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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Loren Oden11.17hLake City
2.10Anthony Gold11.37h SRSandpoint
3.11Allen Carmichael11.48h PRLake City
4.10Zack Linscott11.67h PRLake City
5.11Trebor Angerman11.82hPost Falls
6.9Jordan Galland11.86hPost Falls
7.11Damon Gonzales12.20hPost Falls
8.10Marcus Colbert12.23hPost Falls
9.11Gavin Weiss12.36h PRLake City
10.9Jeremy Garcia12.39h PRLake City
11.11William Marks12.47h PRSandpoint
12.9Kole Smith12.81h PRLake City
13.9Gavin Rook12.88hPost Falls
14.10Stephen Burgess12.94h PRLake City
15.10Tyler Morris12.99h SRPost Falls
16.- Kimball13.07h PRLake City
17.10Tyson Johnson13.71hPost Falls
9Chris TurnbullSandpoint
10Max ClutterPost Falls
9Nick EmerySandpoint
11Joe SlonikerPost Falls
11Evan JohnsonLake City
10Dylan MartzLake City
11Hammond BradfordLake City
9James HicksLake City
9Luke CrawfordLake City
10Derrion BurnsLake City
9Marko CampbellLake City
9Keenan MariannoPost Falls

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jordan Porto23.35hLake City
2.10Anthony Gold23.94h SRSandpoint
3.9Chris Turnbull25.13hSandpoint
4.9Kole Smith25.34h PRLake City
5.9James Jones25.43hSandpoint
6.9Jeremy Garcia25.67hLake City
7.11Sean McLeod25.82h PRPost Falls
8.9Austin Keyes25.98hSandpoint
9.10Paul Hill26.16hSandpoint
10.10Shea McCormick26.89h PRSandpoint
11.9Marko Campbell27.17h PRLake City
12.11JJ Revels27.34h PRPost Falls
13.11William Marks27.72hSandpoint
14.11Evan Johnson28.49h PRLake City
15.9Jonathon Crowell28.52h PRPost Falls
16.11Dustin Karrick29.71hPost Falls
11Trebor AngermanPost Falls
9Jade KolendaLake City
9James HicksLake City
9Nick EmerySandpoint
10Josh PetersLake City
10Tyler MorrisPost Falls
11Jose ChavezPost Falls
10Levi HewittLake City
10Dylan MartzLake City
11Gavin WeissLake City
11Hammond BradfordLake City

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Hayden Booth54.20hPost Falls
2.11Joe Sloniker55.35h PRPost Falls
3.10Nick Gosselin55.91hLake City
4.12Marshall Johnson57.48hLake City
5.9Jeremy Garcia1:00.22h SRLake City
6.10Jesse Brown1:00.29h SRLake City
7.11Dustin Karrick1:06.36hPost Falls
11JJ RevelsPost Falls
9James HicksLake City
11Gavin WeissLake City
11Sean McLeodPost Falls
12Mike HubbardSandpoint
10Paul HillSandpoint
9Nick EmerySandpoint
9Jonathon CrowellPost Falls
9Jordan GallandPost Falls

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brandon Hawkins2:04.71hSandpoint
2.11Danny Pfeifer2:04.97h PRSandpoint
3.11Keaton Trom2:10.45hPost Falls
4.11Evan Rains2:10.65h PRSandpoint
5.11Jimmy Matthews2:12.40h SRSandpoint
6.11Sean McLeod2:15.13hPost Falls
7.11Mason Foster2:16.84hSandpoint
8.10Joe Maimone2:20.87hPost Falls
13.9Jonathon Crowell2:23.80h PRPost Falls
9.9Tanner Doerr2:24.35h PRLake City
10.9Levi Speakman2:25.80hSandpoint
11.9Andy Seib2:27.65h SRPost Falls
12.11JJ Revels2:32.50hPost Falls
14.9Zach Dawe2:34.90h SRLake City
15.9Brian Millar2:36.14hSandpoint
16.10Kade Green2:41.80hPost Falls
17.9Kevin Jernstrom2:44.20hPost Falls
18.9Spencer Miller2:44.40hPost Falls
19.9Kyle Wimpenny2:48.67hPost Falls
20.10Mitchell Bales2:50.31h PRSandpoint
21.9Devere Pollock2:57.53hPost Falls
11Nick TitusLake City

