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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ole Bond11.55hSweet Home
2.12Nick Purvis11.58h PRSisters
3.12Jacob Maguire11.61hNorth Marion
4.11Travis Myrick11.65hSisters
5.11Fred Herold11.88hNorth Marion
6.11Jeff Sampson11.90h SRSisters
7.12John Murphy12.10h PRNorth Marion
8.10Hayden Stein12.29h SRSisters
9.10Levi Goins12.34hSisters
10.10Slater Smith12.44hSisters
12.11Ben Kahrmann12.80h PRNorth Marion
11.10Josh Johnson15.4h PRSweet Home
9Nick HeadDQSisters

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Cory McCaffrey22.60h SRSisters
2.12Jacob Maguire22.96h PRNorth Marion
3.12Ole Bond23.10h PRSweet Home
4.11Kyle King23.72h SRNorth Marion
5.10Andy Stahn24.34hSisters
6.12Tim Faulconer24.38hSweet Home
7.10Land Florek24.60hSweet Home
8.9Lee Elder25.44h SRSisters
8.10Slater Smith25.44hSisters
10.10Hayden Stein25.50h SRSisters
11.10Levi Goins25.69h SRSisters
12.10Scott Salgado26.08h SRSisters
13.10Andrew Legg26.58h PRSisters
14.9Craig Prine26.67h SRSisters

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kelly Crowther53.06hSisters
2.12Tim Faulconer53.93hSweet Home
3.10Land Florek54.71hSweet Home
4.10Andy Stahn55.79hSisters
5.11Kyle King55.91h PRNorth Marion
6.11Ande Phillips56.19hSisters
7.9Mike Calavan57.87hSisters
8.9Colton Moore1:01.49hNorth Marion
10Ashton SimmsDQSisters

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

10Ramiro Santana54.3hSweet Home
12Ole Bond55.4hSweet Home
12Isaac Villarreal55.9hSweet Home
12Tim Faulconer56.2hSweet Home
10Land Florek58.7hSweet Home
11KC Hanscam60.5hSweet Home
11Kevin Yeung61.5h PRSweet Home
9Robert Callagan61.5h SRSweet Home

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Andrew Legg2:12.06hSisters
10Ramiro Santana2:13.8hSweet Home
3.9Robert Callagan2:14.35hSweet Home
4.9Matt Merritt2:14.92hNorth Marion
5.10Luke Glick2:18.70h SRSisters
6.9Jared Henderson2:19.29hSisters
7.9Mike Calavan2:19.46hSisters
8.9Sean Henry2:23.40hNorth Marion
9.9Kyle Whitehead2:24.81hNorth Marion
10.9Colton Moore2:30.21hNorth Marion
9Benton UrquhartDQSisters
9Patrick YoungDQSisters

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Matt Merritt4:43.48hNorth Marion
2.9Jared Henderson4:45.67hSisters
3.11Jake Smith4:45.98hSweet Home
4.9Kyle Whitehead4:48.48hNorth Marion
5.9Sean Henry4:53.15hNorth Marion
6.12Isaac Villarreal5:11.61h PRSweet Home
7.9Lee Elder5:24.53h PRSisters
8.11Acoma Johnsick5:24.75hNorth Marion
9.10Scott Krieger5:30.82hNorth Marion
10.9Patrick Young5:57.69h PRSisters
9Benton UrquhartDQSisters

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Luke Glick10:34.22hSisters
2.9Nikki Smith11:58.77hSweet Home
3.10Scott Krieger12:35.59hNorth Marion
11Acoma JohnsickDQNorth Marion

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Eli Callan17.17hSisters
2.11Fred Herold18.64hNorth Marion
3.12Isaac Villarreal19.42hSweet Home
4.9Drew Herron20.08h SRSisters
5.11Kevin Yeung20.29hSweet Home
6.10Dane Moorehead20.45hSisters
7.9Nikki Smith20.90h SRSweet Home

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Eli Callan41.85hSisters
3.11Ben Kahrmann45.01hNorth Marion
4.12Isaac Villarreal45.93hSweet Home
5.11Fred Herold49.27hNorth Marion
6.10Dane Moorehead49.83hSisters
7.11Kevin Yeung51.15h SRSweet Home

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jeff Sampson
Ande Phillips
Dom Deleone
Andy Stahn
--Kyle King
Jacob Maguire
Fred Herold
Ben Kahrmann
DQNorth Marion

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:36.32hSisters
2.-Ramiro Santana
Ole Bond
Isaac Villarreal
Tim Faulconer
3:41.64hSweet Home
3.-Matt Merritt
Sean Henry
Colton Moore
John Murphy
3:54.88hNorth Marion

