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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11DJ May11.76aFederal Way
2.11Shawn Priggett11.92aTodd Beamer
3.11Willie Roach12.00aTodd Beamer
4.9Kerson Lubin12.25aFederal Way
5.10Aaron Persinger12.27aFederal Way
6.12TJ Esekielu12.31aTodd Beamer
7.9Khalil Howse12.39aFederal Way
8.12Thomas Lowery12.63aTodd Beamer
1.9Sean Lim13.47aTodd Beamer
2.10Mathias Forward13.67aFederal Way
3.9Sage Dahring13.79a PRTodd Beamer
4.12Elliot Choe13.84a PRFederal Way
5.12Mike Riedel14.16a PRTodd Beamer
6.9Chris Flores14.48aFederal Way
7.11Vincent Youngs14.51a PRTodd Beamer

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Michael Tate23.55aFederal Way
2.11Shawn Priggett24.43aTodd Beamer
3.12Terrance Chambers24.57aFederal Way
4.9Kerson Lubin25.59aFederal Way
5.12Thomas Lowery26.44aTodd Beamer
6.9Thomas Hernandez28.27aFederal Way
7.10Tyree Overall29.11aFederal Way

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Sean Eidsmoe52.77a SRTodd Beamer
2.12Patrick Crews52.87aFederal Way
1.9Matt Butler53.09a PRTodd Beamer
3.12Garrett Persinger53.44a PRFederal Way
4.12Grayson Wolf54.24aFederal Way
5.11Kenny Pickens54.84aTodd Beamer
2.9Khalil Howse55.83aFederal Way
3.9Jonathan Forbes56.35a SRFederal Way
6.9Cody Rousseau59.58aTodd Beamer
7.10Will Barcelona1:00.80a PRTodd Beamer
4.9Halim Lee1:06.04a PRTodd Beamer

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Meron Simon2:01.24aFederal Way
2.12Kyle Willis2:04.41aFederal Way
3.12Justin Dean2:07.35aTodd Beamer
4.10Tremaine Rambo2:07.63aFederal Way
5.10Ishiah Belle2:13.77a SRTodd Beamer
6.12Tom Bowman2:15.50aTodd Beamer
7.12Alex Tran2:15.90aFederal Way
8.9Mussie Simon2:17.50a SRFederal Way
9.12Garth Ward2:23.80aTodd Beamer
10.10Mike Miller2:28.50aTodd Beamer
11.10Tanner Schatz2:28.60aFederal Way
12.9Pavel Sulzhik2:30.10aTodd Beamer
13.9Matt Maloney2:36.50aTodd Beamer
14.10Alex Bruell2:41.20aFederal Way

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Meron Simon4:34.71aFederal Way
2.12Garth Ward4:36.94aTodd Beamer
3.12Kyle Willis4:39.18aFederal Way
4.12Nathan Brewster4:42.90aFederal Way
5.9Blake Hansen4:49.70aTodd Beamer
6.9Mussie Simon4:56.10aFederal Way
6.12Alex Tran4:56.10a PRFederal Way
8.9Chris Lee5:07.40a PRTodd Beamer
9.12Ben Williamson5:09.10aFederal Way
10.11Isaiah Forward5:11.40aFederal Way
11.9Haftom Tafere5:14.20aTodd Beamer
12.10Tanner Schatz5:14.60aFederal Way
13.9Daniel Chung5:32.80aFederal Way
14.10Kyle Lewis5:35.40aTodd Beamer
15.10Alex Bruell5:35.80a SRFederal Way
16.11Mitchell St. Clair5:39.70aTodd Beamer
17.9Kenneth Luu5:40.70aTodd Beamer
18.9Matt Maloney5:41.50aTodd Beamer
19.9Clayton Regehr5:42.30aTodd Beamer
20.11Matthew Meerdink6:06.40a PRTodd Beamer

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Bruk Tafere10:25.90aTodd Beamer
2.12Nathan Brewster10:39.62aFederal Way
3.9Haftom Tafere10:42.67aTodd Beamer
4.11Isaiah Forward11:09.30aFederal Way
5.9Daniel Kubay11:18.30aTodd Beamer
5.9Chris Lee11:18.30a PRTodd Beamer
6.12Ben Williamson12:47.60a SRFederal Way
7.11Mitchell St. Clair12:50.50aTodd Beamer
8.9Kenneth Luu12:51.10aTodd Beamer
9.9Clayton Regehr12:51.50aTodd Beamer
10.11Matthew Meerdink13:56.00aTodd Beamer

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Austin Hitchcock16.44aTodd Beamer
2.12Garrett Persinger16.72aFederal Way
3.10Aaron Persinger16.73aFederal Way
1.10Caleb Dawson18.82aFederal Way
4.10Brandon Warren18.87aFederal Way
5.9Justin Evans18.92aTodd Beamer
2.10Napoleon Huynh20.95aFederal Way
6.11Chris McKinnon22.14aTodd Beamer

