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Mens Races

Geer Park

2 Mile Varsity4:30 PM
2 Mile Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races

Geer Park

2 Mile Varsity5:00 PM

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Last Updated 9:31 PM, Wed, Oct 20


Welcome to the 2010 East/West Rivalry Meet.
The format for this year has changed. There will be (2) races. All races will be 2 miles.

4:30p - Race 1 (for 5k times of 22:00 min & over)
5:00p - Race 2 (for 5k times faster than 22:00 min)
(approx. start of Race #2 is following completion of Race #1)


COURSE MAP - 2 Mile Map

(from I-5 North)

1. Take Salem Exit #253. RIGHT onto Hwy 22 (Mission St).
2. Right on Hawthorne (1st light by Costco)
3. Left on State St.
4. Right on Kettle Way (1st light you come to on State St - by the Military Reserve building)
(Geer Park is listed as "State Lands Ballfields" on Google Maps)





First off, my apologies for the lack of times for the 5:00pm race. I assumed that when the printer on the timer quit printing (no ink) that we could save the times for Race #2 in the memory block and that they would be saved on the backup timer like they were for Race #1. This was apparently not the case. The times may still be saved in the Timer but I am not holding out much hope (but will read up and try a couple other things).

I do have the finish order and some times so I have asked your coaches to fill in the missing blanks from either athletes who had watches or parents who timed their son/daughter. Your coaches can enter times from their accounts. Again, my sincerest apologies... this really is disappointing.


The 4:30pm results are correct. The only times I was missing for the 5:00pm girls were Emily Gaddis (who just outkicked my top JV boy who was 12:41 & Grace Lin).


Tom Jimenez, XC Coach
West Salem HS

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Mens Results

2 Mile Varsity

1.11Max Gabirel
12:57 PRLake Oswego
2.11Adam Zabel
13:14 PRLake Oswego
3.12Chris Warner
13:27 PRLake Oswego
4.12Alex Cheney
13:35 PRLake Oswego
5.11Addison Prentice
13:40 SRLake Oswego
6.9Ike Worth
14:03 PRLake Oswego
7.11Preston White
14:10 SRLake Oswego
8.12John Murray
14:16 SRLake Oswego
9.11Mitchell Mechigian
14:20 SRLake Oswego
10.11Piers Dennis
14:24 SRLake Oswego
11.12Ryan Silverstein
14:26 PRLake Oswego
12.9Kyle Chang
14:28 PRLake Oswego
13.12Cole Kaynor
14:29 PRLake Oswego
14.9Daniel Williams
14:31 PRLake Oswego
15.9David Bissinger
14:32 PRWest Salem
16.9Chris More
15:01 PRLake Oswego
17.10Sam Taylor
15:05 SRLake Oswego
18.10Nicholas Holter
15:07 PRLake Oswego
19.10Hayden MacGregor
15:07 PRLake Oswego
20.10Maxwell Schmitt
16:18 PRLake Oswego
21.10Parker McGuirk
16:23 PRLake Oswego
22.9Corey Brown
16:44 PRLake Oswego
23.9Quin Coons
17:39 SRMcKay
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2 Mile Varsity

1.10Todd Macdonald
10:32 PRLake Oswego+
3.12Trent Dudley
10:57 SRWest Salem
2.11David Clark
11:00 SRWest Salem
4.10Phillip Kearns
11:00 PRLake Oswego
5.10Emanuel Kraynick
11:00 SRWest Salem
6.9Jared Bell
11:00 PRLake Oswego
7.12Jesse Fordyce
11:00 PRLake Oswego
11.10Carlos Cornejo
11:00 PRMcKay
16.12Mitch Winkle
11:00 PRMcKay
22.10haydn Coons
11:00 PRMcKay
32.12David Mansfield
11:00 PRMcKay
38.11Gonzalo Perez
11:00 PRMcKay
8.10Sean Barr
11:08 PRWest Salem
9.10Brendan Abel
11:10 SRWest Salem
10.11Ben Whitenack
11:15 SRWest Salem
12.12Donal Hanlon
11:28 PRLake Oswego+
13.9Matt Agritelley
11:30 PRLake Oswego+
14.11Peter Banta
11:31 PRLake Oswego+
15.12Joe Zimmerman
11:40 PRLake Oswego+
17.12Robert Wery
12:00.1 PRLake Oswego
18.12Andrew Hollister
12:00.2 PRLake Oswego
19.12Sam Worth
12:00.3 PRLake Oswego
20.10Sam Hoover
12:00.4 PRLake Oswego
21.12Tyler Cohen
12:00.5 PRLake Oswego
23.12Andrew Tymchenko
12:00.6 SRLake Oswego
24.12Brandon Arceneaux
12:00.7 PRLake Oswego
25.11Ben Hawley
12:00.8 PRLake Oswego
26.9Connor Wilson
12:00.9 PRLake Oswego
27.11Joel Porter
12:35 PRLake Oswego+
28.10Quinn Meihoff
12:36 PRLake Oswego
29.9Riley Hankins
12:41 SRWest Salem
30.10Nathan Lawrence
12:43 PRLake Oswego+
35.9Gary Gates
12:49 PRLake Oswego
31.10Connor Tallman
12:50 PRLake Oswego
36.9Nick McClurg
12:50 PRLake Oswego+
37.12Zach Chestler
12:50.1 PRLake Oswego
39.9Avery Prentice
12:50.2 PRLake Oswego
33.12Joe Hurley
13:00 SRWest Salem
34.12Jim Lauer
13:00 PRWest Salem
40.10Alexander Tymchenko
13:00 PRLake Oswego
41.9Patrick Wallin
13:00.1 PRLake Oswego
42.9David Furman
13:00.2 PRLake Oswego
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity

