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District 1 Meet of Champions


Official Thu, May 6, 2021 May 6, 2021District 1 Meet of Champions

Field: 2:30 PMTrack: 2:30 PM

Welcome to the 2021 District 1 Meet of Champions

The District 1 Meet of Champions will begin at 2:30 on Thursday May 6, 2021. The top sixteen times/marks in the individual events and the top eight relay times will participate in thie year's meet.

Entry fee: $100 per school or $10 per athlete.

Please register your athletes on athletic.net no later than 10:00pm on Tuesday May 4, 2021. I will post the meet program on athletic.net Wednesday morning so all coaches will know which of your athletes qualified for the meet. No additional athletes will be seeded after Tuesday. You can substitute your athletes as long as they run in the same heat/lane.

General Meet Information: 1st place athletes will be awarded a meet T-shirt (one shirt only for multiple winners) and medals for 2nd and 3rd in both individual and relay events.

Field Events: In the long and triple jump each athlete will be given 4 attempts with no finals. In the shot and discus each athlete will be given three attempts in the preliminaries and the top nine will advance to the finals.

Running Events: In the hurdles, 100, 200, and 400 there will be two heats. The 800, 1600, and 3200 will consist of one heat.

District 1 Meet of Champions Fields Events Schedule (times are approximate)

2:30 - Boys Shot Put, Boys Long Jump, Boys High Jump, Girls Discus, Girls Triple Jump, Girls Pole Vault.

4:00 - Boys Discus, Boys Triple Jump, Boys Pole Vault, Girls Shot Put, Girls Long Jump, Girls High Jump.

District 1 Meet of Champions Running Events Time Schedule (times are approximate)

2:30   sprint medley relay girls (4A, 3A, 2A, 1A)

2:40   sprint medley relay boys (4A, 3A, 2A, 1A)

