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Mens Races
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Lake Oswego MS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

Lake Oswego MS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Lake Oswego
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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.10Matt Othus
12:46 PRLake Oswego
2.11Keith Billings
13:24 SRLake Oswego
3.9Michael Dorry
13:36 PRSt Helens
4.12James Hart
13:57 PRLake Oswego
5.9Michael Gardner
14:20Lake Oswego
6.9Joel Porter
14:30Lake Oswego
7.10Ross Archer
15:15 PRLake Oswego
8.10Parker McGuirk
17:13Lake Oswego
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Elijah Greer
16:34Lake OswegoV
2.11John Paden
16:41Lake OswegoV
3.10Taylor West
16:48West Linn
4.10Cullen Wannarka
17:19West Linn
5.10Tim Donnelly
17:53West Linn
6.10Zach Boyd-Helm
17:59West Linn
7.12Paul Hoard
18:01Lake OswegoV
8.12Larry Smuin
18:14St Helens
9.12Chris Olsen
10.11Ryan Sumsion
18:20St Helens
11.10Jefferson Chandler
18:22West Linn
12.12Chris Daniels
18:26West Linn
13.12Ricky Garcia
14.12Steven Boe
18:31West Linn
15.12Matthew Crawford
18:33West Linn
16.11Reed Oliver
18:35Lake OswegoV
17.12Isaac Hayden
18:47Lake OswegoV
18.11Sam Sanford
18:58Lake OswegoV
19.12Justin Schlaht
19:08St Helens
20.12Jacob Wright
21.11Jamin Coy
19:13St Helens
22.10Colton Snook
23.10Graham Frank
19:18West Linn
24.10Kevin Pfau
19:20St Helens
25.11Ben Herdrich
19:27St Helens
26.11Andrew Rae
19:38St Helens
27.12Zach Baker
28.9Braden Krellwitz
19:48West Linn
29.12Kameron Griffith
19:57West Linn
30.10Jesse Fordyce
20:06Lake OswegoV
31.11Brandon Sherier
32.10Louie Hogan
20:11West Linn
33.11Sam Conklin
20:12Lake OswegoV
34.12Ryan LeBuhn
20:25Lake OswegoV
35.12Blair Wax
20:37Lake OswegoV
36.12Nathan Barrett
37.12Spencer Forell
38.12Eric Rau
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.12Brendan Hanlon
19:54Lake OswegoJV
2.12Taylor Pearce
20:25Lake OswegoJV
3.9Alex Lull
20:32St Helens
4.11Zach Rial
5.10Andrew Tymchenko
20:41Lake OswegoJV
6.10Joe Zimmerman
20:43Lake OswegoJV
7.9Jonah Hannett
8.11Avilash Cramer
20:53West Linn
9.9Ryan Mansfield
10.9Micah Pletsch
20:55St Helens
11.10Justin McKee
20:58West Linn
12.9Nathan Geiter
13.12Ryan Seigneur
21:25West Linn
14.12Chase Wanamaker
21:27West Linn
15.11Nathan Braschayko
21:29Lake OswegoJV
16.12Dilan Stahlnecker
21:39West Linn
17.11Weston Tanner
21:54St Helens
18.9Peter Banta
21:55Lake OswegoJV
19.10Troy Cornelius
22:02West Linn
20.10Sam Worth
22:16Lake OswegoJV
21.9Tyger Dolyniuk
22:22St Helens
22.10Ryan Scott-Deeter
22:29West Linn
23.12Jacob Graham
24.10Robert Wery
22:42Lake OswegoJV
25.9Haven McAlpine
22:48St Helens
26.12Paul Mundaden
22:50Lake OswegoJV
27.11Will Gregg
22:51Lake OswegoJV
28.11Tim Walter
29.10Jack Lammers
22:55West Linn
30.10Steven Edwards
23:00West Linn
31.10Matthew Birdzell
23:00St Helens
32.9James Siderius
23:02West Linn
33.9Blake Mullinex
23:09St Helens
34.10Ben Lee
35.12Curtis Reinholdt
36.10John Murray
