Team Results Management

Petoskey/TC Central/Sault/St. Mikes


Official Wed, May 5, 2021 May 5, 2021Northmen Stadium

Field: 4:00 PMTrack: 4:30 PM


#1: Spectator tickets: We do not sell tickets at the site. All tickets must be purchased beforehand at www.ticketspicket.com. Please let your parents know.

#2: Meet times: Field events start at 4:00PM and running events at 4:30PM.

#3: Tents: Tents are allowed, but please place them behind the visitor seating. Please distance yourself from other teams.

#4: Concession: There is none. 

#5 Be patient. We have not held a meet in two years and we have a freshly minted starting official as our starter. We do have an experienced timer and clerk.

#6 Registration/Scratches: We are going to open registrations up until 8 PM tonight. We will re-open tomorrow until 3:30 PM for scratches.

We will have a coaches meeting when all teams are onsite.