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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Duane Wilson11.09hWalter Johnson
2.11Michael Pittsenberger11.4h PRWalter Johnson
4.11Casey Shamma12.11hBethesda-Chevy Chase
5.12George Smith12.12h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
6.12Paul Okeyo12.16hWalter Johnson
7.12Reid Williams12.2h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
8.11Ben Pyle12.25hWalter Johnson
9.10Rojay Daley12.3h PRWheaton
10.12Amani Simon-Chapman12.57hBethesda-Chevy Chase
11.12Brian Altman12.58h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
12.11Brian Gill12.60hWalter Johnson
13.9Aaron Ferguson12.64hWheaton
14.12Ali Ahmadi12.67h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
15.11Judson Danies12.82h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
16.10Stephon Hill12.83h PRWheaton
17.12Denis Gonzalez12.86h PRWheaton
18.9Kenny Clark13.22h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
19.10Muhammed Abdulkarimu13.25hWheaton
20.12Isai Artiga13.27h PRWheaton
21.11Christian Guerrero13.28h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
22.9James Thalley13.30h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
23.9Alex Welna13.34h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
24.12Jorge Granados13.58h PRWheaton
25.11Daniel Gao14.58h PRWheaton

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Michael Pittsenberger23.24h PRWalter Johnson
2.12Kerrence Pankay-James23.77hBethesda-Chevy Chase
3.12Paul Okeyo25.15h SRWalter Johnson
4.10Cole Ahnell25.21h SRWalter Johnson
5.10Michael Li25.48hWalter Johnson
6.10Rojay Daley25.62h PRWheaton
7.11Ben Pyle25.77h PRWalter Johnson
8.12Reid Williams25.82h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
9.12Brian Altman25.88h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
10.12Amani Simon-Chapman26.0h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
11.12Denis Gonzalez26.06h PRWheaton
12.10Stephon Hill26.26hWheaton
13.12George Smith26.28h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
14.11Judson Danies26.48h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
15.12Ali Ahmadi26.83h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
16.10Muhammed Abdulkarimu27.09hWheaton
17.11Brian Gill27.24hWalter Johnson
18.12Brian Koskey27.38h PRWheaton
19.12Kevin Garzon27.50h PRWheaton
19.9Cody Prince27.5h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
21.12Jorge Granados27.58h PRWheaton
22.9Alex Welna27.62h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
23.11Ismail Hassen28.26h PRWheaton
24.9James Thalley29.46h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
25.9Jackson Trott30.46h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Michael Li53.3h SRWalter Johnson
2.11Daniel Kirwan53.5h PRWalter Johnson
3.12Andrew Aylward55.6h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
4.10Cole Ahnell56.8hWalter Johnson
5.12Denis Gonzalez57.4hWheaton
6.9Julien Dorsey57.5h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
7.11David Segun57.9h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
8.11Mabeke Segojane58.0h SRWalter Johnson
9.11Ismail Hassen63.2hWheaton
10.12Isai Artiga63.4h PRWheaton
11.9Cody Prince64.3h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
12.9Jackson Trott66.7h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
13.10Patrick Mollaneda73.3hWheaton
14.9Haileb Ghebrekidan79.2h PRWheaton

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Martin Dally2:05hWalter Johnson
2.11Sean O'Leary2:07hWalter Johnson
3.12David Williams2:08h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
4.10Nick Regan2:13hWalter Johnson
5.11Ishan Dey2:13.7hWalter Johnson
6.11Mabeke Segojane2:17h SRWalter Johnson
7.10Alex Willett2:19h SRWalter Johnson
8.11Eric Damtoft2:20hBethesda-Chevy Chase
9.12Christian Frable2:21h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
10.11Chris Henderson2:23h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
11.12Kevin Garzon2:24h SRWheaton
12.9Jessie Young2:25hWalter Johnson
12.9Ryan Whitescarver2:25hWalter Johnson
14.11Luke Wilson2:27h PRWalter Johnson
14.10Daniel Bae2:27hWalter Johnson
16.9Tyler Hao2:32hWalter Johnson
17.12Nikolas Theiss2:35h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
18.12Jorge Granados2:36h SRWheaton
19.12Isai Artiga2:43hWheaton
20.11John Lillibridge2:44h PRWalter Johnson
21.9Aditya Srinivas2:54hWalter Johnson
22.11Alex Ting2:58h PRWalter Johnson
23.-Zachary Colombo3:07h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
24.9Kesav Krishnan3:09hWalter Johnson

