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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ryan Flintjer0:11.8h PRGladstone
12Daniel Garrison12.0hPortland Christian
12Brett McLean12.1h PRPortland Christian
10Brian Seal13.9hPortland Christian
4.10Devon Kennedy0:13.9h SRGladstone

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Ryan Flintjer24.3hGladstone
12Jon Nyone24.6h PRPortland Christian
2.12Josh Kessluk24.6hGladstone
12Daniel Patten25.5hPortland Christian
3.11Allen Bradshaw0:26.11h PRGladstone
10Brian Seal28.7h PRPortland Christian

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

3.11Andrew Williams55.2hGladstone
4.12Josh Kessluk56.0hGladstone
1.11Allen Bradshaw0:58.3h PRGladstone
12Daniel Patten58.9hPortland Christian
9Isaac Lucas59.8hPortland Christian
9Josh Young61.7hPortland Christian
9Bryant Debray69.7h PRPortland Christian

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Michael Garrison52.9h SRPortland Christian
12Jon Nyone55.1h PRPortland Christian

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

3.11Marcus Kreig2:18.8hGladstone
4.11Tory Marsh2:18.9hGladstone
10Matt Dawkins2:27.1hPortland Christian
9Matt Larson2:31.7hPortland Christian
1.10Levi Downey2:32.3hGladstone
3.9Kyle Mirich2:35.0hGladstone
4.9Chris Ziegler2:35.4hGladstone
11Augie Calcagno2:38.4hPortland Christian
9Josh Mitchell2:40.1hPortland Christian

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

2.10Marlin Mueller4:42.1hGladstone
3.10Jason Hughes4:48.6hGladstone
5.10Matt McCrary4:49.6hGladstone
9Matt Larson5:12.3hPortland Christian
11Andrew Hays5:13.6hPortland Christian
10Matt Dawkins5:18.8hPortland Christian
1.9Ian Frazier5:20hGladstone
2.9Cory Romick5:24hGladstone
3.10Levi Downey5:25hGladstone
11Augie Calcagno5:27.7hPortland Christian
11Andy Koch5:28.9hPortland Christian
5.9Chris Ziegler5:29hGladstone

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jason Hughes10:38.3hGladstone
3.11Kip Linnertz10:40.2hGladstone
5.10Marlin Mueller11:06.7hGladstone
6.10Matt McCrary11:06.9hGladstone
11Andrew Hays12:03.1hPortland Christian
3.11Andrew Creasy12:19.2h SRGladstone
11Andy Koch13:55.4hPortland Christian

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

11Michael Garrison16.3hPortland Christian
10Roman Kulchitskiy-Gust17.9hPortland Christian
4.11Andrew Snead18.8hGladstone

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

11Michael Garrison43.0hPortland Christian
3.12Tim Sheppard44.4hGladstone
4.11Andrew Snead45.8hGladstone
5.10Kevin Dunn46.9hGladstone
12RC Halsey49.7h PRPortland Christian

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Daniel Garrison
Jon Nyone
Michael Garrison
Brett McLean
46.1hPortland Christian
2.9Jason Southmayd
Chris Ziegler
Kyle Mirich
Aaron Percival
-Casey DePeel
Andrew Williams
Josh Kessluk
Ryan Flintjer

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

2.-Ryan Scheehan
Andrew Williams
Tory Marsh
Josh Kessluk
-Daniel Patten
Isaac Lucas
Jon Nyone
Michael Garrison
3:47.3hPortland Christian
1.-Allen Bradshaw
Andrew Creasy
Marcus Kreig
Jeremy Brenner

