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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Tyler Clark11.06hTraverse City Central
2.11Dan Montgomery11.50hTraverse City West
6.12Kevin Kelm11.44hTraverse City Central
3.12Sam Sikarskie11.66h PRTraverse City West
4.11Nate Castor11.67h PRTraverse City West
5.12Reese Spaulding11.69hTraverse City West
7.10Nick Schultz11.75h PRTraverse City West
8.12James Newland11.79hTraverse City Central
8.12Knowl Adams11.79h PRTraverse City Central
10.9Zach McGuire11.87h SRTraverse City West
11.9Taran Lutes12.05hTraverse City Central
12.11Griffin Forrester12.10h PRTraverse City West
13.9Caleb Harris12.28h PRTraverse City West
14.9Zack Schwert12.31hTraverse City West
15.11Dan Connolly12.34hTraverse City St. Fr...
16.9Diego Kieliszewski12.42hTraverse City West
17.11Cam Gibson12.49hTraverse City Central
17.11Dustin Tucker12.49h SRTraverse City West
19.10Connor Priest12.52hTraverse City West
20.10Jordan Stevenson12.57hTraverse City West
21.11Kevin Brefka12.59hTraverse City West
22.11Brad Richey12.60hTraverse City West
23.9Patrick Lewis12.65hTraverse City St. Fr...
24.12Kwan Chow12.66hTraverse City Central
25.10Steve Tompkins12.77hTraverse City West
26.9Matt Morse12.82hTraverse City Central
27.12Brandon McKee12.87h PRTraverse City Central
28.10Tyler Skibbe12.89hTraverse City St. Fr...
29.9Wesley Nelson12.90h SRTraverse City St. Fr...
29.11Matt McIntyre12.90hTraverse City Central
31.12Hoai Nguyen12.92hTraverse City West
32.10Caleb Breithaupt12.98hTraverse City West
32.9Josh Rakan12.98h SRTraverse City West
34.10Drew Wozny13.05h SRTraverse City West
35.9Orion Iadaluca13.14h PRTraverse City West
36.9Collin Diver13.20h PRTraverse City West
36.9Justin Shafer13.20hTraverse City West
36.11Marcus Hogue13.20h PRTraverse City West
39.11Drew Mayo13.29hTraverse City Central
40.9Noah Jackson13.71hTraverse City Central
41.9Dominic Teeples15.41hTraverse City West

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11TJ Schwannecke22.34hTraverse City Central
2.12Tyler Clark23.05hTraverse City Central
3.12Joe Prokes23.48h PRTraverse City Central
4.11Spencer Montcastle23.52hTraverse City West
5.12Sam Sikarskie23.84h PRTraverse City West
5.9Taran Lutes23.84h PRTraverse City Central
8.10Nick Schultz24.40hTraverse City West
8.12James Newland24.40h PRTraverse City Central
10.9Zack Schwert25.35h PRTraverse City West
11.11Connor Archer25.38hTraverse City St. Fr...
12.11Brad Richey25.53h SRTraverse City West
13.10Jordan Stevenson25.54hTraverse City West
14.9Patrick Lewis25.68h SRTraverse City St. Fr...
15.9Diego Kieliszewski25.76hTraverse City West
16.10Tyler Skibbe25.82hTraverse City St. Fr...
17.9Caleb Harris26.23h PRTraverse City West
18.11Kevin Brefka26.26hTraverse City West
19.10Steve Tompkins26.48hTraverse City West
20.9Dominic Teeples26.71hTraverse City West
21.11Aaron Tarczon26.74h PRTraverse City West
22.11Nick Fisher26.96h PRTraverse City St. Fr...
23.9Orion Iadaluca26.98h PRTraverse City West
24.12Hoai Nguyen27.15hTraverse City West
25.9Collin Diver27.20h PRTraverse City West
26.9Justin Shafer27.22hTraverse City West
27.10Caleb Breithaupt27.66hTraverse City West
28.9Jack Krcmarik28.10h PRTraverse City St. Fr...
29.9Josh Rakan28.33h SRTraverse City West
7.11McKenzie Norconk34.15h PRTraverse City St. Fr...

