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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Deion Johnson11.89a PRLouisa County
2.-Jeremy Jackson11.99a PRLouisa County
3.10Joe Owecke12.06a PRAtlee
4.9Tim Christian12.29a SRManchester
5.10Josh Reyes12.45a PRManchester
6.10Matt Mason12.49a SRMaggie L. Walker
7.9Quenton Mathis12.54a PRLouisa County
8.9Jonathan Anderson12.84a PRLouisa County
9.10Andrew Price12.97a SRAtlee
10.-Ryan Williams13.12a PRLouisa County
11.9Isiah Mason13.27aManchester
12.-Montel Pruitt13.41a PRLouisa County
13.9Brandon Tsay13.67aAtlee
14.-Timmy Vadasz13.76a PRAtlee

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Marcus Burley23.99a PRLouisa County
2.-Joseph Azurin24.62a PRLouisa County
3.10Brennan Kunka24.79aMaggie L. Walker
4.9Deion Johnson25.03a SRLouisa County
5.-Jeremy Jackson25.31a SRLouisa County
6.-K'Re Johnson25.56a PRLouisa County
7.9Tim Christian25.62a PRManchester
8.10Matt Mason25.84a SRMaggie L. Walker
9.10Scott Utterback25.84a PRAtlee
10.10Josh Reyes26.12a PRManchester
11.9Joe Martin26.51aAtlee
12.9Marcus Jackson27.20a PRLouisa County
13.10Derek Henderson27.44a PRAtlee
14.9Ross Gardner27.50a PRAtlee
15.-Corey Chesley27.58a PRLouisa County
16.9Brandon Tsay28.11aAtlee
17.9Isiah Mason28.46aManchester
18.-Timmy Vadasz28.89a PRAtlee

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Brennan Kunka53.68aMaggie L. Walker
2.10Griffin Carmichael54.00aAtlee
3.10Brian Elliott57.47aAtlee
4.10Joe Owecke58.37aAtlee
5.9Jonathan Anderson59.62aLouisa County
6.9Ben Rasich1:01.54aMaggie L. Walker
7.-Corey Chesley1:02.04a PRLouisa County
8.9Chris Perkins1:03.91a SRAtlee
9.8Josh Grady1:05.31a PRLouisa County
10.-Desmond Athey1:06.46a PRLouisa County

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Thomas Franco2:09.38aAtlee
2.10Corey Devore2:11.78a PRManchester
3.10John Ziegler2:13.63aMaggie L. Walker
4.9Joshua Champion2:18.59a PRManchester
5.10Joey Viray2:18.69aMaggie L. Walker
6.10Garrett Faegans2:19.06a SRLouisa County
7.10Andrew Tynes2:20.22aMaggie L. Walker
8.9Austin Koch2:20.29aMaggie L. Walker
9.9Alex Fleckenstein2:21.73aMaggie L. Walker
10.9Bryan Stinnett2:21.84aLouisa County
11.10Jake Brooks2:29.40aLouisa County
12.10Ricky Shelton2:30.05aAtlee
13.-James Morris2:30.97aLouisa County
14.8Jarrett Davis2:36.86a PRLouisa County
15.10Davin Stancil2:37.59aAtlee
16.9Dylan Vrana2:45.15aMaggie L. Walker
17.9Justin Godsey2:47.22aLouisa County
18.-Michael Stoher2:47.25a PRLouisa County
19.8Stuart Miller2:47.95a SRLouisa County
20.8Cameron Kincheloe2:52.60a PRLouisa County

