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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Davaris Osborne11.51a (-1.9)Pahokee
2.12Rico Pierre11.63a (-1.9)South Fork
3.10Travis Rudolph11.64a (-1.5)Cardinal Newman
4.12Reshawd Fyne11.73a (-1.9)Martin County
5.12Brandon Battle11.76a (-2.2)Martin County
6.12Aaron Baker11.77a (-2.2)Glades Central
7.12Christopher Machiela11.79a (-1.5)The King's Academy
7.12Steven Jerome11.79a (-1.9)Park Vista Community
9.11Brock Turner11.85a (-1.5)Pope John Paul II
10.11Aaron Montgomery11.86a (-1.5)Jupiter
11.10Emmanuel Smith11.87a (-1.9)Park Vista Community
12.11Rodney Brown11.90a (-1.9)Glades Central
13.12Keithlin Patrick11.96a (-2.2)Pahokee
14.12Brian Grove11.98a (-1.9)The King's Academy
15.11Matthew Colson12.06a (-2.2)John I Leonard
16.11Matthew Birdens12.08a (-1.4)South Fork
17.11Michael Cioci12.09a (-2.2)Pope John Paul II
18.12Chevanne Brunvert12.10a (-2.2)Forest Hill Community
19.12Fred Taylor12.12a (-1.9)Palm Beach Lakes
20.11Demarcus Terry12.15a (-1.4)Clewiston
21.11Travon Johnson12.16a (-1.5)Martin County
22.11Lorenz Velasco12.21a (-1.9)South Fork
23.11Jarius Smith12.25a (-1.4)Pope John Paul II
24.12Matthew Barrett12.32a (-2.2)Park Vista Community
25.12Ryan Delgado12.49a (-1.9)Wellington Community
26.-Derry West12.50a (-1.4)Clewiston
27.10Brandon Shed12.51a (-1.5)The Benjamin School
28.11D'Andre Watson12.52a PR (-2.2)Palm Beach Lakes
29.12Lance Lily12.54a (-1.7)Forest Hill Community
30.11Kerolin Francois12.59a (-1.9)Forest Hill Community
30.-Charles Giles12.59a (-1.9)Jupiter
32.11Horace Odoms12.62a (-1.9)Wellington Community
33.12Dekiviaus Crawford12.69a (-1.9)John I Leonard
34.10Travis Williams12.70a SR (-1.5)Palm Beach Lakes
35.10Michael Spillert12.71a PR (-1.4)Cardinal Newman
36.12S. Zachary Lowe12.76a PR (-1.9)The King's Academy
37.10Fritz Dorisca12.77a (-1.9)John I Leonard
38.12Marlon Ricketts12.78a (-1.7)Clewiston
39.11Brandon Davis12.84a (-1.4)The Benjamin School
40.10Devin Bowie12.89a (-1.5)Jupiter
41.9Joey Bashwiner12.90a (-1.4)Jupiter Christian
42.9Steffan Gawlikowski12.93a (-1.7)Dreyfoos Of The Arts
43.12Ryan Taylor13.42a (-1.7)Dreyfoos Of The Arts
44.10Alec deFabrique13.56a (-1.7)The Benjamin School
45.10Shemar Maurice14.05a (-1.5)Dreyfoos Of The Arts
46.6Dominic Milewski16.89a PR (-1.5)Jupiter Christian
--10Jordan PlayerNT (-1.7)Jupiter Christian
---Devon ScottNT (-1.4)Pahokee
---Kevon MilnerDQ (-1.5)Glades Central

