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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Josh Fuller11.48aKing's
2.9Jon Poolman11.82aSouth Whidbey
3.10Chandler Thompson11.87aSouth Whidbey
4.11Bryan Ayers11.93aKing's
5.10Jean Blatchford12.09aKing's
6.11Eric Stallman12.17aSouth Whidbey
7.12Marco Plastino12.27a SRSouth Whidbey
8.11Alex Lehman12.45a PRKing's
9.11Jay Chang12.57a PRKing's
10.10John Burley12.64aKing's
11.10Ramsey O'Brien12.66aSouth Whidbey
12.10Zach McDonald12.69aKing's
13.12James Simon12.71aSouth Whidbey
14.11Andrew Park13.05aKing's
15.10Josiah Billings13.94aKing's
16.11Adam Rushold13.99aSouth Whidbey
17.12Nathaniel Billings14.33a PRKing's
18.11Jonathon Blasko14.77aSouth Whidbey

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Josh Fuller23.05aKing's
2.9Jon Poolman23.60aSouth Whidbey
3.11Tony Yakovich24.18a SRKing's
4.11Bryan Ayers24.28aKing's
5.12Jonathan Blauert25.02aKing's
6.10Jean Blatchford25.39aKing's
7.12James Simon25.53a PRSouth Whidbey
8.10Ramsey O'Brien25.54aSouth Whidbey
9.10Zach McDonald25.80a SRKing's
10.10John Burley25.89a SRKing's
11.10Riley Lowder26.87a PRLa Conner
12.11Andrew Park26.99a PRKing's

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Scott Stallman53.68a SRSouth Whidbey
2.12Marco Plastino54.32a PRSouth Whidbey
3.10Chandler Thompson54.65a PRSouth Whidbey
4.11Eric Stallman55.15aSouth Whidbey
5.10Ramsey O'Brien59.09aSouth Whidbey

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

10Erik Halvorson56.0hKing's
10Brandon Dean59.6h SRKing's
10Mark Geers60.9hKing's
11Jay Chang61.1h PRKing's
11Andrew Park61.6hKing's
11Victor Swanson65.0hKing's
9Matt Chaney72.6h PRKing's
11Bobby Roach82.1hKing's

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Rovang2:14.24aSouth Whidbey
2.9Jordan Thornley2:15.40aSouth Whidbey
3.10Jeffery Brasko2:18.67a SRSouth Whidbey
4.10Mark Geers2:19.17aKing's
5.9Alex Peterson2:41.46aKing's

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Erik Halvorson4:52.95aKing's
2.10Brandon Dean5:03.47a PRKing's
3.9Alex Peterson5:37.11aKing's

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Steven Gabelein11:37.59aSouth Whidbey

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Brandon Dean17.80aKing's
2.9Andy Bennett18.02aSouth Whidbey
3.9David Grossglass18.83aLa Conner
4.11Jay Deyo18.88aLa Conner

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jason Fitz40.83aSouth Whidbey
2.11Austin Dean46.30aKing's
3.9David Grossglass47.22aLa Conner
4.11Jay Deyo47.37aLa Conner

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Bryan Ayers
Jonathan Blauert
Josh Fuller
Tony Yakovich
2.-Jason Fitz
Eric Stallman
Chandler Thompson
Jon Poolman
46.04aSouth Whidbey

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Steven Gabelein
Jordan Thornley
Jeffery Brasko
Nick Rovang
3:42.64aSouth Whidbey
2.-Andrew Park
Mark Geers
Brandon Dean
Erik Halvorson
X-Relay Team 4:23.74hSouth Whidbey
X-Jay Chang
Victor Swanson
Matt Chaney
Bobby Roach

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Victor Swanson46'00.25King's
2.12Toby Schwindler41'02.50La Conner
3.10David Monell40'08.00South Whidbey
4.11Josh Banks36'08.00King's
5.10Billy Martin35'06.75King's
5.11Karl Frisk35'06.75King's
7.11Keegan Stotsenberg33'09.50King's
8.11Robert Boenish33'03.50South Whidbey
9.11Bobby Roach32'11.50King's
10.9Jackson Engstrom32'04.00South Whidbey
11.9Tanner Wilson31'11.50La Conner
12.10Chris Britton31'06.00South Whidbey
13.9Kevin McDonald29'09.00South Whidbey
14.10Kevin Kinloch29'06.00South Whidbey
15.11Wyatt Jarvis28'03.25South Whidbey
16.10Andrew Liechty28'02.75King's
17.10Kevin Jones27'06.50South Whidbey
18.9Matt Chaney27'02.50King's
19.10Ben Snow26'08.75South Whidbey
20.10Matt Belfie26'07.50 PRKing's
21.9Erik Sundquist26'05.00South Whidbey

