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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoNick Trisko11.03a (-3.8)St Cloud State
2.JrKelvin Rodgers11.04a (-3.8)Minnesota State Mank...
3.JrGabe Udia11.09a (-3.8)St Cloud State
4.SoKyle Henderson11.23a (-3.8)Minnesota State Mank...
5.FrDiahn Zeon11.29a (-3.8)Concordia-St. Paul
6.JrJohn Pimental11.32a (-3.8)Concordia-St. Paul
7.FrRobert Spence11.46a (-3.8)Concordia-St. Paul
--SrKawaskii BaconDQ (-3.8)Concordia-St. Paul

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.JrGabe Udia10.73a (4.0)St Cloud State
2.SoNick Trisko10.75a (3.2)St Cloud State
5.FrDiahn Zeon10.76a SR (3.2)Concordia-St. Paul
3.SrKawaskii Bacon10.83a (2.0)Concordia-St. Paul
4.JrKelvin Rodgers10.87a (4.2)Minnesota State Mank...
6.SoKyle Henderson10.93a (4.0)Minnesota State Mank...
7.JrJohn Pimental10.95a PR (2.0)Concordia-St. Paul
8.FrRobert Spence11.04a (2.0)Concordia-St. Paul
9.SrMarcus Jenkins11.05a PR (3.2)St Cloud State
10.JrDonte Shakelford11.09a PR (3.2)Minnesota State Mank...
11.FrBrock Keaton11.14a (4.2)Minnesota State Moor...
12.JrDrew Molacek11.16a (4.2)Wayne State (NE) Col...
13.FrCory Ploof11.18a (4.2)University of Mary
14.FrUchenna Ogbonnaya11.22a SR (4.0)Minnesota State Moor...
15.JrDaniel Kjolsing11.25a PR (4.0)Minnesota-Duluth
16.SoKevin Koglin11.32a PR (4.2)Concordia-St. Paul
17.FrBrian Kiedrowski11.44a SR (2.0)Minnesota State Moor...
18.FrZak Kjolsing11.52a (2.0)Northern State (SD)
19.-Chris Faller11.53a (3.2)University of Mary
20.SoJoe Dekan11.58a (2.0)Minnesota-Duluth
21.JrJeremy Beulah11.59a PR (4.0)Northern State (SD)
22.FrMatt Greenfield11.63a (4.2)Northern State (SD)
23.SoJustin Claiborne11.65a (4.0)Minnesota-Duluth
24.SoAugustus Capers11.70a SR (2.0)Northern State (SD)
25.SrShawn Onken11.74a (3.2)St Cloud State
26.-Landon Berg11.90a (4.0)Wayne State (NE) Col...

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrKawaskii Bacon22.16a (-4.4)Concordia-St. Paul
2.JrGabe Udia22.28a (-4.4)St Cloud State
3.SoNick Trisko22.28a (-4.4)St Cloud State
4.SoBrian Ott22.40a (-4.4)Minnesota-Duluth
5.FrDiahn Zeon23.05a (-4.4)Concordia-St. Paul
6.JrDrew Molacek23.26a (-4.4)Wayne State (NE) Col...
7.FrUchenna Ogbonnaya23.36a (-4.4)Minnesota State Moor...

200 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SoBrian Ott22.17a (3.7)Minnesota-Duluth
5.JrKelvin Rodgers23.00a (3.7)Minnesota State Mank...
2.FrDiahn Zeon23.07a (2.7)Concordia-St. Paul
3.SoNick Trisko23.08a (2.5)St Cloud State
6.SrKawaskii Bacon23.12a (2.5)Concordia-St. Paul
7.JrDrew Molacek23.20a (2.7)Wayne State (NE) Col...
8.FrUchenna Ogbonnaya23.20a SR (3.7)Minnesota State Moor...
9.SoArabin Lightfoot23.36a (2.7)Northern State (SD)
10.SoScott Lustig23.47a (3.7)Minnesota State Mank...
4.JrGabe Udia23.64a (4.9)St Cloud State
11.SoKevin Koglin23.72a (2.7)Concordia-St. Paul
12.JrDaniel Kjolsing23.79a (2.5)Minnesota-Duluth
13.SoBrian Kohlman23.80a (4.9)Concordia-St. Paul
14.JrKennedy Ewafada23.84a (3.7)St Cloud State
15.SrMike Elliott23.86a SR (4.9)Minnesota State Mank...
16.FrCory Ploof23.87a (2.7)University of Mary
17.JrPercy Watson24.07a (4.9)Minnesota State Moor...
18.SrShawn Onken24.12a (3.7)St Cloud State
19.SrKyle Nooker24.37a (2.5)Bemidji State
20.FrBrock Keaton24.55a SR (4.9)Minnesota State Moor...
21.JrKlye Weisbeck24.81a (2.7)Northern State (SD)
22.FrTyler Traynor24.93a (2.5)Minnesota-Duluth
23.JrRyan Conrad24.98a (4.9)Northern State (SD)
24.-David Hirsch25.01a (4.9)Minnesota State Moor...
25.FrMatt Greenfield25.57a (2.5)Northern State (SD)