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Glenn Collier22.75a (-1.5)Jupiter
2.12Edens Thermidor22.99a (-1.5)Park Vista Community
3.12Steven Jerome23.54a (-2.2)Park Vista Community
4.12Rico Pierre23.67a (-1.2)South Fork
5.12Marvin Mckenzie23.73a PR (-1.5)Glades Central
6.11Matthew Colson23.79a (-2.2)John I Leonard
7.10Dharley Cazeau23.86a (-1.5)Wellington Community
8.11Michael Cioci24.02a PR (-1.8)Pope John Paul II
9.12Reshawd Fyne24.08a (-2.0)Martin County
10.12Keithlin Patrick24.21a PR (-1.5)Pahokee
11.12James Davis24.22a (-2.0)Jupiter
12.12Chevanne Brunvert24.30a (-2.2)Forest Hill Community
13.11Marcus Houston24.43a (-2.0)The King's Academy
14.10Jerry Jones24.64a (-2.2)John I Leonard
15.10Ryan Callahan24.66a (-2.0)Park Vista Community
16.-Keymonni Miller24.73a (-1.2)John I Leonard
17.11Lorenz Velasco24.74a (-1.8)South Fork
18.12Ryan Delgado24.77a (-2.0)Wellington Community
19.10Travis Rudolph24.80a (-2.0)Cardinal Newman
19.12Fred Taylor24.80a (-2.0)Palm Beach Lakes
21.11Demarcus Terry25.10a (-1.2)Clewiston
22.12Tevarius Davis25.14a (-1.2)Jupiter
23.12Delvin Kyles25.15a SR (-1.5)Glades Central
24.9Shamar Jackson25.24a (-2.2)Wellington Community
25.10Colton Haggerty25.31a PR (-1.8)South Fork
26.11Kerolin Francois25.47a (-1.5)Forest Hill Community
27.-Derry West25.55a PR (-1.2)Clewiston
28.-Terence Moore25.67a (-1.2)Pahokee
29.8Jamicah Hopkins25.68a (-1.2)The King's Academy
30.11Michlee Anglade25.73a SR (-1.8)Pope John Paul II
31.11Robert Guis25.91a PR (-1.8)Pope John Paul II
32.9Joey Bashwiner25.92a (-1.8)Jupiter Christian
33.12Ryan Taylor25.96a (-1.8)Dreyfoos Of The Arts
34.-Matthew Demenech26.30a (-2.2)Cardinal Newman
35.-Antonio Brown26.74a PR (-2.2)Glades Central
36.11Colby Bradford26.79a (-2.2)The Benjamin School
37.12Ozell York26.92a (-2.2)Forest Hill Community
38.-Jordan Starkey27.00a (-2.2)Dreyfoos Of The Arts
39.10Sam Herring27.10a PR (-1.5)Palm Beach Lakes
40.9John Scarola27.21a (-2.2)Jupiter Christian
41.9Lenarus Gains27.42a (-1.8)Clewiston
42.10Alec deFabrique27.52a (-2.2)The Benjamin School
43.10Tyler Reback28.23a (-2.1)The Benjamin School
44.10Jordan Player28.45a (-2.2)Jupiter Christian
45.10Shemar Maurice28.46a (-2.1)Dreyfoos Of The Arts
46.9Michael Domenech28.51a (-2.1)Cardinal Newman
47.7Jacob Brodnick29.79a SR (-2.2)The King's Academy
--12Shelomi JonkaNT (-2.2)Palm Beach Lakes
---Devon ScottNT (-1.2)Pahokee
--12Zach BurrowsNT (-2.2)Martin County
--12Brandon BattleNT (-2.0)Martin County

