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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Daniel Daye11.89aOlympia
12Sean Allison11.94aSouth Kitsap
2.10Isaiah Davis11.94aSouth Kitsap
3.11Cole Boysen11.96a PROlympia
4.11Tony Priester12.06aSouth Kitsap
5.10Javier Scott12.27aSouth Kitsap
11Jeff Pecor12.28aOlympia
12Dan Nadeau12.33aSouth Kitsap
10Chris Hutcherson12.50aSouth Kitsap
11Geoff Milligan12.58aSouth Kitsap
12Eric Darling12.65a PROlympia
10Kendrick McCrady12.78aSouth Kitsap
10Josh Biagtan12.8aSouth Kitsap
10David Kirchmeier12.89aOlympia
10Michael Hsieh13.00aOlympia
9Brent McMaster13.16aOlympia
12Joel Huston13.17aOlympia
10Dillon Hops13.19a PRSouth Kitsap
9Brendan Jewell13.27aOlympia
10Troy Accos13.31a SRSouth Kitsap
12Michael McKenzie13.38aOlympia
10Alex Soto13.39aSouth Kitsap
11Raymond Luu13.46aOlympia
9Ezra Anderson13.53aOlympia
10Joshua Lobe13.53aOlympia
11Earl Anies13.57aSouth Kitsap
9Paul Gould15.24aOlympia
12Jose' Andriano18.71aSouth Kitsap

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Corey Galligan23.73aSouth Kitsap
2.12Dan Nadeau24.44aSouth Kitsap
3.11Tony Priester24.62aSouth Kitsap
12Joel Huston25.85aOlympia
10David Kirchmeier26.58aOlympia
11Aaron Halbert27.58aOlympia
12Michael McKenzie27.60aOlympia
10Naris Silpakit28.28aOlympia
9Tyler Mulligan28.91aOlympia
11Kadir PerezDNSSouth Kitsap

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Javier Scott24.97aSouth Kitsap
2.10Chris Hutcherson25.47a PRSouth Kitsap
3.10Nathan Truitt25.65aSouth Kitsap
5.10Nathan O'Guin26.24aSouth Kitsap
6.10Josh Biagtan26.28aSouth Kitsap
8.10Kendrick McCrady26.91aSouth Kitsap
10Alex Soto27.61a PRSouth Kitsap
12.10Troy Accos27.75aSouth Kitsap
12Jose' Andriano34.87aSouth Kitsap
11Earl AniesNTSouth Kitsap
10Dillon HopsNTSouth Kitsap

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Corey Galligan54.47aSouth Kitsap
2.12Dan Nadeau54.50aSouth Kitsap
3.11Anthony DeAguiar55.47aOlympia
4.10Nathan O'Guin56.23aSouth Kitsap
5.10Michael Powell56.63aSouth Kitsap
6.10Nathan Truitt56.85aSouth Kitsap
7.11Aaron Halbert61.26aOlympia

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

11Anthony DeAguiar54.9hOlympia
12AJ Tullo55.3hOlympia
9Austin Roth55.4hOlympia
12Owen Beck56.9hOlympia
12Jeff Jenson59.2hOlympia
11Gabe Iniguez59.4hOlympia
12Eric Darling60.1h PROlympia
12PJ Minkler61.6h PROlympia
9Ben Severson61.7hOlympia
11Ted Knudsen63.5hOlympia
10Matt Hankins67.7hOlympia

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andrew Crock2:07.29aSouth Kitsap
2.11Ted Knudsen2:07.38aOlympia
3.9Austin Roth2:08.87a PROlympia
4.12AJ Tullo2:08.93a PROlympia
5.12Owen Beck2:13.15aOlympia
6.12Jose' Andriano2:13.50a SRSouth Kitsap
7.12Virgil Stacy2:20.22aSouth Kitsap
10Jake Allen2:23hSouth Kitsap
9.10Bilal Smith2:45.75aSouth Kitsap

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ted Knudsen4:40.58aOlympia
2.11Andrew Crock4:41.44aSouth Kitsap
3.11Samuel Fleckenstein094:42.25aOlympia
4.12Jose' Andriano4:44.89aSouth Kitsap
5.12Virgil Stacy4:59.18a PRSouth Kitsap
10Jared Shorten5:00.39aOlympia
7.12Donny Boe5:00.39aSouth Kitsap
8.10Jake Allen5:02.60aSouth Kitsap
9.10Cody Pace5:04.74hSouth Kitsap
11Luke Vannice5:10.33aOlympia
9Richard Jensen5:18.21aOlympia
9Grant Hughes5:19.11aOlympia
11Tristan McAvoy5:26.94aOlympia
14.10Terrell Wilson5:30.79aSouth Kitsap
10Colby Schimelfenig5:54.36aOlympia
10Alex Burruss6:17.40aOlympia
9Reazen McAvoy6:24.17aOlympia