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrPercy Watson48.02a PRMinnesota State Moor...
2.SoBrian Ott48.10a PRMinnesota-Duluth
3.JrSam Lance48.55a SRMinnesota State Mank...
4.SrMike Elliott49.55a PRMinnesota State Mank...
5.FrCorey Shufelt49.70a SRMinnesota State Moor...
6.SoBrian Kohlman50.07aConcordia-St. Paul
7.JrBrady Flies50.30aMinnesota State Mank...
8.SoJacob Vossler51.18aMinnesota State Moor...

400 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SoBrian Ott49.38aMinnesota-Duluth
2.JrPercy Watson49.81aMinnesota State Moor...
5.JrBrady Flies49.88aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrMike Elliott49.91aMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrCorey Shufelt50.16aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SoBrian Kohlman50.91aConcordia-St. Paul
8.SoJacob Vossler51.15a PRMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrSam Lance51.33aMinnesota State Mank...
9.JrDavid Queck51.69aSt Cloud State
10.SoChris Lefler51.72aSt Cloud State
11.SrKyle Nooker51.85a PRBemidji State
12.SoAdam Endres52.09aMinnesota State Mank...
13.FrAndy Jansen52.26aWayne State (NE) Col...
14.FrJoey Heglund52.37aNorthern State (SD)
15.SoJosh Dahl52.63aMinnesota-Duluth
16.-David Hirsch53.16aMinnesota State Moor...
17.JrGrayson Hendrix53.95aMinnesota-Duluth
18.-Mike Merkel53.95aNorthern State (SD)
19.JrKennedy Ewafada54.27aSt Cloud State
20.JrKlye Weisbeck54.41aNorthern State (SD)
21.SoColin MacGregor54.58aBemidji State
22.FrBryan Nelson54.85aConcordia-St. Paul
23.SrBrock Veth55.42a PRSt Cloud State
--FrAaron LundDQMinnesota State Moor...

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrDenise Mokaya1:53.70aMinnesota State Mank...
2.SrBen Jansen1:54.84a SRWayne State (NE) Col...
3.SrMatt Eicheldinger1:55.75a PRConcordia-St. Paul
4.SoNick Ramberg1:56.10aMinnesota State Mank...
5.-Kole Seiler1:56.28aUniversity of Mary
6.JrBrian Werner1:57.24aAugustana (SD)
7.FrKevin Andresen1:58.45aSt Cloud State
---Steve CarrollDNFWayne State (NE) Col...

800 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SoNick Ramberg1:57.08aMinnesota State Mank...
4.SrMatt Eicheldinger1:57.73aConcordia-St. Paul
5.JrBrian Werner1:58.04aAugustana (SD)
2.JrDenise Mokaya1:58.07aMinnesota State Mank...
6.SrBen Jansen1:58.72aWayne State (NE) Col...
3.-Steve Carroll1:58.99aWayne State (NE) Col...
7.FrKevin Andresen1:59.01aSt Cloud State
8.-Kole Seiler1:59.44aUniversity of Mary
9.JrMike Finnerty1:59.48aMinnesota-Duluth
10.JrJeff Lombardo1:59.64aMinnesota State Mank...
11.FrLucas Windholz1:59.82aSt Cloud State
12.FrSteven Murat2:01.05aMinnesota-Duluth
13.JrSpencer Carlson2:01.52aMinnesota-Duluth
14.FrLouis Hughes2:01.75aMinnesota-Duluth
15.SoDillon Johnston2:03.31aMinnesota-Duluth
16.SoTyler Lange2:03.94aBemidji State
17.SrMatt Neff2:04.30aUniversity of Mary
18.FrKevin Huot2:05.51aMinnesota State Moor...
19.FrMatt Peterson2:06.04aNorthern State (SD)
20.SoHalvard Lange2:07.37a PRAugustana (SD)
21.SoMatt Main2:07.91aSt Cloud State
22.SrStefan Bischof2:07.99a PRBemidji State
23.FrBrock Rose2:08.60aNorthern State (SD)
24.SoJustin Grassmeyer2:09.01aAugustana (SD)
25.SoTravis Husen2:14.79aMinnesota State Moor...
26.FrAndy Jansen2:18.47aWayne State (NE) Col...
27.-Reid Nichols2:44.43aBemidji State
--FrRichard KeroakDQNorthern State (SD)