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Edens Thermidor48.71aPark Vista Community
2.12Ricardo Roy49.35aThe King's Academy
3.12Davaris Osborne49.48aPahokee
4.10Erwin Pierre51.17aCardinal Newman
5.10Markeith Dokes51.75aJupiter
6.12David Bailey52.35aGlades Central
7.12Arthur Burnett52.79aPahokee
8.10Jason Shortridge53.22aPark Vista Community
9.10Colton Haggerty53.37aSouth Fork
10.10Ryan Callahan53.47aPark Vista Community
11.-Freddie Washington53.55a PRPahokee
12.12Legend Dodd53.67aSouth Fork
13.12Reid Pirson54.00aMartin County
14.10Dharley Cazeau54.41a SRWellington Community
15.11William Likely55.12a SRGlades Central
16.11Herschel Hester55.38aMartin County
17.10Fritz Dorisca55.46aJohn I Leonard
18.11Adam Johnson55.85aJohn I Leonard
19.11Jacob Prickett56.13aSouth Fork
20.11Daniel Holligan56.33a SRClewiston
21.-Robbie Beck56.38aCardinal Newman
22.12Stepen Paulk57.26aPalm Beach Lakes
23.11Chris Medina57.59aForest Hill Community
24.11Colby Bradford57.64aThe Benjamin School
25.11Nicholas Sexton57.66a SRThe King's Academy
26.10Dwayne Martin58.18aJohn I Leonard
27.12DeAndre Taylor58.18aGlades Central
28.11Tyler Clemmons58.38aClewiston
29.9Lenarus Gains58.88aClewiston
30.10Casey Spicer59.19a PRThe Benjamin School
31.-Harrison Spellman1:00.26aCardinal Newman
32.-Luke Sanders1:00.38aJupiter
33.11Clark Eaton1:00.48aJupiter Christian
34.11Bradley Edison1:00.64aJupiter
35.11Hugh Dunkley1:01.42aDreyfoos Of The Arts
36.7Jacob Brodnick1:03.73aThe King's Academy
37.8Luke Jamison1:07.66aJupiter Christian
38.11Stephen Harding1:10.00aForest Hill Community
39.6Dominic Milewski1:19.45aJupiter Christian
---Daryk RacineNTWellington Community
---Mitchell PattersonNTMartin County
--11Andrew SpraggNTThe Benjamin School
--12Courtney BigsbyNTWellington Community

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jake Burton1:55.63aMartin County
2.11Samy El-Abbar2:05.04aForest Hill Community
3.11Yephnick Adelphonse2:06.41aPark Vista Community
4.10Blake Kanarek2:07.29aSeminole Ridge
5.11Sam Pickerill2:07.56aJupiter
6.12Jordan Kincaide2:07.86aPark Vista Community
7.10Zach Garland2:11.95aMartin County
8.9James Austin2:12.74a SRPahokee
9.10Peter San Juan2:12.85a PRMartin County
10.11Jonathan Kigel2:13.02aPark Vista Community
11.10Luke Albert2:13.88a PRThe King's Academy
12.11Christopher Lewis2:18.29a PRPahokee
13.11Andrew Porath2:21.07aWellington Community
14.11Izai Sanchez2:21.65aClewiston
15.10Christian Mosley2:23.91aPalm Beach Lakes
16.9Jose Lee2:25.12aForest Hill Community
17.9Casey McClure2:25.96aCardinal Newman
18.10Joseph Roulette2:26.30a SRSouth Fork
19.10Eric Rosen2:27.01aThe Benjamin School
--11Brian PerezNTJohn I Leonard
--12Javier GamaNTForest Hill Community
--12Grant PolhillNTClewiston
--12Anderson CharlesDQJohn I Leonard
--11Caleb WalzNTThe King's Academy
--11Preston GrayNTPalm Beach Lakes
--11Jacob PrickettNTSouth Fork
--11Lachlan McIntoshNTJupiter Christian
--9John MartingNTCardinal Newman
--12Jonathan BryantNTGlades Central
--10William DanielsNTGlades Central
--11Daniel CamarilloNTJupiter
---Chandler CovenNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--11Hugh DunkleyNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--7Jay FisherNTJupiter Christian
--10Freddie PhillipsNTPahokee
--11Justin TorrensNTSouth Fork
--11Nicholas NewaraNTJupiter
---Silas DiToccoNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--9Mason ManosNTThe Benjamin School
--9Andrew WeirNTThe Benjamin School
--10Jean ThermidoreNTJohn I Leonard
--11Connor FitzmorrisNTJupiter Christian
--9Trae DunnNTThe King's Academy
--11Julio HoilettNTWellington Community
--10Brett PizziNTWellington Community
---Eric RiveroNTCardinal Newman
--12Stepen PaulkNTPalm Beach Lakes