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Ryan Donlon4:51.18a PRLouisa County
2.9Bismillah Alidost5:05.09aAtlee
3.9Alex Fleckenstein5:05.38aMaggie L. Walker
4.10Patrick Christian5:05.63aAtlee
5.9Mike Hammell5:07.25aManchester
6.9Bryan Stinnett5:14.07aLouisa County
7.9Austin Koch5:16.91aMaggie L. Walker
8.9Timothy Myers5:20.38a SRMaggie L. Walker
9.9Forde Upshur5:24.60aLouisa County
10.11Mike Buleza5:25.13a PRManchester
11.10Ryan Chase5:25.35a PRManchester
12.8Jarrett Davis5:43.37a PRLouisa County
13.10Nicholas Winecoff5:46.35aAtlee
14.9Dylan Vrana6:16.32a SRMaggie L. Walker
15.-Michael Stoher6:17.60a PRLouisa County
16.8Noah Jones6:20.74a SRLouisa County
17.9Bryan Kaperick6:28.46a SRMaggie L. Walker

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Michael Spagnolo10:47.59aAtlee
2.10Caleb Phelps10:47.74aLouisa County
3.10Michael Lewis11:30.36aMaggie L. Walker
4.9Sam Robbins11:34.50a PRManchester
5.9Thomas Cole11:35.12a SRManchester
6.10Tyler Favale11:41.34aAtlee
7.10Chase Steele11:46.16aAtlee
8.10Johnny Mac Yates11:48.51a PRMaggie L. Walker
9.10Ryan Duncan11:55.92a PRMaggie L. Walker
10.9Forde Upshur12:27.72aLouisa County
11.8Mitchell Feagans13:00.03a SRLouisa County
12.8Noah Jones13:33.77a SRLouisa County

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.9Marcus Burley16.57aLouisa County
2.9David Segovia16.69aAtlee
3.10Micah Todd17.09aManchester
4.9Raheem Johnson17.49aLouisa County
5.9Tyshad Wright18.61a SRManchester
6.9Omary Branch19.88aManchester
7.-Curtis Walker20.90a PRLouisa County
8.10Michael Kelly20.98a PRManchester
9.9Marcus Jackson21.03a SRLouisa County
10.9Juwaun Price22.54a PRLouisa County
11.9Aateeb Khan23.69aMaggie L. Walker

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.9David Segovia44.70aAtlee
2.10Micah Todd45.00aManchester
3.9Omary Branch46.67a SRManchester
4.9Tyshad Wright47.56aManchester
5.10Derek Henderson50.07aAtlee
6.10Michael Kelly50.74aManchester
7.9Aateeb Khan55.51aMaggie L. Walker
8.9Angus Butcher57.58aLouisa County
9.9Shawn Clune59.78aLouisa County

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 46.34aLouisa County
1.-Raheem Johnson
Jeremy Jackson
K'Re Johnson
Marcus Burley
46.34aLouisa County
2.-Relay Team 48.25aManchester
---Relay Team DQAtlee

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:48.69aAtlee
2.-Relay Team 3:53.54aMaggie L. Walker
3.-Relay Team 4:00.70aLouisa County
3.-Jonathan Anderson
Joseph Azurin
K'Re Johnson
Garrett Faegans
4:00.70aLouisa County
---Relay Team 4:01.42aAtlee
---Relay Team 4:14.81aAtlee
---Relay Team 4:17.73aMaggie L. Walker

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 9:07.43aMaggie L. Walker
2.-Relay Team 9:14.45aManchester
3.-Relay Team 9:35.26aLouisa County
3.-Caleb Phelps
Joseph Azurin
Jake Brooks
Garrett Faegans
9:35.26aLouisa County
4.-Relay Team 10:15.31aAtlee

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.9Evan Griffey40-02.00Atlee
2.9Brian Townes37-00.00 SRLouisa County
3.9Christian Rochefort37-00.00 SRAtlee
4.10Andrew Morton36-10.50 SRMaggie L. Walker
5.-Randy Jackson36-06.00 SRLouisa County
6.9Willy Reese30-11.00Atlee
7.10Seth Bright30-07.00Maggie L. Walker
8.9Doug Hawthorne29-03.00 SRManchester
9.10Charles Tucker28-11.00 SRLouisa County
10.-Ryan Williams28-03.00 PRLouisa County
11.10Tarun Ganish27-04.00 PRMaggie L. Walker
12.-Aaron Gillespie26-07.00 PRAtlee
13.9Joseph Hamlett26-01.50Atlee
14.9Michael Dellaripa25-04.00 PRAtlee
15.10Luke Brizenoine25-00.00 PRAtlee
16.9Chase Griffin24-08.00 SRAtlee