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrDenise Mokaya3:55.82aMinnesota State Mank...
2.SrJames Krajsa3:56.26aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrMatt Neff3:58.09a SRUniversity of Mary
4.SoDan Allen3:58.96aSt Cloud State
5.SoMustafa Yusuf4:02.14a PRMinnesota State Mank...
6.SoHalvard Lange4:03.25a PRAugustana (SD)
7.SrMichael Flores4:06.45a PRUniversity of Mary
8.SrJordan Bjorhus4:06.70aMinnesota-Duluth
9.FrBrent Flaa4:06.99a PRUniversity of Mary
10.FrRichard Keroak4:07.83a SRNorthern State (SD)
11.SoJustin Grassmeyer4:11.83aAugustana (SD)
12.FrBrock Rose4:18.85aNorthern State (SD)

1500 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SrJames Krajsa4:10.88aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrMatt Neff4:11.68aUniversity of Mary
5.SrJordan Bjorhus4:12.29aMinnesota-Duluth
7.SoDan Allen4:12.79aSt Cloud State
2.JrDenise Mokaya4:14.11aMinnesota State Mank...
4.SoMustafa Yusuf4:14.56aMinnesota State Mank...
9.FrBrock Rose4:14.82a PRNorthern State (SD)
6.SoHalvard Lange4:14.95aAugustana (SD)
10.FrBrent Flaa4:15.99aUniversity of Mary
8.SrMichael Flores4:16.22aUniversity of Mary
11.SoJustin Grassmeyer4:17.90aAugustana (SD)
12.FrRichard Keroak4:18.61aNorthern State (SD)
13.SoAbe Hartsell4:20.45aBemidji State
14.FrJason Schaaf4:22.88aWayne State (NE) Col...
15.SoLee Anderson4:24.26aWayne State (NE) Col...
16.SoTravis Husen4:24.66aMinnesota State Moor...
17.SrTyler Bjorhus4:26.01aMinnesota-Duluth
18.FrJoe Chebul4:27.79aWayne State (NE) Col...
19.FrBrian Quigley4:28.57aBemidji State
20.FrTravis Wagers4:30.77aConcordia-St. Paul
21.SoPatrick Diedrich4:41.09aBemidji State
22.SrNathaniel Bergen4:42.46aWayne State (NE) Col...
23.FrLucas Chase5:06.40aBemidji State

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoDana Schmidt14:57.80aMinnesota State Mank...
2.SrEric Atkinson15:02.31a PRMinnesota-Duluth
3.SrJames Krajsa15:22.93a SRMinnesota State Mank...
4.SrDanny Scott15:26.45aNorthern State (SD)
5.SoMatt Braithwaite15:33.31aAugustana (SD)
6.SoDan Allen15:34.39a SRSt Cloud State
7.SoJohn Rawerts15:34.70aNorthern State (SD)
8.SrBen Klungtvedt15:35.03aMinnesota State Mank...
9.JrMatt Heesch15:36.67a SRAugustana (SD)
10.SrKaleb Boese15:47.68aAugustana (SD)
11.FrTravis Beniak15:55.98a SRAugustana (SD)
12.SoHady Cherif15:57.04aSt Cloud State
13.FrKyle Neumann15:57.69aSt Cloud State
14.SrMike Kramer15:58.36a PRMinnesota-Duluth
15.SrJesse Merkel16:02.77aMinnesota State Mank...
16.SrPeter Oien16:07.33aAugustana (SD)
17.JrJosh Schmeichel16:16.18a SRNorthern State (SD)
18.SoErik Hanson16:20.67aMinnesota State Moor...
19.SoJohn Kern16:22.67aWayne State (NE) Col...
20.JrDaniel Schield16:31.32aConcordia-St. Paul
21.FrRichard Keroak16:37.98a SRNorthern State (SD)
22.FrMatt Seiler16:54.48aWayne State (NE) Col...
--SrJordan BjorhusDNFMinnesota-Duluth
--SrMatt SchneiderDNFWayne State (NE) Col...