2:50   1600 meter run girls

3:00   1600 meter run boys

3:10   4 x 200 meter relay girls

3:18   4 x 200 meter relay girls

3:25   Hall of Fame Presentations

3:40   100 meter high hurdles girls

3:55   110 meter high hurdles boys

4:05   400 meter dash girls

4:15   400 meter dash boys

4:30   100 meter dash girls

4:40   100 meter dash boys

4:55   800 meter run girls

5:03   800 meter run boys

5:10   4 x 100 meter relay girls

5:20   4 x 100 meter relay boys

5:35   300 meter intermediate hurdles girls

5:50   300 meter intermediate hurdles boys

6:00   200 meter dash girls

6:10   200 meter dash boys

6:20   3200 meter run girls

6:40   3200 meter run boys

6:55   4 x 400 relay girls

7:00   4 x 400 relay boys







Mens Results Women

100 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Braden Kappen 11.17a Sandpoint
2.11Sheldon Pine 11.63a Post Falls
3.12Jordan Gallegos 11.69a Coeur d'Alene Charter
4.11Alexzander Raudebaugh 11.73a Coeur D'Alene
5.12Kyle Lickfold 11.73a Post Falls
6.11Dalton Wild 11.75a Post Falls
7.11Josiah Weaver 11.88a Lake City
8.11Zachary Adkinson 11.89a Lake City
9.11Richie Thomas 11.93a Lakeland
10.11Grady Woodworth 11.95a Timberlake
11.9Dylan Wolfe 11.96a Post Falls
12.12Daniel Walker 12.00a Bonners Ferry
13.11Isaiah Griffin 12.03a Coeur D'Alene
14.10Jayden Brown 12.10a Coeur D'Alene
15.10Alex Marquez 12.29a Timberlake
16.10John Cornish 12.31a Lakeland
200 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Braden Kappen 22.94a Sandpoint
2.12Jordan Gallegos 23.56a Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.11Caleb Streeter 23.63a Post Falls
4.11Sheldon Pine 23.69a Post Falls
5.11Chase Berg 23.76a Post Falls
6.12Hayden Stockton 23.77a Bonners Ferry
7.11Richie Thomas 24.29a Lakeland
8.11Noah Janzen 24.42a Lake City
9.9Blair Crane 24.57a Post Falls
10.12Daniel Walker 24.63a Bonners Ferry
11.11Keyan Strock 24.72a Sandpoint
12.10Elijah Sindt 24.85a Lakeland
13.12JJ (Jayson) Hall 24.86a Lakeside
14.11Kale Paslay 25.03a Timberlake
11Grady Woodworth NT Timberlake
12Willy Wall NT Bonners Ferry
400 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayden Stockton 50.75a Bonners Ferry
2.10Terry Edwards 52.18a Lakeland
3.11Peyton Ennis 52.59a Sandpoint
4.11Zach Yetter 53.04a Timberlake
5.11Aydden Johnson 53.21a Lake City
6.12Braden Dance 53.40a PRCoeur D'Alene
7.10Donovan Daniels 53.71a Post Falls
8.12Willy Wall 54.27a Bonners Ferry
9.12Noah Barnes 54.58a Timberlake
10.10Gavin McMeekan 54.61a Lake City
11.12JJ (Jayson) Hall 54.67a Lakeside
12.12Isaiah Meredith 54.69a Post Falls
13.11Morgan Bunting 55.21a Coeur D'Alene
14.10Paul Janke 57.84a Lake City
12Caden McClean NT Post Falls
10Elijah Sindt NT Lakeland
12Braden Kappen 51.17 Sandpoint
10Rusty Lee 51.95 Sandpoint
11Peyton Ennis 52.31 Sandpoint
11Ben Ricks 53.80 Sandpoint
800 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Peters 2:01.59a Post Falls
2.12Jett Lucas 2:03.35a Sandpoint
3.12Braden Dance 2:07.80a Coeur D'Alene
4.11Steven Ball 2:08.45a Coeur D'Alene
5.12Sawyer Crenshaw 2:08.88a Post Falls
