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Lake Oswego MS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Lake Oswego MS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Tim Donnelly
17:09.00West Linn
2.12Ian Walch
3.12Kino Kinoshita
17:15.00Forest Grove
4.11Mark Medgin
5.11Aaron Kirch
6.11Taylor West
17:29.00West Linn
7.12Nick Robbins
17:30.00Forest Grove
8.11Cullen Wannarka
17:33.00West Linn
9.11Josh Johnson
17:38.00Forest Grove
10.11Jefferson Chandler
17:41.00West Linn
11.11Zachary Boyd-Helm
17:45.00West Linn
12.11Graham Frank
17:47.00West Linn
13.11James Myers
17:58.00Forest Grove
14.11Keaton Kell
18:06.00Forest Grove
15.10Scott Rice
16.12Reed Oliver
18:12.00Lake Oswego
17.12Justin Seitz
18:14.00Forest Grove
18.11Austin Dean
19.11Andrew Daniels
18:17.00West Linn
20.10Tyler Shipley
18:19.00Forest Grove
21.10James McCahon
18:20.00Forest Grove
22.11Jesse Fordyce
18:27.00Lake Oswego
23.12Sam Sanford
18:28.00Lake Oswego
24.10Braden Krellwitz
18:32.00West Linn
25.9John Walker
26.12Estevan Escalona-F...
18:38.00Forest Grove
27.11Jordan Carroll
28.12Sam Conklin
18:51.00Lake Oswego
29.11William Maurer
19:01.00West Linn
30.9Todd Macdonald
19:05.00Lake Oswego
31.10Scott Goldner
19:15.00Lake Oswego
32.11Sam Worth
19:33.00Lake Oswego
33.10Peter Banta
19:36.00Lake Oswego
34.11Joe Zimmerman
19:41.00Lake Oswego
35.12Avilash Cramer
20:16.00West Linn
36.9Derek Fieldhouse
20:16.00West Linn
37.11Troy Cornelius
20:57.00West Linn
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.10Ian Rogers
2.11Robert Till
3.10C.J. Johnson
19:24.00Forest Grove
4.11Christian Trujillo
5.11Jake Hoskins
20:00.00Forest Grove
6.11David Lance
20:03.00Forest Grove
7.12Jon-o Daugherty
20:04.00Forest Grove
8.10Ivan Kallevig
9.11Tyler Pitt
20:18.00Forest Grove
10.12Mason Kennedy
20:21.00Forest Grove
11.10Darius Kline
20:23.00Forest Grove
12.10Oscar Cervantes
20:23.00Forest Grove
13.11Louie Hogan
20:27.00West Linn
14.10Marco Ramirez
20:27.00Forest Grove
15.10Alec Martin
20:37.00West Linn
16.11Carson McLeod
20:39.00West Linn
17.9Tyler Griffin
20:40.00West Linn
18.12Matt Hilden
19.11Donal Hanlon
20:43.00Lake Oswego
20.9Matt Duyck
20:48.00Forest Grove
21.10Paden Bryck
20:53.00West Linn
22.10Jacob Inman
23.12Mitchell Menashe
20:56.00Lake Oswego
24.9Carson Rose
25.9Patrick Storment
26.12Grayson Penfield
21:08.00Forest Grove
27.10Addison Prentice
21:21.00Lake Oswego
28.9Nathan Lawrence
21:27.00Lake Oswego
29.10James Siderius
21:31.00West Linn
30.11Ryan Scott-Deeter
21:31.00West Linn
31.9Connor Cushman
21:31.00West Linn
32.10Daniel Blanc-Gonnet
21:33.00West Linn
33.9Michael Mullen
34.10Mitchell Mechigian
21:52.00Lake Oswego
35.10Josh Schneider
21:53.00Forest Grove
36.9Christian Katlaps
22:01.00Lake Oswego
37.10Michael Gardner
22:04.00Lake Oswego
38.11Jack Lammers
22:05.00West Linn
39.12Will Gregg
22:06.00Lake Oswego
40.12Christian Fowler
41.9Jacob Freitas
22:08.00Forest Grove
42.9Judd Parson
22:08.00Forest Grove
43.9Ben Vanderschuere
44.10Colin Comard
22:20.00West Linn
45.11Peter Tran
46.12Levi Richardson
22:27.00Forest Grove
47.10Brandon O'Neal
48.12Joey Meeuwsen
22:34.00Forest Grove
49.10Spencer Chang
22:43.0West Linn
50.10Ben Hawley
23:02.00Lake Oswego
51.10Derek Sturman
23:05.00Lake Oswego
52.11Theodore Hamilton
53.10Piers Dennis
23:05.00Lake Oswego
54.10Jack Smith
23:08.00Lake Oswego
55.9Ian Dehner
23:09.00Forest Grove
56.12Jaron Rust
23:10.00Forest Grove
57.11Ryan Silverstein
23:34.00Lake Oswego
58.11Justin McKee
23:41.00West Linn
59.11Robert Wery
23:42.00Lake Oswego
60.10Harry Armstrong
23:43.00Forest Grove
61.9Paul Schot
23:48.00Forest Grove
62.10Tyler Gregg
23:48.00Lake Oswego
63.11John Murray
24:27.00Lake Oswego
64.10Joel Porter
24:32.00Lake Oswego
65.11Zach Chestler
24:35.00Lake Oswego
66.10Anthony To
24:47.00West Linn
