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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ryan Davis11.70h PRParkville
2.11Thomas Brown12.00hParkville
3.11Christopher Simon12.30h SRLoch Raven
4.11Cody McKenzie12.60hParkville
5.11Tim Woodrum13.10hPerry Hall

100 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Devin Jones11.90hParkville
2.10Keyonia Dennis11.90hParkville
3.9Joseph Hutchins12.60hPerry Hall
4.9Kyle Goodbee13.70h PRPerry Hall
5.9Jordan Campbell14.00h PRLoch Raven
6.10Jimmy Kanithi14.60hLoch Raven

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jeremy Sierakowski22.80h SRLoch Raven
2.11Jeremiah Johnson23.10hPerry Hall
3.11Darrel Scott24.30hParkville
4.11Cody McKenzie25.10hParkville
5.12Ihechi Akwuole25.50hParkville

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Daniel Jackson24.30hParkville
2.10Keyonia Dennis24.50hParkville
3.10Jefferson Iweh25.60hPerry Hall
4.10Larry Preis28.40hLoch Raven
5.9Jordan Campbell29.80hLoch Raven

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jeremy Sierakowski52.00h SRLoch Raven
2.12Robert Bain57.20h PRParkville
3.11Bart Allen59.40h SRPerry Hall
4.12Nick Belkoff59.80h PRLoch Raven
5.11Jahi Thomas1:00.90hPerry Hall

400 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Bryan Howell59.00hLoch Raven
2.10Larry Preis1:03.30hLoch Raven
3.9Michael Lucas1:04.10hPerry Hall
4.10Josh Chmielewski1:08.70hPerry Hall
5.10Brandan Rogowski1:09.20h SRPerry Hall

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Bart Allen2:19.90hPerry Hall
2.11Tasmine Prater2:22.90hParkville
3.11Logan Rites2:24.40h SRPerry Hall
4.12Adam Jenkins2:29.50h PRParkville
5.12Nathaniel Cohen2:34.80h PRLoch Raven
6.12Nick Belkoff2:35.21h PRLoch Raven

800 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Bryan Howell2:40.60h SRLoch Raven
2.9Brandon Bankston2:41.80h PRParkville
3.10Brandan Rogowski2:52.10hPerry Hall
4.9Joe Yap2:52.70h SRPerry Hall
5.9Arun Philip2:54.80hParkville

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jose Cruz4:57.60hPerry Hall
2.11Tasmine Prater5:13.00hParkville
3.12Adam Jenkins5:27.90h PRParkville
4.12Nathaniel Cohen5:45.60hLoch Raven
5.11Lealand Burns6:19.61h PRParkville

1600 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Ethan Burbridge5:02.00hPerry Hall
2.9Andrew Urbanski5:30.10hParkville
3.10Jacob Biedronski5:33.30h SRPerry Hall
4.9Jacob Rehak5:42.80h PRPerry Hall
5.9Joe Yap6:08.40h SRPerry Hall

3200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Ajay Mahesh12:24.90hPerry Hall
2.10Kelle Fizer12:48.90hPerry Hall

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Patrick Alluisi16.11hPerry Hall
2.12Zachary Carpenter-Carter16.80hCarver A&T

110m Hurdles - 39"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Ross Boyer20.00hParkville
2.9Kyle Goodbee21.30hPerry Hall

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Patrick Alluisi41.40hPerry Hall
2.12Zachary Carpenter-Carter44.80hCarver A&T

300m Hurdles - 36"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Joseph Hutchins56.60hPerry Hall
2.9Kyle Goodbee1:00.00hPerry Hall

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 46.40hPerry Hall
2.-Relay Team 47.60hParkville
3.-Relay Team 48.70hParkville

4x100 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 47.40hParkville
2.-Relay Team 49.30hPerry Hall
3.-Relay Team 53.60hParkville

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:37.00hParkville
2.-Relay Team 1:39.00hParkville

4x200 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:41.00hPerry Hall
2.-Relay Team 1:45.00hPerry Hall

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:45.30hPerry Hall
2.-Relay Team 3:52.70hLoch Raven

4x400 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:38.71hPerry Hall

4x800 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 10:12.70hPerry Hall

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tim Woodrum36-11.75 PRPerry Hall
2.12Ryne Schanberger35-09.00Loch Raven
3.12Terez Beauford35-03.50Loch Raven
4.12Desmond Tisdale31-02.75 PRParkville
5.12Miguel Fernandez29-03.25Carver A&T
6.11Jonathan Henshaw27-05.50Loch Raven
7.11Jequil Hartz26-05.75Parkville

Shot Put - 12lb  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Jacob Martin32-05.00Perry Hall
2.10Andrew White30-04.75 PRPerry Hall
3.9Chris Adams28-06.00Loch Raven
4.9Alex Nguyen20-03.75 SRPerry Hall

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ryne Schanberger118-01Loch Raven
2.12Terez Beauford112-08Loch Raven
3.11Tim Woodrum86-01 PRPerry Hall
4.11Eric Latham83-03 PRPerry Hall
5.11Jonathan Henshaw80-10Loch Raven
6.12Travon Chase78-10 PRPerry Hall
7.11Jequil Hartz77-00Parkville
8.12Miguel Fernandez76-01Carver A&T
9.11Logan Rites70-04Perry Hall

Discus - 1.6kg  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Jacob Martin76-03Perry Hall
2.9Chris Adams64-07Loch Raven
3.10Marco Meredith55-00Parkville
4.10Andrew White49-08 PRPerry Hall

High Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Jerry Iweh5-00.00Perry Hall
NH10Jefferson IwehPerry Hall

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Christopher Simon17-11.00Loch Raven
2.12Imec Lane17-05.00Parkville

Long Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Roger Bagley17-03.50Perry Hall
2.10Gabriel Coleman16-01.50Perry Hall


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