxwell Mingione
Rebecca Mingione
Ryan Bayliss
2:40.95aSt. Isidore
4.-Austin Gnecco
Matthew Larson
Miguel Valenton
Matthew Stepanek
2:43.80aSt. Michael/St Charles
5.-Sean Steinhorst
Jamar Walker
Elijah Sawyer
Brandon Michael Fontes
3:03.60aSt Ignatius

SMR 100-100-200-400m  4th Grade - Finals

1.-Elijah Sturgis
Jamin Hutchings
Aaron Jackson
Patrick Reed
2:12.63aSt Ignatius
2.5Tanner Souza
Scott Plantenga
Ryan Nunes
Benny Sanchez
2:22.28aSt. Michael/St Charles
3.-Erique Ross
Maceo Coleman
Tanner Cooper
Ja'Corey Chaffin
2:32.29aSt Ignatius
4.-Johnny Grillos
Eric Fisher
Brandon Bol
Declan Flanagan
2:39.60aSt. Isidore
5.5Dillon Eng
Charles Mitchell
Peter Vance
Mitchell Moore
2:43.41aSt. Michael/St Charles

SMR 100-100-200-400m  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Rashaan Rasheed
Jalen Threatt
Kadeem Hodge
Murrell Johnson
2:14.22aSt Ignatius
2.5Jiwan Karunatilake
Anthony Rocha
Rohan Daran
Justin Brand
2:26.44aSt. Isidore
3.5Jacob Berwick
Cameron Owoc
Mark Sarkany
Troy Muzzio
2:30.97aSt. Joan of Arc
4.-Brandon Replogle
Rafael Valenton
Dustin Ullom
Justin Brandt
2:32.03aSt. Michael/St Charles

SMR 100-100-200-400m  6th Grade - Finals

1.6DeMari Walker
Justin Zapanta
Korey Lombard
Bryce Oliver
2:13.93aSt Ignatius
2.6David Adams
Colin D'Emilio
Jackson Wightman
Scott Barlow
2:21.96aSt. Joan of Arc

SMR 100-100-200-400m  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Kamron Akukoro
Isaiah Fields
Simba Webster
Jamari Threatt
1:59.13aSt Ignatius
2.-Drake Foote
Austin Hoggatt
Anthony Talaugon
Gabriel Valenton
2:04.94aSt. Michael/St Charles
3.7Ryan Miller
Adam Labarthe
David Griffith
Jack Ramos
2:12.25aSt. Isidore
4.7Nzuzi Webster
K McGonigle
Eric Fields
Christian Wink
2:25.42aSt Ignatius

SMR 100-100-200-400m  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Justin Moore
Lukas Haas
Joshua Knight
Michael Marcotte
1:51.48aSt. Michael/St Charles
2.8Jeremiah Payton
Tyler Spencer
Travis Mitchell
McCoy Alan
1:55.79aSt Ignatius

Shot Put - 8lb  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Amir Luckett27'01.00 PRSt Ignatius
2.5Justin Brand22'06.00 SRSt. Isidore
3.5Cameron Owoc19'04.00 PRSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Troy Muzzio18'08.50 PRSt. Joan of Arc
5.5Christopher Lassen17'11.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
6.5Dominic Carrano17'10.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.5Anthony Rocha14'11.50 SRSt. Isidore
8.5John Curlett14'09.50 PRSt. Joan of Arc
9.5Jacob Berwick14'05.50St. Joan of Arc

Shot Put - 8lb  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Brandon Kurtz23'08.50St. Joan of Arc
2.7Dylan Shariatpanahy23'00.50St. Isidore
3.7Joseph Lofaso21'07.00 PRSt. Joan of Arc
4.7Adam Labarthe18'11.75St. Isidore
5.7Shaheen Eshghipour18'09.75St. Joan of Arc
6.7Ryan Colaco17'04.00 PRSt. Isidore
7.7Kyle Moore15'10.00St. Joan of Arc
8.7Spencer Terzolo13'03.75St. Isidore

