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NSAF x AthleticNET Virtual Nationals Qualifying Meet 1

HS, Club, Unattached

Virtual Fri, May 15 - Fri, May 22, 2020 May 15 - May 22, 2020USA

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Rules & FAQs (Video evidence is required for ALL running events except 5k and 3k RW)

Events for Qualifying Meet 1 must be completed between May 15 - May 22 and submitted by midnight, May 22

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Mens Qualifying Meet 1 200 Meters

Valid Results
1.17-18Ezekiel Clark 22.1h View PostMinnesota Flyers
2.17-18Dejon Manning 22.3h View PostLancaster City
3.17-18Ashton Schwartzman 22.4h SRView Post
4.12Will Watkins 22.6h View PostMarin Catholic
5.12Jude Nair 22.7h PRView Post
6.9Nicholas Coonan-Bailey 22.8h View Post
6.11Aaron Cooper 22.8h View Post
8.17-18Amere Dickinson 22.9h View PostLancaster City
9.12Anish Rajamanickam 23.1h PRView Post
10.12Christian Grenier 23.2h PRView Post
10.12Brennen Bargesser 23.2h View Post
12.12Levi Conner 23.3h PRView Post
13.11Brandon Thaggard 23.5h PRView Post
14.12Cody Jackson 23.9h PRView Post
15.10Jeremy Brown 24.1h View PostLegacy Prep Christian Academy
16.11Anthony Boscaglia 24.4h SRView PostCass City
17.12Christian Morgan 24.5h PRView Post
18.10Andrew Roland 24.6h SRView PostKenmore East
18.9William Starnes 24.6h View Post
20.11Andrew Leahy 24.7h View PostThe Woodlands Christian
21.15-16Ryan Lindenberg 24.8h View PostNittany Track and Field
21.8Brayden Chavez 24.8h SRView Post
23.10Cameron Walle 24.9h SRView PostChaska
24.11Joseph Roldan 25.2h SRView Post
25.15-16Tenichi Gordon 25.4h PRView PostKitsap Fliers Track and Field
26.11Will Comparin 25.6h View Post
27.11Christian Hancock 26.1h PRView Post
28.13-14Harrison Richards 29.8h View PostWestchester Striders Track & Field
29.8Myles Redding 30.4h View Post
30.10Lucas Jundt 30.6h PRView Post
31.7Colton Hollingshead 31.0h SRView Post
32.11Casey McMahon 31.4h PRView Post
33.8Skyler Martinson 33.9h PRView Post
34.9Christopher McMahon 34.2h PRView Post
Invalid Results
10John Shultzaberger 22.3h View Post
10Walter Requeno 25.3h View Post
12Joseph Sanchez 25.5h View Post