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Victor Swanson139'10King's
2.12Toby Schwindler116'06La Conner
3.10Billy Martin113'08King's
4.11Keegan Stotsenberg110'11King's
5.10David Monell108'04South Whidbey
6.9Zach Idso102'09South Whidbey
7.10Andrew Liechty95'10King's
8.11Robert Boenish95'04 PRSouth Whidbey
9.9Tanner Wilson93'03La Conner
10.10Kevin Jones92'07 SRSouth Whidbey
11.10Matt Belfie87'04 PRKing's
12.10Kevin Kinloch82'01South Whidbey
12.11Karl Frisk82'01King's
14.12Baker Knutson78'05 PRSouth Whidbey
15.11Josh Banks74'00 SRKing's
16.11Bobby Roach73'05King's
17.11Wyatt Jarvis71'03South Whidbey
18.10Chris Britton68'07South Whidbey
19.9Kevin McDonald67'11South Whidbey
20.9Matt Chaney67'09King's
21.10Ben Snow65'02South Whidbey
22.9Erik Sundquist63'11 PRSouth Whidbey

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Toby Schwindler145'03La Conner
2.11Thomas Bretz140'04King's
3.11Alex Lehman137'01King's
4.10Billy Martin126'07King's
5.10Zach McDonald120'01King's
6.12Matt Long119'03South Whidbey
7.11Victor Swanson116'07King's
8.10Andy Byrne111'07King's
9.10Kevin Kinloch102'11South Whidbey
10.9Tanner Wilson101'11La Conner
11.11Adam Rushold100'02South Whidbey
12.9Jackson Engstrom99'10South Whidbey
13.12Marco Plastino99'03 PRSouth Whidbey
14.9Zach Idso93'02 SRSouth Whidbey
15.12Baker Knutson89'02South Whidbey
16.10Kevin Jones85'11South Whidbey
17.10Chris Britton85'02South Whidbey
18.10Andrew Liechty83'03 SRKing's
19.11Wyatt Jarvis76'10South Whidbey
20.11Jonathon Blasko76'02South Whidbey
21.9Kevin McDonald70'07South Whidbey
22.9Erik Sundquist66'09South Whidbey
23.11Bobby Roach66'08King's
24.10Ben Snow46'10South Whidbey

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jonathan Blauert6'02.00 PRKing's
2.10Kyle Talbot5'10.00King's
3.11Bryan Ayers5'06.00 PRKing's
3.10Andy Byrne5'06.00 PRKing's
5.11Alex Lehman5'04.00King's
5.12James Simon5'04.00 PRSouth Whidbey
7.9David Grossglass5'02.00La Conner

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Alex Lehman11'01.00 SRKing's
2.12Matt Long11'01.00South Whidbey
3.10Jean Blatchford10'07.00King's
4.10Brandon Dean9'01.00 SRKing's
5.10Josiah Billings9'01.00King's
6.12Nathaniel Billings7'01.00King's

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tony Yakovich20'00.00King's
2.10John Burley19'00.00King's
3.9Andy Bennett18'07.00South Whidbey
4.10Jean Blatchford17'03.50King's
5.10Zach McDonald16'11.50King's
6.11Thomas Bretz16'06.00King's
7.12James Simon15'11.00South Whidbey
8.11Adam Rushold14'02.50South Whidbey
9.10Riley Lowder13'09.00La Conner
10.10Josiah Billings13'05.50King's
11.10Billy Martin13'03.50King's
12.12Nathaniel Billings13'00.50King's
13.11Jonathon Blasko10'11.00South Whidbey

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tony Yakovich40'00.00King's
2.10Scott Stallman37'02.00South Whidbey
3.10John Burley34'09.50King's
4.9David Grossglass31'00.50 PRLa Conner


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