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

11Chris McKinnonNTTodd Beamer
10Caleb DawsonNTFederal Way
9Justin EvansNTTodd Beamer
10Napoleon HuynhNTFederal Way
10Aaron PersingerNTFederal Way
10Brandon WarrenNTFederal Way
11Austin HitchcockNTTodd Beamer

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Dominique Maxie
Shawn Priggett
Austin Hitchcock
Willie Roach
43.91aTodd Beamer
2.-Khalil Howse
Kerson Lubin
DJ May
Michael Tate
44.13aFederal Way
3.-Relay Team 54.62aFederal Way

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Garrett Persinger
Patrick Crews
Meron Simon
Michael Tate
3:32.94aFederal Way
2.-Austin Hitchcock
Justin Dean
Dominique Maxie
Sean Eidsmoe
3:38.11aTodd Beamer
3.-Relay Team 3:42.92aFederal Way
4.-Khalil Howse
Jeremiah McNeal
Jonathan Forbes
Kerson Lubin
3:54.40aFederal Way
5.-Relay Team 4:07.00aTodd Beamer

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jordan Pulu45-09.00Federal Way
2.10Albert Havili44-07.00Federal Way
3.9JayTee Tiuli43-05.50 SRFederal Way
4.12Mike Riedel41-06.00Todd Beamer
5.12Logan Dearinger39-05.00Todd Beamer
6.11Jodeci Tuiletufuga38-07.50Federal Way
7.9Eric Ah Fua38-05.00Federal Way
8.10Milo Loving37-04.50Todd Beamer
9.12Paul Packer35-11.50Federal Way
10.12TJ Esekielu35-07.00 PRTodd Beamer
11.11Anthony Berry35-02.50 PRTodd Beamer
12.11Zach Taylor30-02.00Todd Beamer

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Albert Havili126-09Federal Way
2.11Jordan Pulu116-03Federal Way
3.12Logan Dearinger106-10Todd Beamer
4.11Chase Randazzo104-09Todd Beamer
5.11Jodeci Tuiletufuga103-10Federal Way
6.11Zach Taylor99-07Todd Beamer
7.9JayTee Tiuli97-01Federal Way
8.11Vincent Youngs88-03Todd Beamer
9.10Milo Loving72-04Todd Beamer
10.9Jon Cameron72-03 PRTodd Beamer
11.9Eric Ah Fua69-08Federal Way
12Paul PackerNDFederal Way

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Willie Roach6-00.00Todd Beamer
2.10Johnny Myles5-10.00Federal Way
3.10D'londo Tucker5-08.00Federal Way
3.12Nathan Jowett5-08.00Federal Way
5.12Bruk Tafere5-06.00Todd Beamer
6.9Gage Harris5-06.00Federal Way
7.10Caleb Dawson5-02.00Federal Way
8.11Kenny Pickens5-02.00Todd Beamer

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nathan Jowett12-00.00Federal Way
2.12Matthew Chun11-06.00Federal Way
3.12Aleksey Koval11-06.00Federal Way
4.10Jeremiah McNeal9-06.00Federal Way
5.10Mathias Forward9-06.00Federal Way
6.12Tom Bowman9-00.00Todd Beamer
11Mitchell St. ClairNHTodd Beamer
10Tevin ChomthanatNHFederal Way
11Jonathan TroungNHFederal Way
12Elliot ChoeNHFederal Way
9Sean LimNHTodd Beamer

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Michael Tate20-09.75Federal Way
2.11DJ May20-08.25Federal Way
2.12Dimitri (DJ) Vollmer20-08.25Federal Way
4.9Adrian Shocks19-03.25 SRTodd Beamer
5.12Nathan Jowett18-11.50 PRFederal Way
6.12Terrance Chambers18-09.00 SRFederal Way
7.9Gage Harris18-07.25Federal Way
8.10D'londo Tucker18-05.75Federal Way
9.9Justin Evans17-10.75 SRTodd Beamer
10.11Wayne Kwong17-09.75 PRTodd Beamer
11.9Jonathan Forbes17-09.25Federal Way
12.12TJ Esekielu17-08.50Todd Beamer
13.12Jun Kim16-07.75Todd Beamer
14.12Thomas Lowery16-03.50Todd Beamer
15.11James Burton15-08.25Todd Beamer
16.9Isiah Blount13-04.75 PRTodd Beamer

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dimitri (DJ) Vollmer42-02.50 PRFederal Way
2.11DJ May41-11.25Federal Way
3.10Johnny Myles40-09.25Federal Way
4.10D'londo Tucker39-09.50Federal Way
5.9Gage Harris38-10.00Federal Way
6.12Dominique Maxie38-00.75Todd Beamer
7.9Justin Evans37-06.25Todd Beamer
8.12Thomas Lowery35-08.25Todd Beamer
11Wayne KwongNDTodd Beamer
11James BurtonNDTodd Beamer


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