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jeff Sampson43'00.75Sisters
2.11Nathan Whitfield40'02.25Sweet Home
3.9Marc Callagan36'10.00Sweet Home
4.10Marcus Delong36'08.50Sweet Home
5.10Gregg Abernathy33'08.00 SRNorth Marion
6.10Joe Jenago31'07.50 PRSisters
7.10Josh Marr31'05.00 PRSisters
8.11Chase Zollman31'01.50North Marion
9.10Evan Eady29'11.00Sisters
10.10Kelsey Fisher29'04.75Sweet Home
11.10Chase Tuttle27'09.50North Marion
12.9Londel Lucas24'01.00 SRSisters
13.9Kyle Holmes22'06.75Sweet Home
14.9Ben Morse18'09.50Sisters
10Taylor DavenportDQSisters
10Nick MartinDQNorth Marion
10Jesse JohnsickDQNorth Marion
12DJ WilsonDQNorth Marion
11Mike ArthursDQNorth Marion

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jeff Sampson130'03Sisters
2.10Taylor Davenport118'05Sisters
3.11Nathan Whitfield99'09Sweet Home
4.9Marc Callagan99'02Sweet Home
5.10Chase Tuttle91'03North Marion
6.10Marcus Delong84'05Sweet Home
7.12DJ Wilson83'04North Marion
8.11Mike Arthurs83'01 PRNorth Marion
9.10Nick Martin82'07 PRNorth Marion
10.10Ryan Butler79'11Sisters
11.10Jesse Johnsick74'06North Marion
12.9Ben Morse71'00 PRSisters
13.10Sean Mauer69'10Sisters
14.10Evan Eady61'11 SRSisters
15.10John Thomas57'06 PRSisters
16.9Shawn Richardson55'04Sweet Home
17.9Kyle Holmes55'03 SRSweet Home
18.9Londel Lucas52'06Sisters
10Josh MarrDQSisters
10Gregg AbernathyDQNorth Marion
11Chase ZollmanDQNorth Marion

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Alex Brown160'05Sweet Home
2.11Nathan Whitfield146'07Sweet Home
3.10Joe Jenago130'08Sisters
4.11Marc Gillette128'08North Marion
5.10Ramiro Santana127'00 SRSweet Home
6.12John Murphy108'00 PRNorth Marion
7.10Kelsey Fisher107'06Sweet Home
7.9Marc Callagan107'06Sweet Home
9.10Gregg Abernathy105'09North Marion
10.10Ryan Butler100'09Sisters
11.10Sean Mauer94'01Sisters
12.10Josh Marr92'00Sisters
13.10Jesse Johnsick91'06North Marion
14.10John Thomas75'00Sisters
15.9Kyle Holmes59'01Sweet Home
16.9Shawn Richardson56'05Sweet Home
10Nick MartinDQNorth Marion
12DJ WilsonDQNorth Marion
11Mike ArthursDQNorth Marion

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brandon Weist5'10.00Sweet Home
2.11Travis Myrick5'08.00 PRSisters
3.9Kelly Maguire5'04.00North Marion
3.11Marc Gillette5'04.00North Marion
5.11KC Hanscam5'02.00Sweet Home
6.11Jess Keys5'00.00Sweet Home
9Craig PrineDQSisters

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Ben Mansker12'00.00Sisters
2.11Dom Deleone11'00.00Sisters
3.9Nick Head11'00.00 SRSisters
4.9Craig Prine10'06.00 SRSisters
4.11KC Hanscam10'00.00Sweet Home
6.9Allen Schaad9'06.00 PRSisters
7.9Robert Callagan9'00.00Sweet Home
8.10Ashton Simms8'00.00 PRSisters
9.9Nikki Smith7'00.00Sweet Home
9Lee ElderDQSisters
9Max QuinnDQSisters

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Cory McCaffrey20'05.00Sisters
2.11Ande Phillips19'10.50 PRSisters
3.11Travis Myrick19'05.00 SRSisters
4.11Eli Callan19'03.00Sisters
5.11Brandon Weist18'06.00 SRSweet Home
6.11Dom Deleone17'05.00 PRSisters
7.10Levi Goins17'01.00 PRSisters
8.10Hayden Stein17'00.00 SRSisters
9.10Ashton Simms16'06.00Sisters
10.9Lee Elder16'03.00 PRSisters
11.10Marcus Delong16'02.00 PRSweet Home
12.10Scott Salgado15'01.50 SRSisters
13.11Cory Yeack13'11.00Sweet Home
14.9Allen Schaad13'09.00 PRSisters
15.10Josh Johnson11'11.50 PRSweet Home
10Ben ManskerDQSisters
11Marc GilletteDQNorth Marion
9Max QuinnDQSisters

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nick Purvis41'01.00 PRSisters
2.11Brandon Weist38'03.00Sweet Home
3.11Ben Kahrmann37'09.00 PRNorth Marion
4.11Dom Deleone37'04.00 PRSisters
5.10Scott Salgado36'06.00 SRSisters
6.11KC Hanscam35'04.00Sweet Home
7.10Ashton Simms35'02.00Sisters
8.10Levi Goins33'06.00Sisters
9.10Hayden Stein32'00.00Sisters


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