23:27Lake OswegoJV
37.9Piers Dennis
23:28Lake OswegoJV
38.9Kamron Tabor
23:39St Helens
39.10Andrew Hollister
23:40Lake OswegoJV
40.11Nathan Porter
23:51Lake OswegoJV
41.10Gary Chang
23:53Lake OswegoJV
42.10Nick Edington
23:57St Helens
43.9TJ Hilton
23:58West Linn
44.9Paden Bryck
24:10West Linn
45.9Jonathan Fung
24:15West Linn
46.10Arthur To
24:24West Linn
47.10Carson McLeod
24:38West Linn
48.12Charles Corbett
25:03West Linn
49.10Justin Berl
25:04Lake OswegoJV
50.10Preston White
25:21Lake OswegoJV
51.9Ben Hawley
25:21Lake OswegoJV
52.10Cole Kaynor
26:28Lake OswegoJV
53.10Zach Chestler
26:32Lake OswegoJV
54.9Anthony To
26:50West Linn
55.9Keven Kraus
26:55West Linn
56.10Hunter MacDowell
26:56Lake OswegoJV
58.9Colin Comard
33:02West Linn
59.10Joseph Buccafurni
33:28West Linn
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Martha Lea
15:10 PRLake Oswego
2.9Aike Burger
15:28 PRLake Oswego
3.12Catlin Dennis
15:32Lake Oswego
4.11Shelby Miner
6.12Minori Osako
15:55 PRLake Oswego
7.9Ava Connolly
16:28Lake Oswego
8.9Kaitlyn Zurcher
16:30Lake Oswego
9.9Kate McAnulty
16:39 SRLake Oswego
10.11Julia Li
16:42 PRLake Oswego
11.10Brieanna Brookes
17:14 PRSt Helens
12.10Kaitlyn Stroda
17:23 PRSt Helens
13.10Alexa Teed
17:33Lake Oswego
14.11Taylor Nantz
17:42Lake Oswego
15.9MaLi Dong
17:43 PRLake Oswego
16.9Katelyn Tomac
18:23 PRPutnam
17.11Sarah Seitz
21:03Lake Oswego
10Alix Cohns
22:00Lake Oswego
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Tate Murray
21:00Lake OswegoV
2.12Taylor Nowlin
21:02West Linn
3.11Kelsey Guerins
21:53West Linn
4.10Chelsea Ollar
21:54West Linn
5.11Kathryn Flyte
21:57West Linn
6.10Erin Morrow
23:13West Linn
7.11Kayla Nowlin
23:16West Linn
8.10Emily Hoard
23:22Lake OswegoV
9.12Molly Ponkevitch
23:25Lake OswegoV
10.11Sarah Morse
24:03Lake OswegoV
11.10Ann Bernert
24:06West Linn
12.9Jocelyn Aguilar
24:07Lake OswegoV
13.12Siena Combs
24:46West Linn
14.11Anne Sholian
25:00Lake OswegoV
15.12Hannah Peterson
16.10Brittany Scrugham
25:08Lake OswegoV
17.12Kelsey Mead
25:09Lake OswegoV
18.10Alissa Johnston
25:14Lake OswegoV
19.9Katie Larson
20.12Emily Hawley
25:22Lake OswegoV
21.12Mackenzie Marr
25:31Lake OswegoV
22.12Ashley Anderson
25:33St Helens
23.12Abby Lelinski
24.11Jess Strull
25:38Lake OswegoV
25.11Katie Parr
26.12Kathryn Lillie
27.10Theresa Quennoz
26:36St Helens
28.11Ronni Jarmer
29.11Alisha Haresnape
27:15St Helens
30.11Sonja Ellicott
31.11Joanna Miller
27:59St Helens
32.10Emily Simpson
28:51St Helens
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Ellie Clow
27:05West Linn
2.10Jenna King
27:07West Linn
3.12Mikey Levison
27:13Lake Oswego
4.11Angela Brashear
27:19Lake Oswego
5.11Lily Hammer
27:20Lake Oswego
6.10Haley Epperly
27:26West Linn
7.11Nicole Panichello
27:33West Linn
8.12Micaela Griffith
27:52West Linn
9.10Katie Chandler
28:33Lake Oswego
10.9Haley Rivet
29:41West Linn
11.12Maddie White
34:20Lake Oswego
12.10Stephanie Wax
37:01Lake Oswego
13.10Heidi Reiniger
43:46West Linn
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