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10Andrew Morton109-04Maggie L. Walker
2.9Christian Rochefort101-09Atlee
3.10Charles Tucker99-03Louisa County
4.9Michael Dellaripa97-03Atlee
5.10Seth Bright96-02Maggie L. Walker
6.9Evan Griffey89-06 PRAtlee
7.9Doug Hawthorne86-06Manchester
8.9Brian Townes82-04 SRLouisa County
9.10Tarun Ganish80-11 PRMaggie L. Walker
10.9Joseph Hamlett78-09 SRAtlee
11.-Randy Jackson77-07Louisa County
12.9Willy Reese76-07 PRAtlee
13.9Ross Gardner70-10 PRAtlee
14.-Aaron Gillespie66-05Atlee
15.9Chase Griffin62-01 PRAtlee
16.-Corey Chesley58-11 PRLouisa County
17.10Luke Brizenoine57-07 SRAtlee

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9David Segovia5-04.00Atlee
2.10Micah Todd5-02.00Manchester
3.10Brennan Kunka5-00.00Maggie L. Walker
4.-Desmond Athey5-00.00 PRLouisa County
5.10Andrew Price4-10.00Atlee
6.10Matt Mason4-08.00Maggie L. Walker
7.10Griffin Carmichael4-06.00 PRAtlee
7.9Ross Gardner4-06.00Atlee
--9Bismillah AlidostNHAtlee

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.10Brennan Kunka10-06.00Maggie L. Walker
2.-Alexander Wilson9-00.00 SRLouisa County
3.8Jarrett Davis9-00.00 PRLouisa County
4.9Ben Rasich8-00.00 SRMaggie L. Walker
5.-Shannon Dunham8-00.00Louisa County
6.-Michael Stoher7-06.00 PRLouisa County
7.-Justice Smith6-06.00 PRLouisa County

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9Marcus Burley20-04.75Louisa County
2.10Brennan Kunka17-05.00Maggie L. Walker
3.9David Segovia17-04.50 PRAtlee
4.-K'Re Johnson17-03.50 PRLouisa County
5.9Raheem Johnson17-02.00Louisa County
6.9Marcus Jackson16-08.75 SRLouisa County
7.10Josh Reyes16-05.00Manchester
8.9Tim Christian16-03.75Manchester
9.9Joe Martin16-01.50Atlee
10.10Andrew Price16-00.00Atlee
11.10Michael Kelly15-06.00Manchester
12.9James Wilson15-04.50 PRAtlee
13.10Matt Mason14-05.75Maggie L. Walker
14.9Ben Rasich13-02.50Maggie L. Walker
15.-Justice Smith13-01.00 PRLouisa County

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9Raheem Johnson39-11.00Louisa County
2.9Marcus Burley39-07.00Louisa County
3.-K'Re Johnson37-07.75Louisa County
4.10Micah Todd37-07.50Manchester
5.9David Segovia36-03.25 SRAtlee
6.10Josh Reyes35-06.50 PRManchester
7.10Brennan Kunka34-11.50Maggie L. Walker
8.9Joe Martin33-10.25Atlee
9.-Desmond Athey33-04.75 PRLouisa County
10.9Tim Christian33-03.75Manchester
11.9Marcus Jackson32-09.25 SRLouisa County
12.9James Wilson32-07.50Atlee
13.10Matt Mason31-09.25Maggie L. Walker
14.9Ben Rasich31-04.00 SRMaggie L. Walker
15.8Josh Grady30-05.75 SRLouisa County


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