67.11Cole Kaynor
24:49.00Lake Oswego
68.9James Hemmings
24:58.00Lake Oswego
69.9Gus Giering
24:59.00Lake Oswego
70.9Naoki Tsuruta
25:07.0 PRWest Linn
71.9Sam Taylor
25:09.00Lake Oswego
72.9Nicholas Holter
25:11.00 SRLake Oswego
73.9Brian Whitelock
74.9Durant Abernethy
25:28.00Lake Oswego
75.9Jordy Morris
25:44.00Lake Oswego
76.9Evan Cox
26:08.00West Linn
77.10Doug Mason
27:01.00Forest Grove
78.12Tyler Brabham
27:08.00Forest Grove
79.9Kevin Vanderzanden
27:10.00Forest Grove
80.11Joseph Buccafurni
28:48.00West Linn
81.11Alexander Albertson
28:51.00Lake Oswego
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Madi Egan
14:58Lake Oswego
2.10Natalie Hamachek
15:25Lake Oswego
3.9Sofia Ballinger
15:26 SRLake Oswego
4.10Emma Begue
15:32Lake Oswego
5.9Rebekah Jamison
15:40Lake Oswego
6.11Alix Cohns
20:58 PRLake Oswego
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5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Latane Cox
20:09.00Lake Oswego
2.11Eredi Pintor
20:21.00Forest Grove
3.11Katie Humphrey
4.11Chelsea Ollar
20:32.00West Linn
5.12Laura Matzke
20:43.00Forest Grove
6.11Emily Gaddis
20:53.00Lake Oswego
7.12Kathryn Flyte
21:12.00West Linn
8.11Sharon Rooker
21:18.00Forest Grove
9.11Elliot Prince
21:37.00West Linn
10.12Sarah Morse
21:46.00Lake Oswego
11.12Kelsey Guerins
21:54.00West Linn
12.9Leah Henningsen
22:00.00West Linn
13.11Erin Morrow
22:02.00West Linn
14.11Kelsey Walker
15.9Julia Boyd-Helm
22:09.00West Linn
16.10Ellie Clow
22:13.00West Linn
17.10Emily Axelrod
22:30.00West Linn
18.12Tiffany Blackmun
22:37.00Forest Grove
19.11Tracie Tran
20.12Kristin Vanderzanden
23:21.00Forest Grove
21.9Rebecca Donnelly
23:22.00West Linn
22.11Jenna King
23:35.00West Linn
23.11Emily Hoard
23:48.00Lake Oswego
24.10Isabel Harger
25.11Ellie Dunklee
26.9Elena Torry-Schrag
24:08.00Forest Grove
27.11Brittany Scrugham
24:10.00Lake Oswego
38.10Aike Burger
24:10.00Lake Oswego
29.10Tatum Johnson
24:25.00Lake Oswego
30.12Jess Strull
24:43.00Lake Oswego
31.9Megan Roluffs
32.11Cecilia Ruiz
24:56.00Forest Grove
33.12Nicole Steigerwald
25:33.00Forest Grove
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.9Sheridan Smith
24:21.00West Linn
2.11Hayley Dunning
3.11Haley Epperly
24:45.00West Linn
4.9Hannah Carr
24:47.00West Linn
5.9Jessica Steigerwald
24:50.00Forest Grove
6.11Chrissy Browning
7.11Jessica Tran
8.9Tara Galloway
25:07.00West Linn
9.11Sarah Risinger
10.11Yadira Trujillo
11.12Kayla Nowlin
25:36.00West Linn
12.11Erica Garvin
25:45.00Lake Oswego
13.10Haley Rivet
25:49.00West Linn
14.12Lily Hammer
25:52.00Lake Oswego
15.11Katie Chandler
25:53.00Lake Oswego
16.12Vida Hutchison
25:56.00Forest Grove
17.10Sara Brazille
25:58.00 SRWest Linn
18.11Marissa Solini
26:06.00West Linn
19.9Michelle Bynum
26:09.00Forest Grove
20.9Brittney Stanley
26:19.00Forest Grove
21.11Sara Schaffner
26:22.00Forest Grove
22.9Madi Vanderzanden
26:23.00Forest Grove
23.10Kaitlyn Zurcher
26:29.00Lake Oswego
24.9Hannah Christnacht
26:30.00West Linn
25.9Sarah Gilroy
26:37.00West Linn
26.12Yvonne Silva
26:42.00Forest Grove
27.9Clara Dunklee
28.9Rosie Steinbach
26:52.00Forest Grove
29.12Victoria Ayre
26:59.00Lake Oswego
30.11Katherine Hill
27:04.00West Linn
31.12Angela Brashear
27:16.00Lake Oswego
32.9Marilyn Wallenburn
33.10Mikayla Mason
34.10Field Hubbell
27:35.00 SRLake Oswego
35.11Haley Heynderickx
27:48.00Forest Grove
36.9Lacey Gunther
27:55.00West Linn
37.9Serena Killion
38.9Kendra Sheck
28:34.00Forest Grove
39.10Lauren Beltrone
28:44.00Lake Oswego
40.12Jayati Ramakrishnan
41.10Emily Wong
29:19.00Lake Oswego
42.10MaLi Dong
30:24.00Lake Oswego
43.12Ava Najafi
44.11Heidi Reiniger
32:11.00West Linn
45.9Femke Paanakker
32:30.00Lake Oswego
46.10Cassie Hansen
32:36.00Lake Oswego
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