200 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Tyler Clark22.8hTraverse City Central
11TJ Schwannecke23.0hTraverse City Central
12Joe Prokes23.5hTraverse City Central
11Cooper Macdonell24.5h PRTraverse City Central

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tyler Johnson52.70hTraverse City West
2.12Boone Marois53.79hTraverse City Central
3.10Forrest Lewallen56.30hTraverse City Central
4.11Tyler Dohm57.94hTraverse City St. Fr...
4.12Jack Jamieson57.94hTraverse City St. Fr...
6.9Diego Kieliszewski58.08hTraverse City West
7.10Sam McGinnis59.54hTraverse City Central
8.11Nick Fisher1:01.71hTraverse City St. Fr...
9.10Drew Wozny1:02.74hTraverse City West
10.9Jack Krcmarik1:02.83h SRTraverse City St. Fr...
11.11Brenden Everts1:03.14h PRTraverse City Central
12.9Orion Iadaluca1:05.76h PRTraverse City West

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Knowl Adams56.0h PRTraverse City Central
10Forrest Lewallen57.4hTraverse City Central
12Gabe Couturier57.8hTraverse City Central
9Taran Lutes58.7h SRTraverse City Central
11Cam Gibson59.07hTraverse City Central
10Josh Belcher59.2hTraverse City Central
12Joe Prokes59.8h PRTraverse City Central
12Joe Friedli60.7h PRTraverse City Central
11Zach Bayley61.05h PRTraverse City Central
12Kwan Chow61.6hTraverse City Central
12Adrien Freundl61.7h PRTraverse City Central
11Cam Marshall62.5hTraverse City Central
11Matt McIntyre62.8h PRTraverse City Central
10Sam McGinnis63.8hTraverse City Central
12Shawn Prince65.3h PRTraverse City Central

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Johnny Ackley2:08.85h SRTraverse City Central
2.9Chris Brower2:13.15hTraverse City Central
3.12Jonah Laursen2:16.18hTraverse City West
4.11Sean Hall2:18.04hTraverse City West
5.12Adrien Freundl2:19.85hTraverse City Central
6.11Lance Masserant2:20.32hTraverse City St. Fr...
7.11Andrew Bruning2:20.96h PRTraverse City Central
8.9Zakk Stewart2:33.62hTraverse City Central
9.10Nate Reicha2:36.60hTraverse City Central
10.10Mitch Fritz2:40.70h SRTraverse City West
11.9Donovan Weeks2:54.43h PRTraverse City St. Fr...

800 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Kevin Leahy2:04.4hTraverse City Central
12Matt Moss2:06.2hTraverse City Central
9Chris Brower2:07.3hTraverse City Central
10Kyle Dotterrer2:07.4h SRTraverse City Central
11Johnny Ackley2:08.4hTraverse City Central
10Sam McGinnis2:17hTraverse City Central
10Forrest Lewallen2:17.4hTraverse City Central
10Nate Reicha2:24hTraverse City Central

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Kyle Dotterrer4:41.36hTraverse City Central
2.12Matt Moss4:41.99hTraverse City Central
3.11Kieran Hall4:50.02hTraverse City West
4.9Cam McAuliffe4:50.29h SRTraverse City Central
5.12Dylan Flesher4:50.72hTraverse City Central
6.11Nicholas Tarsa4:52.47hTraverse City Central
7.11Cam Marshall4:53.66hTraverse City Central
8.11Alec Ondrajka4:54.45hTraverse City West
9.12Josh Mazure4:58.34h PRTraverse City Central
10.12Joe Friedli5:01.67hTraverse City Central
11.9Chris Brower5:07.87h PRTraverse City Central
12.11Andrew Bruning5:08.62hTraverse City Central
13.10Paul Sullivan5:15.31hTraverse City West
14.10Rory Womack5:19.35hTraverse City West
15.10Austin Sanders5:19.56hTraverse City West
16.11Greg Wallace5:24.41h PRTraverse City St. Fr...
17.9Mario Cassem5:31.68h SRTraverse City West
18.11Lance Masserant5:33.08hTraverse City St. Fr...
19.10Nate Reicha5:36.07hTraverse City Central
20.9Zakk Stewart5:46.80hTraverse City Central
21.9Blake Beyer5:50.92hTraverse City Central
22.9Andy Fitzpatrick5:52.87hTraverse City St. Fr...
23.9Justin Walter5:54.09hTraverse City Central
24.9Donovan Weeks6:03.53h PRTraverse City St. Fr...
25.9Riley McKeown6:04.89hTraverse City Central
26.9Ben Bradshaw6:09.99hTraverse City Central