6.11Maximillian Bazler 2:09.55a Lake City
7.12Cameron Craigie 2:09.73a Coeur d'Alene Charter
8.9Jacob King 2:09.80a Coeur D'Alene
9.12Neil Huber 2:11.50a Lakeland
10.11Aydden Johnson 2:11.69a Lake City
11.12Caleb Calkins 2:11.85a Post Falls
12.12Dylan Royce 2:12.28a Timberlake
13.11Taylor Hancock 2:16.27a Coeur d'Alene Charter
14.12Will Callahan 2:18.05a Coeur D'Alene
15.10Aydin Hasz 2:19.33a Wallace
10Charles Henslee NT Bonners Ferry
1600 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Brycen Kempton 4:22.49a PRPost Falls
2.12Nikolai Braedt 4:22.52a PRSandpoint
3.12Alex Peters 4:25.27a Post Falls
4.12Braden Dance 4:30.75a Coeur D'Alene
5.11Ben Ricks 4:35.68a PRSandpoint
6.10Charles Henslee 4:35.79a Bonners Ferry
7.11Logan Davis 4:37.41a Coeur d'Alene Charter
8.11Maximillian Bazler 4:39.54a PRLake City
9.12Keegan Nelson 4:40.87a Sandpoint
10.9Jacob King 4:41.38a Coeur D'Alene
11.11Connor Alexander 4:46.74a Bonners Ferry
12.12Ethan Garner 4:50.09a Coeur D'Alene
13.11Gavin Calkins 4:54.14a Post Falls
14.12Sawyer Crenshaw 4:57.05a Post Falls
15.10Slate Fragoso 4:59.29a Sandpoint
9Neil McCarthy NT Post Falls
3200 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Brycen Kempton 9:55.27a Post Falls
2.9Neil McCarthy 10:03.82a PRPost Falls
3.11Connor Alexander 10:30.00a Bonners Ferry
4.11Trey Clark 10:38.44a Sandpoint
5.9Makai Peak 10:43.60a Kellogg
6.11Luke Roberts 10:44.70a PRPost Falls
7.9Jacob Barnhart 10:47.65a PRTimberlake
8.10Dylan Lord 10:48.44a PRPriest River Lamanna
9.12Will Callahan 10:55.04a PRCoeur D'Alene
10.11Gavin Calkins 11:09.91a Post Falls
11.12Spencer Hegstad 11:44.01a Timberlake
12.10Aydin Hasz 11:49.58a Wallace
9Nathan Roche NT Sandpoint
11Logan Davis NT Coeur d'Alene Charter
12Ethan Garner NT Coeur D'Alene
10Walker Henslee NT Bonners Ferry
110m Hurdles - 39" Varsity - Finals
1.10Rusty Lee 16.07a Sandpoint
2.12Isaac Ballew 16.72a Post Falls
3.12Colton Pentland 17.15a Wallace
4.12Jerrel Dollente 17.21a Post Falls
5.11Alden Waddington 17.26a Lakeland
6.9Caius Tebbe 17.43a Lakeland
7.12Pete Negron 18.05a Lake City
8.9Jonah Mangis 18.54a Post Falls
9.10Josh Pinkerton 18.69a Bonners Ferry
10.10Wyatt MacArthur 18.70a Timberlake
11.11Charlie Nowlan 18.70a Post Falls
12.11Luke McCorkle 18.85a Sandpoint
13.11James Elliott 18.95a Coeur D'Alene
14.11Skyler Huber 18.98a Lakeland
15.9Riley Petesch 20.14a Bonners Ferry
10Logan Fletcher NT Lake City
300m Hurdles - 36" Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaac Ballew 40.52a Post Falls
2.10Rusty Lee 40.79a Sandpoint
3.11Luke McCorkle 42.89a PRSandpoint
4.12Colton Pentland 43.98a Wallace
5.11Alex Mitchell 44.33a Lake City
6.11James Elliott 44.74a Coeur D'Alene
7.12Jerrel Dollente 45.40a Post Falls
8.9Caius Tebbe 45.45a Lakeland
9.10Wyatt MacArthur 45.73a Timberlake
10.11Shane Gamber 45.79a Priest River Lamanna
11.12Philip Keogh 45.81a St Maries
12.11Skyler Huber 46.19a Lakeland
13.11Charlie Nowlan 46.85a Post Falls
14.10Josh Pinkerton 47.10a Bonners Ferry
15.11Jimmie Isenberger 48.92a Priest River Lamanna
12Pete Negron NT Lake City
4x100 Relay Varsity - Finals