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Anderson Charles4:30.40aJohn I Leonard
2.11Salvador Medrano4:30.41a PRJohn I Leonard
3.11Scott Simpson4:38.20aThe King's Academy
4.11Samy El-Abbar4:45.23aForest Hill Community
5.11Charles Bengtson4:49.25aJohn I Leonard
6.10Blake Kanarek4:52.32aSeminole Ridge
7.11Sam Luttier4:56.09aCardinal Newman
8.12Patrick Weinberg5:01.33aSouth Fork
9.11Nicholas Leonardi5:03.78aWellington Community
10.10Austin Matese5:12.28aThe Benjamin School
11.12Marvin Vincent5:13.03aMartin County
12.9Casey McClure5:14.95aCardinal Newman
13.12Nicholas Sanchez5:15.25a PRPahokee
14.12Tyler Heath5:15.88aWellington Community
15.9Brendon Hessler5:18.08aWellington Community
16.10Frank Lopez5:22.32aForest Hill Community
17.10Dakota Brockway5:25.17aSouth Fork
18.11Travis Smith5:26.01aJupiter
19.11David Veloza5:26.49a PRForest Hill Community
20.11Matthew Stephens5:27.55aJupiter
--9John MartingNTCardinal Newman
--11Anthony RodriguezNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--11Lucas MayerNTThe King's Academy
--10Michael SondereggerNTPark Vista Community
--10William DanielsNTGlades Central
--10Addison WierNTSouth Fork
--10Mohamad AsaliehNTPahokee
--12Freddie JamesNTGlades Central
--11Brandon LaRosaNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
--7Jay FisherNTJupiter Christian
--12Joseph FermoNTPark Vista Community
--11Benjamin FuhrmanNTMartin County
--11Lachlan McIntoshNTJupiter Christian
--11Jonathan KigelNTPark Vista Community
--12Daniel KozellNTJupiter
--11Nicholas SextonNTThe King's Academy
--9Thomas GrimsdaleNTMartin County
--11Connor FitzmorrisNTJupiter Christian
---Demetrius McFaddenNTPahokee
---Silas DiToccoNTDreyfoos Of The Arts
---Frandy VilsonNTGlades Central

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Anderson Charles9:47.78a PRJohn I Leonard
2.11Salvador Medrano9:59.44aJohn I Leonard
3.11Charles Bengtson10:11.97aJohn I Leonard
4.10Tyler O'Brien10:18.86aMartin County
5.11Nicholas Parrenelli10:22.29aMartin County
6.11Scott Simpson10:26.74aThe King's Academy
7.7Devon Bradford10:28.50a PRJupiter Christian
8.12Neil Upadhyay10:44.22aPark Vista Community
9.12Tyler Heath10:52.25aWellington Community
10.11Brandon LaRosa10:57.49aDreyfoos Of The Arts
--12Nicholas SanchezNTPahokee
--10Alexander HarmountNTPark Vista Community
--9Brendon HesslerNTWellington Community
--9Ben KarniNTWellington Community
--10Addison WierNTSouth Fork
--12Patrick WeinbergNTSouth Fork
--10Trevor SununuNTPark Vista Community
--10Dakota BrockwayNTSouth Fork
--11David VelozaNTForest Hill Community
--11Travis SmithNTJupiter
--12Edward ZavaletaNTJupiter
--11Samy El-AbbarNTForest Hill Community
--11Sam LuttierNTCardinal Newman
--12Hunter BrownNTMartin County
---L'Jay WilliamsNTForest Hill Community
--9Eric ScheppkeNTJupiter

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Angelo Goss15.02a (-1.5)Jupiter
2.11Christopher Grinley15.98a (-1.5)Park Vista Community
3.10Steven Louis16.53a (-1.5)Palm Beach Lakes
4.12Chauncey Thicklin16.73a (-1.5)Clewiston
5.10Jonathan Hayden16.87a (-1.5)Palm Beach Lakes
6.11Nicholas McAhren18.17a (-1.5)Martin County
7.12Michael Messier18.65a (-2.2)South Fork
8.12Lorenzo Hayes18.68a (-1.5)John I Leonard
9.10Collin Dwyer19.37a (-2.2)Park Vista Community
10.9Tavares (Tj) Martin19.40a (-2.2)John I Leonard
11.11Darius Hodges19.61a PR (-1.5)Palm Beach Lakes
12.12Jailen Joyce20.14a (-2.2)John I Leonard
13.10Gerardo Vazquez20.48a (-2.2)Clewiston
14.-Daryk Racine20.91a (-2.2)Wellington Community
15.12Robbie McCarthy21.00a (-2.2)Clewiston
16.11Evan Inniss21.41a SR (-2.2)Wellington Community

