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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brett Frank-Looney11.78aSeattle Prep
10Charles LeCuyer12.18aSeattle Prep
2.12Michael Givens12.26aChief Sealth
9Jake Adler12.52aSeattle Prep
12Niel Kee12.55aSeattle Prep
12Kevin Culala12.57aSeattle Prep
3.11Siddique Newkirk12.61aWest Seattle
9Tony Thai12.67a SRChief Sealth
-Robert Calloway12.5hRainier Beach
4.9Christian Umagat12.83aSeattle Prep
10Addison Gifford12.84a SRSeattle Prep
5.11Tacarious Peavy13.13a PRChief Sealth
11Gary Connor13.0hSeattle Prep
12Andrew Russell13.0h PRSeattle Prep
9Louis MacVicar13.27aSeattle Prep
9Kumar Derrow13.32aChief Sealth
10Nate Crawford13.1h SRSeattle Prep
10Alex Bautista13.45aSeattle Prep
11Christopher Pence13.57aWest Seattle
11Kyle Tible13.4h PRSeattle Prep
10Tristan Frigillana13.87aSeattle Prep
11Daniel Fong13.7hSeattle Prep
9Christopher Sayles14.07aSeattle Prep

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brett Frank-Looney24.00aSeattle Prep
2.12Michael Givens25.09aChief Sealth
4.12Khang Nguyen25.70a PRWest Seattle
3.10Charles LeCuyer25.5hSeattle Prep
5.12Nikko Emm25.75a PRWest Seattle
6.11Steven Andersen25.85a SRSeattle Prep
7.9Elijah Williams25.92aRainier Beach
8.12Kevin Culala26.07a PRSeattle Prep
9.12Andrew Russell26.1h PRSeattle Prep
10.9Christopher Sayles26.50h PRSeattle Prep
12.11Brennan Newquist26.85aWest Seattle
14.9Jake Adler26.91aSeattle Prep
11.10Addison Gifford26.7h PRSeattle Prep
15.11De Shawn Aitkens27.10a PRChief Sealth
17.9Tony Thai27.13aChief Sealth
13.10Taylor Butler-Hawkins26.9hSeattle Prep
15.9Jack Stewart27.1h PRSeattle Prep
19.11Tacarious Peavy27.37a PRChief Sealth
18.9Louis MacVicar27.2hSeattle Prep
20.10Alex Bautista27.53a SRSeattle Prep
21.10Nate Crawford27.73aSeattle Prep
22.11Stephon Martin27.80aChief Sealth
23.11Kyle Tible28.41a PRSeattle Prep
24.-Mike McKnight28.79a PRRainier Beach
25.9J.T. Matthews29.94aSeattle Prep
26.9Kumar Derrow30.10aChief Sealth

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kiewan Miller57.84aRainier Beach
2.10Micheal Cannon59.37aChief Sealth
3.11Brennan Newquist1:01.13aWest Seattle
4.9Marley Smith1:02.41a SRChief Sealth
5.12Felipe Barajas1:04.46aChief Sealth
6.12Billy Stoinski1:05.11a PRChief Sealth

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Joe Hardy1:59.44aSeattle Prep
2.12Mike Sauvage2:06.1hSeattle Prep
3.11Kevin Hogan2:09.46aSeattle Prep
4.12Michael Phillips2:14.4h PRSeattle Prep
5.9Marley Smith2:22.9hChief Sealth
6.11Jack Reinhardt2:23.5h SRSeattle Prep
7.9Carlos Lopez2:25.0hChief Sealth
8.9Mecca Amen2:26.26aWest Seattle
9.10Yonas Ambaye2:27.21aWest Seattle
10.11John Jones2:30.15aRainier Beach
11.12Alazar Efuye2:42.16a PRChief Sealth
10Pete Williams IVNTWest Seattle
11Bryson GoodNTChief Sealth
12Brendan LarsonNTSeattle Prep
12Alex SmithNTSeattle Prep
9Joey PadonNTSeattle Prep

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Joe Hardy4:24.2hSeattle Prep
2.11Keenan Piper4:31.4hSeattle Prep
3.10Keegan Boehm4:44.32aSeattle Prep
4.11Cory Lee-Ways4:54.00aSeattle Prep
5.10Keenan Leary4:55.17aSeattle Prep
6.9Mecca Amen5:11.80a PRWest Seattle
7.11Jesse Simpson5:14.42aChief Sealth
8.10Simon Rehm5:14.80a PRWest Seattle
9.9Thomas Psyhogeos5:22.19aSeattle Prep
10.9David Boeckh5:22.29aChief Sealth
11.10Connor Heffernan5:24.96aSeattle Prep
12.9Jacob Carney5:37.83aWest Seattle
13.12Logan Stillings5:40.94aSeattle Prep
14.10Nicholas Tarnowski5:41.26aSeattle Prep
15.11Thomas Kovacs5:53.04aWest Seattle
16.11John Jones5:57.08aRainier Beach
17.10Cameron Nakatani6:13.34aChief Sealth
18.9Matt Brooks6:15.16aSeattle Prep
19.9Levi Nichols6:39.84aChief Sealth
20.9Tyler Truax7:16.21aChief Sealth