1.Caleb Streeter
Dylan Wolfe
Dalton Wild
Kyle Lickfold
43.76a Post Falls
2.Jayden Brown
Caleb Short
Joesph Hagel
Isaiah Griffin
44.70a Coeur D'Alene
3.John Cornish
Thomas Calder
Alden Waddington
Richie Thomas
44.71a Lakeland
4.Josiah Weaver
Wayne Queen
Zachary Adkinson
Gavin McMeekan
45.17a Lake City
5.Alex Marquez
Kale Paslay
Zach Yetter
Grady Woodworth
45.64a Timberlake
6.Josh Pinkerton
Eli Richards
Tully Reinhardt
Noah Walker
47.36a Bonners Ferry
7.Brendan Cameron
Connor Denson
Colton Pentland
Brad Tesky
47.80a Wallace
8.Erik Deem
Joey Hayes
Matyus McLain
Aiden Troumbley
48.42a Priest River Lamanna
4x200 Relay Varsity - Finals
1.Sheldon Pine
Caleb Streeter
Isaac Ballew
Chase Berg
1:30.39a Post Falls
2.Wayne Queen
Josiah Weaver
Zachary Adkinson
Noah Janzen
1:32.46a Lake City
3.Ian Beazer
Daniel Walker
Willy Wall
Hayden Stockton
1:33.12a Bonners Ferry
4.Alex Marquez
Kale Paslay
Zach Yetter
Grady Woodworth
1:35.24a Timberlake
5.John Cornish
Ammon Munyer
Richie Thomas
Elijah Sindt
1:35.28a Lakeland
6.Jayden Brown
Caleb Short
Alexzander Raudebaugh
Isaiah Griffin
1:35.68a Coeur D'Alene
Colton Pentland
Connor Denson
Brad Tesky
Alex Field
NT Wallace
4x400 Relay Varsity - Finals
1.Donovan Daniels
Isaiah Meredith
Chase Berg
Isaac Ballew
3:29.19a Post Falls
2.Peyton Ennis
Ben Ricks
Rusty Lee
Braden Kappen
3:29.23a Sandpoint
3.Daniel Walker
Ian Beazer
Willy Wall
Hayden Stockton
3:31.72a Bonners Ferry
4.Wyatt MacArthur
Alex Marquez
Ian Gardom
Zach Yetter
3:36.32a Timberlake
5.Steven Ball
Morgan Bunting
Braden Dance
Connor Lowder
3:42.66a Coeur D'Alene
6.Elijah Sindt
Jack Boettcher
Ammon Munyer
Terry Edwards
3:44.25a Lakeland
7.Erik Deem
Shane Gamber
Bradley Gleason
Jimmie Isenberger
3:54.98a Priest River Lamanna
Taylor Hancock
Nathan Russell
Nolan Olyer
Cameron Craigie
NT Coeur d'Alene Charter
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] Varsity - Finals
1.Colten Bernal
Mason Zollinger
Noah Barnes
Dylan Royce
3:49.82a Timberlake
2.Thomas Calder
Alden Waddington
Jack Boettcher
Neil Huber
3:56.63a Lakeland
3.Jesse James Harvey
Ethan Kolar
Philip Keogh
Justin Ledbetter
4:01.35a St Maries
4.Wyatt Hart
Brady Hinthorn
Levi Bonnell
Sky Reinhardt
4:02.13a Bonners Ferry
5.Ethan Korff
Joey Hayes
Jimmie Isenberger
Bradley Gleason
4:03.99a Priest River Lamanna
6.Alex Field
Connor Denson
Brad Tesky
Aydin Hasz
4:05.06a Wallace
Reese Rodriguez
Gabe Grassel
Morgan Bunting
Connor Lowder
NT Coeur D'Alene
Shot Put - 12lb Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Parson 46-05.00 Lake City
2.11Will Hurst 45-02.00 Sandpoint
3.11Austin Portner 44-09.00 Post Falls
4.12Seth Hagel 44-06.00 Coeur D'Alene
5.12Ammon Munyer 43-10.50 Lakeland
6.10Miles Kison 43-04.50 Post Falls
7.10Preston Jeffs 42-10.00 Lakeland
8.12Josh Beazer 42-08.00 Bonners Ferry
9.12Kadin Craner 41-01.50 Lakeland
10.12Sterling Crupper 39-07.00 Coeur d'Alene Charter
11.12Delbert Lambson 39-04.00 St Maries
12.10Trevor Miller 38-08.00 Post Falls
13.9Levi Hanna 38-05.00 Priest River Lamanna
14.11Luke Trogden 37-02.00 Mullan
15.11Chase Phillips 36-10.00 St Maries
