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3,000 Meters 6th grade3:30 PM
3,000 Meters 7th grade4:00 PM
3,000 Meters 8th grade4:30 PM
Womens Races


3,000 Meters 6th grade3:30 PM
3,000 Meters 7th grade4:00 PM
3,000 Meters 8th grade4:30 PM

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters 6th grade

1.6Leo Lukens
13:21Cascade (Bend)
2.6Colin Burdsall
13:30Cascade (Bend)
3.6Jordan Scott
13:31Jefferson County
4.6Massimo Larsen
13:40Cascade (Bend)
5.6Boston Busic
14:08High Desert
6.6George Conlan
14:09Cascade (Bend)
7.6Nick Fondiller
14:25Cascade (Bend)
8.6Caleb Wenndorf
14:27Seven Peaks
9.6Matthew Marcotte
14:49Jefferson County
10.8Sawyer Crosby
15:09Seven Peaks
11.6Phoenix Ozuna
15:23Jefferson County
12.6Elliot Willy
15:35Cascade (Bend)
13.6Caleb Iams
16:26High Desert
14.6Alex Martin
16:55Cascade (Bend)
15.6Brandon Crew
16:56Trinity Lutheran
16.6Sean Leriche
17:01Jefferson County
17.6Doug Parr
17:03Seven Peaks
18.6Ben Milandin
17:16Trinity Lutheran
19.6Austin Perkey
17:22Trinity Lutheran
20.6Desmond Holm
17:47High Desert
21.6Thomas Wrisley
18:13Pilot Butte
22.6Israel Wallace
18:16Cascade (Bend)
21.6Kelli Nicholson
18:20Cascade (Bend)
23.6Israel Hawley
18:57Trinity Lutheran
24.6Erick Olivas
20:06Jefferson County
25.6Jacob Rudd
20:52Jefferson County
30.6Nate Lauchlan
21:16High Desert
26.6Zach Sundborg
21:26Seven Peaks
27.6Sergio Ruiz
22:42Jefferson County
28.6Brevin Holliday
23:16Jefferson County
29.6Ethen King
24:24Cascade (Bend)
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3,000 Meters 7th grade

1.7Ryan Schluter
12:10Cascade (Bend)
2.7Tyler Jones
12:35Cascade (Bend)
3.7Ments Haugen
12:37Seven Peaks
4.7Eli Pite
12:39High Desert
5.7Cameron Ficher
12:42Cascade (Bend)
6.7Grant Parton
12:54Cascade (Bend)
7.7Jake Buehner
12:55High Desert
8.7Tristan Hollingswo...
13:02High Desert
9.7Ryan Smallwood
13:05Cascade (Bend)
10.7Zeb Millslagle
13:23Cascade (Bend)
11.7Mitchell Lira
13:34Jefferson County
12.7Sean Switzer
13:37Seven Peaks
13.7Jack Pepper
13:40 SRSeven Peaks
14.7Harrison Adams
13:46Jefferson County
15.7Matt Hecker
13:50Cascade (Bend)
16.7Kyle Alhart
14:09Cascade (Bend)
17.7Niko Wolnick
14:21Cascade (Bend)
18.7Torrent Cannon
14:27Pilot Butte
19.7Colton Backes-Hall
14:31Pilot Butte
20.7Tristen Mullen
14:36Pilot Butte
21.7Russell Taylor
14:51High Desert
22.7Luis Romero
15:05Jefferson County
23.7Will Reinking
15:34Seven Peaks
24.7Trey Heiss
15:37Seven Peaks
25.7Marcus Tiktin-Mitc...
15:39Cascade (Bend)
26.7Nolan Killgore
16:30Cascade (Bend)
27.7Keenan Dodge
16:30High Desert
28.7Sean Studebaker
16:42Cascade (Bend)
29.7Trey Bracelin
16:45Cascade (Bend)
30.7John Theobald
16:46High Desert
31.7Zachary Jolliffe
16:56Trinity Lutheran
32.7Matthew Sjogren
17:04Seven Peaks
33.7Jacob Kolcun
17:59High Desert
34.7Ethan Shultheis
18:02High Desert
35.7Matt Solley
18:39Cascade (Bend)
36.7Seth Harvey
20:10Pilot Butte
37.7Logan Kihs
20:42Pilot Butte
38.6Eder Trujillo
20:42Pilot Butte
39.7James Seed
21:06Trinity Lutheran
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3,000 Meters 8th grade