1.12Emily Gaddis
12:41 PRLake Oswego
2.12Grace Lin
13:00 SRWest Salem
3.11Amy Lin
14:10 SRWest Salem
4.11Kyla Martichuski
14:19 PRWest Salem
5.9Lexi Cheetham
14:33 PRLake Oswego
6.11Tatum Johnson
14:34 PRLake Oswego
7.9Ana Ramirez
14:40 SRWest Salem
8.9Lauren Zurcher
14:58 PRLake Oswego
9.12Brittany Scrugham
15:04 SRLake Oswego
10.12Maddy Creps
15:10 PRLake Oswego
11.12Guadalupe Quevedo
15:12 SRMcKay
12.11Anna Hauck
15:15 SRWest Salem
13.11Kaitlyn Zurcher
15:20 SRLake Oswego
14.9Becca Miles
15:21 PRLake Oswego
15.12Emily Hoard
15:22 SRLake Oswego
16.11Selina Luna
15:23 SRMcKay
17.10Madi Egan
15:38 PRLake Oswego
18.9Anna Pieringer
15:39 PRLake Oswego
19.11Siobhan Mead
15:41 PRLake Oswego
20.10Jacqui Anderson
15:46 PRLake Oswego
21.12Amie Apodaca
15:46West Salem
22.10Sofia Ballinger
15:48 PRLake Oswego
23.12Lilliana Ganchenko
24.9Jamie Zimmerman
15:57 PRLake Oswego
25.10Emily McCallum
15:58 PRLake Oswego
26.9Jill Smith
16:02 PRWest Salem
27.10Danielle Spring
16:02 PRLake Oswego
28.10Rebecca Elmer
16:05 SRWest Salem
29.10Miranda Kraus
16:11 PRLake Oswego
30.9Carolyn Hoard
16:14 PRLake Oswego
31.9Victoria Panwala
16:15 PRLake Oswego
32.11Cassie Hansen
16:20 PRLake Oswego
33.11Ava Connolly
16:22 SRLake Oswego
34.9Ellie Howells
16:22 PRLake Oswego
35.12Erica Garvin
16:27 SRLake Oswego
36.10Madisyn Rohde
16:29West Salem
37.10Tiffany Dinh
16:34 SRWest Salem
38.9Maria Lopez
16:40 SRMcKay
39.11Anne Brauti
16:42 PRLake Oswego
40.11Kathryn Ayre
16:43 SRLake Oswego
41.9Natalie Skowlund
16:51 PRLake Oswego
42.12Krista Burrows
16:54West Salem
43.12Katie Chandler
17:11 SRLake Oswego
44.12Stephanie Wax
17:17 PRLake Oswego
45.10Rebekah Jamison
17:17 SRLake Oswego
46.10Tasha Brauhn
17:21 PRWest Salem
47.9Naomi Porter
17:26 PRLake Oswego
48.11Elaine Stewart
17:39 PRWest Salem
49.10Jessie Stewart
17:58 PRWest Salem
50.11Brittany Sever
19:00 SRWest Salem
51.9kelly Rico
20:28 PRMcKay
52.11Madison Jones
20:56 PRWest Salem
53.12Alix Cohns
23:10 SRLake Oswego
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