12Jack Meade ND Coeur D'Alene
Discus - 1.6kg Varsity - Finals
1.12Seth Hagel 148-06 Coeur D'Alene
2.12Sterling Crupper 143-00 PRCoeur d'Alene Charter
3.12Logan Parson 137-07 Lake City
4.11Will Hurst 136-00 Sandpoint
5.12Ryder Paslay 133-09 Timberlake
6.12Kadin Craner 132-01 Lakeland
7.10Preston Jeffs 124-11 Lakeland
8.11Kanyon Fitzsimmons 121-03 Lake City
9.11Keith Bryant 120-02 PRCoeur D'Alene
10.11Luke Trogden 113-00 Mullan
11.10Matyus McLain 112-03 Priest River Lamanna
12.12Lars Horning 111-00 Post Falls
13.12Josh Beazer 103-04 Bonners Ferry
14.12Jack Meade 98-03 Coeur D'Alene
15.12Ammon Munyer 96-02 Lakeland
12Keith Meeks ND Post Falls
High Jump Varsity - Finals
1.12Eli Jolly 6-00.00 Coeur D'Alene
2.11Josh Haug 6-00.00 Lakeland
3.10Rusty Lee 6-00.00 PRSandpoint
4.10Jack Kliewer 5-10.00 Coeur D'Alene
4.11Kanyon Fitzsimmons 5-10.00 PRLake City
5.12Ian Gardom 5-10.00 Timberlake
6.11Grant Roth 5-10.00 PRLakeland
7.12Stone Lee 5-10.00 Sandpoint
9.12Lars Horning 5-06.00 Post Falls
9.12Connor Denson 5-06.00 Wallace
11.10Brad Tesky 5-04.00 Wallace
11.10Hunter Higgins 5-04.00 Timberlake
9Aiden Beggerly NH Bonners Ferry
Pole Vault Varsity - Finals
1.12Lars Horning 13-06.00 PRPost Falls
2.12Porter Howard 13-00.00 Lake City
3.12Sam Becker 12-06.00 Sandpoint
4.10Cody Morse 12-00.00 Lakeland
5.11Dallin Dance 12-00.00 Coeur D'Alene
6.11Erik Deem 12-00.00 Priest River Lamanna
7.12Landen Hughes 11-06.00 Lake City
7.12Riley Christman 11-06.00 Sandpoint
8.12Soren Sabatke 11-06.00 PRLakeland
10.10Slate Fragoso 11-00.00 Sandpoint
10.9Jakan Lawrence 11-00.00 Coeur D'Alene
12.10Ceder Conley 10-06.00 Post Falls
12.12Kanyon Zirker 10-06.00 Post Falls
12Nate Dotson NH Sandpoint
12Dyllon Schofield NH Coeur D'Alene
11Taylor Sanders NH Post Falls
10James Bogdanowicz NH Coeur D'Alene
Long Jump Varsity - Finals
1.12Braden Kappen 22-04.00 Sandpoint
2.12Caden McClean 20-07.50 Post Falls
3.10Terry Edwards 20-04.50 PRLakeland
3.10Jack Kliewer 20-04.50 PRCoeur D'Alene
5.11Luke McCorkle 19-10.50 Sandpoint
6.12Riley Trogden 19-07.00 Mullan
7.12Jordan Gallegos 19-04.50 Coeur d'Alene Charter
7.10Vassar Harvey 19-04.50 Coeur D'Alene
9.10Damian Banderob 19-02.25 Lakeland
10.10Justin Hill 18-08.50 Lake City
11.12Ian Beazer 18-08.00 Bonners Ferry
12.9Caius Tebbe 18-06.50 Lakeland
13.12Willy Wall 18-01.00 Bonners Ferry
14.11Kale Paslay 17-11.00 Timberlake
15.11Eamon Condon 17-01.00 Lake City
15.11James Elliott 17-01.00 Coeur D'Alene
Triple Jump Varsity - Finals
1.11Chase Berg 41-01.50 Post Falls
2.12Ian Gardom 40-00.00 Timberlake
3.9Caius Tebbe 39-04.50 Lakeland
4.12Porter Howard 39-04.00 Lake City
5.11Josh Haug 38-05.50 Lakeland
6.11Bryce Henry 38-04.00 Lakeland
7.11Kanyon Fitzsimmons 38-03.00 Lake City
8.11Levi Bonnell 37-05.00 Bonners Ferry
9.9Riley Petesch 36-06.00 Bonners Ferry
10.9Jacob Yetter 36-04.50 Timberlake
11.10Vassar Harvey 36-03.00 Coeur D'Alene
12.11Jacob Sullivan 35-10.00 Post Falls
13.10Jayden Brown 35-04.50 Coeur D'Alene
14.10Hunter Higgins 33-02.00 Timberlake
15.12Owen Smith 33-00.00 Coeur D'Alene
16.11Branden Smith 32-03.00 Lakeland

