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NSAF x AthleticNET Virtual Nationals Qualifying Meet 1

HS, Club, Unattached

Virtual Fri, May 15 - Fri, May 22, 2020 May 15 - May 22, 2020USA

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Rules & FAQs (Video evidence is required for ALL running events except 5k and 3k RW)

Events for Qualifying Meet 1 must be completed between May 15 - May 22 and submitted by midnight, May 22

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Womens Qualifying Meet 1 1600 Meters

Valid Results
1.10Riley Stewart 4:47.6h PRView Post
2.9Maya Mor 4:55.1h View Post
3.12Madaline Ullom 4:59.3h PRView Post
4.9Riley Knoyle 5:01.9h PRView Post
5.11Hannah Ielfield 5:07.0h View Post
6.7Hannah Shaffer 5:29.7h PRView Post
7.9Maelynn Higgins 5:32.8h PRView Post
8.11Ayanna Donwerth 5:35.0h View Post
9.11Paige Anderson 5:35.8h View Post
10.11Holly Arrison 5:36.0h View Post
11.13-14Lily Day 5:40.7h View PostWestchester Striders Track & Field
12.10Daphne Theiler 5:43.0h View Post
12.11Lindsay Ripple 5:43.0h PRView Post
14.7Alanna Clague 5:47.1h View Post
15.10Ruth Brueckner 5:48.0h PRView Post
16.12Emily Coddington 5:49.0h View Post
17.9Kadyn Rolleri 5:51.8h View PostBret Harte
17.12Caitlin Henning 5:51.8h PRView Post
19.12Lauren Monaghan 5:51.9h SRView PostTroy
20.8Carissa Flynn 5:52.4h View Post
21.8Mary Eagle 5:54.0h PRView Post
22.8Kayli Fitzhugh 5:58.2h PRView Post
23.10Marisa Servis 6:04.8h PRView Post
24.8Kali Bunce 6:19.5h PRView Post
25.10Scarlett Rose 6:21.1h PRView Post
26.11Lily Harvey 6:25.3h SRView PostRochester Century
27.8Grace Doyle 6:34.3h PRView Post
28.8Arianna Pate 6:39.7h PRView Post
29.11Paige Denman 6:48.0h PRView PostKenmore East
30.8Alexis Veenhuis 6:53.3h PRView Post
31.11Alexis Donnan 6:58.0h PRView Post
32.12Aliyah Latham 7:01.3h PRView Post
33.9Haley Alvendia 7:12.0h PRView Post
34.7Emmy Duke 7:13.1h View Post
35.7Abigail Olsen 7:39.3h PRView Post
36.9Rachel Dreher 8:12.0h PRView Post
Invalid Results
12Naomi Smith 4:55.4h View PostKing's
12Allison Pierontoni 5:07.9h View PostKingsway Regional
8Mylie Kelly 5:38.0h View Post
6Jenna Kinas 5:53.3h View Post
8Charly Bringe 6:11.7h View Post
7Clara Stevens 6:14.1h View Post
10Caitlyn Vergari 8:13.0h View Post
7Madilyn Wulf 8:29.0h View Post