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Christopher Grinley38.87aPark Vista Community
2.11Darius Hodges40.81aPalm Beach Lakes
3.11Angelo Goss41.66a SRJupiter
4.10Jonathan Hayden42.65aPalm Beach Lakes
5.12Brian Jenkins42.93a PRForest Hill Community
6.10Trentaurious Laidler44.37aPahokee
7.12Michael Messier44.70aSouth Fork
8.10Eden Stoian45.64aMartin County
9.12Robbie McCarthy45.74aClewiston
10.11Nicholas McAhren45.76aMartin County
11.10Kenneth Nortelus46.04a PRPalm Beach Lakes
12.12Lorenzo Hayes46.06aJohn I Leonard
13.9Steffan Gawlikowski46.11aDreyfoos Of The Arts
14.10Peyton Cole46.28aThe Benjamin School
15.10Kenneil Nugent46.34aGlades Central
16.11Vincent Norelli46.52aSouth Fork
17.12Chauncey Thicklin46.73a SRClewiston
18.-Jordan Starkey47.05aDreyfoos Of The Arts
19.9Tavares (Tj) Martin47.24aJohn I Leonard
20.10Collin Dwyer47.54aPark Vista Community
21.11Jesus Figueroa47.64aJohn I Leonard
22.10Jonathan Filsaime48.03a SRWellington Community
23.11Evan Inniss48.16a SRWellington Community
24.11Oshane Bromfield48.47aMartin County
25.9Andrew Floering51.20aForest Hill Community
26.10Gerardo Vazquez52.67aClewiston
27.11Angel Soto52.75aForest Hill Community
28.10Tyler Reback56.23aThe Benjamin School
--10Casey SpicerNTThe Benjamin School
--12Bryan WilsonNTSouth Fork
---Ron'Quavion TarverNTGlades Central

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-James Davis
Angelo Goss
Markeith Dokes
Glenn Collier
2.-Reshawd Fyne
Brandon Battle
Zach Burrows
Travon Johnson
43.35aMartin County
3.-Matthew Barrett
Romario Joseph
Emmanuel Smith
Steven Jerome
43.87aPark Vista Community
4.-Rodney Brown
Jamal Tillman
Marvin Mckenzie
Aaron Baker
44.00aGlades Central
5.-Brian Grove
Ricardo Roy
Christopher Machiela
Marcus Houston
44.92aThe King's Academy
6.-Dekiviaus Crawford
Keymonni Miller
Jerry Jones
Jailen Joyce
45.25aJohn I Leonard
7.-Horace Odoms
Shamar Jackson
Danick Duffus
Ryan Delgado
45.56aWellington Community
8.-Relay Team 45.59aPalm Beach Lakes
9.-Matthew Birdens
Lorenz Velasco
Bryan Wilson
Rico Pierre
45.96aSouth Fork
10.-Marlon Ricketts
Demarcus Terry
Derry West
Chauncey Thicklin
11.-Chevanne Brunvert
Kerolin Francois
Brian Jenkins
Lance Lily
46.88aForest Hill Community
12.-Brandon Davis
Alec deFabrique
Brandon Shed
Peyton Cole
49.22aThe Benjamin School
13.-Joey Bashwiner
Jordan Player
John Scarola
Clayton Kidwell
49.72aJupiter Christian
---Jarius Smith
Brock Turner
Michael Cioci
Robert Guis
DNFPope John Paul II
---Jordan Starkey
Shemar Maurice
Ryan Taylor
Steffan Gawlikowski
DNFDreyfoos Of The Arts