Shot Put - 8lb  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Gianni Wink31'00.00St Ignatius
2.8Tyler Spencer30'04.00 PRSt Ignatius
3.8Nico Mendieta24'04.00 PRSt. Joan of Arc

Softball Throw  3rd Grade - Finals

1.3Ryan Grauman91'06.00St. Isidore
2.2Elijah Sawyer82'07.00 SRSt Ignatius
3.3Jamir Collier81'07.00 PRSt Ignatius
4.3Jamaa Anderson74'00.00St Ignatius
5.1Sean Steinhorst52'06.00 SRSt Ignatius
6.2Jamar Walker40'08.00St Ignatius

Softball Throw  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Eric Fisher104'10.00 PRSt. Isidore
2.5Scott Plantenga100'06.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.5Charles Mitchell091'01.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
4.5Peter Vance090'05.00 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.4Brandon Bol086'08.00 PRSt. Isidore
6.5Dillon Eng081'01.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.5VJ Serpa076'00.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
8.4Johnny Grillos070'00.00 PRSt. Isidore
9.4Max Konig049'02.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles

Softball Throw  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Troy Muzzio108'06.00 PRSt. Joan of Arc
2.5Mark Sarkany107'07.00 SRSt. Joan of Arc
3.5Justin Brand104'10.00St. Isidore
4.5Jalen Threatt093'02.00St Ignatius
5.5Amir Luckett090'03.00St Ignatius
6.5James Hutchings086'00.00St Ignatius
7.5Dominic Carrano043'00.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles

Softball Throw  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Khalil Hodge133'00.00St Ignatius
2.6Justin Zapanta116'08.00St Ignatius
3.6DeMari Walker088'09.00St Ignatius
4.6Izais Ward075'01.00St Ignatius

Softball Throw  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Jacob DeMaio158'06.00St. Isidore
2.7Nzuzi Webster139'09.00St Ignatius
3.7Drake Foote138'01.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
4.7Brandon Kurtz125'03.00St. Joan of Arc
5.7Christian Wink099'05.00St Ignatius
6.7Andrew Martos097'05.00St Ignatius
7.7K McGonigle091'09.00St Ignatius
8.7Eric Fields088'07.00St Ignatius

Softball Throw  8th Grade - Finals

1.8John DeMaio164'06.00St. Isidore
2.8Gianni Wink147'03.00St Ignatius
3.8Nico Mendieta144'08.00St. Joan of Arc
4.8Travis Mitchell132'00.00 PRSt Ignatius
5.8Jeremiah Payton119'04.00St Ignatius
6.8Tyler Spencer107'00.00 PRSt Ignatius
7.8Austin Boer099'01.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles

High Jump  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Jack Phillips3'08.00St. Isidore
2.5Troy Muzzio3'06.00St. Joan of Arc

High Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Colin D'Emilio4'02.00St. Joan of Arc
2.6Joshua Smith3'08.01 SRSt. Joan of Arc
3.6Jackson Wightman3'08.00St. Joan of Arc

High Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.8Anthony Talaugon5'02.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
2.7David Crinnion4'08.00 PRSt. Joan of Arc
3.7Jacob DeMaio4'07.00St. Isidore
4.7Kamron Akukoro4'06.00St Ignatius
5.7Drake Foote4'02.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
6.7Jack Ramos4'00.00 PRSt. Isidore
6.7Brandon Kurtz4'00.00 PRSt. Joan of Arc
8.7Gabriel Valenton4'00.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
9.7Dylan Shariatpanahy3'10.00 PRSt. Isidore

High Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Matt Tyler5'00.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
2.8John DeMaio4'11.01 PRSt. Isidore
3.8Michael Marcotte4'11.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
4.8Christopher Dasilva4'04.00 PRSt. Isidore

