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EHS Winter Invitational


Official Tue, Jan 24, 2017 Jan 24, 2017Episcopal HS

Field: 4:00 PMTrack: 4:00 PM

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Womens Varsity 500 Meters

1.10Margaux Ameer 1:22.63a PRGeorgetown Day
2.9Megan Lynch 1:23.50a PRGeorgetown Visitation Prep
3.9Dagny Fisher 1:25.00a SRGeorgetown Visitation Prep
4.-Monte Saunders 1:25.58a PRMadeira
5.10Danielle Soto 1:26.07a Georgetown Day
6.9Maddy Oliver 1:26.31a SRTrinity School at Meadow View
7.11Jeannine Walker 1:26.52a St Stephens and St Agnes
8.11Raphaella Henson-Vendrell 1:26.54a PRPaul VI
9.9Catherine Hyman 1:26.69a Potomac (McLean VA)
10.12Simone Ameer 1:27.31a PRGeorgetown Day
11.12Mollie Miller 1:27.35a PRSt Stephens and St Agnes
12.9Ellen Thurneysen 1:28.34a PRPaul VI
13.11Natalie Johnson 1:28.55a Flint Hill
14.12May Robison 1:29.19a SRGeorgetown Day
15.12Ellie Leape 1:29.23a PRSidwell Friends
16.11Paige Hathaway 1:31.24a Episcopal
17.10Mackie Wainstein 1:31.98a St Stephens and St Agnes
18.10Julia Vold 1:32.57a PRPotomac (McLean VA)
19.11Paige Lighthammer 1:32.71a SRPotomac (McLean VA)
20.11Taylor Henriksen 1:32.90a SRSt Stephens and St Agnes
21.9Catie Stack 1:33.74a SRFlint Hill
22.10Abby Blascovich 1:36.26a Paul VI
23.10Charlotte Loesch 1:37.88a Georgetown Visitation Prep
24.9Erin Dolan 1:37.98a Saint John Paul the Great Catholic
25.10Allison McKenzie 1:38.18a Georgetown Visitation Prep
26.9Mary Claire Cothran 1:38.97a PRSaint John Paul the Great Catholic
27.9Windsor Smith 1:40.61a PRPotomac (McLean VA)
28.11Katherine Dolan 1:43.54a PRSaint John Paul the Great Catholic
29.12Isabel Marshall 1:45.30a Episcopal
30.10Kristen Fairbank 1:45.37a Potomac (McLean VA)
31.9Jackie Ayers 1:45.49a PRMadeira
32.-Angela Zheng 1:48.26a PRMadeira