10,000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoDana Schmidt32:22.55a PRMinnesota State Mank...
2.SrDanny Scott32:29.55aNorthern State (SD)
3.SrBen Klungtvedt32:43.31a PRMinnesota State Mank...
4.JrNate Preston33:00.20aWayne State (NE) Col...
5.SrJesse Merkel33:04.73a PRMinnesota State Mank...
6.SrEric Atkinson33:11.61a SRMinnesota-Duluth
7.SoJohn Rawerts33:14.25aNorthern State (SD)
8.SrKaleb Boese33:18.94a PRAugustana (SD)
9.SoHady Cherif33:40.65a SRSt Cloud State
10.SrPeter Oien33:54.12aAugustana (SD)
11.SrChad Janiszeski33:58.65a PRMinnesota State Mank...
12.SoJohn Kern34:16.99aWayne State (NE) Col...
13.JrDaniel Schield34:56.26aConcordia-St. Paul
14.FrMatt Seiler35:11.29aWayne State (NE) Col...
15.FrLuke Jordan36:28.01a SRSt Cloud State
16.SoJosh Stebbins37:33.63a PRConcordia-St. Paul
--FrMatt VenaasDNFMinnesota-Duluth

110m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.FrPaul Mallory15.13a (-1.9)Augustana (SD)
2.JrBill Cameron15.32a (-1.9)Northern State (SD)
3.JrSeth Urtel15.36a (-1.9)Minnesota-Duluth
4.SrTrevor Steen15.38a (-1.9)Northern State (SD)
5.JrLuke Shevela15.81a (-1.9)University of Mary
6.SrMarcus Jenkins15.95a (-1.9)St Cloud State
7.JrJimmy Warmuth16.07a (-1.9)Minnesota-Duluth
8.SoJeremy Davis16.10a (-1.9)St Cloud State

110m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Prelims

1.SrTrevor Steen15.07a PR (2.3)Northern State (SD)
3.SrMarcus Jenkins15.14a PR (2.3)St Cloud State
2.JrSeth Urtel15.19a (.6)Minnesota-Duluth
4.JrBill Cameron15.20a (.6)Northern State (SD)
5.FrPaul Mallory15.47a (2.3)Augustana (SD)
6.SoJeremy Davis15.67a (.6)St Cloud State
7.JrJimmy Warmuth15.70a (2.3)Minnesota-Duluth
8.JrLuke Shevela15.73a PR (2.3)University of Mary
9.SrChris Parno15.81a (.6)Minnesota-Duluth
10.SoArabin Lightfoot15.95a (.6)Northern State (SD)
11.-Amos Bessler16.03a PR (2.3)Bemidji State
12.JrZac Preble16.04a (.6)Bemidji State
13.FrTed Thuening16.25a (2.3)Concordia-St. Paul
14.SoAndrew Chaussee19.14a (.6)Concordia-St. Paul
15.FrMatt Revak19.27a SR (.6)Bemidji State

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.SrChris Parno54.53a PRMinnesota-Duluth
2.JrBill Cameron54.54a SRNorthern State (SD)
3.JrForrest Randall55.23a PRMinnesota-Duluth
4.FrLucas Torres55.53aMinnesota State Mank...
5.FrPaul Mallory55.99aAugustana (SD)
6.JrSeth Urtel56.29aMinnesota-Duluth
7.SoJeremy Davis57.17aSt Cloud State
8.JrZac Preble58.16aBemidji State