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Hunter Utz48'6.5Gladstone
2.10Jordan Aldredge47'1Gladstone
12Brett McLean43' 8Portland Christian
5.10Justin Tigli40'1.5Gladstone
1.12Troy Hill38'8Gladstone
12Tony Carver37' 7Portland Christian
2.9Zeke Looney35'10.5Gladstone
11Brian Joslen34' 4Portland Christian
3.10Ryan Tracy34'1Gladstone
4.10Nick Cieloha33'7 PRGladstone
11David Johnston32' 11Portland Christian
11Tyler Doucet30' 4Portland Christian
10Brian Seal28' 0Portland Christian
9Jeremy Pflaum26' 10.5Portland Christian
9Luke Guthridge26' 4.5Portland Christian
9Derek Dupree24' 5Portland Christian
9Sean Quinn21' 3Portland Christian

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Hunter Utz150'4 SRGladstone
2.10Jordan Aldredge142'7Gladstone
12Brett McLean124' 1Portland Christian
2.10Justin Tigli116'4Gladstone
12Jon Nyone109' 7Portland Christian
12Tony Carver101' 9 PRPortland Christian
11Tyler Doucet101' 2Portland Christian
11Brian Joslen98' 8Portland Christian
9Luke Guthridge86' 0Portland Christian
9Jeremy Pflaum61' 6Portland Christian
9Derek Dupree57' 1Portland Christian
9Sean Quinn47' 3Portland Christian

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

12Tony Carver136' 8Portland Christian
10Jon Nuttelman136' 3 SRPortland Christian
1.10Jordan Aldredge133'7Gladstone
4.11Austin Utz126'3Gladstone
5.12Phil Peterson120'11 PRGladstone
2.10Devon Kennedy115'10 PRGladstone
3.12Andrew Esquivel106'1 SRGladstone
11David Johnston102' 6Portland Christian
4.12Troy Powell101'5Gladstone
11Tyler Doucet96' 6Portland Christian
11Brian Joslen94' 6Portland Christian
10Brian Seal92' 7Portland Christian
9Luke Guthridge83' 9Portland Christian
9Bryant Debray77' 0Portland Christian
9Derek Dupree76' 7 SRPortland Christian
9Jeremy Pflaum69' 8Portland Christian
9Sean Quinn57' 0Portland Christian

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

10Jon Nuttelman5' 10 PRPortland Christian
1.12Kasey Hall5'10Gladstone
1.12Dan Gritzmacher5'8 PRGladstone
12Corby Ray5' 6Portland Christian
2.12Chad Lundgren5'6 PRGladstone
3.9Jason Southmayd5'2 PRGladstone
6.12Ryan Scheehan5'2Gladstone
4.12Wade Johnson5'0 PRGladstone

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

2.12Tim Sheppard12'6 SRGladstone
3.12Phil Peterson11'6Gladstone
4.11Andrew Snead11'6Gladstone
1.10Kevin Dunn10'6Gladstone
10Roman Kulchitskiy-Gust10' 0Portland Christian
2.11Dan Reed9'6 PRGladstone
10Jon Nuttelman9' 0 SRPortland Christian
3.11Cody Huddleston9'0Gladstone
4.10Jeremy Brenner9'0Gladstone
10Andrew Moses7' 6Portland Christian

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kasey Hall19'6.25Gladstone
2.12Ryan Scheehan19'2.75Gladstone
12Corby Ray18' 8.75Portland Christian
12Daniel Garrison18' 7Portland Christian
5.12Tim Sheppard18'0.125Gladstone
1.10Jeremy Brenner16'8.75 PRGladstone
9Josh Young15' 3.25Portland Christian
4.10Casey DePeel15'0.75Gladstone
5.12Wade Johnson15'0Gladstone
6.12Dan Gritzmacher14'0Gladstone
9Blake Rehnberg13' .5Portland Christian
9Bryant Debray12' 7.25Portland Christian
9Jeremy Pflaum11' 8.25Portland Christian

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kasey Hall39'8Gladstone
12Daniel Garrison37' 8Portland Christian
12Corby Ray36' 11.75Portland Christian
1.12Dan Gritzmacher33'8.75Gladstone
9Josh Young31' 8.75Portland Christian
9Blake Rehnberg28' 2Portland Christian


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