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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dan Dykstra11.70a SRComstock Park
2.11Dejuan Edwards12.05aComstock Park
3.10Jacob Pitchure12.23a PRComstock Park
3.12Kurt Parris12.23aComstock Park
5.11Sam Anderson12.35aComstock Park
6.11Marcel Wadley12.50aComstock Park
7.11Chad Pifer12.61aComstock Park
8.11Jameel Mahqueed12.81aComstock Park
9.9Carson Uecker-Herman12.91aComstock Park
10.-Foday Cole13.11a PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
11.11Lucas Gerzac14.00aComstock Park
12.11Carson Krueger14.64aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
13.12Justin Funk16.51aComstock Park

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dan Dykstra23.51a SRComstock Park
2.11Sam Anderson25.27aComstock Park
3.11Marcel Wadley25.87aComstock Park
4.11Kyle Macklin26.06aComstock Park
5.-Josh VanderWeide26.24aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
6.11Chad Pifer26.30aComstock Park
7.9Carson Uecker-Herman26.89aComstock Park
8.11Jameel Mahqueed27.20aComstock Park
9.11Michael Wicker27.89a PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
10.-Foday Cole29.32a PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
11.10Josh Stowie30.43aComstock Park
12.9Alex Gardner30.73a SRComstock Park
13.11Sam Brill32.71a PRComstock Park
14.12Brandon Armstrong33.38aComstock Park

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.-Zach Pasikowski59.70a PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
2.12Jared Coates59.75aComstock Park
3.11Marcel Wadley1:01.48aComstock Park
4.11Jameel Mahqueed1:01.51a PRComstock Park
5.11Michael Wicker1:01.93aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
6.11Dan Roels1:02.93a PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
7.12Justin Funk1:03.90aComstock Park
8.-Austin Johnson1:04.77aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
9.12Brandon Armstrong1:12.80aComstock Park

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Loren DeJonge2:18.22aComstock Park
2.11Cody Laughlin2:25.45aComstock Park
3.12Scott Becker2:30.52aComstock Park
4.10Nick Austin2:30.98a PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
5.12Austin Nelson2:42.14aComstock Park
6.-Austin Johnson2:47.65a PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
7.11Dan Mulder3:00.81aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
9Chad MontgomeryDQComstock Park
11Stephan MorehouseDQComstock Park
11Greg BrillDQComstock Park

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tate Baker5:05.79aComstock Park
2.10Dan Macalka5:07.01aComstock Park
3.9Daniel Hausler5:28.09aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
4.9Travis Taylor5:29.50a PRComstock Park
4.12Tony Russo5:29.50aComstock Park
6.12Scott Becker5:49.12aComstock Park
7.9Tyler Fink6:10.61aComstock Park
8.9Dylan Fink6:13.12aComstock Park
9.12Austin Nelson6:13.59a PRComstock Park
10.9Nathan Smith6:22.79aComstock Park
11.11Dan Mulder6:24.65aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
11Joey HauslerDQGR_NorthPointe Chris...
10Jacob PitchureDQComstock Park
9Chad MontgomeryDQComstock Park
11Shane MooneyDQComstock Park

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Dan Macalka11:03.57aComstock Park
2.11Joey Hausler11:28.85a SRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
3.11Tate Baker11:40.11aComstock Park
4.9Dylan Fink13:49.87aComstock Park
5.9Tyler Fink13:50.40aComstock Park
6.9Nathan Smith14:20.95aComstock Park
7.9Travis Taylor16:30.40a PRComstock Park
9Daniel HauslerDQGR_NorthPointe Chris...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Casey Wagner16.26aComstock Park
2.10Tim Sullivan18.41aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
3.12Austin Garthe19.92aComstock Park
4.12Zach Banks19.94aComstock Park
5.12Brandon Armstrong23.29aComstock Park
6.11John Higuera24.60aGR_NorthPointe Chris...

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Casey Wagner41.28aComstock Park
2.10Tim Sullivan46.03a SRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
3.12Tyler Urbanski51.37aComstock Park
4.11John Higuera52.21aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
5.12Austin Garthe53.80aComstock Park
6.9Trevor McGarry55.61aComstock Park
7.9Tyler Fink56.23aComstock Park

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Forrest Basso
Dejuan Edwards
Kurt Parris
Dan Dykstra
46.74aComstock Park
2.-Sam Anderson
Chad Pifer
Brian Nicholson
Ben Miller
47.94aComstock Park
3.-Trevor McGarry
Carson Uecker-Herman
Lucas Gerzac
Justin Funk
52.02aComstock Park

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Dejuan Edwards
Kurt Parris
Dan Dykstra
Forrest Basso
1:35.03aComstock Park
2.-Sam Anderson
Chad Pifer
Brian Nicholson
Ben Miller
1:40.32aComstock Park
3.-Trevor McGarry
Carson Uecker-Herman
Lucas Gerzac
Justin Funk
1:50.14aComstock Park
4.-Michael Wicker
Josh VanderWeide
Dan Roels
Foday Cole
1:51.00aGR_NorthPointe Chris...