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Matthew Barrett
Yephnick Adelphonse
Christopher Grinley
Edens Thermidor
3:22.76aPark Vista Community
2.-Relay Team 3:25.59aPahokee
3.-Jake Burton
Zach Burrows
Herschel Hester
Reid Pirson
3:33.07aMartin County
4.-Glenn Collier
Daniel Kozell
Markeith Dokes
James Davis
5.-Darius Hodges
Jonathan Hayden
Shelomi Jonka
Stepen Paulk
3:35.60aPalm Beach Lakes
6.-Christopher Machiela
Marcus Houston
Caleb Walz
Ricardo Roy
3:36.23aThe King's Academy
7.-Michael Messier
Jacob Prickett
Legend Dodd
Colton Haggerty
3:41.86aSouth Fork
7.-William Likely
Jamal Tillman
Rodney Brown
David Bailey
3:41.86aGlades Central
9.-Julio Hoilett
Dharley Cazeau
Courtney Bigsby
Shamar Jackson
3:41.97aWellington Community
10.-Travis Rudolph
Michael Spillert
Robbie Beck
Erwin Pierre
3:42.90aCardinal Newman
11.-Anderson Charles
Keymonni Miller
Adam Johnson
Tavares (tj Martin
3:46.19aJohn I Leonard
12.-Grant Polhill
Izai Sanchez
Daniel Holligan
Robbie McCarthy
13.-Clayton Kidwell
Luke Jamison
Clark Eaton
Dominic Milewski
4:26.19aJupiter Christian
---Colby Bradford
Peyton Cole
Andrew Spragg
Casey Spicer
NTThe Benjamin School

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Yephnick Adelphonse
Neil Upadhyay
Jordan Kincaide
Jonathan Kigel
8:36.11aPark Vista Community
2.-Marvin Vincent
Zach Garland
Jon Gonzalez
Hunter Brown
8:49.86aMartin County
3.-Caleb Walz
Luke Albert
Lucas Mayer
Nicholas Sexton
9:03.07aThe King's Academy
4.-Relay Team 9:05.61aPahokee
5.-Relay Team 9:07.02aJupiter
6.-Julio Hoilett
Brett Pizzi
Andrew Porath
Nicholas Leonardi
9:07.31aWellington Community
7.-Jonathan Bryant
Kenneil Nugent
Marvin Morgan
Jamal Tillman
9:25.40aGlades Central
8.-Relay Team 9:32.12aForest Hill Community
9.-Matthew Magana
Daryl Seepersad
Jean Thermidore
Mauricio Henas
9:36.25aJohn I Leonard
10.-Silas DiTocco
Anthony Rodriguez
Hugh Dunkley
Brandon LaRosa
9:47.74aDreyfoos Of The Arts
11.-Mason Manos
Austin Matese
Tyler Reback
Eric Rosen
11:03.69aThe Benjamin School
12.-Ryan O'Hara
Eric Rivero
Kyle Pearson
John Mastersson
11:05.98aCardinal Newman

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trenton Saunders47-06.00The Benjamin School
2.12Samuel Weimerskirch47-00.00 PRPark Vista Community
3.12Brandon Santos44-03.50Park Vista Community
4.11Kaelen Crowley42-07.00The King's Academy
5.11Evan Hartz41-07.00Jupiter
6.11Tyler Chaisson41-05.75The King's Academy
7.10Adrian Henry41-04.50 PRGlades Central
8.11Michlee Anglade40-11.25Pope John Paul II
---Clem NeallyNDClewiston
--12Brandon PajkuricNDSouth Fork
--10Brendan CameronNDSouth Fork
--11Andrew SpraggNDThe Benjamin School
--10Heriberto RodriguezNDForest Hill Community
---John GonzalesNDClewiston
--11Brian SputeNDMartin County
--12Cody CollinsNDJohn I Leonard
--12Kevin KentonNDPalm Beach Lakes
--12Wesley FranklinNDThe Benjamin School
--12Jacoby BlackmonNDGlades Central
---Ronnie ChastineNDGlades Central
---Andrew CramerNDJohn I Leonard
---Demetrius AndersonNDPalm Beach Lakes
--11Isaiah AndrewsNDPalm Beach Lakes
--12Matt SeguiNDPark Vista Community
--10William FrankNDThe King's Academy
--12Wayne EffortNDWellington Community
--10Devin GillotteNDWellington Community
--9Scott PescatoreNDWellington Community
--11Tevan BelangerNDJohn I Leonard
---Juan HernandezNDSouth Fork
--11Cesar CastilloNDJupiter
--11Justin SullivanNDJupiter
--12Ozell YorkNDForest Hill Community
--9Joe HernandezNDClewiston
--9Steffan GawlikowskiNDDreyfoos Of The Arts
--12Justin SamplerNDMartin County
--10Vohn NolanNDMartin County

