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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jon Nissell12.09aWillapa Valley
2.11Roger Vongmixay12.61aRaymond
10Jake Lundy12.36hWillapa Valley
3.9Austin Knight13.06aMossyrock
4.11Steve Moulton15.45a SRMorton

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jon Nissell24.89aWillapa Valley
X11Jake Baze25.39hWillapa Valley
2.9Austin Knight26.53a SRMossyrock

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Tony Luoma54.58a SRWillapa Valley
X11Jake Baze55.48h PRWillapa Valley
2.9Austin Knight58.48aMossyrock
X10Zach Baker1:02.03hMossyrock
3.11Steve Moulton1:16.31a PRMorton

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Garret Gardner2:12.99aMorton
2.11Tony Luoma2:17.55aWillapa Valley
3.10Michael Eng2:18.98aMossyrock
10Zach TaylorDQWillapa Valley

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Bryce Lindley5:02.99aMossyrock
X10Michael Eng5:23.11hMossyrock
10Zach TaylorDQWillapa Valley
9Robert BevensDQWillapa Valley

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Bryce Lindley10:36.93aMossyrock
X9Travis Johnson11:27.06hMossyrock
12Garret GardnerDQMorton

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mikhael Tran16.03aMorton
2.9Matt Friese17.56aWillapa Valley
3.11Roger Vongmixay18.03aRaymond
X12Adam Montgomery18.27hRaymond
X9Aaron Friese19.63hWillapa Valley

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mikhael Tran43.92aMorton
X12Adam Montgomery44.25h PRRaymond
2.9Matt Friese46.24aWillapa Valley
3.11Roger Vongmixay46.47aRaymond
X9Aaron Friese51.35hWillapa Valley

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jesse Frank
Jake Lundy
Tony Luoma
Jon Nissell
47.73aWillapa Valley

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Jesse Frank
Tony Luoma
Jake Baze
Jake Lundy
3:48.02aWillapa Valley
2.-Dustin Brooks
Michael Eng
Zach Baker
Austin Knight

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Drew Ege51'09" PRWillapa Valley
2.10Christian Brown47'10.00Mossyrock
X10Will Rockett40'06.00Willapa Valley
X9TJ Lowe28'05.00 SRMossyrock
10Sam GreenfieldDQRaymond

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Drew Ege162'02Willapa Valley
X10Will Rockett134'09Willapa Valley
2.10Christian Brown112'02Mossyrock
X9TJ Lowe86'11 SRMossyrock
10Sam GreenfieldDQRaymond

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dustin Brooks156'06Mossyrock
2.12Tyler Lundy134'07Willapa Valley
X10Jordan Wilkeson117'06Willapa Valley
X9TJ Lowe96'01Mossyrock

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dustin Brooks6'02.00Mossyrock
2.9Blade Bolden5'06.00Willapa Valley
12Anthony HuaDQRaymond

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.9Matt Friese11'00.00 SRWillapa Valley
X10Andrew Friese10'06.00Willapa Valley
2.11Mikhael Tran9'06.00Morton

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Jake Lundy18'06.00Willapa Valley
2.11Roger Vongmixay17'01.00Raymond
3.10Zach Baker16'09.50 PRMossyrock
X9Blade Bolden15'10.00 PRWillapa Valley
4.11Steve Moulton10'09.00Morton
12Anthony HuaDQRaymond

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dustin Brooks39'08.00Mossyrock
2.9Blade Bolden36'03.00Willapa Valley
X9Matt Friese35'07.50Willapa Valley


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