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Prelims

1.JrSeth Urtel56.31aMinnesota-Duluth
4.FrLucas Torres56.49aMinnesota State Mank...
2.SrChris Parno56.91aMinnesota-Duluth
5.SoJeremy Davis56.95aSt Cloud State
3.JrForrest Randall56.99aMinnesota-Duluth
6.JrZac Preble58.01a PRBemidji State
7.FrPaul Mallory58.20aAugustana (SD)
8.JrBill Cameron58.81aNorthern State (SD)
9.JrTodd Reed59.16aMinnesota State Mank...
10.-Garrett Flamig59.63aWayne State (NE) Col...
11.JrJimmy Warmuth59.78aMinnesota-Duluth
12.FrTed Thuening1:00.28aConcordia-St. Paul
13.JrCris Jirele1:01.01aSt Cloud State
14.FrBrent Lundgren1:01.13aMinnesota-Duluth
15.JrChris Kotlarek1:01.37aConcordia-St. Paul
16.SrTrevor Steen1:01.77aNorthern State (SD)
17.-Alex Smith1:02.62aAugustana (SD)
18.SoAndrew Chaussee1:03.97aConcordia-St. Paul
19.SoBrian Bauleke1:05.44aBemidji State
20.FrMatt Revak1:06.00aBemidji State

3k Steeplechase  Varsity - Finals

1.SrMatt Schneider9:21.55aWayne State (NE) Col...
2.FrTravis Beniak9:24.44aAugustana (SD)
3.JrNate Preston9:24.52aWayne State (NE) Col...
4.SrMike Kramer9:32.14a PRMinnesota-Duluth
5.SrNathaniel Petrich9:41.66a PRAugustana (SD)
6.SoJohn Kern9:47.75aWayne State (NE) Col...
7.JrJosh Schmeichel9:49.64a SRNorthern State (SD)
8.JrAdam Kne9:50.60a PRMinnesota State Moor...
9.FrShamus O'Grady10:02.25a PRSt Cloud State
10.FrKyle Larson10:07.65aMinnesota-Duluth
11.SrChad Janiszeski10:12.86a PRMinnesota State Mank...
12.JrMike Lynch10:25.41a PRBemidji State
13.SoDominique Trom10:36.59a SRBemidji State
14.FrRay Rolling10:38.34aMinnesota-Duluth
15.SrErik Hest10:40.27a PRMinnesota State Moor...
16.FrDavid Pieper10:47.66a SRSt Cloud State

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-John Pimental
Diahn Zeon
Kawaskii Bacon
Robert Spence
41.26aConcordia-St. Paul
2.-Gabe Udia
Nick Trisko
Marcus Jenkins
Michael Graham
41.27aSt Cloud State
3.-Mike Elliott
Kelvin Rodgers
Scott Lustig
Kyle Henderson
42.12aMinnesota State Mank...
4.-Brian Kiedrowski
Uchenna Ogbonnaya
Percy Watson
Brock Keaton
42.23aMinnesota State Moor...
5.-Seth Urtel
Daniel Kjolsing
Brian Ott
Forrest Randall
6.-Chris Faller
Jordan Puhalla
Brent Lindbery
Cory Ploof
42.71aUniversity of Mary
7.-Zak Kjolsing
Calvin McGruder
Arabin Lightfoot
Austin Suther
43.30aNorthern State (SD)
8.-Kyle Nooker
Zac Preble
Mitch Drotts
Marcus Dennis
44.32aBemidji State
---Cody Diehl
Drew Molacek
Garrett Flamig
Alex Timperley
DNFWayne State (NE) Col...

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Corey Shufelt
Percy Watson
Jacob Vossler
Aaron Lund
3:17.75aMinnesota State Moor...
2.-Mike Elliott
Adam Endres
Brady Flies
Sam Lance
3:19.55aMinnesota State Mank...
3.-Daniel Kjolsing
Chris Parno
Mike Finnerty
Brian Ott
4.-Joey Heglund
Matt Peterson
Austin Suther
Trevor Steen
3:22.16aNorthern State (SD)
5.-Diahn Zeon
Brian Kohlman
Chris Kotlarek
Matt Eicheldinger
3:24.55aConcordia-St. Paul
6.-Chris Lefler
Nick Trisko
Luke Windholz
David Queck
3:24.73aSt Cloud State
7.-Brian Bauleke
Mitch Drotts
Tyler Lange
Zac Preble
3:24.81aBemidji State
8.-Kole Seiler
Cory Ploof
Matt Neff
Brent Lindbery
3:26.42aUniversity of Mary
9.-Garrett Flamig
Andy Jansen
Steve Carroll
Ben Jansen
3:29.18aWayne State (NE) Col...
10.-Paul Mallory
Brian Werner
Halvard Lange
Alex Smith
3:30.62aAugustana (SD)