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Trenton Saunders133-08.50The Benjamin School
2.11Kaelen Crowley125-00The King's Academy
3.12Kevin Kenton122-08Palm Beach Lakes
4.12Samuel Weimerskirch122-05Park Vista Community
5.12Wesley Franklin121-01 PRThe Benjamin School
6.12Brandon Santos118-05.50Park Vista Community
7.-Ronnie Chastine105-07 PRGlades Central
8.11Karl Powell105-01Clewiston
9.12Jacoby Blackmon104-03 SRGlades Central
10.12Christian Klein101-08The King's Academy
11.11Justin Sullivan101-02.50Jupiter
12.12Matt Segui101-00Park Vista Community
13.12Brandon Pajkuric100-05.50South Fork
14.10Adrian Henry100-04 SRGlades Central
15.10Vohn Nolan99-06.50Martin County
16.12Wayne Effort98-04.50Wellington Community
17.11Isaiah Andrews97-01 PRPalm Beach Lakes
---Andrew CramerNDJohn I Leonard
---Demetrius AndersonNDPalm Beach Lakes
--9Scott PescatoreNDWellington Community
--10Devin GillotteNDWellington Community
---Nicholas AcevedoNDThe King's Academy
---Juan HernandezNDSouth Fork
--9Andrew FowlerNDMartin County
--10Tristen MartinNDMartin County
--12Jake EisenbergNDThe Benjamin School
---Connor McClintockNDJupiter
--12Ozell YorkNDForest Hill Community
--9Joe HernandezNDClewiston
--10Brendan CameronNDSouth Fork
--11Michlee AngladeNDPope John Paul II
--11Ryan RieglerNDJohn I Leonard
--10Heriberto RodriguezNDForest Hill Community
---John GonzalesNDClewiston
--12Cody CollinsNDJohn I Leonard

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Heath Appleman6-00.00Jupiter
2.11Yephnick Adelphonse6-00.00Park Vista Community
2.12Justin Simmons6-00.00Martin County
4.11Darius Hodges6-00.00 SRPalm Beach Lakes
5.11Stanley Erie5-10.00Wellington Community
5.10Sam Herring5-08.00Palm Beach Lakes
6.12Keithlin Patrick5-08.00Pahokee
7.11Danick Duffus5-08.00Wellington Community
7.10Jared Pickerilli5-08.00Jupiter
10.12Anderson Charles5-06.00John I Leonard
11.12Benjamin Sorber5-04.00The King's Academy
11.11Reggie Ulysse5-04.00Park Vista Community
11.-Ron'Quavion Tarver5-04.00Glades Central
---Isiah RodriguezNHGlades Central
--12Brian JenkinsNHForest Hill Community
---Nabil RodriguezNHForest Hill Community
--12Stepen PaulkNHPalm Beach Lakes
--10Sean OvelmanNHThe Benjamin School
--11Evan HartzNHJupiter
--11Justin TorrensNHSouth Fork
--11Oshane BromfieldNHMartin County
---Justin HenryNHWellington Community
--11Brandon BorsanyiNHThe King's Academy
--10Traevis GrahamNHMartin County
--12Jailen JoyceNHJohn I Leonard
--12Sean MoyeNHThe King's Academy
--9Max WulffNHThe Benjamin School
--11Kerolin FrancoisNHForest Hill Community