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Kurt Parris
Trevor Crittenden
Loren DeJonge
Casey Wagner
3:53.60aComstock Park
2.-Relay Team 4:18.27aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
3.-Jared Coates
Travis Johnson
Trevor McGarry
Tony Russo
4:18.82aComstock Park
4.-Zach Banks
Austin Garthe
Tyler Urbanski
Marcel Wadley
4:21.44aComstock Park

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 9:28.41aGR_NorthPointe Chris...
2.-Dan Macalka
Austin Nelson
Tate Baker
Cody Laughlin
9:31.23aComstock Park
3.-Jared Coates
Brian Nicholson
Scott Becker
Dylan Fink
10:08.56aComstock Park

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trevor Crittenden44-10.00Comstock Park
2.12Tyler Jenks43-06.50Comstock Park
3.12Zach Westveer41-11.50Comstock Park
4.11Carson Krueger35-10.00GR_NorthPointe Chris...
5.10Zach Fandrich35-05.00 PRComstock Park
6.12Brandon McGarry35-03.50 PRComstock Park
7.11Zach Wang34-02.00Comstock Park
8.9Travis Johnson32-02.00 PRComstock Park
9.11Kyle Macklin32-00.00 SRComstock Park
10.9Jesse Moore31-08.00Comstock Park
11.11Jeremiah Johnson27-09.00 PRComstock Park
12.11Tyler Higgs26-11.00Comstock Park
12.-Josh VanderWeide26-11.00GR_NorthPointe Chris...
14.-Adam Plowman25-01.50 PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
15.9Walter Esese23-07.00Comstock Park

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Jenks105-01Comstock Park
2.12Zach Westveer99-03Comstock Park
3.12John Nicholson93-04 PRComstock Park
4.11Carson Krueger90-05GR_NorthPointe Chris...
5.12Trevor Crittenden90-01Comstock Park
6.11Tyler Higgs83-08Comstock Park
7.11Zach Wang81-01Comstock Park
8.11Kyle Macklin70-04Comstock Park
9.9Walter Esese68-05Comstock Park
10.10Zach Fandrich67-11Comstock Park
11.9Jesse Moore67-06Comstock Park
12.-Adam Plowman67-05 PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
13.9Travis Johnson62-10 PRComstock Park
14.11Jeremiah Johnson62-01Comstock Park
11Stephan MorehouseDQComstock Park
12Jordan MussonDQComstock Park
12Ben MillerDQComstock Park
12Nic RhodesDQComstock Park
12Brandon McGarryDQComstock Park
12Chad WirtDQComstock Park
11Djour WoodardDQComstock Park
11Sam PlowmanDQGR_NorthPointe Chris...

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Forrest Basso5-06.00Comstock Park
2.12Brian Nicholson5-02.00Comstock Park
12Nic RhodesDQComstock Park
9Trevor McGarryDQComstock Park
11Dejuan EdwardsDQComstock Park

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Loren DeJonge11-06.00Comstock Park
2.12Ross Bryan11-00.00Comstock Park
11John BeckerDQComstock Park
10Jacob PitchureDQComstock Park
10Josh StowieDQComstock Park
10Caleb WestveerDQComstock Park

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Forrest Basso19-03.00Comstock Park
2.12Ben Miller18-05.00Comstock Park
3.11Dejuan Edwards17-05.00Comstock Park
4.-Zach Pasikowski15-11.00GR_NorthPointe Chris...
5.11Cody Laughlin15-09.00Comstock Park
6.11Michael Wicker15-07.00 PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
7.-Josh VanderWeide15-04.00 PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
8.12Brian Nicholson15-00.00Comstock Park
9.12Tyler Urbanski14-02.00Comstock Park
10.12Zach Banks14-01.50Comstock Park
11.11Carson Krueger9-04.00 PRGR_NorthPointe Chris...
11Sam PlowmanDQGR_NorthPointe Chris...


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