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100 Meters  6A Varsity - Finals

1.12Booker Wells11.12a PR (.4)Grant
2.11Terik Springfield11.14a (.4)Grant
3.11Wesley Gray11.31a (.4)Benson
4.11Austin Cheadle11.46a SR (.4)Lincoln
5.11Matthew Dodier11.62a (.4)Benson
6.12Hakeem Salami11.71a (.4)Grant
7.10Zach Vandehey11.81a SR (.4)Lincoln
8.11Cameron Bratcher11.84a (.4)Franklin

100 Meters  6A Varsity - Prelims

1.12Booker Wells11.26aGrant
2.11Terik Springfield11.36aGrant
3.11Austin Cheadle11.61aLincoln
5.11Matthew Dodier11.62aBenson
4.12Hakeem Salami11.63a PRGrant
6.11Wesley Gray11.65aBenson
7.11Cameron Bratcher11.84aFranklin
8.10Zach Vandehey11.85aLincoln
9.12Zac Snyder11.87a PRWilson
10.12Enrique Trujeque12.10aLincoln
11.12Minh Hoang12.58aFranklin
11Tyler TroutmanDNSWilson

200 Meters  6A Varsity - Finals

1.11Terik Springfield23.10a (.7)Grant
2.12Booker Wells23.11a (.7)Grant
3.11Cameron Bratcher23.75a (.7)Franklin
4.12Hakeem Salami23.85a (.7)Grant
5.12Jamie Breuer23.96a (.7)Wilson
6.12Zac Snyder24.21a (.7)Wilson
7.11Matthew Dodier24.35a (.7)Benson
8.10Zach Vandehey24.70a (.7)Lincoln

200 Meters  6A Varsity - Prelims

1.12Booker Wells22.95aGrant
2.11Terik Springfield23.08aGrant
3.12Hakeem Salami23.38a PRGrant
4.11Cameron Bratcher23.69aFranklin
5.11Matthew Dodier23.77a SRBenson
7.12Zac Snyder23.86a PRWilson
6.10Zach Vandehey23.87aLincoln
8.12Jamie Breuer23.93a PRWilson
9.12Corey Chang24.39a SRLincoln
10.11Isiah Terry24.59a PRWilson
11.12Stephen Kuang25.53aFranklin
12.12Minh Hoang25.86aFranklin

400 Meters  6A Varsity - Finals

1.12Frederick Jackson50.05aBenson
2.12Paul Johnson50.70a PRBenson
3.11Marvin Dean52.08aGrant
4.12Hakeem Salami52.12a PRGrant
11Isiah Terry53.00a PRWilson
5.12Corey Chang53.53aLincoln
6.12Stephen Kuang58.82aFranklin
12Wade NorrisDNSBenson

800 Meters  6A Varsity - Finals

1.12Sam Ebeling1:58.40aGrant
2.10Demetrius Rhodes2:01.77aBenson
3.11Walter Stern2:02.91aLincoln
4.11Will Watkins2:04.26aGrant
5.11Alex Bittner2:05.49a PRLincoln
6.10Daniel Slaughter2:06.31aGrant
7.11Connor Hall2:07.87aWilson
8.12Will Olson2:09.47aWilson
9.12Harry Bayley2:12.57aFranklin
10.12Matt Edel2:14.38a SRFranklin
11.12Anthony Smith2:14.39a SRWilson
10Sam TsehainehDNSBenson

1500 Meters  6A Varsity - Finals

1.11Ian Burgess4:09.04aFranklin
2.12Chris Edmonds4:10.04aGrant
3.12Sam Ebeling4:12.18aGrant
4.10Sky Lofgran4:15.98aLincoln
5.12Allistaire Koons-Farrell4:19.08a PRFranklin
6.10Fletcher Hazlehurst4:22.42aFranklin
7.12Aidan Smith4:23.92aGrant
8.9Tanner Smith4:24.99aLincoln
9.12Graham Kinzel-Grubbs4:30.26aWilson
10.10Gabriel Penk4:33.00aWilson
11.11Humberto Gomez4:35.17a SRBenson
12.11Connor Hall4:35.18aWilson
13.12Tanner DeVoe4:41.36aLincoln

3000 Meters  6A Varsity - Finals

1.11Ian Burgess8:55.78aFranklin
2.12Aidan Smith9:07.47a PRGrant
3.10Jackson Baker9:09.83aFranklin
4.10Sky Lofgran9:09.85a PRLincoln
5.9Tanner Smith9:15.65a SRLincoln
6.10Fletcher Hazlehurst9:21.68a SRFranklin
7.12Graham Kinzel-Grubbs9:23.71a PRWilson
8.12Dylan Paulk9:34.96a SRGrant
9.12Ari Kohn9:36.31a PRGrant
10.10Gabriel Penk9:47.50aWilson
11.12Tanner DeVoe9:56.59aLincoln
12Anthony SmithDNSWilson

110m Hurdles - 39"  6A Varsity - Finals

1.12Gabe Hayes15.36a (-2.2)Grant
2.12Justin Johnson15.73a (-2.2)Benson
3.11Austin Cheadle16.05a (-2.2)Lincoln
4.12Aps Bakouros16.11a (-2.2)Lincoln
5.12Chris Miller16.43a PR (-2.2)Wilson
6.12Mike Hobizal17.62a (-2.2)Grant
7.11Joel Brandis20.24a (-2.2)Grant