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.FrCody Hunt56-11.50Northern State (SD)
2.SoBen Jacobson54-00.00 SRUniversity of Mary
3.SoTodd DeJong50-08.75Minnesota State Mank...
4.FrAaron Jung50-01.75Augustana (SD)
5.SoJeremy Soupir49-01.50Minnesota State Mank...
6.FrJose Alba48-11.50 PRMinnesota State Moor...
7.SoTyler Velzke48-10.25Minnesota State Mank...
8.JrZac Preble47-05.00Bemidji State
9.SoAnthony Enyi46-10.25Minnesota State Moor...
10.SrTom Soldner45-11.75Minnesota-Duluth
11.SoTyler Lynch45-11.25Augustana (SD)
12.FrTyler Fleckenstein45-07.00 PRUniversity of Mary
13.FrTad Harman45-00.25 SRUniversity of Mary
14.-Matt Anderson43-09.25 PRBemidji State
15.-Darren Dell43-05.00 PRMinnesota State Moor...
16.FrKen Klein41-08.00Bemidji State
17.JrJustin Franke41-00.25 PRConcordia-St. Paul
18.SoJake Strange38-11.50 SRMinnesota-Duluth
19.SrBrady Lesnar33-10.75Northern State (SD)
--SrBen MartinsenNDMinnesota-Duluth

Discus - 2kg  Varsity - Finals

1.JrMichael Robinson48.73m SRMinnesota State Mank...
2.SoTyler Velzke47.20mMinnesota State Mank...
3.FrBradley Wright46.33m PRWayne State (NE) Col...
4.FrJose Alba44.60m SRMinnesota State Moor...
5.SoTyler Lynch44.60mAugustana (SD)
6.JrZac Preble44.40m PRBemidji State
7.SoBen Jacobson43.31mUniversity of Mary
8.SrTom Soldner42.99mMinnesota-Duluth
9.SoJon Evenson41.60mNorthern State (SD)
10.JrJacob Mathiesen41.21mWayne State (NE) Col...
11.-Darren Dell40.94m PRMinnesota State Moor...
12.FrTad Harman40.44m SRUniversity of Mary
13.JrKyle Christianson40.20m SRBemidji State
14.SoLuke Bucholz39.93m SRMinnesota State Moor...
15.-John Sloup39.56mWayne State (NE) Col...
16.FrTyler Fleckenstein38.65m PRUniversity of Mary
17.SoLogan Robinson38.34m SRBemidji State
18.FrEric Olson37.51m PRMinnesota-Duluth
19.-Matt Anderson36.76mBemidji State
20.FrKyle O'Neill34.27mWayne State (NE) Col...
21.SoChristian Berg33.52mSt Cloud State
22.SoWill Lange32.62mConcordia-St. Paul
23.SoJohn Huber31.09mNorthern State (SD)
24.JrJustin Franke30.78mConcordia-St. Paul
25.FrGarret Peterson30.23mMinnesota-Duluth
--FrJames PudwillNDConcordia-St. Paul
--SoAnthony EnyiNDMinnesota State Moor...
--SoJeremy SoupirNDMinnesota State Mank...

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.SoJon Evenson55.52mNorthern State (SD)
2.SoDan Larson52.20mMinnesota-Duluth
3.JrZac Preble51.60mBemidji State
4.JrBrock Beidleman50.94mBemidji State
5.SoLuke Bucholz49.64mMinnesota State Moor...
6.SrAndrew Stueck48.82mSt Cloud State
7.JrLance Nemec47.52m PRUniversity of Mary
8.FrSteve Antonich45.62mUniversity of Mary
9.SoBrandon Larson44.82mMinnesota State Moor...
10.FrDustin McColley43.98mSt Cloud State
11.FrNick Nellis42.98mSt Cloud State
12.FrAustin Suther41.24mNorthern State (SD)
13.FrLucas Torres40.22mMinnesota State Mank...
14.SoLogan Robinson39.94m SRBemidji State
15.SrBrady Lesnar39.44m PRNorthern State (SD)
16.SrChris Parno38.38mMinnesota-Duluth
17.JrAdam LeMay38.20mConcordia-St. Paul
18.SrBrian Schiller37.66mUniversity of Mary
19.FrEric Olson36.32mMinnesota-Duluth
20.SoWill Lange35.16mConcordia-St. Paul
21.SoAndrew Chaussee30.90mConcordia-St. Paul
22.FrJames Pudwill28.98mConcordia-St. Paul
---Justin OlsonNDMinnesota State Moor...
--JrKevin KnappNDAugustana (SD)

