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Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet #1

HS, Club, Unattached

Virtual Thu, Apr 16 - Thu, Apr 23, 2020 Apr 16 - Apr 23, 2020Choose Your Own Location & Be Safe

Six days ago, we released virtual track meets to a test group of athletes and teams. Within 24 hours, over 1,000 entries had been submitted! View the Test Group meet results and posts.

With many updates and new features released this week, we are going to do it again...launched with the whole nation as virtual track competitors and testers!!! Please join us in trying out virtual events and testing every area of the system. We love the feedback and requests coming in and hearing your ideas on the virtual meets you are now hosting on the site. Athletes, be sure to read the Rules & FAQs section for posting rules, for this week.

NEW for this weeks Virtual Track & Field Meet

  • Posts Feed -- view the submitted result posts for all competitors, on the web or in app. You can get up to 2 entries in to the weekly prize drawing for interacting with a post (Like = 1 entry, Commenting = 1 entry). Interact with as many posts as you want = more entries and more testing data. Encourage each other in competing virtually!
  • Results Moderation -- results will be marked as valid or invalid as moderated by coaches & meet host. Make sure to read up on the rules, below, to submit valid evidence.
  • Rules & FAQs -- rules have been updated to specifically detail evidence required. Make sure to review those.
  • Follow Athletes -- view entries and follow athletes competing in your favorite events and you will see their results posts in your own feed, in real-time!
  • Find other Virtual Track Meets -- view the event list to find more virtual meets. As of April 14, the tester teams had created 40+ virtual meets around the nation. Noticed one that is offering a free t-shirt to all participants! Starting next week, we will be promoting events you set up and host for local, state or national teams.

Soon to be Released...!

  • AtheticAPP GPS Record Run -- Gives you race commands to start your event, stops the clock and distance measurement right on your selected distance. Plus, tons more integration coming.


Week 1 - Compete virtually with your team and athletes around the nation

1) Go to the Register tab, click the Add Meet button. You will need to be signed in to a free Athletic.net account.

2) Select events that you would like to compete in virtually.

3) Download the AthleticAPP to submit your results and evidence of completion.

  • If you already have the AthleticAPP, you will receive an app notification when you register for your event
  • If you are downloading the AthleticAPP after you selected your events, you will see your notification in the app upon opening it and completing your login


$1K+ of weekly Prizes (Prizes will change weekly)

Prizes for the Athletic Virtual Track & Field Meet: April 16-22

*Register in Athletic Virtual Series Events & Post your Result and Video on the AthleticAPP to be entered in the weekly drawing. Winners announced Tuesday of the following week, after the event closes.

How to gain more than 1 entry:

  • 1 entry per event and result posted (must include valid evidence)
  • 1 entry per "Like" on other athletes' result posts
  • 1 entry per comment written on other athletes' result posts (duplicate comments do not count)

Social Distancing Guidelines

Your safety and health are of utmost importance at all times. Please follow all guidelines set forth by national & local officials, schools and parents. Virtual events are intended to help you stay active and motivated while training and exercising on your own. We all miss the sport and competing together in one location; we know you do, too. We can all use this time to enjoy those close to us and compete with everyone else from afar!

Video Tutorials & Introduction to Virtual Meets


Test Group Introduction Video (from April 9-14 event)


Virtual Track Meet Overview -- Creating Your Own Virtual Meet


Coaches Guide to Sharing Virtual Track Meets with Athletes

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