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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Edward Wang11.70hMission San Jose
11Alvin Lee11.75hMission San Jose
11Brendan Tsao11.85hMission San Jose
11Anthony Wu11.91hMission San Jose
11Arkesh Patel11.95hMission San Jose
11Eugene Kwok11.91hMission San Jose
11Andrew Pham12.10hMission San Jose
11Aneesh Saha12.07h PRMission San Jose
12Benjamin Liu12.07hMission San Jose
11Justin Ng12.03h PRMission San Jose
12Ankur Dhar13.13hMission San Jose
11Neel Bhadra-Lobo13.32h SRMission San Jose
11Nikhil Rashinkar13.47h PRMission San Jose
11Shaswath Natarajan14.00hMission San Jose
11Darwin Guan14.19h SRMission San Jose

100 Meters  Frosh/Soph - Finals

9Richard Ying12.18hMission San Jose
10Jonathan Wu12.20h PRMission San Jose
9Kevin Jiang12.23hMission San Jose
10Hansheng Zhao12.40h SRMission San Jose
9Brian Kim12.65hMission San Jose
10Andrew Kang12.90h PRMission San Jose
10Allen LeiYoung12.83h PRMission San Jose
10Ashwin Ganesh13.02h PRMission San Jose
10Akshay Nanavati13.07h PRMission San Jose
9Christopher Chan13.37h PRMission San Jose
9Kyle Cho13.42hMission San Jose
9Matcovschi Dumitru13.55h PRMission San Jose
9Austin Lau13.63hMission San Jose
9Vishal Bajpai16.04h PRMission San Jose

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Edward Wang23.40hMission San Jose
11Brendan Tsao23.87hMission San Jose
11Hans Strobl24.65hMission San Jose
11Arkesh Patel24.78hMission San Jose
11Andrew Pham24.94hMission San Jose
11Justin Ng24.96hMission San Jose
11Anthony Wu25.25h SRMission San Jose
12Ankur Dhar26.23hMission San Jose
11Akbar Moinuddin26.44h SRMission San Jose
11Yu Ping Lin26.53hMission San Jose
11William Nguyen27.90h PRMission San Jose
11Shaswath Natarajan28.59h PRMission San Jose
11Nikhil Rashinkar29.00hMission San Jose
11Kevin Britto29.19h PRMission San Jose
11Alexander Cheong30.1h PRMission San Jose
11Darwin Guan30.10h PRMission San Jose
11Rohith Mohan30.18h PRMission San Jose

200 Meters  Frosh/Soph - Finals

10Jonathan Wu25.71hMission San Jose
9Richard Ying26.00hMission San Jose
9Kevin Jiang26.37hMission San Jose
10Jared Shen26.72h PRMission San Jose
9Kevin Wu27.40hMission San Jose
10Elliot Yang27.63h PRMission San Jose
10Andrew Kang28.03h PRMission San Jose
10Akshay Nanavati28.09h PRMission San Jose
9Kunal Badrinarayan28.40hMission San Jose
10Ashwin Ganesh28.40hMission San Jose
10Allen LeiYoung28.40h PRMission San Jose
9Matcovschi Dumitru28.59h PRMission San Jose
9Nealay Vasavda30.33h PRMission San Jose
9Randy Chu32.00h PRMission San Jose
10Aneesh Nazar35.97h PRMission San Jose
9Vishal Bajpai36.65h PRMission San Jose

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Vincent Leong56.57hMission San Jose
11Jeffrey Liu59.21hMission San Jose
11Joshua Kan60.04hMission San Jose
11Ernest Luong60.14hMission San Jose
9Adam Law60.43hMission San Jose
12Nai-Jung Ku60.87hMission San Jose
9Kevin Wu61.19hMission San Jose
10Joshua Chiou62.27hMission San Jose
10George Feng62.53hMission San Jose
11Ronak Gajjar64.09hMission San Jose
9Gary Chang64.64hMission San Jose
12Calvin Lee66.78hMission San Jose
10Vaishaal Shankar66.85hMission San Jose
10David Ma66.85hMission San Jose
11Alexander Cheong70.0h SRMission San Jose
9Kevin Wu83.9hMission San Jose
9Vishal Bajpai85.9h PRMission San Jose

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Matthew Gosen2:11hMission San Jose
11Ted Fong2:12hMission San Jose
9Dinakar Guthy2:17.1h SRMission San Jose
11Jeffrey Liu2:18.2hMission San Jose
11Shixin Yu2:28.2hMission San Jose
11Charles Chen2:29hMission San Jose
11Joshua Kan2:30.1h PRMission San Jose
10Vishal Yadav2:30.6hMission San Jose
11Aatash Parikh2:31.6h SRMission San Jose
10Clifford Wang2:33.6hMission San Jose
11Stephen Wen2:35.3hMission San Jose

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Ted Fong4:49hMission San Jose
11Arjan Bains4:53h SRMission San Jose
10Joseph Uken4:53hMission San Jose
9Dinakar Guthy5:01hMission San Jose
9Avery Kruger5:06hMission San Jose
9Christian DelCid5:12h PRMission San Jose
12Andrew Jiang5:14hMission San Jose
10Vishal Yadav5:18hMission San Jose
10Vaishaal Shankar5:22hMission San Jose
9Madison Hirsch5:26h PRMission San Jose
9Stephen Eng5:35hMission San Jose
10Clifford Wang5:36hMission San Jose
11Charles Chen5:36h SRMission San Jose
9William Kim5:39hMission San Jose
11Aatash Parikh5:40hMission San Jose
11Alexander Yang5:43hMission San Jose
11Ronak Gajjar5:44hMission San Jose
9Gary Chang5:45hMission San Jose
11Stephen Wen5:46hMission San Jose
11Ryan Wang5:48hMission San Jose
11Matthew Gosen5:51hMission San Jose
11Justin Jang5:54hMission San Jose
12Calvin Lee6:03hMission San Jose
10Alison Lenci6:10h PRMission San Jose
9Megan McAndrews8:01h PRMission San Jose

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Joseph Uken10:29hMission San Jose
11Arjan Bains11:11hMission San Jose
12Andrew Jiang11:45hMission San Jose
9Avery Kruger11:45hMission San Jose
11Alexander Yang12:15hMission San Jose
11Justin Jang12:31hMission San Jose

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

12Kyle Tse16.88hMission San Jose
12Davy Ho18.25hMission San Jose
12Bryan Ching18.28hMission San Jose
12Elias Lee18.73hMission San Jose
11Allen Xiao18.73hMission San Jose
11Samuel Kim19.14hMission San Jose
11William Nguyen20.87hMission San Jose
11Rohith Mohan22.15h PRMission San Jose
11Komyar Mogadam22.94hMission San Jose

110m Hurdles - 39"  Frosh/Soph - Finals

10Andrew Hu21.38hMission San Jose
10Hansheng Zhao22.49h SRMission San Jose

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

12Bryan Ching46.31hMission San Jose
12Davy Ho46.41hMission San Jose
12Elias Lee47.58hMission San Jose
11Allen Xiao47.98hMission San Jose
11Komyar Mogadam50.26hMission San Jose

300m Hurdles - 36"  Frosh/Soph - Finals

10Joshua Chiou54.31hMission San Jose
9Kevin Wu54.77hMission San Jose

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Edward Wang
Andrew Pham
Justin Ng
Benjamin Liu
46.20hMission San Jose
-Kyle Tse
Alvin Lee
Davy Ho
Ankur Dhar
49.28hMission San Jose

4x100 Relay  Frosh/Soph - Finals

-Relay Team 55.91hMission San Jose
-Relay Team 57.34hMission San Jose


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