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Mens Results

3.1 Mile Varsity

1.12Sumanth Kuppalli
16:34 PRPerry Hall
6.10Jeff Rohde
17:13 PRFranklin
2.12Nick Poremski
18:06 PRParkville
3.11Bill King
18:09 PRDulaney
4.11Corey Hancock
18:31 PRDulaney
5.12Charles Larsen
18:32 PRDulaney
7.12John Bullough
18:44 PRDulaney
8.11Michael Devanzo
18:51 PRPerry Hall
9.12Max Erdman
18:55 PRParkville
10.12Anthony Petrosillo
19:03 PRDulaney
11.9Matthew Taylor
19:06 PRPerry Hall
12.12Tom Roche
19:10 PRPerry Hall
13.12Chris Thompson
19:18 PRPerry Hall
14.12Ryan Needer
19:26 PRDulaney
17.11XiXi Zhu
19:29 PRDulaney
15.11Matt Abbott
19:38 PRDulaney
16.12Josh Steininger
19:38 PRFranklin
18.12Rick Trippe
19:41 PRDulaney
19.12Dan Ring
19:44 PRFranklin
20.12Todd Bakalyar
19:45 PRFranklin
21.11Tim Geeson
19:45 PRParkville
22.9Scott Guenther
19:46 PRPerry Hall
23.12Phillippe Azimzadeh
19:52 PRDulaney
24.11Scott Osttroff
19:53 PRFranklin
25.11Andrew Colliflower
20:00 PRDulaney
26.9David Vitek
20:03 PRPerry Hall
27.12Matthew Stankiewicz
20:17 PRParkville
28.9Ryan James
20:20 PRParkville
29.9Mike Lusk
20:24 PRParkville
30.9Jason Besser
20:30 SRFranklin
31.11Ziang Lin
20:35 PRDulaney
32.-Nick Codd
20:49 PRFranklin
33.11Will So
21:15 PRPerry Hall
34.11Mike Rhoades
21:27 PRPerry Hall
35.10Alex Sirota
22:01 PRParkville
36.11Daniel Haverson
22:59 PRDulaney
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3.1 Mile Junior Varsity

1.10Jay Souder
18:49 PRDulaney
2.10Buck Shipley
18:50 PRDulaney
3.10Hal Mcveigh
18:50 PRDulaney
4.10Koichi Miyake
19:27 PRDulaney
5.10Daniel Yen
19:53 PRDulaney
6.10Bryan Friia
20:05 PRDulaney
7.-Jake Gannon
20:08 PRPerry Hall
8.-Raheem Miller
21:27 PRParkville
9.10Andrew Walz
21:34 PRDulaney
10.10Zachary Berman
21:41 PRFranklin
11.10Kevin Njau
22:18 PRDulaney
12.-Derrick Mack
22:25 PRParkville
13.-Patrick Vizzard
22:48 PRPerry Hall
14.10Max Adler
22:59 PRDulaney
15.-Tom Honor
23:21 PRPerry Hall
16.10Marc Stowe
23:51 PRFranklin
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3.1 Mile Open

1.9John Randall
33:30 PRFranklin
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