Long Jump  3rd Grade - Finals

1.5Matthew Stepanek10'11.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
2.3Seve Bertolero09'11.00 SRSt. Isidore
3.3Elijah Sheppard09'09.25 PRSt. Joan of Arc
4.3Zachary Tucker09'06.50 PRSt. Isidore
5.3Max Chevez09'03.00St. Joan of Arc
6.3Austin Coleman09'00.75 SRSt. Isidore
7.3Isiah Chaffin08'10.00St Ignatius
8.5Miguel Valenton08'09.00 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
9.3Harrison Fisher08'07.75St. Isidore
10.3Ryan Bayliss08'07.75St. Joan of Arc
11.3Miguel Dickenson08'07.00St. Joan of Arc
12.3Jamaa Anderson08'04.75 PRSt Ignatius
13.3Matthew Larson07'08.00 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
14.3Christian Pitcher07'07.75 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
15.3Austin Gnecco07'07.50 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
16.1Mujahid Samad06'09.00 SRSt Ignatius
17.3Malik Merchant05'03.50 PRSt. Michael/St Charles

Long Jump  4th Grade - Finals

1.4Aaron Jackson13'07.00St Ignatius
2.5Ryan Nunes11'04.00 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.4Elijah Sturgis10'11.00 SRSt Ignatius
4.5Benny Sanchez10'09.75 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.4Tanner Cooper10'09.00 PRSt Ignatius
6.5Mitchell Moore10'06.50 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.4Eric Fisher10'04.00St. Isidore
8.4Taylor Singer10'01.00St. Joan of Arc
9.5Peter Vance10'01.00 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
10.5Dillon Eng10'00.50 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
11.4Dawson Reckers09'11.00St. Joan of Arc
12.4Jack Ketelsen09'10.00St. Joan of Arc
13.4Tristen Singer09'09.75St. Joan of Arc
14.5Brian Cahill09'08.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
15.4Justin Johal09'05.75 PRSt. Joan of Arc
16.5VJ Serpa08'11.50 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
17.4Nick Martin07'08.25St. Joan of Arc
18.4Max Konig05'10.75 PRSt. Michael/St Charles

Long Jump  5th Grade - Finals

1.5Jackson White12'00.00St. Isidore
2.5Rohan Daran11'11.50 SRSt. Isidore
3.5Justin Kaye11'07.00 SRSt. Isidore
4.5Jacob Berwick11'02.75St. Joan of Arc
5.5Cameron Owoc10'09.25St. Joan of Arc
6.5Troy Muzzio10'03.00St. Joan of Arc
7.5Alex Raines10'02.75St. Isidore
8.5Jiwan Karunatilake10'01.50St. Isidore
9.5Craig Hughes10'00.50St. Joan of Arc
10.5John Fischer09'07.00St. Isidore
11.5Kyle Williams08'08.75 SRSt. Michael/St Charles
12.5Noah Sheppard07'10.25 PRSt. Joan of Arc
13.5Quillan McElderry06'07.50 SRSt. Michael/St Charles

Long Jump  6th Grade - Finals

1.6Colin D'Emilio14'03.00St. Joan of Arc
2.6Bryce Oliver12'08.50St Ignatius
3.6Joshua Smith11'00.50St. Joan of Arc
4.6Carsen Paynter10'10.25 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
5.6David Hong10'09.00 PRSt. Isidore
6.6Andrew Kettenhofen09'10.75 PRSt. Michael/St Charles

Long Jump  7th Grade - Finals

1.7Simba Webster14'11.50St Ignatius
2.7Isaiah Fields14'08.50St Ignatius
3.7Shaheen Eshghipour13'09.00 PRSt. Joan of Arc
4.7Joseph Lofaso13'00.50 SRSt. Joan of Arc
5.7Jamari Threatt12'07.50 SRSt Ignatius
6.7Austin Hoggatt12'06.50 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
7.7Adam Labarthe12'03.00St. Isidore
8.7Jack Ramos11'11.00St. Isidore
9.7Ryan Miller11'05.50St. Isidore
10.7Spencer Terzolo11'02.00St. Isidore
12.7Hasith Rajakarunanayake08'11.50St. Joan of Arc

Long Jump  8th Grade - Finals

1.8Matt Tyler16'00.75 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
2.8Justin Moore15'04.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles
3.8McCoy Alan14'01.75 PRSt Ignatius
4.8Joshua Knight13'01.00 PRSt. Michael/St Charles