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Jon Phillips10:09.9aSouth Kitsap
2.9Sam Hales10:11.9hOlympia
3.11Dusty Miller10:38.9hOlympia
10Jared Shorten10:56.3hOlympia
5.10Cody Pace10:57.4aSouth Kitsap
9Richard Jensen11:37.8hOlympia

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Leon La Deaux16.29aSouth Kitsap
2.11Ray Chico16.93aSouth Kitsap
3.11Anthony DeAguiar17.37a SROlympia
4.11Gabe Iniguez18.02aOlympia
12Jordan Spears18.58aSouth Kitsap
5.9John Burdette18.58aOlympia
7.9Ben Severson21.56aOlympia

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Leon La Deaux41.02aSouth Kitsap
2.12Jon Phillips43.02a PRSouth Kitsap
3.11Gabe Iniguez44.11aOlympia
4.9John Burdette44.47aOlympia
5.12Liam Mooney47.33aOlympia
6.11Earl Anies51.21aSouth Kitsap
7.9Ben Severson54.06aOlympia
11Ray ChicoDNSSouth Kitsap

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-AJ Tullo
Cole Boysen
Jeff Pecor
Andy Moore
2.-Isaiah Davis
Javier Scott
Anthony Pessolano
Chris Hutcherson
46.33aSouth Kitsap
3.-Josh Bagtan
Geoff Milligan
Adonis Herrod
Earl Anies
49.61aSouth Kitsap
-Ezra Anderson
Brent McMaster
Brendan Jewell
Daniel Daye

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Austin Roth
Gabe Iniguez
Anthony DeAguiar
AJ Tullo
-Relay Team 4:05.08aOlympia
-Ben Severson
Ted Knudsen
Eric Darling
Matt Hankins

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Andre Monton43'6Olympia
2.12Trey Heck43'2Olympia
5.10Griffin Boudia39'8.25Olympia
8.11Jeff Waldner36'5.75Olympia
10.11Quinn Reilly32'3 SROlympia
11.11Andy Moore31'0 PROlympia
12.9Tyler Mulligan29'6Olympia

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Colin Burgh129'11.75 SRSouth Kitsap
2.11Andre Monton114'1Olympia
3.11Jeff Waldner105'6.5Olympia
10Griffin Boudia95'0.25Olympia
4.11Kyle Littlewolf87'05.25South Kitsap
5.-Jonas Jones82'04.25 PRSouth Kitsap
6.10Chris Levin79'08.00South Kitsap
12Rick Gillespie74'08.25 PRSouth Kitsap
11Quinn Reilly69'3.5Olympia
8.10Devin Gray64'05.00South Kitsap
10Dillon HopsDNSSouth Kitsap
10Chris NennigerDNSSouth Kitsap

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

2.11Jordan Gulbranson145'2Olympia
3.9Zed Higgs134'5Olympia
4.12PJ Minkler127'9Olympia
5.11Danny Tomlinson123'10Olympia
6.12Jeff Jenson123'1 PROlympia
8.11Cole Curtright115'8Olympia
9.11Jacob Tillett114'2Olympia
10.12Michael Norris111'6Olympia
11.9Tyler Mulligan110'10Olympia

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Isaiah Davis6'2.00South Kitsap
2.12Jeff Jenson5'6Olympia
3.12Rick Gillespie5'4.00South Kitsap
4.11Adonis Herrod5'4.00South Kitsap
9Joseph Canfield5'2Olympia
12PJ Minkler5'2Olympia
5.10Michael Powell5'2.00South Kitsap
12Michael Norris5'0Olympia

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

2.10Matt Hankins10'6Olympia
12Brandon Mulligan9'6Olympia
10Sammy Huxoll9'0Olympia

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12AJ Tullo19'6Olympia
2.12PJ Minkler18'0.25Olympia
3.10Michael Hsieh17'9Olympia
4.9Sam Tanner17'7.5Olympia
6.9Brennan Glander17'6Olympia
8.12Eric Darling16'11.5 PROlympia
10.12Michael McKenzie16'5.5 PROlympia
13.9Joseph Canfield14'11.5Olympia
14.11Raymond Luu14'0 SROlympia
15.10Naris Silpakit13'10Olympia

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.9Sam Tanner37'0.75 PROlympia
2.12Owen Beck36'10Olympia
3.12Jeff Jenson35'7.25Olympia
4.11Adonis Herrod34'11.00South Kitsap
5.10Nathan Truitt30'01.00South Kitsap


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