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Chris Amisial12-06.00Park Vista Community
2.12Robert Floyd12-06.00Park Vista Community
3.11Matthew Colson12-00.00John I Leonard
4.10Collin Dwyer11-06.00Park Vista Community
5.12Sean Matheson11-00.00Martin County
6.10Brandon Paz10-00.00Wellington Community
7.12Nicholas Reardon9-06.00Martin County
8.11Jacob Percy9-00.00The King's Academy
9.10Austin Sweeney9-00.00 PRWellington Community
10.10Nickolas Wettermann9-00.00The Benjamin School
--11Samuel AnceneNHWellington Community
---Andrew DominicisNHThe Benjamin School
--9Joey FagoNHThe Benjamin School

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Sam Herring21-06.00Palm Beach Lakes
2.11Danick Duffus20-05.00Wellington Community
3.10Jerry Jones20-03.00 PRJohn I Leonard
4.12Justin Simmons20-00.00Martin County
5.12Reid Pirson19-07.00Martin County
6.11Rodney Brown19-05.00Glades Central
7.12Rico Pierre19-04.50South Fork
8.11Kerolin Francois18-11.00Forest Hill Community
9.12David Bailey18-10.50Glades Central
10.12Arthur Burnett18-10.00Pahokee
11.12Keithlin Patrick18-08.00Pahokee
12.10Trentaurious Laidler18-07.00Pahokee
12.10Jonathan Filsaime18-07.00Wellington Community
12.9Tavares (Tj) Martin18-07.00John I Leonard
15.12Marlon Ricketts18-06.50Clewiston
16.11Marcus Houston18-03.00The King's Academy
17.12Chevanne Brunvert18-02.00Forest Hill Community
17.12Michael Messier18-02.00South Fork
19.-Charles Giles18-01.00Jupiter
20.12Ryan Taylor17-10.50Dreyfoos Of The Arts
21.12Jailen Joyce17-06.50John I Leonard
22.9Shamar Jackson17-05.00Wellington Community
23.9Lenarus Gains17-04.00Clewiston
24.12Edens Thermidor17-03.50Park Vista Community
25.12Bryan Wilson17-01.00South Fork
26.10Emmanuel Smith17-00.00Park Vista Community
--10Erwin PierreNDCardinal Newman
--12Tevarius DavisNDJupiter
--11Andrew SpraggNDThe Benjamin School
--11Reggie UlysseNDPark Vista Community
--10Collin GrillNDCardinal Newman
--10Rene RivasNDThe King's Academy
--10Brandon ShedNDThe Benjamin School
--11Oshane BromfieldNDMartin County
--10Michael SpillertNDCardinal Newman
--12DeAndre TaylorNDGlades Central
---Xavier CarterNDJupiter
---Nabil RodriguezNDForest Hill Community
--11D'Andre WatsonNDPalm Beach Lakes
--12Fred TaylorNDPalm Beach Lakes

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Reggie Ulysse42-06.50Park Vista Community
2.10Jonathan Filsaime42-02.50 PRWellington Community
3.11Danick Duffus41-01.00Wellington Community
4.10Trentaurious Laidler39-05.50Pahokee
5.10Collin Grill38-06.00Cardinal Newman
6.10Jerry Jones38-01.00John I Leonard
7.-Derry West37-02.00Clewiston
8.11John Hall36-06.00Martin County
9.12Robbie McCarthy36-01.50 PRClewiston
10.12Dekiviaus Crawford36-00.00John I Leonard
11.12Tevarius Davis35-10.00 PRJupiter
12.12Sean Moye35-07.00The King's Academy
--12Marlon RickettsNDClewiston
--12Courtney BigsbyNDWellington Community
--11Joacelyn AntoineNDJohn I Leonard
--11Heath ApplemanNDJupiter
--12Jonathan WhitestNDGlades Central
---Daniel GuethonNDThe King's Academy
--11Christopher MutzNDJupiter
---James HawkNDGlades Central