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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Eric Ramsey10.91hSkyview
2.11Domenique Hill10.95h PRMountain View (WA)
11Jake Burkey11.2hSkyview
12Logan Carlson11.32hSkyview
12Jeremy Dreitlein11.56hSkyview
12Micah Bilton-Smith11.85hSkyview
10Ethan Curtis11.85h PRSkyview
10Tom McCorquodale12.16hSkyview
10Dustin Tilley12.14hSkyview
9Alex Schmerber12.38h PRSkyview
11Jake Malone12.52hSkyview
10Gabe Selfa12.53hSkyview
10Ben Allen12.84hSkyview
11Tyler Christianson12.82hSkyview
9Dallin Shirley13.05hSkyview
9Brandon Chea13.26hSkyview
11Jordan Martin13.5hSkyview

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Eric Ramsey23.28hSkyview
2.11Domenique Hill23.34hMountain View (WA)
12Jeremy Dreitlein23.9hSkyview
11Justin Bengston23.88hSkyview
10Dustin Tilley25.03hSkyview
10Gabe Selfa26.4hSkyview
9Alex Schmerber27.11h SRSkyview
9Brandon Chea27.34h PRSkyview

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Curt Oviatt52.3hSkyview
2.11Cailen Thomasen54.09hMountain View (WA)
3.10Cory Boley54.71h SRMountain View (WA)
12Anson Ricks56.18hSkyview
12Brian Carper57.13h PRSkyview
10Ethan Curtis57.6hSkyview
10Michael Keane62.52hSkyview
9Alex Schmerber65.87hSkyview

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Walkiewicz Trent2:08.48hMountain View (WA)
11Matt Moncur2:11.9h PRSkyview
10Michael Keane2:12hSkyview
9Andrew Pongratz2:26hSkyview

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Matt Moncur4:37.63h SRSkyview
11Josh Brady4:39.1h SRSkyview
3.12Walkiewicz Trent4:43.01hMountain View (WA)
9Chase Horrocks4:55.25hSkyview
9Patrick Keane5:08.6h PRSkyview
9Andrew Pongratz5:14.2hSkyview
9Ryan Cavola5:17.8h SRSkyview
10Taylor McDonnell5:19.81h PRSkyview
9Zach Colburn5:52.7h SRSkyview

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Cory Boley10:06.68h PRMountain View (WA)
11Josh Brady10:15hSkyview
3.9Bryan Eastes10:24.47hMountain View (WA)
9Chase Horrocks10:55.3h SRSkyview
9Patrick Keane11:44.8h PRSkyview

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

10Tyran Schelling16.15hSkyview
11Justin Wiese16.34hSkyview
3.11Justin Mitchell16.53hMountain View (WA)
9Ian Zarosinki18.18hSkyview

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

11Justin Wiese41.38hSkyview
2.11Justin Mitchell42.78hMountain View (WA)
11Jake Burkey43.01hSkyview
9Taylor Nelson45.38hMountain View (WA)
9Ian Zarosinki46.95h SRSkyview
9Christian Rector48.16h PRSkyview
10Angel Ocasio48.9h SRSkyview

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Relay Team 47.46hMountain View (WA)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:36.28hMountain View (WA)

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

12Garrett Comfort49'8.5 PRSkyview
12Emerson Stewart47'7 SRSkyview
3.12Everett Andrew45' 1Mountain View (WA)
12Stennfeld Jake44' 4Mountain View (WA)
11Dennis Kelly39' 6Mountain View (WA)
10Casey Fields39'2Skyview
11Brad Rippentrop37'7 PRSkyview
10Hayden Gaussoin37' 0Mountain View (WA)
11Erik Olson36'2Skyview
10Nick Anderson35'9Skyview
10James Gerran35'3 PRSkyview
11Tim Walker34'6Skyview
10Conner Bockmier32'10Skyview
9Brian Motil31'11Skyview
11Adam Lewandowski31'6Skyview
9Kieth Tyrrell31'1 PRSkyview
10Brice Weyant29'6Skyview
12Philipp Dorsch29'5 PRSkyview
11Seth Pickens29' 3 PRMountain View (WA)
9Eric Word29' 2 SRMountain View (WA)
11Drew McMurry27'9Skyview
9Jonny Barrett27'2Skyview
10Cole Peterson26'9Skyview
12Matt Sikora23'4 PRSkyview