1.8David Hoover
13:07Seven Peaks
2.8Joseph Rainaldi
13:11Seven Peaks
3.8Sam Edwards
13:16High Desert
4.8J'von Smith
13:52Jefferson County
5.9Keenan Naegele
14:06Cascade (Bend)
6.8John Siemens
14:09High Desert
7.8Max Wagoner
14:46High Desert
8.8Sawyer Crosby
14:47Seven Peaks
9.8Jackson Boise
14:48Jefferson County
10.8Seth Millard
15:15Cascade (Bend)
11.6Seth Hammond
15:20Cascade (Bend)
12.8Justin Gillete
15:50High Desert
13.8Larry Scott
16:20Jefferson County
14.8Brian Holliday
16:33High Desert
15.8Spencer Holms
16:34High Desert
16.8Brandon Hawes
17:57Jefferson County
17.8Raymond Hill
23:38Jefferson County
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters 6th grade

1.6Brittni Weber
14:27Cascade (Bend)
2.6Annie Jarvis
14:54Pilot Butte
3.6Laurel Johnson
15:36Cascade (Bend)
4.6Kelley Collins
16:20Pilot Butte
5.6Allison Boese
16:29High Desert
6.6Megan Handford
16:44Pilot Butte
7.6Hannah Cochran
16:51Cascade (Bend)
8.6Eleanor Hobson
17:21Cascade (Bend)
9.6Scarlett Turfler
17:23Cascade (Bend)
10.6Payton Crocker
17:27Cascade (Bend)
11.6Madeline Williams
17:28Cascade (Bend)
12.6Kelsey Macy
17:30Cascade (Bend)
13.6Sarah Sall
17:33Cascade (Bend)
14.6Kati Viscaino
17:34Jefferson County
15.6Lana Shike
17:38Jefferson County
16.6Olivia Russell
17:39Cascade (Bend)
17.6Zoe Vanderhook
17:39Pilot Butte
18.6Meri Smiley
17:47Cascade (Bend)
19.6Nishtah Thomas
18:14High Desert
20.6Lucille Cochran
18:17Cascade (Bend)
22.6Kalan Wolfe
18:26Jefferson County
23.6Peyton Brawner
18:33Pilot Butte
24.6Lillie Spackman
18:33Seven Peaks
25.6Ruby Dolezal
19:17Cascade (Bend)
26.6Sydney Platsman
19:26High Desert
27.6Rosebud Whipple
19:46Jefferson County
28.6Cloe Thomas
20:59Jefferson County
29.6Leah Suppah
21:09Jefferson County
31.6Sydney Boyle
21:22Cascade (Bend)
32.6Erica Nelson
21:55High Desert
33.6Eden Vanderhook
22:50Pilot Butte
34.6Claire Clark
24:22Cascade (Bend)
35.6MaryLee Sconawah
36:36Jefferson County
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3,000 Meters 7th grade

1.7Abigail Lange
12:21High Desert
2.7Jessica Cornett
13:07High Desert
3.7Hannah Anderson
13:07Pilot Butte
4.7Mariah Stacona
13:34Jefferson County
5.7Vanessa Eizey
14:27High Desert
6.7Madison Odiorne
14:58High Desert
7.7Sarah Perkins
15:18Cascade (Bend)
8.7Allie Rockett
15:43Seven Peaks
9.7Camille Stillwell
16:20Cascade (Bend)
10.7Jordan Leonard
16:24Jefferson County
11.7Lindsey VanHook
16:57Pilot Butte
12.7Holly Froelich
17:08Pilot Butte
13.7Ahliyah Hisatake
18:44Jefferson County
14.7Olivia Webb
19:37Pilot Butte
15.7Hailey Sloan
19:56Jefferson County
16.7Shelby Moody
19:56Jefferson County
17.7Nicole Andy
20:18Jefferson County
18.7Liza Anderson
22:05 PRCascade (Bend)
19.7Alyssa Booren
22:09Jefferson County
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3,000 Meters 8th grade

1.8Morgan Caldwell
13:35Cascade (Bend)
2.8Devon Costa
14:11High Desert
3.8Crystal McNeilly
15:19Jefferson County
4.8Kirsten Farner
15:36Cascade (Bend)
5.8Erin Kumle
16:24Jefferson County
6.6Ashley Tetz
16:52Pilot Butte
7.8Samantha Mcgee
18:02Pilot Butte
8.8Faith DeYoung
18:32Cascade (Bend)
9.8Hannah DeAlicante
18:49Trinity Lutheran
10.8Pali Kaloi-Jordan
19:17Jefferson County
11.8Miyah Neal
20:26 SRHigh Desert
12.8Lozen Hendrix
20:35Jefferson County
13.8Brianna Thompson
21:06Cascade (Bend)
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