Womens Results

100 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.10Keturah Vogel-Greenwood 13.19a Lake City
2.12Niki Hare 13.26a Coeur D'Alene
3.12Jeana Craven 13.45a Timberlake
4.10McKenzie Palanuik 13.56a Lakeland
5.10Michaela Palanuik 13.66a Lakeland
6.10Emily Dodd 13.73a Coeur D'Alene
7.10Georgia Whitehead 13.76a Lake City
8.11Americus Crane 13.81a Post Falls
9.9Aliya Strock 13.82a Sandpoint
10.10Kytriana Hackett 13.97a Kellogg
11.11Sydney Garn 13.99a Coeur d'Alene Charter
12.9Sally Gatten 14.21a Coeur D'Alene
13.11Parker Wall 14.25a Timberlake
14.12Siena Shinault 14.28a Post Falls
15.10Allyson Dickinson 14.47a Priest River Lamanna
16.12Katelin Bronson 14.70a Timberlake
200 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Angelyca Chapman 25.89a Lake City
2.12Niki Hare 27.10a Coeur D'Alene
3.12Jeana Craven 27.33a Timberlake
4.10Keturah Vogel-Greenwood 27.85a Lake City
5.11Hailey Parks 27.87a Lake City
6.11Americus Crane 28.20a Post Falls
7.12Kiley Cutler 28.32a Coeur d'Alene Charter
8.12Lauren Baldeck 28.58a Coeur D'Alene
9.12Baylee Woempner 28.64a Lakeland
10.11Ashlie Schoenthal 28.66a Coeur D'Alene
11.10Anna Reinink 28.86a Sandpoint
12.11Emma Harless 28.87a Post Falls
13.9Regan Wright 28.87a PRLakeland
14.11Sydney Garn 29.32a Coeur d'Alene Charter
15.10Allyson Dickinson 30.00a Priest River Lamanna
9Alexa Sheppard NT Coeur d'Alene Charter
400 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.12Angelyca Chapman 56.79a Lake City
2.9Kinlee McLean 1:01.01a Post Falls
3.11Addie Kiefer 1:01.68a Lakeland
4.12Emmaline Pinkerton 1:02.17a Bonners Ferry
5.11Gracie Averill 1:05.12a Coeur D'Alene
6.12Lauren Forster 1:05.29a SRCoeur D'Alene
7.9Talize Anderson 1:05.34a Timberlake
8.10Gracie Shawver 1:06.91a Coeur D'Alene
9.11Ritah Garitone 1:07.04a Coeur D'Alene
10.10Kaya Hernandez 1:09.34a Lake City
11.9Trinity Orrison 1:09.94a Timberlake
12.12Jenna Brooks 1:14.84a Bonners Ferry
12Madi McIntyre NT Bonners Ferry
11Alysha Villelli NT Coeur D'Alene
12Lillian Fletcher NT Lake City
800 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Wood 2:16.24a Post Falls
2.10Maren Davidson 2:22.64a Sandpoint
3.9Anne Marie Dance 2:26.05a Coeur D'Alene
4.11Camille Ussher 2:31.27a Bonners Ferry
5.9Grace Rookey 2:31.89a PRSandpoint
6.9Elliana Rietze 2:33.80a Coeur D'Alene
7.10Kaley Bohl 2:36.59a Post Falls
8.11Chloe Kupper 2:38.21a Bonners Ferry
9.12Lauren Forster 2:39.69a Coeur D'Alene
10.11Shaye Sullivan 2:45.00a Kellogg
11.10Kaya Hernandez 2:47.00a PRLake City
12.10Izabella Cornell 2:47.08a Timberlake
13.9Peyton Duffield 2:49.26a Coeur d'Alene Charter
12Ellie Tenbrink NT Lake City
12Sydnee Hostetler NT Lakeland
11Jillian Primgaard NT Sandpoint
1600 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Wood 5:04.99a Post Falls
2.10Annastasia Peters 5:13.28a Post Falls
3.12Sydnee Hostetler 5:29.43a Lakeland
4.9Anne Marie Dance 5:30.46a Coeur D'Alene
5.10McKenna Kozeluh 5:34.90a Coeur d'Alene Charter
6.9Elliana Rietze 5:34.91a Coeur D'Alene
7.10Ara Clark 5:36.34a Sandpoint
8.11Alahna Lien 5:36.71a Post Falls
9.11Megan Oulman 5:38.58a Sandpoint
10.10Kaley Bohl 5:48.33a Post Falls
11.10Sarah Zerfas 5:58.57a Timberlake
12.11Abigail Buzolich 6:05.40a Coeur D'Alene
13.10Izabella Cornell 6:06.59a Timberlake
14.11Shaye Sullivan 6:10.87a Kellogg
15.10Ceci Roemer 6:11.64a Bonners Ferry
16.11Hailey Johnson 6:12.11a SRTimberlake
12Ellie Tenbrink NT Lake City
3200 Meters Varsity - Finals
1.10Annastasia Peters 11:01.03a PRPost Falls
2.10McKenna Kozeluh 12:08.73a Coeur d'Alene Charter
3.11Alahna Lien 12:22.77a Post Falls
4.11Mackenzie Suhy-Gregoire 12:49.19a Sandpoint
5.12Annika Rantala 13:16.16a Priest River Lamanna
6.10Ceci Roemer 13:26.58a Bonners Ferry
7.12Camille Neuder 13:34.30a Sandpoint
8.11Alysha Villelli 13:36.92a Coeur D'Alene
9.9Natal Davis 13:50.16a Coeur d'Alene Charter
