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NSAF x AthleticNET Virtual Nationals Qualifying Meet 1

HS, Club, Unattached

Virtual Fri, May 15 - Fri, May 22, 2020 May 15 - May 22, 2020USA

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Rules & FAQs (Video evidence is required for ALL running events except 5k and 3k RW)

Events for Qualifying Meet 1 must be completed between May 15 - May 22 and submitted by midnight, May 22

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Mens Qualifying Meet 1 1600 Meters

Valid Results
1.12Sam Clark 4:24.7h PRView Post
2.11Joshua Galindo 4:34.2h View Post
3.11Alex Oathout 4:37.2h View Post
4.10Ethan Mashtare 4:40.0h PRView PostBellows Free Academy - St. Albans
5.10Michael Bohlke 4:41.6h View PostNewington
6.10Brendan DiStefano 4:43.0h View Post
7.11Ryan Horton 4:45.3h SRView PostRochester Century
8.10Thomas Arnold 4:46.5h View Post
9.11Alessandro Malagoli 4:49.0h PRView Post
9.10Nicolas Saenz 4:49.0h PRView Post
11.11Aidan Musgrave 4:50.7h PRView Post
12.11Coby Newcomb 4:51.0h PRView Post
12.11Ethan Barker 4:51.0h PRView Post
14.8Carter Johnson 4:53.0h PRView Post
15.15-16Aiden Sico 4:56.9h PRView PostEast Orlando
16.11Jakob Eggen 4:57.6h PRView Post
17.11Alex Aubrecht 4:57.7h PRView Post
18.11Sage Yeshua 4:58.0h SRView PostFranklin (WA)
19.10Gabriel Phillips 4:58.2h PRView Post
20.10Robert Perry 5:00.0h View Post
21.10Ryan Allen 5:01.0h PRView Post
22.12Edward Carrillo 5:03.3h PRView Post
23.10Dylan Malone 5:04.7h PRView Post
23.13-14Jacoby Ennis 5:04.7h SRView Post
25.17-18Will Shahbazian 5:05.9h View PostNew England Elite Track Club
26.10Jacob Fiorillo 5:07.9h PRView Post
27.8Ryan Dudley 5:12.6h PRView Post
28.9Griffin Conway 5:14.8h PRView Post
29.9Joshua Duvall 5:16.7h PRView Post
30.8Luke Sprague 5:21.0h PRView Post
31.13-14Kaiser Martin 5:21.7h PRView PostXtreme Speed
32.7Noah Pasuquin 5:27.9h SRView Post
33.7Skylar Lau 5:35.5h SRView Post
34.8TJ Donnan 5:37.0h PRView Post
35.11John Olsen 5:39.1h View PostChrist's Legacy
36.8Hudson Shaver 5:39.4h PRView Post
37.9Jakob Watson 5:39.9h PRView Post
38.8Silas Mann 5:40.0h PRView Post
39.12Adam Bristol 5:47.9h PRView Post
40.13-14Conner Benowitz 5:51.7h View PostWestchester Striders Track & Field
41.11Casey McMahon 5:59.2h PRView Post
42.11Nick Goss 6:07.0h SRView PostPonderosa
Invalid Results
12Billy Atkinson 4:11.6h View Post
12Terry Robinson 4:20.5h View PostLansing
10Ryan Lovelace 4:22.0h View Post
11Colin McLaughlin 4:27.6h View Post
Shef West 4:29.2h View Post
11Nickolas Idrogo-lam 4:33.2h View Post
11Beckett Schoenleber 4:38.5h View Post
11Austin Hutchings 4:46.9h View Post
10Holden Eagle 4:47.9h View Post
9Nash Merklein 5:08.6h View Post
11Justice Ramsey 5:11.2h View PostKenmore East
10David Huggins 5:13.0h View Post
8Jonah Reynolds 6:02.0h View Post
12Mapenzi Kinege 4:38:07.0h View PostFranklin (WA)