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100 Meters  Middle School - Finals

8Michael Macedo14.12h PRShady Cove
7Bryan O'Neil14.28hShady Cove
7Garrett Webb14.47hShady Cove
7Thorin Wigen15.93hShady Cove
5.7Daryn Kleynhans16.22hNew Hope Christian
6Will Hernlein17.44hShady Cove
7Garrett Logue17.93hShady Cove
7Dalton James18.5hShady Cove

200 Meters  Middle School - Finals

7John Shipley29.70hShady Cove
7Daniel Everitt32.78hShady Cove
3.7Ben Kester35.19hNew Hope Christian

400 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.6Hunter Matschke1:18.91hNew Hope Christian

800 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Chris Merlos2:26.81hNew Hope Christian
2.8Jonas Lundgren2:36.50hNew Hope Christian
3.6Hunter Matschke2:57.03hNew Hope Christian
8Jacob Dovel3:19.77hShady Cove

1500 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Chris Merlos4:56.21hNew Hope Christian
7John Shipley5:39.28h PRShady Cove
3.8Adam Barth5:42.28hNew Hope Christian
7Brandon Yoeman6:02.10hShady Cove
6Bryan DeBerry6:11.72hShady Cove
7Jacob Myers6:18.21h PRShady Cove
7Brandon Reed6:19.89hShady Cove
8Mikey Johnson6:25.75hShady Cove
6Clark Hooper6:31.25hShady Cove
6Ethen Crowl7:27.09hShady Cove

3000 Meters  Middle School - Finals

1.8Mikey Jones12:34.46hNew Hope Christian
7Jacob Myers14:20.90hShady Cove

100m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

8Michael Macedo19.12hShady Cove
7Michael Hammond19.72hShady Cove
7Ben Cantrel21.47hShady Cove
7Thorin Wigen21.91hShady Cove

200m Hurdles - 30"  Middle School - Finals

1.8Mikey Jones38.31h PRNew Hope Christian
7Brandon Yoeman39.16h PRShady Cove
7Ben Cantrel41.44hShady Cove

4x100 Relay  Middle School - Finals

7Daniel Everitt
Garrett Webb
Bryan O'Neil
John Shipley
56.16hShady Cove

SMR 100-100-200-400m  Middle School - Finals

8Michael Macedo
Mikey Johnson
Travis Kyle
Jared Dabel
2:20.33hShady Cove
7Ben Cantrel
Thorin Wigen
Michael Hammond
Brandon Yoeman
2:25.38hShady Cove
3.-Seth Emery
Ben Kester
Jonas Lundgren
Mikey Jones
2:25.50hNew Hope Christian
6Sean Derr
Bryan DeBerry
Will Hernlein
Ethen Crowl
2:45.97hShady Cove

Shot Put - 8lb  Middle School - Finals

7Bryan O'Neil29'5Shady Cove
2.8Jonas Lundgren24'09.00 PRNew Hope Christian
4.8Seth Emery23'09.50 PRNew Hope Christian
7Brandon Reed23'8Shady Cove
6Brian Gerke20'9Shady Cove
6Bryan DeBerry19'5Shady Cove
8Jared Dabel19'5Shady Cove
7Garrett Logue17'4Shady Cove
6Will Hernlein16'6Shady Cove

Discus - 1kg  Middle School - Finals

7Bryan O'Neil80'11Shady Cove
2.8Chris Merlos72'06.00New Hope Christian
7Daniel Everitt57'3Shady Cove
5.8Adam Barth50'08.00New Hope Christian
8Jacob Dovel48'Shady Cove
6Josh Saenz45'8Shady Cove
8Mikey Johnson44'2Shady Cove
6Sean Derr44'1Shady Cove
7Garrett Logue42'1Shady Cove
7Ben Cantrel41'7Shady Cove
6Bryan DeBerry38'4Shady Cove

Javelin - 300g TJ  Middle School - Finals

7Michael Hammond119'11 SRShady Cove
7Jared Wolf91'1 SRShady Cove
7Garrett Webb82'0.5Shady Cove
7Dalton James77'7.75Shady Cove
4.8Mikey Jones73'09.50 PRNew Hope Christian
5.6Hunter Matschke71'02.25New Hope Christian
7John Shipley67'0.25Shady Cove
7Tanner Bacon64'10.5Shady Cove
7Dylan Thompson64'9.75Shady Cove
6Brian Gerke64'3.5Shady Cove
7Ben Kester63'06.00New Hope Christian
8Seth Emery54'05.50 PRNew Hope Christian
8Adam Barth50'06.00New Hope Christian
6Josh Saenz44'5.5Shady Cove
6Ethen Crowl39' PRShady Cove

High Jump  Middle School - Finals

8Michael Macedo4'4Shady Cove
2.8Jonas Lundgren4'02.00New Hope Christian
8Jared Dabel4'Shady Cove

Long Jump  Middle School - Finals

1.7Daryn Kleynhans11'01.00New Hope Christian
3.8Mikey Jones9'10.00 PRNew Hope Christian
7Brandon Yoeman9'2Shady Cove
6Sean Derr6'9Shady Cove

Triple Jump  Middle School - Finals

7Michael Hammond29'10 SRShady Cove
7Garrett Webb23'2Shady Cove
7Jared Wolf20'4Shady Cove
7Tanner Bacon18'1Shady Cove


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