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ASAA Track & Field Virtual Challenge - PARA


Virtual Sat, May 15 - Fri, Jun 11, 2021 May 15 - Jun 11, 2021

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Results: High School | PARA | Jr. High

Coaches: Click here to validate your athletes' results by June 11

Coaches - 6 easy steps for success

  1. Create your own Athletic.net account
  2. Request access to your team.
    • You will NOT need to create a team account.  Each ASAA high school already has a team page on Athletic.net.
  3. Share your team code with your athletes and encourage them enter it in AthleticAPP
    • Your team code can be found at the top of your Athletic.net team page (look for TF Team Codes).  You must be logged in and listed as a team coach to see the team code.
    • When athletes enter the team code in AthleticAPP, they will be added to the team roster and you will then be able to register them for the event.
  4. Register your athletes or they may register theselves
  5. Encourage your athletes to compete
    • Athletes will submit their own results via AthleticAPP by June 11
  6. Validate your athletes' results by June 11

Please read through the links and required information below BEFORE registering your athletes.

Coaches - Guide to Sharing Virtual Meets with Athletes

Coaches - Connecting athletes to your team using the AthleticAPP

PARA - Athlete Instructions

Would you like to compete in the Coach division (100m, 200m, Standing Long Jump)?
Contact us to have you added to your team as both a coach and an athlete: support+virtual@athletic.net

Why do coaches need to validate times and how do they do it?

All race times need to be validated by a coach by June 11. The ASAA Track & Field Challenge is based on the honor system and we are counting on coaches to validate their athletes' times to keep things as fair as possible. Each athlete must be team connected through AthleticAPP, which will allow coaches access to validate results. If a result is not validated, it will not be included in the rankings.

Coach directions:

  1. Click here to go to PARA results posts
  2. Choose "Show Only My Athletes"
  3. Validate according to the key below

Validation Key:

  • Green check mark - Validated by coach
  • Grey question mark - Not yet validated
  • Red exclamation point - Invalidated by coach

Coaches, please view this link to learn about results validation.