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

12Emerson Stewart142'6 SRSkyview
2.12Stennfeld Jake134' 10.5Mountain View (WA)
10Conner Bockmier111'11Skyview
11Erik Olson106'1Skyview
12Everett Andrew104' 0.5Mountain View (WA)
11Patrick Noll103'9 PRSkyview
10Hayden Gaussoin102' 10.5Mountain View (WA)
11Brad Rippentrop98'0 PRSkyview
10Brice Weyant96'.5Skyview
9Brian Motil95'7Skyview
10Sean Davey85' 3Mountain View (WA)
11Adam Lewandowski82'5 PRSkyview
9Dallin Shirley81'11 PRSkyview
10Nick Gaeth80' 11Mountain View (WA)
10James Gerran78'11.75 PRSkyview
11Chris Donovan78' 1 SRMountain View (WA)
9Jonny Barrett73'1Skyview
10Bobby Tibbs72'7.5Skyview
10Cole Peterson69'9 PRSkyview
11Seth Pickens69' 7Mountain View (WA)
10Nick Anderson68'5Skyview
9Kieth Tyrrell61'6 PRSkyview

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.11Dennis Kelly153' 2Mountain View (WA)
12Taylor Bean144'1Skyview
10Casey Fields143'10Skyview
11Jordan Martin134'2Skyview
10Angel Ocasio128'2Skyview
11Sean Boedeker125' 9Mountain View (WA)
10Scott Chia125' 5Mountain View (WA)
10Jason Leineweber117'2 SRSkyview
10Conner Bockmier112'3 PRSkyview
9Taylor Nelson109' 4Mountain View (WA)
11Patrick Noll104'6Skyview
9Zach McGanny104'2 PRSkyview
10Nick Gaeth103' 2Mountain View (WA)
10Nick Anderson102'8 PRSkyview
9Jonny Barrett96'3 PRSkyview
11Drew McMurry95'9 PRSkyview
9Brandon Chea86'6Skyview
9Codie Ellingson80'2 PRSkyview
10Brice Weyant79'0Skyview
9Brian Motil77'11Skyview
11Tim Walker72'9 PRSkyview
10James Gerran70'2 PRSkyview
9Kieth Tyrrell54'4Skyview

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Milne Ross6' 2Mountain View (WA)
12Eric Kasinger6'0Skyview
12Anson Ricks5'8Skyview
12Chris Driscoll5'8Skyview
10Kyle Hadenfeld5' 4Mountain View (WA)
9Tyler Pitsch5' 2Mountain View (WA)
10Bobby Tibbs5'2 PRSkyview
10Bryce Robertson5'2 SRSkyview

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

11Scott Gassaway11'9Skyview
12Mark Leineweber11'9Skyview
3.10John Brenteson11' 9Mountain View (WA)
11Kellen Anderson10'3 SRSkyview
10Trevor Foote9'6 SRSkyview
12Garrett VanNeste8'9 PRSkyview
11Jake Malone8'0Skyview
9Brandon Russell8'0Skyview
9Scott Long8'0Skyview
12Matt Sikora8'0Skyview
10Jason Leineweber8'0Skyview

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

11Justin Wiese20'3.25Skyview
12Chris Driscoll19'10Skyview
12Micah Bilton-Smith19'2.75 PRSkyview
11Marcus Latham18' 10Mountain View (WA)
10Ethan Curtis18'3 SRSkyview
10Kyle Hadenfeld17' 8.50 SRMountain View (WA)
9Ian Zarosinki17'.25 SRSkyview
9Tim Farnsworth16'11.75 SRSkyview
10Jason Leineweber16'6 SRSkyview
11Tyler Christianson16'2Skyview
10Ben Allen15'11.5Skyview
11Camden Thrasher15' 8Mountain View (WA)
12Fabre Jose15' 6.25Mountain View (WA)
11Adam Lewandowski14'.25Skyview
9Christian Rector13'11Skyview

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Anson Ricks38'11.75Skyview
2.11Marcus Latham38' 9Mountain View (WA)
12Micah Bilton-Smith38'3.5Skyview
12Taylor Bean36'5 PRSkyview
10Ben Allen35'4.5Skyview
10Casey Fields34'8.5Skyview
11Tyler Christianson32'7Skyview
11Adam Lewandowski31'3.5 PRSkyview
12Fabre Jose31' 1.75Mountain View (WA)


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