10.9Kira Wood 13:51.17a PRCoeur D'Alene
11.10Emily Lindsey 14:11.64a Post Falls
10Kaley Bohl NT Post Falls
11Abigail Buzolich NT Coeur D'Alene
11Sophia Roemer NT Bonners Ferry
100m Hurdles - 33" Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Petz 16.48a Sandpoint
2.12Abigail Sanders 16.71a Post Falls
3.12Taylor Martini 17.21a Lake City
4.10Mia Blackmore 17.64a Bonners Ferry
5.12Leah Holding 18.32a Post Falls
6.12Abbey Neff 18.52a Lakeland
7.11Sierra Petesch 18.81a Bonners Ferry
8.9Sage Pederson 19.08a Coeur D'Alene
9.10Maddie Staples 19.92a Timberlake
10.9Brooke Bening 20.00a Kellogg
11.9Lindsey Onstott 20.29a PRBonners Ferry
12.10Kynadee Gilmore 20.46a Wallace
13.9Addy Heigel 21.21a Bonners Ferry
14.11Alyssa Clement 22.07a Priest River Lamanna
9Hazel Howard NT Lake City
11Zoe Gephart NT Lake City
300m Hurdles - 30" Varsity - Finals
1.12Kiley Cutler 47.09a Coeur d'Alene Charter
2.12Abigail Sanders 48.95a Post Falls
3.12Leah Holding 49.64a Post Falls
4.11Destiny Lyons 49.67a PRSandpoint
5.12Lauren Baldeck 50.51a SRCoeur D'Alene
6.12Taylor Martini 50.97a PRLake City
7.12Abbey Neff 52.53a PRLakeland
8.10Mia Blackmore 52.84a Bonners Ferry
9.10Mattie Lehner 53.24a PRTimberlake
10.12Talowa Fallingwater 53.59a Mullan
11.10Payton Betz 54.11a PRSandpoint
12.9Sage Pederson 55.96a Coeur D'Alene
13.10Maddie Staples 56.74a Timberlake
14.11Jolissa Holt 58.97a Lakeside
15.10Kynadee Gilmore 1:01.09a Wallace
10Shelby Larcher NT Lakeland
4x100 Relay Varsity - Finals
1.Hailey Parks
Keturah Vogel-Greenwood
Georgia Whitehead
Angelyca Chapman
49.19a Lake City
2.Ally Murray
Michaela Palanuik
Regan Wright
McKenzie Palanuik
51.02a Lakeland
3.Parker Wall
Sage Gervais
Reese Yerian
Jeana Craven
51.40a Timberlake
4.Americus Crane
Siena Shinault
Emma Harless
Abigail Sanders
52.42a Post Falls
5.Destiny Lyons
Piper Frank
Aliya Strock
Anna Reinink
52.76a Sandpoint
6.Morgan Swanson
Marianne Pinkerton
Sierra Petesch
Jenna Brooks
55.55a Bonners Ferry
7.Allyson Dickinson
Allyson Barton
Annika Rantala
Elisheva Davis
57.27a Priest River Lamanna
Ashlie Schoenthal
Niki Hare
Madison Mitchell
Emily Dodd
NT Coeur D'Alene
4x200 Relay Varsity - Finals
1.Hailey Parks
Keturah Vogel-Greenwood
Georgia Whitehead
Angelyca Chapman
1:44.58a Lake City
2.Ashlie Schoenthal
Lauren Baldeck
Emily Dodd
Niki Hare
1:47.90a Coeur D'Alene
3.Americus Crane
Leah Holding
Emma Harless
Dylan Lovett
1:49.51a Post Falls
4.Parker Wall
Sage Gervais
Reese Yerian
Jeana Craven
1:49.66a Timberlake
5.Stacey Barker
Addie Kiefer
Baylee Woempner
McKenzie Palanuik
1:49.74a Lakeland
6.Destiny Lyons
Piper Frank
Aliya Strock
Anna Reinink
1:53.71a Sandpoint
7.Mia Blackmore
Camille Ussher
Madi McIntyre
Emmaline Pinkerton
1:55.57a Bonners Ferry
8.Iliana Lewis
Caitlin Garitone
Jaden House
Elli Welch
2:03.21a Wallace
4x400 Relay Varsity - Finals
1.Addie Kiefer
Ally Murray
Kenna Simon
Sydnee Hostetler
4:13.42a Lakeland
2.Gracie Averill
Lauren Forster
Elliana Rietze
Anne Marie Dance
4:18.55a Coeur D'Alene
3.Mia Blackmore
Camille Ussher
Madi McIntyre
Emmaline Pinkerton
4:23.42a Bonners Ferry
4.McKennah Kronenberg
Talize Anderson
Parker Wall
Sage Gervais
4:25.33a Timberlake
5.Bethani Anderson
Sarah Spence
Katharine Keogh
Kylie Boutillier
5:16.32a St Maries
Jillian Primgaard
Piper Frank
Grace Rookey
Maren Davidson
NT Sandpoint
Dylan Lovett
Leah Holding
Abigail Sanders
Kinlee McLean
NT Post Falls
SMR 100-100-200-400m Varsity - Finals
1.Michaela Palanuik
McKenzie Palanuik
Stacey Barker
Kenna Simon
1:54.40a Lakeland
2.Sierra Petesch
Madi McIntyre
Camille Ussher
Emmaline Pinkerton
1:57.91a Bonners Ferry
3.Ashlie Schoenthal
Madison Mitchell
Gracie Shawver
Ritah Garitone
2:01.05a Coeur D'Alene
4.Kiley Cutler
Sydney Garn
Megan Moore
Peyton Duffield
2:02.71a Coeur d'Alene Charter
5.Ember Techau
Katelin Bronson
Talize Anderson
Trinity Orrison
2:05.71a Timberlake
6.Allyson Barton
Elisheva Davis