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoAndrew Rose6-07.50Northern State (SD)
2.-Marcus Dennis6-05.50 PRBemidji State
3.FrDustin McColley6-05.50 SRSt Cloud State
4.SoCalvin McGruder6-05.50Northern State (SD)
5.SrTre Sayles6-03.50Concordia-St. Paul
5.JrLance Nemec6-03.50University of Mary
7.SrPhilip Olson6-03.50Minnesota State Mank...
8.-Austin Simmons6-01.50 PRNorthern State (SD)
9.SoBlake Ridgway6-01.50Augustana (SD)
10.SoTravis Kamm5-11.50Northern State (SD)
11.FrBrent Lundgren5-09.75Minnesota-Duluth
---Amos BesslerNHBemidji State
---Adam SchneiderNHMinnesota-Duluth
--FrPaul WagnerNHBemidji State
--FrCody McCargarNHUniversity of Mary
--JrJohn PimentalNHConcordia-St. Paul
--JrBrock BeidlemanNHBemidji State
--SoBrian BaulekeNHBemidji State
--SoAdedayo OlogundeNHMinnesota State Mank...

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.FrBen Mauch16-06.75 PRMinnesota State Mank...
2.JrJake Alexander16-00.75 PRUniversity of Mary
3.SrJerry Jonas15-01.00Minnesota State Moor...
4.SrRoss Pfeifle15-01.00 PRNorthern State (SD)
5.JrGreg Schenavar15-01.00 SRUniversity of Mary
6.JrAdam LeMay15-01.00Concordia-St. Paul
7.FrCody Diehl14-07.25Wayne State (NE) Col...
8.JrZac Preble14-07.25Bemidji State
9.JrCody Hageman14-07.25 SRNorthern State (SD)
10.FrWilliam Brenny14-07.25St Cloud State
11.FrAndrew Fuller14-01.25 SRSt Cloud State
11.SrBrian Schiller14-01.25 PRUniversity of Mary
13.FrMitch Drotts13-07.25Bemidji State
13.JrDarren Rodgers13-07.25Minnesota-Duluth
13.-Tim Johnson13-07.25 PRMinnesota-Duluth
16.FrMatt Molde13-01.50 SRMinnesota-Duluth
---Nathan ArnesonNHMinnesota State Moor...
--SrBobby ScepaniakNHSt Cloud State
--FrDan NovakNHMinnesota State Mank...
--SoAndrew ChausseeNHConcordia-St. Paul
--SoChad PeckNHMinnesota State Moor...

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrJohn Pimental7.16m PR (6.2)Concordia-St. Paul
2.JrChris Nowlin7.03m PR (1.9)Minnesota State Mank...
3.JrKelvin Rodgers7.00m (3.6)Minnesota State Mank...
4.SoCalvin McGruder6.95m SR (1.8)Northern State (SD)
5.FrDiahn Zeon6.88m (.8)Concordia-St. Paul
6.JrNick Meseck6.82m PR (4.3)Minnesota State Moor...
7.SrTre Sayles6.79m SR (2.6)Concordia-St. Paul
8.FrAustin Suther6.64m SR (3.5)Northern State (SD)
9.FrDustin McColley6.60m PR (2.4)St Cloud State
10.SoTyler Zacher6.52m SR (2.1)University of Mary
11.SoAdedayo Ologunde6.46m SR (1.7)Minnesota State Mank...
12.FrPaul Wagner6.38m PR (3.9)Bemidji State
13.-Adam Schneider6.32m PR (3.3)Minnesota-Duluth
14.JrJimmy Warmuth6.22m PR (2.4)Minnesota-Duluth
15.FrZak Kjolsing6.18m (2.7)Northern State (SD)
16.JrCris Jirele6.09m (1.5)St Cloud State
17.SrAndrew Stueck6.02m (2.8)St Cloud State
18.FrAlex Timperley6.00m (2.3)Wayne State (NE) Col...
19.-Travis Toepfer5.98m (1.9)Wayne State (NE) Col...
20.SoBlake Ridgway5.93m (3.8)Augustana (SD)
21.SoLuke Bucholz5.92m (1.5)Minnesota State Moor...
22.JrNate Bahr5.81m SR (3.9)Bemidji State
23.-Nathan Arneson5.57m (4.1)Minnesota State Moor...
--JrSteve MilkovichNDMinnesota-Duluth