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sean O'Leary4:37hWalter Johnson
2.10Alex Willett4:43hWalter Johnson
3.11Ishan Dey4:44h PRWalter Johnson
4.10Nick Regan4:46h SRWalter Johnson
5.12Roni G75 Teich4:47hWalter Johnson
6.12Phillip Shriver4:52hWalter Johnson
7.11Eric Damtoft4:55hBethesda-Chevy Chase
8.9Josh Ellis4:57hWalter Johnson
9.12Christian Frable5:00h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
10.10Trevor Stephens5:01h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
11.10Ian Morgan5:01.9hWalter Johnson
12.9Jessie Young5:02hWalter Johnson
13.9Scott Sheehan5:02.8hWalter Johnson
14.9James Sauro5:03.4hWalter Johnson
15.12Brian Koskey5:03.8h SRWheaton
16.12Nikolas Theiss5:04.4hBethesda-Chevy Chase
17.10Robert Brown5:12hWalter Johnson
18.12Mathew Kastler5:15hWalter Johnson
19.10Daniel Bae5:16hWalter Johnson
19.11Chris Henderson5:16hBethesda-Chevy Chase
21.11Luke Wilson5:17h PRWalter Johnson
22.10Philip Catterall5:17.5hBethesda-Chevy Chase
23.12Kevin Garzon5:17.9h SRWheaton
24.11Andrew Crouch5:18h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
25.10Patrick Frampus5:20h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
26.11Nick Richter5:23hBethesda-Chevy Chase
27.10Lucas Morrison5:23.7h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
28.11Thomas Wyderko5:26.5h PRWalter Johnson
29.9Tyler Hao5:28h PRWalter Johnson
30.11Milad Emamian5:31hWalter Johnson
31.9Ryan Whitescarver5:34hWalter Johnson
32.12Andrew Aylward5:37h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
33.10Sam Schulmanson5:37.9h PRWalter Johnson
34.11Jordan Weed5:48h PRWalter Johnson
35.9Aditya Srinivas5:50hWalter Johnson
36.11John Lillibridge6:03h PRWalter Johnson
37.11Daniel Gao6:04hWheaton
38.11Alex Ting6:04.8h PRWalter Johnson
39.11Carl Adams6:05hWalter Johnson
40.10Patrick Mollaneda6:24h PRWheaton
41.12Jessi Williams-Hall6:24.6h PRWalter Johnson
42.9Kesav Krishnan6:26hWalter Johnson

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sean O'Leary10:18hWalter Johnson
2.10Alex Willett10:22hWalter Johnson
3.12Roni G75 Teich10:25h PRWalter Johnson
4.10Nick Regan10:30h SRWalter Johnson
5.10Eliot Gerson10:31hBethesda-Chevy Chase
6.12Phillip Shriver11:05hWalter Johnson
7.9Josh Ellis11:11h SRWalter Johnson
7.9James Sauro11:11h SRWalter Johnson
9.9Scott Sheehan11:15hWalter Johnson
9.12Nikolas Theiss11:15hBethesda-Chevy Chase
11.10Patrick Frampus11:39h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
12.11Andrew Crouch11:40h SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
13.10Daniel Bae11:53h PRWalter Johnson
14.10Sam Schulmanson12:03h PRWalter Johnson
15.9Aditya Srinivas12:12h PRWalter Johnson
16.9Tyler Hao12:49h PRWalter Johnson
17.11Milad Emamian12:51hWalter Johnson
18.11Jordan Weed13:09h PRWalter Johnson
19.11Carl Adams13:47h SRWalter Johnson

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Matt Rybarczyk19.8h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
2.9Elad Covaliu20.4hWalter Johnson
3.12Paul Rubino20.5hBethesda-Chevy Chase