300m Hurdles - 36"  6A Varsity - Finals

1.12Justin Johnson40.90aBenson
2.11Nathan VanDomelen41.73a SRLincoln
3.11Austin Cheadle41.92aLincoln
4.12Gabe Hayes42.03a PRGrant
5.12Mike Hobizal43.50a PRGrant
6.12Chris Miller43.95aWilson
9Adam LeClairDNSWilson
12Aps BakourosDNSLincoln

4x100 Relay  6A Varsity - Finals

1.-Booker Wells
Kenneth Acker
Nate Halverson
Terik Springfield
2.-Matthew Dodier
Wesley Gray
Justin Johnson
Paul Johnson
3.-Enrique Trujeque
Austin Cheadle
Zach Vandehey
Aps Bakouros
4.-Jamie Breuer
Zac Snyder
Isiah Terry
Nick Isham
5.-Stephen Kuang
Steve Morales
Moses Hurlic
Minh Hoang

4x400 Relay  6A Varsity - Finals

1.-Justin Johnson
Paul Johnson
Demetrius Rhodes
Frederick Jackson
2.-Alex Bittner
Corey Chang
Sky Lofgran
Walter Stern
3.-Cameron Bratcher
Ian Burgess
Allistaire Koons-Farrell
Fletcher Hazelhurst
4.-Jamie Breuer
Isiah Terry
Will Olson
Connor Hall
-Kenneth Acker
Chris Edmonds
Sam Ebeling
Marvin Dean

Shot Put - 12lb  6A Varsity - Finals

1.11Stephen Quartuccio47-10.00 PRWilson
2.12Eldrin Richard45-05.00Lincoln
3.12Hakim Muhammed41-08.00Grant
4.11Alec Brainard39-07.00Franklin
5.12Zach Twitchell38-05.00Wilson
6.11Tyler Troutman36-11.00 SRWilson
7.9Jakeen Hingano35-09.00Grant
8.11Patrick Haneberg35-08.00Lincoln
9.9Jared Hingano35-08.00Grant
10.11Andrew Toothacker34-07.00Franklin
11.12Gabriel Jenks33-04.00Benson
12.12Linneas Boland-Godbey29-02.00Lincoln

Discus - 1.6kg  6A Varsity - Finals

1.11Stephen Quartuccio146-11 PRWilson
2.11Andrew Toothacker133-01 PRFranklin
3.12Eldrin Richard114-04 PRLincoln
4.11Tyler Troutman114-00 SRWilson
5.9Taveon Ashley-Thompson106-11 SRGrant
6.12Gabriel Jenks101-05Benson
7.9Jakeen Hingano94-09 PRGrant
8.11Patrick Haneberg92-02Lincoln
9.12Linneas Boland-Godbey90-00Lincoln
10.11Alec Brainard89-00 PRFranklin
10Jordon ShellmireNDGrant
12Zach TwitchellNDWilson

Javelin - 800g  6A Varsity - Finals

1.10Daniel Slaughter159-03Grant
2.11Patrick Haneberg151-11 SRLincoln
3.10Gerard Holodak140-11 SRFranklin
4.12Sam Ebeling138-10 PRGrant
5.12Zach Twitchell136-10Wilson
6.12Aegir Olsen124-07Lincoln
7.11Hayden Young123-06 PRWilson
8.9Adam LeClair101-06Wilson
11Dylan JonesDNSGrant

High Jump  6A Varsity - Finals

1.11Darren Harold-Golden6-00.00Grant
2.10Alex Sattley5-08.00Franklin
3.12Chris DeLacy5-08.00Lincoln
4.12Eric Evans5-04.00Lincoln
4.11Hayden Young5-04.00Wilson
6.12Zach Twitchell5-04.00Wilson
7.11Ryan Short5-02.00Franklin
11Zach MinorNHWilson
11Sean StaufferNHGrant
11Drake WhitehurstNHLincoln

Pole Vault  6A Varsity - Finals

1.12Aegir Olsen13-06.00Lincoln
2.12Chris DeLacy12-06.00Lincoln
3.10Nathaniel Snyder11-06.00Grant
4.11Zach Minor10-06.00Wilson
5.11Hayden Young9-06.00Wilson
5.10Austin Macy9-06.00Grant
11James OstranderNHGrant

Long Jump  6A Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Isham21-07.75 PRWilson
2.12Booker Wells21-03.50 PRGrant
3.10Alex Sattley20-06.00Franklin
4.12Enrique Trujeque20-03.00Lincoln
5.12Eric Evans20-02.50Lincoln
6.11Joel Brandis20-01.00Grant
7.11Drake Whitehurst18-11.75 SRLincoln
8.12Mike Hobizal18-09.25Grant
9.12Jamie Breuer18-08.25Wilson
10.12Stephen Kuang15-11.00Franklin

Triple Jump  6A Varsity - Finals

1.10Alex Sattley43-11.00Franklin
2.11Wesley Gray42-08.00Benson
3.11Drake Whitehurst42-05.00 SRLincoln
4.12Chris DeLacy40-11.00 SRLincoln
5.11Nick Isham40-10.00 PRWilson
6.11Darren Harold-Golden40-08.00Grant
7.12Enrique Trujeque39-01.00Lincoln
8.12Wade Norris38-07.00Benson
9.11Joel Brandis37-04.00 SRGrant
10.12Mike Hobizal37-00.00 PRGrant
11.11Hayden Young35-08.00Wilson


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