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Gabe Coluccio11:17.53a PRSeattle Prep
2.11Tommy Ruggles11:33.41a PRSeattle Prep
3.11Jesse Simpson11:34.68aChief Sealth
4.9Marley Smith11:45.87aChief Sealth
5.11Payton Quinn11:50.18a SRSeattle Prep
6.9David Boeckh11:52.44a SRChief Sealth
7.10Simon Rehm12:12.45aWest Seattle
8.9Carlos Lopez12:34.32a PRChief Sealth
9.12Alazar Efuye12:38.39a SRChief Sealth

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Max Bubar17.56aSeattle Prep
2.11Sam Robertson18.44aSeattle Prep
3.10Omar Mussehl20.33aSeattle Prep
4.10Marques Friend20.39aSeattle Prep
5.10Bimal Sandhu20.64aSeattle Prep

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Max Bubar46.15aSeattle Prep
2.10Omar Mussehl46.46aSeattle Prep
3.11Sam Robertson49.30a SRSeattle Prep
4.10Bimal Sandhu50.05aSeattle Prep
5.10Marques Friend51.60aSeattle Prep

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Brett Frank-Looney
Niel Kee
Steven Andersen
Charles LeCuyer
49.23aSeattle Prep
2.-Alex Bautista
Kyle Tible
Omar Mussehl
Addison Gifford
51.50aSeattle Prep
3.-Gill Biesold-McGee
Chris Helmon
Charlie Brennan
Bryce Birchfield
52.73aSeattle Prep

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:43.37aSeattle Prep
2.-Joseph Thayer
Micheal Cannon
Bryson Good
Stephon Martin
4:01.27aChief Sealth
3.-Relay Team 4:13.91aSeattle Prep
4.-Relay Team 4:16.42aSeattle Prep
5.-Felipe Barajas
Billy Stoinski
Tony Thai
Marley Smith
4:25.13aChief Sealth

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Gill Biesold-McGee40-04.00Seattle Prep
2.11Charlie Brennan38-05.50Seattle Prep
3.12Riki Iaulualo37-03.00 PRChief Sealth
4.12Chris Helmon35-08.00Seattle Prep
5.11Andrew Carrosino34-09.50Seattle Prep
6.11Clint Hewitt33-10.00Chief Sealth
7.9Dylan Barber30-09.50Seattle Prep
8.12Randall Stefanovich30-07.00West Seattle
9.11Max Boehmer28-06.50Seattle Prep
10.11Frank Wenn27-05.50Chief Sealth
11.11Bryce Birchfield25-09.00 PRSeattle Prep
12.9Alex Kardokus24-09.00Seattle Prep
13.11Peter Ramsey22-09.00Seattle Prep
14.9Sven Shoultz22-06.50 SRSeattle Prep
15.9Andrew Ross21-09.50Seattle Prep

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Charlie Brennan107-01Seattle Prep
2.12Chris Helmon104-10Seattle Prep
3.11Gill Biesold-McGee102-10 SRSeattle Prep
4.11Andrew Carrosino100-04Seattle Prep
5.12Randall Stefanovich89-06West Seattle
6.11Bryce Birchfield88-09Seattle Prep
7.11Will Delaney88-07Seattle Prep
8.12Riki Iaulualo85-08Chief Sealth
9.11Clint Hewitt75-10Chief Sealth
10.9Dylan Barber74-04Seattle Prep
11.11Max Boehmer73-02Seattle Prep
12.9Sven Shoultz59-08Seattle Prep
13.11Peter Ramsey58-09Seattle Prep
14.11Frank Wenn58-08Chief Sealth
15.9Alex Kardokus58-07Seattle Prep
16.9Andrew Ross58-04Seattle Prep

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9J.T. Matthews4-10.00Seattle Prep
9Jack StewartNHSeattle Prep

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nikko Emm19-04.00West Seattle
2.11Brennan Newquist16-07.50West Seattle
3.11Tacarious Peavy16-05.50 PRChief Sealth
4.11De Shawn Aitkens16-05.00Chief Sealth
5.11Sam Robertson16-04.00 PRSeattle Prep
6.10Dan Ostrander16-03.00Seattle Prep
6.11Siddique Newkirk16-03.00 PRWest Seattle
8.11Christopher Pence15-05.00West Seattle
9.12Khang Nguyen15-02.00West Seattle
10.9Kumar Derrow15-00.00 SRChief Sealth
11.11Stephon Martin14-08.00Chief Sealth
12.9Mecca Amen14-03.00 PRWest Seattle
13.10Yonas Ambaye14-00.00West Seattle
14.10Tristan Frigillana11-09.75 PRSeattle Prep
9Tyler TruaxFOULChief Sealth

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Nikko Emm39-02.50West Seattle
2.11De Shawn Aitkens35-01.00Chief Sealth
3.11Christopher Pence32-05.50West Seattle
4.12Khang Nguyen32-01.00West Seattle
5.11Brennan Newquist30-03.00West Seattle
6.10Yonas Ambaye30-00.00West Seattle
7.9Kumar Derrow27-05.50Chief Sealth
8.11Tacarious Peavy27-03.50Chief Sealth
9Tony ThaiFOULChief Sealth


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