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nicholas Tarsa10:44.35hTraverse City Central
2.12Dylan Flesher10:52.94hTraverse City Central
3.11Cam Marshall10:57.40hTraverse City Central
4.12Matt Medina11:40.82hTraverse City Central
5.11Greg Wallace12:00.61h PRTraverse City St. Fr...
6.11Sam Livengood12:05.06hTraverse City West
7.9Sam Elmi12:05.79hTraverse City West
8.9Steve Salgat12:11.86hTraverse City West
9.9Zach Crewes12:35.60hTraverse City West
10.11Jack Murphy12:36.28hTraverse City West
11.12Aaron Burnett13:02.87hTraverse City West
12.9Andy Fitzpatrick13:20.73hTraverse City St. Fr...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.9Alex Liggett15.50hTraverse City Central
2.10Aaron Taylor15.62hTraverse City Central
3.12Dylan Waskiewicz16.26h SRTraverse City Central
4.11Derrick Diver17.46h SRTraverse City West
5.11Spencer Montcastle17.50hTraverse City West
6.10Josh Belcher17.77hTraverse City Central
7.12Josh Norris17.95hTraverse City Central
8.11Kyle Ringwelski18.27hTraverse City West

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kevin Leahy42.81hTraverse City Central
2.11Derrick Diver43.31hTraverse City West
3.12Dylan Waskiewicz44.07h SRTraverse City Central
4.10Aaron Taylor44.74hTraverse City Central
5.10Josh Belcher44.91hTraverse City Central
6.11Griffin Forrester45.40h SRTraverse City West
7.11Cam Gibson45.45hTraverse City Central
8.11Kyle Ringwelski45.54h SRTraverse City West
9.12Knowl Adams46.54h PRTraverse City Central
10.11Dustin Tucker47.65hTraverse City West
11.12Chris Bogner47.69hTraverse City West
12.12Josh Norris48.38hTraverse City Central
13.12Collin Alpers48.73hTraverse City St. Fr...
14.11Justin Turman52.37h PRTraverse City Central
15.10Ty Troxell52.86h PRTraverse City West

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Kevin Kelm
TJ Schwannecke
Tyler Clark
Joe Prokes
44.23hTraverse City Central
2.-Nate Castor
Dan Montgomery
Zack Shafer
Sam Sikarski
45.75hTraverse City West
3.-Reese Spaulding
Dustin Tucker
Nick Schultz
Brad Richey
47.26hTraverse City West
4.-Dan Connolly
Patrick Lewis
Wesley Nelson
Connor Archer
48.38hTraverse City St. Fr...
5.9Josh Rakan
Caleb Harris
Zack Schwert
Justin Shafer
52.20hTraverse City West
6.-Matt Morse
Justin Roy
Noah Jackson
Drew Mayo
53.85hTraverse City Central

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-TJ Schwannecke
Tyler Clark
Joe Prokes
Cooper Macdonell
1:35.75hTraverse City Central
2.-Tyler Johnson
Zack Shafer
Spencer Montcastle
Dan Montgomery
1:36.21hTraverse City West
3.-Nick Fisher
Tyler Skibbe
Wesley Nelson
Patrick Lewis
1:45.54hTraverse City St. Fr...

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Joe Prokes
Cam Gibson
Josh Norris
Josh Belcher
3:37.18hTraverse City Central
2.-Tyler Johnson
Zack Shafer
Spencer Montcastle
Emmet Meteer
3:51.49hTraverse City West
3.-Jack Jamieson
Lance Masserant
Collin Alpers
Tyler Dohm
3:55.83hTraverse City St. Fr...
4.-Forrest Lewallen
Brenden Everts
Adrien Freundl
Cam Marshall
4:02.49hTraverse City Central
5.-Johnny Ackley
Andrew Bruning
Zach Bayley
Shawn Prince
4:06.62hTraverse City Central
6.-Max Knoblock
Knowl Adams
Matt McIntyre
Justin Turman
4:07.62hTraverse City Central
7.-Kieran Hall
Alex Ondrajka
Paul Sullivan
Rory Womack
4:07.75hTraverse City West
8.-Henning Rathje
Mario Cassem
Austin Sanders
Matt Zenner
4:10.86hTraverse City West
9.-John Reed
Kevin Brefka
Jordan Stevenson
Marcus Hogue
4:11.55hTraverse City West

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Kevin Leahy
Johnny Ackley
Matt Moss
Kyle Doetterrer
8:26.65hTraverse City Central
2.-Alex Garvin
Emmet Meteer
Sean Hall
Jonah Laursen
8:55.26hTraverse City West
3.-Relay Team 9:08.91hTraverse City Central