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Daichi Ueda44.28hWalter Johnson
2.11Andre Roberts46.18hWalter Johnson
3.12Paul Rubino48.69h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
4.9Cody Prince50.88h PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
5.10Matt Rybarczyk51.55hBethesda-Chevy Chase
6.10Ian Morgan52.60h PRWalter Johnson

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 48.82hBethesda-Chevy Chase
2.-Relay Team 49.98hWheaton
3.-Relay Team 50.79hWalter Johnson
4.-Relay Team 53.74hBethesda-Chevy Chase

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:35.2hWalter Johnson
2.-Relay Team 1:36.7hBethesda-Chevy Chase

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:44hWalter Johnson
2.-Relay Team 3:48hBethesda-Chevy Chase
3.-Relay Team 4:01hWalter Johnson
4.-Relay Team 4:04hWalter Johnson
5.-Relay Team 4:05hWalter Johnson
6.-Relay Team 4:08hWalter Johnson

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 8:40hWalter Johnson
2.-Relay Team 8:41hWalter Johnson
3.-Relay Team 8:56hBethesda-Chevy Chase
4.-Relay Team 9:05hWalter Johnson
5.-Relay Team 9:09hWalter Johnson

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Paul Okeyo39-11Walter Johnson
2.12Eli Kamerow38-03Bethesda-Chevy Chase
3.11Charles Banks37'10.5Bethesda-Chevy Chase
4.11Patrick Teixeira34-04 SRWalter Johnson
5.12Brian Altman32-11 PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
6.9Elad Covaliu31-09.5 SRWalter Johnson
7.11Tanasak Viriya29-00.5Wheaton
8.10Daniel Garay26-05.5Walter Johnson
9.12Ace Echavarren26-03.5 SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
10.10Chris Alexander24-06.5Walter Johnson
11.11Nuttarpong Phongroop24-05.5Wheaton
12.9Haileb Ghebrekidan21-10 PRWheaton

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Paul Okeyo104-02 PRWalter Johnson
2.10Daniel Garay101-02Walter Johnson
3.11Charles Banks91'06 SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
4.12Eli Kamerow87-08.5Bethesda-Chevy Chase
5.12Ace Echavarren85-07.5 PRBethesda-Chevy Chase
6.11Patrick Teixeira75-03.25Walter Johnson
7.12Brian Altman67-09Bethesda-Chevy Chase
8.11Tanasak Viriya67-08.5Wheaton
9.9Haileb Ghebrekidan65-07.5 PRWheaton
10.11Nuttarpong Phongroop63-11.5Wheaton
11.10Chris Alexander58-09 SRWalter Johnson

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12David Williams5-08Bethesda-Chevy Chase
2.12Robert Wilson5-08Wheaton
3.12Rico Taylor5-06Wheaton
4.11Alex Barrett5-04Bethesda-Chevy Chase
5.11Ben Pyle5-02Walter Johnson
6.9Cody Prince5-00 SRBethesda-Chevy Chase
7.9Jackson JuliusNHWheaton
7.11Thomas WyderkoNHWalter Johnson

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Robert Wilson17-08.5Wheaton
2.9Jackson Julius16-10 SRWheaton
3.12Duane Wilson16-08Walter Johnson
4.9Julien Dorsey16-05Bethesda-Chevy Chase
5.9Elad Covaliu15-08.5Walter Johnson
6.11Alex Ting15-01 PRWalter Johnson
7.9Aaron Ferguson14-08.5Wheaton
8.12Amani Simon-Chapman14-05Bethesda-Chevy Chase
9.11Brian Gill13-09Walter Johnson
10.12George Smith13-08.5 PRBethesda-Chevy Chase

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Michael Pittsenberger40-01.5Walter Johnson
2.12Robert Wilson39-05 PRWheaton
3.9Julien Dorsey35-04.5Bethesda-Chevy Chase
4.12Daichi Ueda32-11Walter Johnson
5.11Alex Ting29-08.5 PRWalter Johnson
6.12Rico TaylorfoulWheaton


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