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Titus4:48.39hLake City
2.11Danny Pfeifer4:50.80hSandpoint
3.11Jimmy Matthews4:53.49hSandpoint
4.12David Marienau4:55.75hSandpoint
5.11Brandon Hawkins4:56.49h SRSandpoint
6.11Ben Deremiah5:04.55hLake City
7.11Keaton Trom5:06.56hPost Falls
8.11Evan Rains5:06.71hSandpoint
9.9Alex Charvoz5:12.45hSandpoint
10.10Joe Maimone5:14.35h PRPost Falls
11.11Jacob Wimpenny5:21.17hPost Falls
12.10Chris Jones5:38.32h SRSandpoint
13.9Brian Millar5:56.93hSandpoint
14.9Tim Redford5:59.12h SRSandpoint
15.10Spencer Marks5:59.34hSandpoint
16.9Levi Speakman6:05.36h PRSandpoint
17.10Kade Green6:16.07hPost Falls
18.9Devere Pollock6:40.61hPost Falls
9Andy SeibPost Falls
11Mason FosterSandpoint
10Colton LattingPost Falls
9Kyle WimpennyPost Falls
9Spencer MillerPost Falls
9Kevin JernstromPost Falls

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Taylor Ward12:24.35h SRLake City
11Ben DeremiahLake City

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.11Allen Carmichael15.87hLake City
2.10Kaleb Mitchell17.01hLake City
3.12Cody Hecker17.25hSandpoint
4.12Sean Hogan17.34hSandpoint
5.11Nick Hernandez17.54h PRPost Falls
6.10Anthony Sekona19.26hSandpoint
7.10Aric Dunlow19.60h PRPost Falls
8.9Keenan Marianno19.87h SRPost Falls
9.9Luke Crawford20.41hLake City
10Derrion BurnsLake City

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Derrion Burns44.19h SRLake City
2.10Jared Dibble45.09hLake City
3.11Nick Hernandez45.41hPost Falls
4.12Robert Homuth46.40h PRPost Falls
5.11Damon Gonzales46.76hPost Falls
6.12Michael Arrington49.29h PRLake City
7.10David Silvas51.15hLake City
8.10Aric Dunlow51.44h PRPost Falls
9.9Luke Crawford52.81hLake City
9Bryce MillerLake City
10Kaleb MitchellLake City
12Sean HoganDQSandpoint

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Allen Carmichael
Loren Oden
Robbie Quinn
Jordan Porto
44.08hLake City
2.-Mike Hubbard
Anthony Gold
Cody Hecker
Chris Turnbull
3.-Marcus Colbert
Jose Chavez
Tyson Johnson
Jordan Galland
45.16hPost Falls
-Jared Dibble
Zach Linscott
Jade Kolenda
Dylan Martz
45.82hLake City
-Evan Smith
Josh Peters
Beau Martz
David Silvas
47.55hLake City
9Austin Keyes
Nick Emery
James Jones
Kevin Hill
-Marshall Johnson
Nick Gosselin
Stephen Burgess
Evan Johnson
50.81hLake City
-Kole Smith
Levi Hewitt
Marko Campbell
Bryce Miller
DQLake City
-Trevor Angerman
Gavin Rook
Max Clutter
Keenan Marianno
DNFPost Falls

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Robbie Quinn
Josh Peters
Loren Oden
Jordan Porto
1:33.35hLake City
2.-Jose Chavez
Hayden Booth
Jordan Galland
Tyson Johnson
1:35.50hPost Falls
3.-Mike Hubbard
Dillon Gingerich
Sean Hogan
Chris Turnbull
-Levi Hewitt
Marshall Johnson
Jade Kolenda
Bryce Miller
1:40.00hLake City
-Kole Smith
Evan Smith
Jesse Brown
Nick Gosselin
1:44.64hLake City
9Austin Keyes
Kevin Hill
James Jones
Nick Emery

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Kaleb Mitchell
Josh Peters
Brian Griswold
Jordan Porto
3:34.19hLake City
2.-Hayden Booth
Jose Chavez
Damon Gonzales
Jordan Galland
3:35.75hPost Falls
-Robbie Quinn
Loren Oden
Allen Carmichael
Marshall Johnson
3:39.00hLake City
-Evan Smith
Jesse Brown
Nick Gosselin
Bryce Miller
3:54.10hLake City
3.-Sean Hogan
William Marks
Dillon Gingerich
Paul Hill

SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  Varsity - Finals

1.-Trevor Angerman
JJ Revels
Keaton Trom
Jacob Wimpenny
4:10.80hPost Falls

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.11Matt Wardell48' 8Post Falls
2.12Kaine Mundel45' 1 PRPost Falls
3.11Derek Kolar40' 4Post Falls
4.11Jason Fries40' 4Post Falls
5.12Cody Hecker40'Sandpoint
6.11Brian Griswold39' 4 SRLake City
7.10Shea McCormick37' 6Sandpoint
8.12LB Libbers37' PRSandpoint
9.12Shane Kidd36' 2Sandpoint
10.12Jacob Pellerin35' 11Post Falls
11.9Micah Saless35' 1Post Falls
12.9Phil Whitcomb34' 9Lake City
13.9CJ Mills34' 2 PRPost Falls
14.9Todd Pays30' 6Sandpoint
15.-Dillon Mack30' 4 PRPost Falls
16.9Jason King28' 7Post Falls
17.9Josh Loutzenhiser27' 6Sandpoint
18.9Vincent Gilley25' 7 PRPost Falls
9TJ NeverdahlPost Falls
12Clint ChevesLake City

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Matt Wardell147' 3Post Falls
2.12Kaine Mundel141' 6Post Falls
3.10Austin Funk139' 8Post Falls
4.12Shane Kidd119' 7.5 PRSandpoint
5.12LB Libbers113' 4Sandpoint
6.11Beau Martz103' 7 PRLake City
7.9CJ Mills102' 7Post Falls
8.12Jacob Pellerin100' 5Post Falls
9.9Micah Saless94' 7Post Falls
10.9Jason King86' 6Post Falls
11.9Todd Pays84'Sandpoint
12.9Vincent Gilley81' 10Post Falls
13.10Shea McCormick77' 5Sandpoint
14.9Josh Loutzenhiser72' 10Sandpoint
15.9Phil Whitcomb60' 4Lake City
9Nathan CarrollPost Falls
9TJ NeverdahlPost Falls

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mike Hubbard6' 2 PRSandpoint
2.11Jordan Pastras6' 2Post Falls
3.10Kaleb Mitchell5' 10Lake City
4.10Marcus Colbert5' 8Post Falls
9Keenan Marianno5' 6Post Falls
5.10Zack Linscott5' 6Lake City
5.10Seth Andersen5' 6 PRPost Falls
10Jake Johnston5' 4Post Falls
12Dillon Gingerich5' 2Sandpoint
10Jared Dibble5' 2Lake City
9Grant Johnson5' 2 SRLake City
9Quinn ThorneycroftPost Falls
9Gavin RookPost Falls
9Riley MoreenLake City
12Shane KiddSandpoint
9Austin KeyesSandpoint

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Hernandez13'Post Falls
2.10Jared Dibble11'Lake City
3.12Michael Arrington10' 6Lake City
4.11Kyle Davide10' 6 PRPost Falls
5.10David Silvas10'Lake City
6.10Paul Hill9' 6Sandpoint
7.10Issac Cunnington9'Lake City
8.9Steven Beck9' SRPost Falls
9.11Beau Martz8' 6Lake City
10.10Nathan McLeod8' 6Post Falls
12Robert HomuthPost Falls
10Mitchell BalesSandpoint

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Zack Linscott20'Lake City
2.11Brian Griswold19' 7 PRLake City
3.9Keenan Marianno19' PRPost Falls
4.11Damon Gonzales18' 3Post Falls
5.12Robert Homuth18'Post Falls
6.9James Jones17' 5.5 PRSandpoint
7.12Dillon Gingerich16' 11Sandpoint
8.10Anthony Sekona16' 6Sandpoint
9Grant JohnsonLake City
12Jay WidmerPost Falls
10Anthony GoldSandpoint
12Cody HeckerSandpoint
10Seth AndersenPost Falls
11Robbie QuinnLake City

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Levi Hewitt40' 3Lake City
2.11Brian Griswold39' 2Lake City
3.10Dylan Martz38' 11Lake City
4.12Dillon Gingerich38' 9Sandpoint
5.10Seth Andersen36' 5.5Post Falls
6.10Stephen Burgess35' 6Lake City
7.10Anthony Sekona34' 8Sandpoint
8.10David Silvas32' 7.5Lake City
10Evan SmithLake City


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