Allyson Dickinson
Annika Rantala
2:12.55a Priest River Lamanna
Shot Put - 4kg Varsity - Finals
1.12Blayre Jeffs 41-00.00 Timberlake
2.11Lily Phenicie 39-07.00 Coeur D'Alene
3.9Asha Abubakari 35-04.50 Bonners Ferry
4.11Kayla Remsen 33-07.00 Sandpoint
5.10Haylee Potts 33-04.50 Kellogg
6.9Lilly Lowry 32-07.00 Coeur D'Alene
7.11Kay Reed 32-04.00 Kellogg
8.11Abby Tiller 31-04.00 Kootenai
9.9Jacklin Linnemeyer 30-11.00 St Maries
10.9Ivy Smith 30-03.00 Sandpoint
11.10Sara Unruh 29-03.50 PRLakeland
12.9Lauren Harrison 28-05.00 Sandpoint
13.9Gabrielle Zichko 28-01.00 Post Falls
14.9Madison Cheney 27-07.50 Kellogg
15.9Elizabeth Hiland 27-01.50 Bonners Ferry
10Capri Sims ND Post Falls
Discus - 1kg Varsity - Finals
1.12Blayre Jeffs 133-05 Timberlake
2.11Lily Phenicie 130-00 Coeur D'Alene
3.12Madeline Wolford 118-00 Lake City
4.10Capri Sims 114-05 Post Falls
5.11Kay Reed 111-00 Kellogg
6.12Talowa Fallingwater 103-03 Mullan
7.10Olivia Liermann 99-08 Lake City
8.11Addie Kiefer 98-06 Lakeland
9.9Allyson Barton 97-09 Priest River Lamanna
10.9Lilly Lowry 96-09 Coeur D'Alene
11.9Jacklin Linnemeyer 90-05 St Maries
12.11Kayla Remsen 89-08 Sandpoint
13.9Ivy Smith 86-06 Sandpoint
14.9Asha Abubakari 86-00 Bonners Ferry
15.10Ara Clark 83-04 Sandpoint
16.9Lauren Harrison 77-08 Sandpoint
High Jump Varsity - Finals
1.11Emma Harless 5-00.00 Post Falls
2.12Alexis Hildreth 4-10.00 Coeur D'Alene
3.9Maleah Wilhelm 4-08.00 Post Falls
3.9Madison Mitchell 4-08.00 Coeur D'Alene
5.9Markynn Pluid 4-08.00 Bonners Ferry
6.10Kenna Simon 4-08.00 Lakeland
6.11Myah Rietze 4-08.00 Coeur D'Alene
8.10Sarah Spence 4-06.00 St Maries
8.9Kenzie Thompson 4-06.00 Coeur D'Alene
10.11McKennah Kronenberg 4-04.00 Timberlake
10.11Erika Swoboda 4-04.00 Priest River Lamanna
10.12Cassidy Olsen 4-04.00 Post Falls
10.11Sierra Petesch 4-04.00 Bonners Ferry
10Maggie Weaver NH Bonners Ferry
9Coeli Knoll NH Lakeland
Pole Vault Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Petz 11-01.00 Sandpoint
2.11Samantha Daniels 9-00.00 Lakeland
3.11Amy Madsen 8-06.00 Post Falls
4.11Piper Frank 8-06.00 Sandpoint
5.12Quinn Hooper 8-06.00 Sandpoint
6.11Morgan Burt 8-06.00 Bonners Ferry
7.9Kenzie Thompson 8-00.00 Coeur D'Alene
7.12Marianne Pinkerton 8-00.00 Bonners Ferry
7.9Ellie Reardon 8-00.00 Post Falls
7.10Erika Edmundson 8-00.00 Sandpoint
11.12Kayleigh Dorman 7-06.00 Kootenai
11.11Rylie Milholland 7-06.00 Kellogg
11.10Avonlea Hotine 7-06.00 Post Falls
14.9Veronica Bastedo 7-00.00 Post Falls
11Piper Colbert NH Lake City
12Jessica Ackerman NH Lake City
Long Jump Varsity - Finals
1.12Holly Ansley 15-08.50 Bonners Ferry
2.9Aliya Strock 15-07.00 PRSandpoint
3.9Asha Abubakari 15-06.50 PRBonners Ferry
4.11Samantha Daniels 15-04.25 PRLakeland
5.9Lauren Bengtson 14-10.00 Coeur D'Alene
6.12Taylor Petz 14-09.00 Sandpoint
7.11Skilar McLean 14-08.75 Post Falls
8.11Sydney Garn 14-07.75 Coeur d'Alene Charter
9.12Lucy Evans 14-02.25 Lake City
10.11Marissa Bershaw 14-00.25 Lake City
11.9Julia Johnson 13-07.00 Coeur D'Alene
12.10Emily Morlan 13-03.50 Lakeland
13.10Kendall Bentley 12-04.50 Coeur D'Alene
14.10Elisheva Davis 12-00.25 Priest River Lamanna
11Emma Hinebaugh ND Lakeland
11Reese Yerian ND Timberlake
12Dylan Lovett ND Post Falls
Triple Jump Varsity - Finals
1.11Skilar McLean 34-03.00 Post Falls
2.12Holly Ansley 32-11.50 Bonners Ferry
3.9Lauren Bengtson 32-05.00 Coeur D'Alene
4.9Asha Abubakari 32-02.00 PRBonners Ferry
5.10Emily Dodd 31-09.00 Coeur D'Alene
6.12Talowa Fallingwater 31-08.50 PRMullan
7.9Allyson Barton 31-02.00 PRPriest River Lamanna
8.12Abbey Neff 30-08.50 PRLakeland
9.12Lucy Evans 30-02.50 Lake City
10.11Marissa Bershaw 29-09.00 Lake City
11.12Abby Thomson 29-03.00 Lakeland
12.10Kendall Bentley 28-06.00 Coeur D'Alene
13.10Emily Morlan 27-11.00 Lakeland
9Markynn Pluid ND Bonners Ferry
10Anna Reinink ND Sandpoint
12Dylan Lovett ND Post Falls