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoAdedayo Ologunde13.99m PR (1.1)Minnesota State Mank...
2.SrTre Sayles13.96m PR (.1)Concordia-St. Paul
3.JrNick Meseck13.84m PRMinnesota State Moor...
4.JrSteve Milkovich13.81m PR (1.2)Minnesota-Duluth
5.SrAndy Wyss13.61m PR (1.7)Concordia-St. Paul
6.-Adam Schneider13.50m PR (1.3)Minnesota-Duluth
7.-Travis Toepfer13.45mWayne State (NE) Col...
8.SrPhilip Olson13.38m PR (3.2)Minnesota State Mank...
9.SoTyler Zacher13.10m (-.5)University of Mary
10.FrAlex Timperley13.06m (.2)Wayne State (NE) Col...
11.FrDustin McColley12.94m PR (.7)St Cloud State
12.JrNate Bahr12.80m (1.0)Bemidji State
13.-Amos Bessler12.73m (.1)Bemidji State
14.JrLuke Shevela12.71m PR (-.2)University of Mary
15.SoTravis Kamm12.66m (1.2)Northern State (SD)
--JrJimmy WarmuthNDMinnesota-Duluth
---Rashad MoxeyNDWayne State (NE) Col...

Hammer - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.-John Sloup55.22m PRWayne State (NE) Col...
2.JrJacob Mathiesen53.18m PRWayne State (NE) Col...
3.SrBen Martinsen50.66mMinnesota-Duluth
4.SoBen Jacobson49.99m SRUniversity of Mary
5.JrKevin Knapp48.02m SRAugustana (SD)
6.JrMichael Robinson46.53m SRMinnesota State Mank...
7.JrPatrick Gerdes44.68m SRMinnesota State Moor...
8.JrKyle Christianson44.54m SRBemidji State
9.SoAnthony Enyi44.50mMinnesota State Moor...
10.SoTyler Velzke44.04mMinnesota State Mank...
11.SoTodd DeJong44.01mMinnesota State Mank...
12.SrTom Soldner42.85mMinnesota-Duluth
13.FrKyle O'Neill42.29m SRWayne State (NE) Col...
14.SoJohn Huber42.28mNorthern State (SD)
15.FrTad Harman41.95m SRUniversity of Mary
16.SoDan Larson40.77mMinnesota-Duluth
17.FrJose Alba39.82m SRMinnesota State Moor...
18.SoLogan Robinson39.75mBemidji State
19.SoChristian Berg38.70m PRSt Cloud State
20.JrJustin Franke38.39m SRConcordia-St. Paul
21.FrKen Klein37.17m SRBemidji State
22.FrTyler Fleckenstein37.04m PRUniversity of Mary
26.FrKyle O'Neill35.30mWayne State (NE) Col...
23.FrJames Pudwill33.66mConcordia-St. Paul
--FrBradley WrightNDWayne State (NE) Col...

Decathlon Score  Varsity - Finals

1.JrZac Preble6223Bemidji State
2.SrChris Parno6086 PRMinnesota-Duluth
3.JrJohn Pimental6061 SRConcordia-St. Paul
4.SoLuke Bucholz6021 SRMinnesota State Moor...
5.FrLucas Torres5860 SRMinnesota State Mank...
6.SrAndrew Stueck5809 PRSt Cloud State
7.FrAustin Suther5788 PRNorthern State (SD)
8.FrDustin McColley5685 PRSt Cloud State
9.JrCody Hageman5382 PRNorthern State (SD)
10.FrCody Diehl5378Wayne State (NE) Col...
11.JrCris Jirele5337 PRSt Cloud State
12.JrJimmy Warmuth5332 SRMinnesota-Duluth
13.FrNick Nellis4933 PRSt Cloud State
14.JrDrew Molacek4804 PRWayne State (NE) Col...
15.SoAndrew Chaussee4677 PRConcordia-St. Paul