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Reese Spaulding43-07.50Traverse City West
2.10Connor Hayes42-06.75Traverse City West
3.12Clark Belanger40-07.25 PRTraverse City Central
4.12Brandon McKee40-05.50Traverse City Central
5.10John Piatek40-01.00Traverse City Central
6.11Derrick Diver39-11.00 SRTraverse City West
7.11Kenneth Merica39-01.50Traverse City Central
8.12Nick Richardson38-09.50Traverse City West
9.11Chris Doherty36-06.50Traverse City West
10.10Austin Plamondon36-04.00Traverse City Central
11.9Calvin Bouttavong35-07.25 SRTraverse City West
12.11McKenzie Norconk33-03.00Traverse City St. Fr...
13.11Dan Connolly32-09.00Traverse City St. Fr...
14.10Adam Foster32-00.50Traverse City Central
15.9Joey Schepperly31-09.50Traverse City Central
16.11Scot Perry27-07.50Traverse City West
17.9Jose Tapia25-04.00Traverse City West

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.10John Piatek130-10 SRTraverse City Central
2.12Nick Richardson129-04Traverse City West
3.12Clark Belanger116-07Traverse City Central
4.12Brandon McKee115-01Traverse City Central
5.12Reese Spaulding112-00Traverse City West
6.11McKenzie Norconk111-06Traverse City St. Fr...
7.11Kenneth Merica110-05 PRTraverse City Central
8.10Austin Plamondon108-09Traverse City Central
9.9Calvin Bouttavong104-09 PRTraverse City West
10.11Derrick Diver99-06Traverse City West
11.11Chris Doherty95-11Traverse City West
12.10Adam Foster94-11Traverse City Central
13.11Dan Connolly94-00Traverse City St. Fr...
14.10Connor Hayes84-07 SRTraverse City West
15.9Jose Tapia64-00Traverse City West
16.11Scot Perry52-00Traverse City West

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Aaron Taylor6-00.00Traverse City Central
2.11Nate Castor5-06.00Traverse City West
3.11Connor Archer5-04.00Traverse City St. Fr...
4.12Collin Alpers5-02.00Traverse City St. Fr...
5.11Zach Bayley5-00.00Traverse City Central
5.9Justin Roy5-00.00Traverse City Central
7.10Drew Wozny4-10.00 SRTraverse City West
7.9Joey Schepperly4-10.00Traverse City Central
9.11Tyler Dohm4-08.00 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
9.12Chris Bogner4-08.00 PRTraverse City West
9.9Jack Krcmarik4-08.00Traverse City St. Fr...
12.11Aaron Tarczon4-00.00Traverse City West

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ryan Gemmell12-06.00Traverse City Central
2.11Connor Becker11-00.00Traverse City Central
2.9Justin Cutler11-00.00Traverse City Central
4.12Gabe Couturier10-06.00Traverse City Central
5.10Connor Priest10-00.00Traverse City West
5.11Dustin Tucker10-00.00Traverse City West
5.12Jack Jamieson10-00.00Traverse City St. Fr...
8.12Tyler Shaffer9-06.00Traverse City West
9.11Sean Hall8-06.00Traverse City West
10.12Shawn Prince8-00.00Traverse City Central
11.9George Madison7-00.00Traverse City Central

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Zac Shafer19-10.75Traverse City West
2.12Sam Sikarskie19-10.25 PRTraverse City West
3.10Aaron Taylor19-03.25Traverse City Central
4.12Kevin Kelm19-02.75Traverse City Central
5.9Zach McGuire18-07.00Traverse City West
6.9Alex Liggett18-06.00Traverse City Central
7.11Nate Castor18-04.50Traverse City West
8.9Taran Lutes18-00.50Traverse City Central
11.12Collin Alpers17' 7.75Traverse City St. Fr...
9.11Tyler Johnson17-06.75 PRTraverse City West
10.12Chris Bogner17-02.50Traverse City West
12.12Ryan Gemmell16-09.00Traverse City Central
13.10Ty Troxell16-08.75 PRTraverse City West
14.11Connor Archer16-07.00 PRTraverse City St. Fr...
15.11Aaron Tarczon16-04.50Traverse City West
16.11Griffin Forrester15-10.75 PRTraverse City West
17.11Justin Turman15-06.25Traverse City Central
18.11Zach Bayley15-05.75Traverse City Central
19.9Matt Morse15-03.75Traverse City Central
20.10Drew Wozny15-01.50Traverse City West
21.9Justin Roy14-10.75Traverse City Central
22.11John Reed14-05.75 PRTraverse City West
11Matt LoweFOULTraverse City West


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